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May 20, 2007


I love the Metolius and have been going there since I was in my teens. I definitely want it saved but have you ever thought that to truly save the Metolius, to keep it natural, perhaps camping should be moved back from the river and all cabins on government forest land should be removed? That's been done in a few natural areas where the government decided that they were damaging the water with septic tanks, with run off and the owners of the cabins had so long to remove them. I have a feeling at that price, you'd not want it saved at all.

Rain, what you suggest seemingly is akin to removing dams on what once was a free-flowing river. Like restoring the Hetch Hetchy valley in California.

But it's not quite the same on the Metolius. And I'm not saying that just because we're part owners of a forest service cabin.

Those cabins have been along stretches of the Metolius since early in the last century. Many are wonderfully charming. Strict rules govern their use and look.

I don't find that they take away much from the natural feel of the river. Certainly no more so than the many campgrounds along the river, some of which are filled with large white motor homes that look much less natural than a log cabin.

The forest service recently re-negotiated lease terms for the cabins. This included a septic tank inspection. If a septic system wasn't up to snuff, it had to be replaced or fixed.

You're right--some of the older cabins had pretty decrepit septic systems. Until recently, there even were some outhouses along the river. But no more.

So the forest service cabins are pretty darn respectful of the river.

Perhaps and I don't mind how they look either, but if we are talking natural, they'd have to go. In Arizona there have been places where the Forest Service did just that-- told the owners they had so long to get them off. Their place along the river can be reevaluated at any time-- likewise where campgrounds are placed. I have enjoyed camping along the river, like the sound of the river from staying there but it's not natural; and if we go pushing natural, the real natural is move everything back from the river. Those cabins haven't been there any longer than some in the Santa Ritas in Arizona had been. They are a lease, not an ownership. At one time they planted fish in the Metolius too which they no longer do to give the wild fish more chance to grow. At one time you could walk right down to where the Metolius comes right out of the ground-- I'm old enough to remember doing that. Things can change if someone wants total back to the nature. and if your real concern is for the river, you'd be open to that, right? *s*

What's the connection with the proposed destination resort and the metelious River. It is too far to have any impact except more visitors.

It's interesting how as long as someone has what they want they are happy with keeping everyone else away.

Yes it is a beautiful place, but to try to keep everyone else out is unfair. They should allow it to a managable size.

One connection between the destination resorts with their thousansds of homes and golf courses is the water. If you visit Senator Westlund's site you will find a letter from the U.S. Department of the Interior stating that the additional wells will most likely reduce the water flow at the headwater springs. There has been testimony that the large proposed resort will use two times the water used by the whole City of Redmond. So if you want the Metolius to remain, you need to contact your representative and get SB 30 passed without further amendments.

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