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February 08, 2007


Scott, the case on global warming isn't closed. Science isn't a closed process of learning about reality. It continually adapts to new information.

That's why the evidence in favor of human-caused global warming is so persuasive. The IPCC reports represent the consensus of thousands of leading climate scientists who have openly debated the scientific research in this area.

Sorry, but your side is the one that is closed-minded. I subscribe to a bunch of science and news magazines. Every single one agrees that the debate about whether human-caused global warming is happening is over, given the current evidence.

Now the question is: what do we do about it?

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Well, Brian, it looks like the discussion may be over, but there are 31,072 American scientists that disagree with your "bunch of science and news magazines." Please check out the petitionproject.org website.


Jeannette, you've fallen for a hoax. All you need is a bachelors degree in science, a B.S. to sign the petition. And B.S. is exactly what this farce is.

Check out the truth about it (myth #2):

Science doesn't progress through petitions. It progresses through research, experimentation, hypothesis testing, publishing of reports in respected journals.

Not by online petitions. I'm sure you could get many thousands of people to assert that God created every living thing in seven days, but that wouldn't mean evolution is false.

Nor would it prove that the big bang isn't real if people signed a petition saying that God created the entire universe instantly.

Global climate change is real. This petition is a joke. Big difference.

It would be good if folks (the author included) could focus on the science, instead of the usual tactic of trying to dicredit the messenger. But then, its easier to take cheap shots and try and change the subject than deal with science fact over science fiction.
You'll do well in Washington DC.

my name is hazel howard was macrae taylor my dad come from soctland are you a relative if so contact me.

Mike, if you had ever talked with Mr Taylor, it was not a title he flashed around. He is a pretty humble and sensible guy. Thanks for all of the opinions in your "fact" sheet. Science used to be about test and retest theories. Its been interesting these last 10 years as the basic scientific method has been tossed out the window, along with any scientist that questions the Climate Change Group-Think. We've seen this group-think before back when the world was going to starve to death from "Global Cooling". Let the scientists keep questioning instead of just being a mouthpiece for those in congress that fund them.

Dan, your facts need some checking. Glad to oblige. From 1965 to 1979, 62% of scientific studies predicted global warming was happening; only 10% predicted global cooling. See:

Also, the scientific method hasn't changed. What's changed is the lack of respect for truth/facts among climate change deniers. The truth about global warming has been acknowledged by every country in the world, and every major institute of science. The evidence has been carefully assessed.

Scientific skepticism is fine. Denial of reality after skeptical arguments have been considered and found to be false is a whole other thing. See:

Climate change is real. Don't be led astray by disinformation efforts led and funded by the fossil fuel industry. That's like believing the tobacco industry when they used to claim that cigarettes didn't cause lung cancer.

It is totally surreal how people actually believe that man caused climate change is a fact. There are many scientists who agree with Taylor that climate change is just part of nature. Have any of the global warming alarmists ever stopped to consider how much the Earth warmed all by itself after the last ice age? Sea levels raised by over 100 meters before man had any significant influence on the Earth at all. Now if sea level rises by a few inches it's considered some kind of a horrible crisis that had to be caused by man. It is just laughable.

Contrary to what many on here have said the debate about man caused global warming is not over. Some of the most brilliant atmospheric scientist in the country are arguing against it. Just do a quick search on Ed Berry if you want to see for yourself.

Jim, you're wrong on several counts. First, there is no serious debate among climate scientists about whether human-caused global warming is happening. 97% agree that it is. Argument is over. See:

Second, sure, the climate has changed in the past. For the same reasons the climate is changing now. Laws of nature stay the same. What's different is that humans are now part of the climate changing equation.

Rising levels of greenhouse gases caused global warming in the past. Same thing is happening now. Except, humans are pumping out vast quantities of greenhouse gases, so there's a new cause for climate change. See:

As that article says, lightning can cause a forest fire; humans playing with matches also can cause a forest fire. It's crazy to argue that humans can't cause a forest fire, because before humans came along, all fires were caused without humans being responsible.

I think it is a perfect storm of factors coming together at once with greenhouse gases maybe tipping the scales or hastening the process. Although I have heard compelling arguments from both sides of the debate, one thing is clear..temps are rising.

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