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September 22, 2007


Hey, Brian; you need to pay closer attention to our Commissioners. They're a forgiving bunch. It is far better to do and ask for forgiveness than it is to ask beforehand.

Bryan, do you own the land? didn't think so, let them build what they want.

Inthewoods, so you'd be OK with your neighbors doing whatever they want with their property? Put in a garbage pit, dirt bike track, hog farm, right next to you?

I think not. So please, don't give our neighbors and us advice that you aren't willing to give to yourself.

We believe in property rights. The right to use our property as state and county laws allow. Nobody has the right to come in and suck our wells dry. Or build roads without a permit.

Nobody. Not a Measure 37 claimant. Not anybody.

Brian, you may be interested in controlling your neighbors, but fortunately there are many others who do not. I will take my own advice, and let my neighbor do as they wish with their property.

This is not to say that my neighbor shouldn't be liable for causing real damage to my own property as a result of doing what they wish with their property.

When you say, "We believe in property rights. The right to use our property as state and county laws allow.", it becomes apparent that you believe in very limited property rights. Why did voters pass measure 37 in the first place?! Perhaps it was because voters felt that our property rights were being unfairly restricted by state and county laws!

State and county laws enacted after a property owner obtains a property, with the intention of using it for one thing or another, can be more financially damaging to the owner than what his use of that land might do to his neighbors.

If you don't like what your neighbor is doing, buy his property. If you can't do that, move somewhere else, preferably with other like-minded individuals.

Yeah...let them build the silly subdivision and drain all of the groundwater so everyone suffers. That's the better way.
Also..I think urban blight is a good thing while we are at it, might as well get rid of the parks and open spaces for more houses and McMansions. After all, tons of Kalifornians miss that urban sprawl that they tried to escape so why not recreate it here in lovely Marion County.

Yep..I can see it now...Marion county, an extension of California...
more traffic, crime, cars, and moody silly people that come with it.

most fundamental to this argument is how you measure wealth. does 49 take wealth away or preserve it??? where will landowners go when they sell out??? this is the last Eden unless you enjoy pavement!!! is the property owner wealthier with the theoretical value (dollars) that that they are sure to obtain sterilizing our greatest of all lands (as i shudder not to claim)??? Are we all better off with their forever sleeping farms and forests??? would you rather have a standing tree with intrinsic value or money in theoretical US dollars that is soon to be worthless when foreigners realize they shouldn't be lending to a war mongering country (12 trillion in debt, and unable to ever pay it back). Landowners ARE wealthy already in beauty and freedom. we take nothing from them by not allowing more poorly planned homes to be thrown up. The big losers from measure 37 are all of us, landowners or not. for once people should be less short sighted, the RIGHT thing to do would be to preserve open space. we all know this, but money clouds the minds of all, i admit that if uncountable wealth were at my feet if i were to sell my farms and forests to California, i too perhaps would falter. sometimes what is "right" goes beyond human property considerations, laws, and regulations, and there is a deeper "Right." Humanity should not destroy all that lives. when all is paved we will despair (and starve). measure 49 is a last effort by people here in oregon to transcend shallow human thinking and do what is truely "right." i hope it succeeds.

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