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March 02, 2007


Maybe GovK figured out M37 is still just a leeeetle bit more popular than all the Left's anti-property rights propaganda would have us believe.

Can someone please take a picture of the "burning with subdivisions"?

I know of not ONE SINGLE house that has been built with a M37 claim.

Follow the money is usually the answer. Greed trumps higher purposes. Lobbyists usually can convince enough people with money that long range planning is meaningless while short range is proftable. Disillusioning but then a lot of what our country has done in the last 6 years has been too...

THartill, I said Oregon's landscape "is beginning to burn with subdivisions." That's absolutely true. Here's a picture of the beginning:

When you see a match and crumpled paper with kindling piled on top, it isn't a stretch to say that burning is poised to occur.

We happen to live near one of the first Measure 37 subdivisions that has passed Planning Commission approval in Marion County. So I'm more aware than most of what is about to sprout across Oregon.

Asphalt and concrete. On land beautifully suited for grapes and Christmas trees.

The problem here is definitely NOT the Governor lacking backbone. The problem is there just aren't 31 votes to pass SB 505 in the House right now. The Governor has tried twisting arms.

You have to remember there are still 29 R's in the House, and the number of them willing to even consider such a vote is very low given they will be risk being "primaried" by OIA if they do. Holding all 31 D's on what is a politically risky vote (and it IS a political risk for some of them) isn't easy.

It may be easier to do that on the substantive reform than it is on SB 505. At least with the substantive reform, they'll be taking a risk for a permanent change in 37. With SB 505, they're taking a risk without any guarantee that it will matter, since SB 505 won't mean squat in the long run unless the substantive reform subsequently happens.

Anonymous Salem Staffer, you make good sense. I'd had vague thoughts along the same lines, but you crystallized them.

Guess I'll take back my "lacking backbone" comment in regard to our governor. Spending political capital on going for a permanent Measure 37 fix does seem preferable to blowing the wad on SB 505, if a choice has to be made.

One of the best analyses of M37 impacts can be found in a short article written by OSU economists at http://extension.oregonstate.edu/catalog/pdf/em/em8925.pdf
Regarding "burning with subdivisions," take a look at the map in this article: Oregon will burn if this nonsense is not stopped.

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