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September 09, 2007


They don't need to build a new shopping center to get a successful Trader Joe's in Salem. There are plenty of places like the old Albertson's on South Commercial that would be perfect for TJs. We may not have much hope for Salem, but at least we don't live in Keizer. When I saw that water tower going up off the parkway, my first thought was "who's logo was going on that billboard?" I guess we'll see soon.

Um, move if Salem is so depressing.

I'm too depressed to move.

Dear Brian,

Try chanting "Hare Krishna." I've heard that brings great bliss.

Robert Paul Howard

the reason they won't come to Salem (TJ's) is that people are willing to drive north or south to go to them. there is no incentive. now call them on this and appeal to their sense of environmental responsibility.

I agree, we should call Trader Joe's on their environmental responsibilities. I'm sick and tired of the monopoly one certain store has on this town for organic health foods & supplements- sick and tired of it!

came across this post when looking for news about the TJ's possibility.

what everyone needs to do is email/write/call TJ's and tell them we are interested. They must not think there is a sufficient market here. I agree with a lot of people that there actually is a market for it. I think that if they put it in in K Station it would do really well too (get the silvertonians to drive in as well).

I'm going to go email TJ's right now. Everyone else should too.

A friend wanted Trader Joe's so badly to come to Salem that she pestered them unmercifully. They wrote her a letter telling her to quit doing this. I,too, am DYING for Joe's to come to Keizer Station. I love the store, and spend lots when I'm fortunate to get up to the store on I-5. Don't know what the answer is.

Why don't you move up by Trader Joe's if you hate it here so much. I hate people like you who complain about things but then do nothing about it. And Trader Joe's is overrated.

Geez, anonymous commenter, you sure sound like you're complaining (about me). Yet you can't do anything about it (unless you'd like to buy me a nice house next to a Trader Joes in some beautiful place).

Also, Trader Joes isn't overrated. My wife and I rate it very highly. You're welcome to your opinion, of course. That's all we're talking about here: opinions. And my opinion is that Salem can be pretty damn depressing compared to the much more vibrant and interesting Eugene and Portland (not to mention Bend, Ashland, ...)

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