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August 25, 2006


You have been caught in a big lie. Simone didn't find out the truth from callers. He researched it himself, during the 6:28 break and gave the explanation himself, before the callers chimed in. I have a tape of the show. Want to place a wager?????

Try getting your facts straight before shooting off your reckless mouth.

Your 2nd deliberate lie:

>>>>>>Then when he learned that Google didn’t manipulate the “failure” and “liar” results, he castigated the company for not stepping in and manipulating the results<<<<<

I am reviewing the tape. He specifically said at 6:37pm est, Google should not correct it and explains how the correction would effect the effectiveness of other searches.

Dan, thanks for the clarification. I went into a store during part of his Google rant. When I came back, a caller was telling him about "Google Bombing." So I understandably figured that this was how he learned about it.

Regardless, I'm quite sure Simone did indeed say that Google should have taken steps to prevent that from happening. If he changed his tune later, good for him.

So I stand by my conclusions. Simone shot off his mouth before he knew what he was talking about, even though he was sitting at a computer and was typing in Google searches during his misinformed ranting.

If he'd checked his facts before he ranted, he would saved his listeners from more right wing ignorant blather. Of course, then he wouldn't be entertaining them with what they want to hear, right? Truthiness, not truth.

I may not have gotten all the facts in my post exactly right. I didn't listen to the entire segment, owing to my shopping break. However, I definitely got my facts more right than Simone did. And I'm not broadcasting over the public radio airwaves.

He didn't rant. It was very calm and he was actually reading a listener Email, which is where this came from.

You are the one who shot your mouth off, without having the facts, totally mistated what happened and later admitted you didn't even hear the hour, just caught parts of it.

You are an extremely biased and angry partisan. That's your right. But, stop posting false accounts.

Dan, thanks for the feedback and your sage advice. I hope you'll share your thoughts as freely with the Super Ranter, Mark Levin, who, I will admit, makes Mark Simone sound like the Dalai Lama.

Since I was listening to Mark Levin's show, maybe there was still a Super Rant vibe over the air waves left over from Levin's last appearance that I picked up on.

Last time I forced myself to listen to Levin, some poor misguided progressive like me was trying to make a point and every time he tried to speak Levin would scream, "Just tell me why you hate America!" He'd try to get another word in, and Levin would scream again, "You idiot, answer my question. Why do you hate America?!"

[Legal note: I do not have the transcript. This may not be an exact quote. Any words you read on this blog may be somewhat inaccurate. So, sue me.]

If Simone is willing to fill in for Levin, who challenges Michael Savage for pure unadulterated unChristian hatred, then I have to assume that his journalistic standards are as low as Levin's. Namely, in the gutter.

>>>>>>>If Simone is willing to fill in for Levin, who challenges Michael Savage for pure unadulterated unChristian hatred, then I have to assume that his journalistic standards are as low as Levin's.<<<<<<<

It's really disgusting the way you just shoot off your mouth and make ridiculous false claims. Simone is a highly respected moderate, a CNN regular, a regular PBS host, his own WABC program is the gold standard in fairness, quality and good taste. Why must you always shoot off your mouth, when you don't have any information or any of the facts? What is this thing you have about ranting first and getting the facts later?

Dan, I do have the facts. I listen to Levin, for as long as I can before I start to barf, and I hear him scream at listeners with his shrill irritating hate-filled voice.

I then learn that Simone fills in for Levin, from which fact I conclude that the two must be right-wing buddies. Ranters of a feather flock together.

Dan, I don't think you understand that blogging is a form of personal talk radio. This blog is my own little broadcasting station. I can say what I want, just like Levin and Simone can.

Unlike them, I let people like you disagree with me and express their own opinions. You see things your way; I see them my way.

The facts are my own experience and the research I do. The difference between me and Levin/Simone is that I actually care about facts, and use them to interpret my personal experience.

No WMD in Iraq. Fact. No Saddam connection with 9/11. Fact. Global warming is being exacerbated by humans. Fact. The US needs to develop alternative energy sources. Fact. Embryonic stem cell research could save many lives. Fact. Huge budget and trade deficits threaten our economy. Fact.

I could go on and on with facts that the Bush administration and conservative talk radio ignore, because they are faith-based, not fact-based.

I realize that it is irritating to you to be faced with facts, because you're not used to being challenged with them. Sorry. But that's what you get if you frequent truth-filled blogs.

You really are a reckless ranter who should be reported. You have no idea who Simone is. You have totally mischaracterized him as some right winger, which he is not. You operate without facts:

a) you have no idea who Simone is and made false assumptions.

b) you did not hear the broadcast you commented on. You later had to admit, when trying to explain why you got the facts wrong, that you only heard some of the broadcast.

You are typical of the angry neo-libs: angry, old white men with a knee jerk angry reaction to everything they hear.

Let's review. Simone reads an Email from a listener about the google problem. Segment one he confirms on the air that what the caller is saying is true. Segment two, he has gotten to the bottom of the matter, fully explains the cause, and further explains why Google can not and should not fix it. Your original blog on this completley mistated what happened and mischaractized what Simone did and said. Anyone who reads your blogs, and it appears that that is no one, should bear your very bad track record in mind.

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