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January 17, 2007


You mus tbe joking. The biggest foul in that entire video, and evidence that too many Portland drivers are insufficiently self-aware to know when they need to stay out of their cars, is the idiot who pinballs the most -- not because of momentum, but because he won't take his frickin' foot off the gas pedal.

b!X, I assume you're referring to the car that goes straight down the street, seemingly in control, before it crashes into other cars.

I don't know--you might be right, that he's got his foot on the gas.

But the way I see it, he also could simply be successfully keeping the car pointed down the hill, freewheeling on the ice, until a curve, bump, or random brownian motion throws him into the parked cars.

I do agree that it was foolish to even attempt the hill. In defense of the drivers though, it probably looked snow-covered rather than ice-covered.

Our driveway does that a lot: get a coating of ice or freezing rain, then snow on top. You can walk fine on the snow. But too much pressure sinks you down onto the ice, where there's hardly any traction at all.

Brian, I believe b!X is referring to the **first** car in the video, where you can hear the driver floor it with the wheels just spinning on the ice.

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