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September 09, 2006


Hmm - let me get this straight. Democrats drooled all over the lies and fantasies of Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore - even giving his a prominent spot on their platform, yet when it comes to a fact-based movie, all you liberals get defensive.

Well many people realize the reality. In the 8 years of the liberal Clintons not once did they take the offensive against terrorist - not one time. On the other hand, in less than 1 year Bush took the offensive, and took the fight to them. We have yet to be attacked again.

Yet again, liberals fear truth and will go to no ends to stop the public from hearing the truth. They hate 9/11 because it revives the patriotism they hate.

This liberal Democrat post is just like all the others - continue to lie to the American people, continue to try and deceive us all.

I agree with what you said, Brian. Last night on Maher, they discussed the distortions and outright lies in that 9/11 film. Why is it necessary to lie about something and why will it work given the events just happened? Maybe because the right doesn't care about the truth but only want to hear what makes them feel good about their own mistakes. They can't face the truth about what Bush has done.

I'd say something about your post, JustaDog, but I can see you have your mind made up and would not listen to my point of view anyway. I am one of those liberal types.

Justadog, Rain said it well. Obviously you haven't informed yourself about the film or the record of the Clinton administration in tracking down Bin Laden. All I can say is, you should.

Did you even read the last link I posted? It quotes a bunch of your favorite conservative commentators who are calling for the distortions and lies in the movie to be corrected.

What I dont get is this; everyone with half a brain knows that most people in the world tend to beleive in what they see on TV. Therefor; media is power. This power is mis-used. Wether Moore's 9/11 ideas are more true then his opposition, I dont know. I dont believe men like Bush and the people behind him. I think that with all the money, all the technologie available the world could be a better place. The first gulf war costed the same amount of money for an existing project to make the Sahara a blooming place. No one is interested...Why do I say this? Keep talking about ideology, keep fighting over terrorism, democratie, media power and oil. Keep doing it! The fight over (economic, religious, media; ideology) power can continue but the Earth will die out, and then what are we fighting over? we then have nothing to fight about left!! Actually, come to think of it; this fight is so stupid that for me , I think we deserve to die out as a species from storms, hunger etc. Since we are the ones who keep men like Bush, Bin Laden and like minded dumbo's in their ruling places....

Whatever M.Moore says about 9/11 or what his opposition says, Iraq has nothing to do with the WTC. DOES THAT RING A BELL SOMEWHERE ON THE PLANET! no...it does not. Amazing, really, that blows my mind! And that pisses me of. For instance, I live in Europe, I am born here and now there seem to be US prisons on MY land. Can I call it MY land? Well, Americans seem very proud of there 'homeland', so get the F*ck of mine Mister Bush! The whole war on terror is theater. Whatever is real about it or not is not clear; not because certain things must kept secret for the public because of obvious war reasons. No, it all lies. I dont trust Bush, or Europe for that matter one bit. I dont trust Al Quaida. I want to plant a tree!!!! For God sake, within a few decades the planet is destroyed because we had a fight over ideologies! Come on!

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