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November 27, 2006


saudi arab has great islamic rule and these should be followed by whole humanity.
the mulsim give protection to their women as they are precioius so kept in house and not displayed to the public while western and american behave like a whore.they are treating women on policy of use and discard.when they are young they use it and whem they become old they sent them to old age houses.
these are thire morality status and now they try to teach islamic nations the humanity.alas alas

fuck islam..
fuck saudi arabia..
fuck muslims..

see what is correct


who are you to say womens have no right to drive thats ignorant besides womens are human too. i heard so much about saudi its a Hitler battle zone they treat christians like slaves. you can't even go to college out there if your not muslim how stupid is that fuck saudi and there skinny ass people lol

I can see so much hatred and negative propaganda in the above short article. The person who have written the above line is either extremely stupid without any political and historical knowledge or he is deliberately spreading wrong information. What is happening in Saudi is in the interest of USA and UK. If you have any knowledge of world politics then you exactly know what I am saying.

u lot r 2 racist mn leve dem alone its dere cuntry nd i swear england used 2 be lyk dat discriminating gainst blaks and asians nd usa was latino aswelldey gt a reeson 2 be angry im a girl nd no im not saudi but i still think if in there religion it shows significane then they dnt hav 2 drive nd dey hav 2 get permission den deyll do it dere wai i mean dere cuntry jus aint a free cuntry dem let dem deal wit dat dnt get up in dere bisness lyk dat

While i do agree that the man deserved the sentance handed down to him. i must say that most muslems do what they do out of love for thier women. most never raise a hand towards them. what you hear mostly about is the few bad apples that spoil the entire basket. however they do have certain laws that are very much backwards and i would most dearly love to see changed. the "four male musslem witnesses" for example is a religious law that has yet to be modified. and should be imediently... the problem is that the middle east has so many problems at the moment that even as big of an issue as this is there are many that are far worse.

I think it's a fair sentence and I also think that charges should have been brought against the wife as well. Saudis are a special case because they're pretty much lottery winners (Oil) which does not change the face that are some of the least educated backwards thinking people on the face of the earth believe me I have seen them in action. I personally think that the guy is a criminal because he lives here in the US and we don't have slavery anymore and a Musim should follow the rules of the country he/she lives in. So by all means keep the guy in prison and then he going to have a new appreciation for the term "Sex Slave". In all seriousness though Saudis are assholes and they shouldn't even be admitted into our great country. OBAMA ALL THE WAY

this is not fair at all

I visited Saudi Arabia, where I worked where ..
Women in Saudi Arabia live like a king .. Remain in her home and does not seek Hers came with her husband, a monthly cost of Ptsoelha and leadership is only by raising children and sleep and preparing breakfast for her husband in the morning

Fuck Every Body in This Fuckin Mother Fucker World

accept the islam and muslims ;)

fuc those who hate muslims,
in saudia there is lot of respect for womens they r enjoying their life willingly
there is peace bad things r every where no body nor any country is perfect america consider itself a peace making country but i dun think so all muslim countries are peaceful except america

about the four witnsses this is wrong
the correct thing that if a man and a women commet adultry(i hope I wrote wright)
a judge cant sentince them without a four witnsess

i guess...Muslim people are completely mad.....and ,were as they say..America is bad..despite knowing that America is the wealthest nation on planet earth.they are jealous of western people.. ..Muslim people are completely a package of mad ppl

Jesus Christ is the way the truth and life...and let me assure you people.there is no so called allah actually..these people are sick..and mentally ill.they should be treated at a rehab center.....
accept the lord almighty,Christ Jesus,the creater of heaven and earth..or else you people will go to hell..like your forefathers...who are having a terrible time in hell right now..
god bless America...
god bless India..
god bless all the nations who accept Christ as there lord..

saudi arabia is not a moderate muslim nation, they are extremists and have misinterpeted islam dramatically through their wahabi sect, saudi government does not respect the simplist human rights and have demeened and demoralised their people via extreme wahabi teachings. even though this may apply on most of saudi people, there are still people in saudi arabia who are fighting for more rights especially for women.
but you have to understand that the wahabis only represent a small portion of the muslim world but they have influence due to the oil money (which they are depriving their own people from).
what i'm trying to say is, don't associate muslims with wahabis who function under the name of islam.

Wake up WEST! There is no moderate islam. There are some moderate muslims. That doesn't mean that moderate muslims don't want to make their guest countries into islamic states, which is their duty. Islam is a religion founded by one of the biggest nut jobs this world has ever known. How he got people to think he was a prophet, that God spoke to him and told him to murder thousands upon thousands and that pedophilia is just dandy, I'll never understand. All we have to understand is what islam is and that it should absolutely be kept out of the west as the cult it is and the religion it is not. Westerners educate yourselves now: http://crazyislam.typepad.com/home/

Saudi Arabi still enslaves black africans, what centery are we in?

Saudi Arabia should wear a burka because America protects it from being raped by Iran.

Its not abot Islam vs Christians..ir any other religion.. If westerners hate so much..Why their leaders are sucking Arab Dicks..just for few drops of oil driping out of their dick.....Am an atheist south Asian.

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