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October 16, 2006


Wow what great timing that you posted this right now as I just told my husband he should look for a better way to have a colonoscopy even if it cost money. I just had it the hard way last week and don't recommend it to anyone. I had to go without eating a day and a half, it did hurt and although I could tell them, as I didn't get that much under, it also didn't change anything. The one good thing is I got instant results but I felt like where my husband has had a lot of intestinal problems, he should find a less invasive method and glad to hear there is one out there.

Thank you for sharing a very personal story. You are doing a great service to the many thousands of men and women who may be too scared to get this necessary and often life-saving test. Kudos to you Brian, and thanks again.

Rain, yes, tell your husband to look into the virtual variety. It's important to do one or the other, and I can understand why people resist going the conventional route (because I did).

Rachel, you're right. People need to get their colon checked. It isn't fun, but cancer is a lot worse. A passing bit of discomfort sure beats a lasting heap of pain and disease.

Just got an email with my test results. I'm clean! Good news. I wanted to post a photo of my pristine colon, which to me looks somewhat like a rose petal (if you squint). But my wife said that would be gross.

I usually don't let her censor my blog, and "gross" is so, well, high schoolish. However, this feels like one of those times to say "yes, dear." (If anyone just can't live without seeing the inside of my colon, I'd be happy to email you a photo).

And I thank you as well Brian. I have sent this information to my dad who refuses to have a traditional colonoscopy for the very reasons that are mentioned here. I hope this put him at ease and he decides to get one.

Take care!

Thanks for sharing this account. our dr. just suggested the Virtual rather than the traditional one and although I am way apprehensive about that one, I am still nervous about the Virtual too. But it sounds like it is not as uncomfortable and no sedation which I like. Wondered if anyone else has had one after reading your article and what they thought?

thanks again for this!!

thanks for sharing. I rely proud of you that you shared your personal information with us thanks onces again.



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The prep for a colonoscopy is egregious. Why can't doctors come up with a blood test similar to the PSA for colon cancer? There has to be a better way than to have to go through a prep where you literally have a 24 hour waterfall coming out of you right until the very second you finally are given the colonoscopy itself. Even the virtual colonoscopy requires the waterfall prep. Why haven't they been able to perfect the pill camera that you swallow that does the colonoscopy without any prep needed by taking pictures in your large intestine? It's criminal that they've made the 24 hour colon regurgitation the only way to do this procedure. It's a method that's at least 60 years old and has never been refined. It's a disgrace beyond belief and unbelievably degrading.

hi my name is paul and couple of weeks ago i had the traditional colonoscopy and the doctor found five polyps and removed them and told me they were benign but told me to come back for the virtual colonoscopy .so i went back today and i think for me anyways the virtual one is worse .what they do is lay you down and the nurse puts some needle thing in your left arm to help with the gas they shoot in to your colon and it felt quite bad cause they do all three sides your back and your left and right sides .i felt so full of gas .i just had something to eat its 9 pm at night .however i asked for my results and they wouldnt give it to me told me it would take a week.but in canada both colonoscopies are covered under medical card .just wanted to share this .i really think people need to get this done.the prepartion is worse then having it i think.

Im really really dreading having another colonoscopy. I just had one about 6 years ago. I am 41 now and having a lot of pain that is all over my colon and especially my rectum. I think I would rather do justbabout anything else than repeat rhat god awful day before catastrophe that they require! The procedure is not so bad itself. The moment of drinking the citrate stuff on is the part that is unberable! I was hoping the virtual one skipped that but it sounds like the same prep. . Darn

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