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December 10, 2006


The “sex vs. violence” meme is a false dichotomy that has been utilized by sloppy thinkers to justify self-indulgence. It confuses categories and obfuscates ethical questions.

Self-indulgence of all sorts need to be discouraged, not least because where self-indulgence reigns, you’re likely to have a social environment that is both “over-sexed” and “over-violent,” such as much of urban Britain today, and places in the U.S. where “gangsta” culture dominates.

Perhaps a “gangsta” male doll would be a good complement to a “Bratz” doll. You do G.I. Joe an injustice by imputing to him some kind of moral corruption. Perhaps bonobos can do without them, but heroic figures give human children a means of channeling aggression into socially useful expressions. Equally importantly, they help them to face their fears.

I suspect that children’s heroic fantasies are an indispensable building block of courage, which is nearly the opposite of self-indulgence.

I won't buy my granddaughter a Bratz and wouldn't even if her mother wouldn't bean me if I did-- which she would. I don't want my granddaughter dressing that way, seeing the emphasis on anorexic faces with heavy make up and short short skirts is the way to be. The beauty of Barbie is she was a woman and the girls could make her any career they wanted her to be. It wasn't their mother. It was them when they grew up. If today's little girls don't want to grow up to be strong women, we are in big trouble. As for GI Joe. Some are real cute guys, look more manly for the little boys or girls than the very unmasculine looking Ken dolls; but I am staying away from buying them as I don't want to glamourize war to my grandkids. It is necessary sometime, but it should not be romantacized or turned into a game-- in my opinion.

hi how are you doing todat

Beauty of Barbie? Sure she has any occupation, but she's still as unrealistic as Bratz in proportion.

I do agree that girls should be taught to have higher asperations than just to look pretty, but that is why YOU as parents much teach them. Teach them that Barbie and Bratz are just toys and that there's more ot girls than what television says. All to often these days we try to remove whta we disagree with rather than watch kids. If you don't like Bratz, them you have every right not to buy them.

The big issue I have with dolls (including baby dolls) in general is that they're almost alwats blonde haired and blue-eyed. I am glad Bratz has diversity (Barbie does occassionally).

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