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September 06, 2006


Well Brian, we Mexicans have already taken over California so technically you're closer to Mexico...... :-D

Don't worry, your taste buds will get used to REAL food! Ever had squash flower tacos?

Eric, actually squash flower tacos sounds good. Maybe I really can become a Mexican. You can give me lessons. One question, though: are there frijoles in squash flower tacos? If so, I'm sticking with Canada.

So what are you? just a bunch of racist people? i mean americans where the ones that took over california and took the land from mexicans, not just california but other states too, by killing and forcing mexicans. so mexicans are not taking over nothing it belonged to them in the first place.
What you are doing is called behing a hipocrats, because you say that you hate mexicans and beans... but when you visit mexico and their beaches and when you find out that in mexico you can do things that you cant do in the states, then that is when you love mexico and their beaches and their food etc... not to mention that americans go to mexico buy land and take away property that belongs to the mexicans and mexicans dont crap, its the same crap mexicans go to the states and americans go and live in mexico whats the diference.
so people dont be so close minded.

Chill, Jessica. You obviously can't tell sarcasm from a hole in the wall.

Some sarcasm is better left unsaid. Would it be appropriate to make "sarcastic" remarks about native or african americans? I think not. Sometimes its better to be politcally correct- by the way, Mexicans eat more than arroz y frijoles. They are just a good filler for those pinche gringos that eat too much. right on jessica.--and rachel, all sarcasim has some truth, maybe their just too afraid to say how they really feel. what comes out of your mouth is what you hold in you heart

There is a difference between using sarcasm as a blind to allow yourself to let fly the racist comments, and sarcasm that is, well, sarcastic. It's obvious to me that Brian is not a racist, nor is he close-minded. It's also obvious that folks can't say anything about anything in this country without having someone spout pc rhetoric at them.

To me, if you read the entire post, it is clear as crystal that Brian is NOT espousing an opinion of his own; he is using exaggeration to make a point - read the links. I think the only "true" thing in that post is that perhaps he does not like beans. I don't like them either. Does that make me "close-minded" too?

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