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September 10, 2006


good points. We are being manipulated as always. One just hopes the rest of the manipulation, with trials to conveniently follow, won't make Americans decide that a vote to continue this man in power is a vote against terrorism.

Dear Brian,
I also wish the Sudanese government cared as much about the deaths of their citizenry as much as the U.S. government at least pretends that it does about our "3,000." Ditto for the insurgent "freedom-fighters" in Iraq.
Robert Paul Howard

No, Rain, that is not an argument...really, it is not. Europe is also completely lacking any usefull action in Darfur except for some people doing radio shows and stuff to generate money. The Dutch politics speak words but dont act. As for the Sudanees government; what if Darfur happened in America and Sudan reacted, non-reacted, as US and Europe do to Darfur now?? Would you like to be born in Us then? When, in a country, people are killed, raped and tortured, and their government does nothing then what was the American idea again?? Hello?? Iraq?? Saving the Iraqies from Sadam and coworkers, real heroic?? Get real, no one gives a rats ass about the Darfur people...they have nothing they are nothing...their death means nothing; therefor WE ARE NOTHING.

Sorry Rain, I reacted on Robert Paul Howard

Dear spooky,
Thank you for your reaction. Your conclusion that "WE ARE NOTHING" would probably be quite well received on Brian's other ("Church of the Churchless") website.
Robert Paul Howard

Hi, yeah , I read about that! But I am sad... Why is a place like Darfur not important enough? Why is Iraq head of priorities? I mean, I know some answers to that and then we might differ or agree. But I see it as a general form of measurement; when we treat some-one as unimportant it is our lack of greatness, we are then unimportant ourselves. The other - in this case the people of Darfur- suffer deeply because we make weird and unethical choises. It is extremely dishonest. Why dont we just say; 'Hey, we dont like Sadam, we gonna kick his ass, then we have a nice position, close to oil and stuff. If by any chance some form of democratie enters in Iraq, he, nice, but its unlikely to happen, oh, Darfur, well , sorry guys, we dont care.' If we as a people would really react like I just wrote; that would be at least honest; at least no hypocratie. Anyway, I dont believe in my government or yours.

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