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March 16, 2007


What got me was the evasive response of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to this when it was first posed to them. They did retract that and said it wasn't immoral after there was outrage. In the past, there were those who believed to be born with epilepsy or many malformations was the mark of the devil. It was ignorance that kept people thinking that way as homosexuality is. I think this is a bigger issue than some think as it's a whole attitude toward sexuality, which some lay responsibility to onto God. It leads to some being forced to deny who they are, to pain in families when the truth comes out, and for what?

When Oregon voted to define marriage as between a man and woman, I was in shock as I thought we were a state that respected individual differences but found out the hysteria of-- it will ruin marriage for others-- trumped commonsense. Just amazing what some believe and feel righteous for believing. It's especially popular when it doesn't impact their own choices but just someone else's.

Fundamentalists and many evangelicals are increasingly doing whatever they can to remove themselves from contact with any science they don't want to believe. As part of that effort, they have sold themselves on the lie that the sciences are dominated by political agendas and, hence, not to be trusted. At some point, their refussal to cope with reality will come home to roost. The only thing I'm concerned about is that they don't take the rest of us with them.


I am a gay christian (Anglican-you americans call it episcopailian) i attend university, and am 37, and now cellibant by choice, and this will change when i met mr right.
I believe that god accepts homosexuality, we are freed from jewish law with the comming of christ, funny is it not how people sit down to roast pork and critize "fags", hmm may be they should take the log out of thier eye and their asses (sorry kiddies). The key is love, and commitment, if you are gay it is not a licence for "adultary" but rather a chice of life partner. Infact for the old testment buffs, Johnathon and David... no wives until one was dead...they made a covanent together, and johnathon was willing to die for david in reality. Commitmnent to a partner, regardless of their gender is truely "loving your neighbour as yourself"

But on
"Hear the advice, Pace and Reinhard? If homosexuality isn't a psychological choice, but a physical compulsion, calling gays immoral for wanting same-sex sex is as ridiculous as calling straights immoral for wanting opposite-sex sex" rather a very st. Augustinian view, usually put by those who need to "Fight" such impulses.
kindest regards world
"the happy"

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