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November 11, 2006


not really, because the nihilsts are defeated; therefore nothingness is defeated. the rug brings the room together; the dude is in a sense that rug. people are more calm at the end of the fiasco, truths are revealed and the dude is in the finals. he now has a lady friend. maybe one day he'll stop cussing. i think its about a personal transformation some men go through; though i think the dude is better off at the end of the movie, he has a long way to go.

I think that on a empathetic level you hit it right on the head. All of the charicters in the movie thrive on the nothingness that there lives are orchastrated around. However, I believe that if you take a look at history you can clearly see that the movie is also politically fueled. The Dude, Walter, and all of the other "Dead Beats" in the movie are constantly getting "Fucked in the ass" wheather it be by nihilsts, athority, or by high society. The whole premace of the movie revolves around abiding among all of the worldly chaos of the 1990,s

worldly chaos of the 90s?? man, dude. you must have missed the 70s and 80s and 60s and the 00s. and a few others. the 90s were a big "nothing". compared to all the other chaos. and maybe thats the movie: tableau of the 90s. no cold war. no economic upheaval. no wars (the balkans dont count, unless your a balkan i spose)no soviet union. no wmd's. no civil strife. no racism. no good music. unless you count grunge which was simply a repackaging of everything done by the real "alternative" acts of 1979-1988 that were ignored until co-opted by "grunge", ala the white dudes of the fifties remaking black dudes r&b records. no more aids. no homeless. no hostages. no famines. no coup de etats. no inflation. no entefada. no islamic fascists. no terrorism. no rubic's cube. no big hair. no pet rocks. no bell bottoms. no drum solos. no coke.

who WASN'T bored in the 90s
lebowski = the 90s = nothingness
the fred abides.

The Dude is anyone who drops out the the Capitalist race. He isn't concerned with wars "Vietnam," money or possessions. Striving for these endeavors leaves one (like Lewboski's name sake) crippled in a wheel chair truly possessing NOTHING! Wether one inherits money, tries to marry into it or steals it leaves them nothing but a suit case of dirty underwear (dirties the soul adds pain to the body).

In the movie, it is clear that one cannot ESCAPE the grind of Capitalism. The Dude, who clearly isn't interested in the "game" of acquisitions, cannot escape it's clutches. No one escapes. The gentle ones (Donny) end up clutching their hearts. It is interesting that the one possession the Dude cares about is his rug. The rug being a symbol of wealth. Can any of us escape the lure of riches? Even the Dude?

The dude is jesus its a modern day jesus story walter is moses donny is man jackie is the devil sam elliot is god and so on figured it out while on mushroom s

The fight at the bowling alley is a metaphor. Walter (war, religion, territory) fights for what he believes and to protect Donnie (innocence)from the Nihilists (representing a lack of reason and a perfect cause for war); who pose no real threat in the first place. Donnie dies and the metaphor is established. The message is that war begets the death of innocence. Lebowski (the Bhudda-Jesus figure) simply wants to not fight and is willing to let go of what little he has to avoid violence. Walter ends the danger with one of the trappings of the Nihilist lifestyle when he ends the last bit of confrontation with the radio.
While the violence is justified as self-defense, we see that the fear has destroyed innocence. We also see one of the rare instances where Walter treats Donnie with concern as he is forced to remember the friends he lost in Vietnam

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