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April 30, 2007


This is that exponential population growth and add to it an exponential greed growth. A lot of second and third homes are not afforded the old-fashioned way-- saving up money and a small beach house somewhere. We are living in a time where greed and there is never enough money is the rule of the day. It's all over the world from what I have read in any desirable place to live. Sad

Dear Brian,

I've heard it alledged that the "New World Order" would like to solve this overcrowding problem by reducing the human population from its present 6.5 billion to only about 500,000,000. The elite regard most poor people as generally useless anyway (although some few might be kept around as servants).

Robert Paul Howard

We gave up on Maui many years ago when the National Bird(the building crane) became prevalent. We then went to Molokai for several years because it was quiet, but the surf where we stayed was too strong to swim in. And then our last move was to St. Lucia--farther away, but a lot more simple and pristine.

The last time I was on Maui was in 1981 and I thought it was overdeveloped then, basically ruined even though some natural beauty remained. I guess even in Hong Kong you can find beauty if you look in the right direction with the right attitude.

Kauai was OK on my stay there in 1972. Some resort development and traffic going into Lihue at times was a harbinger of growth to come, but overall, the island was still mellow except for crowding at the better surf spots.

Oahu was already toast by my first visit in 1967. Waikiki was foul, and litter lined the roads out in the Makaha area which to this day is hazzardous for tourists. Something had happened to the youth in Hawaii by then. Many are aggressive and hostile. They feel justified in assaulting or ripping off non-natives, tourists, or anyone they don't like.

One afternoon at Waikiki there was a long-haired guy (I mention hair length because this was 1967) sitting on a bench minding his own business. There was a group of drunk locals nearby and one really big dude took exception to this and went over and punch-shoved the long haired guy off the bench, then returned to his group laughing. The long-hair just went ahead and sat back down on the bench like nothing happened. The big guy came back and punched him off the bench again. The long-hair said simply "don't do that again" and proceeded to sit on the bench once more. The big guy failed to follow instructions and attempted to punch him once more. The long-hair stood up and laid into this guy. I have never seen anything like it and I've been in and around a fair number of fights. This was a complete destruction by a highly trained fighter. The long-hair then calmly walked away leaving the big guy face down unconscious in the sand, his labored breathing gurgling through a pool of his own blood. He was badly hurt. His buddies came over and carried him away. True story.

This has stayed in my memory because of the calmness through the whole thing by the long-hair. He had a sort of indifferent non-chalance even when he was pounding the guy to a pulp that was uncanny. It was more like a movie script than anything you would expect to see in real life.

Anyway, Hawaii is mostly trashed.

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