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August 27, 2006


I sure hope you are right on that but so many times people do act like sheep. Jesus was not being flattering when he used that analogy. What has gotten me with people like Harris, who yelp the loudest about how they are Christians and everybody who is must vote for them because of that, is so often they have a hidden life (whether it's what they would define as sin or what Jesus would). They are the ones who don't walk the talk except in public. Jesus said pray in a closet. Who are those who do it to win elections?

I don't have any interest in debating politics. But this might be of interest to you.


Matthew, in return I'll suggest that this might be of interest to you:

The truth of the matter is that the supposed WMDs found in Iraq touted by politically desperate Rick Santorum and other neo-cons were degraded left-overs from pre 1991.

They were no different from many other munitions found here and there in Iraq after the invasion. The conclusion still holds: Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction.

Viable weapons, at least.

"The predictable orbits of planets and the wild improvisations of lovers." A gem!

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