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January 23, 2007


two worries, if the clod sees that his presidential legacy is nonexistant, what sort of political adventures will he lead us into in order to save his reputation? I mean, Southern Methodist doesn' want his library. May I suggest the GW BUsh Bookmobile, surely big enough to contain see spot run in multiple editions....

he will go, but what about the pool of aspiring politicians/presidential wannabies? Reminds me of an oil slick when you boil fish heads, skim all you want, nothing good is floating up. I am all for Hill and Barach, but not if they attract such attention that the red states shoot them down and let us elect another Republican

Saying someone is "wrong an idot etc etc" is the easiest and lowest form of discourse. It is hardly worth your talents. What is your plan for Iraq what would the concequenses to those actions be and how would that be better than the conseqenses of the idot buffons plans. I am looking forward to enlightenment from a progressive mind as I have not been able to find a single plan offered other than "him stuppid me smart" and of course those brilliant brave non binding resolutions your heroes are trotting out. If there is any convition in any of it why not vote to cut funding for the war and force our troops home? The new englightened congress has the power why not use it to do something? The lack of action is deffening.

Hans, my friend, progressives have plenty of plans for Iraq. Such as the Iraq Study Group report, and variations on that theme.

We should start getting out of the middle of the Iraq civil war. Let the Sunnis and Shiites settle their own differences, if they can. Remain as trainers of the Iraqi security forces for a while, but practice "tough love" and demand that the Iraqis stand on their own two feet.

I too have come to the realization that George is now irrelevant. Too bad. We should get out of Iraq not because we are defeated, but we are DONE. Let them all kill themselves, they are crazy, it's in their blood. We just have to watch our borders, spend the money here. Oh, and send some my way!

Geo. W. Bush got to go he is not trust worthe
He votes everthing that's good for America
just to have his war congress just as bad
blank checks for over 1.5 trillen dollar's
to help him in history Big War President truth is big money man the American pepole's
Impeach Geo. W. Bush & Vice President

George Bush, a jacked-up nonentity from the start, is now an irrelevancy. Unfortunately his misguided, stupid policies (if one can lower the dignity of that word) are not. Those of his intellectually-challenged advisers are not, either, with Dick Cheney in the Middle East schmoozing Israel and refusing to notice that the Government of Israel (not its people as a whole) is responsible in part for the Middle East mess, together with the United States and criminal elements of Hamas and other radical Islamist organizations. We might be glad that Dubya appears sidelined, but please don't shoot him so that Dick can be President!

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