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May 30, 2007


Great piece and you are so right. People like Lars want to live in the beautiful Northwest, but don't seem to realize that it takes a lot of cool, wet weather to make this place so beautiful. We start having warmer weather on a regular basis and we're going to look like California. Lars used to be a reasonable guy. I can't figure out what happened to him. Victoria, on the other hand, has always been lost in right-wing fantasyland.

Good article and so true. The bad part is people have misunderstood what global warming means and think of it as everywhere gets warmer. It's global climate change that it will lead to and that can spoil lifestyles many places. It's wilful ignorance


At this point, what we need to realize is that the Greenhouse Effect is Grade 5 science - very simply the more greenhouse gases pumped into the atmosphere the more warming. For anyone with a modicum of logic or common sense, this is very easy to understand and is irrefutable.

However, not everyone is so enlighted, and the remaining global warming skeptics fall into 2 camps:

1. The truly ignorant (often Christain fundamentalists) who don't understand basic physics, who believe Earth is 6000 years old, and believe god controls the climate with his "holy thermostat". Many of these types are likely attending the opening of the creation "museum" in Cincinnatti, which talks about how Noah had dinosaurs on the Ark (of course, he kept having to discipline the Velociraptors for eating the other animals).

2. Those with a vested interest (usually financial) in the petroleum status quo - These are generally people, including executives, of the "Carbon Club" who work for the oil, nat gas, coal companies, as well as their paid shills (eg. George Taylor, "Dr." Fred Singer, Sallie Ballieunas, Senator Inhofe).

It appears that Lar Larson falls into the latter camp. He is relatively articulate, and I believe he is no idiot, but that he is paid to increase doubt about the scientific concensus on global warming amongst those who can be easily swayed (often those from the first group). I'm willing to bet that if you follow the money going into Lars' pocket to it's source, you will find oily, coal-stained hands shelling it out.

Unfortunately, there will always be ignorant, intellectual challenged individuals willing to be swayed by people like Lars. For chrissakes - 70% of Americans don't know that plastic is a PETROLEUM PRODUCT!!

At this point, public opinion has turned to believing and understanding the simple physics of global warming. Unfortunately, judging by number of SUV ads, the larger numbers of monstrous vehicles on the road, and the ongoing record profits of the oil companies, the Carbon Club is winning the war - the climate and the environment be damned. Though technology exists today to have mass-produced electric cars that get the equivalent of 200-300mpg, the oil companies will fight to prevent these cars from hitting the markets in any meaningful way.

Read "Internal Combustion" or see "Who Killed the Electric Car" for examples of how they have done this in the past, and will continue to do this in the future. As for me, I will continue to travel by bus or bike, for the little that it is worth.

What?!? Not use a Prius?

Robert Paul Howard


Global warming isn't the issue. There have been ice ages and global warming throughout much of the history of the planet.

The issue should be about doing the right thing. About cleaning up the air quality and the water quality. It's about being good stewards and caring about who and what is living downwind and downstream of you. It is about conserving resources and about protecting environments.

Because it is the right thing to do.

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