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July 08, 2006


This reminds me of the Swedish movie Kitchen Stories. If you haven't seen it already, watch it with Laurel so she can explain it to you. ;-)

That is so funny. I am not a list person and only in rare circumstances do I make one. Otherwise I count on the inner me to tell me what I need-- and do it quickly as I also do not like wandering in aisles. I want what I need fast and if my inner me fails me, perhaps it was because I wasn't really 'supposed' to have it!

This was really a great read - great system too. I suspect that I might contribute to your heartattack with my system - walk through every aisle - but in my defense, it's so I can find things to review on my website. Thanks for sharing!

i have just enough free time today to compose one of these of my very own. this is taking compulsiveness to an art form i think. and i thought it was bad that i logged in all my recipes from Everyday Food magazine into categories on a database. :)

I was entertained and amused by your grocery list experience. The palm pilot method is particularly impressive. One of the reasons you have all this work and aggravation is because you are a 'couple', with a 'household'. When you are single, butterbuds never even occur to you. What would i eat it on? My refrigerator has the basics in it (salad greens, broccoli, ricemilk etc.). I often pop into the healthfood store and buy whatever takes my fancy. I don't peruse the aisles. No, i march over and get maybe broccolli, or dried mangoes or sometimes even even a rocket soy bar (chocolate). On occasion dinner from the delhi maybe. Fruit. Very often a green drink from the juicebar. What i didn't get doesn't occur to me that i needed it. That is my system. Today i needed a cococut because it is hot and i was thirsty. And some not-chicken WINGS, the spicy kind. After i tried it i made a note to self to go back to the not-chicken burger PATTIES, the spicy kind (they taste better). But whatever is in the fridge will get eaten or thrown out. What i long for when i am home i get next time. That, once again, is my system. By the check-out counter i pick up a dark mint-chocolate square for fifty cents. It keeps the treat small but very fun. And when i get home there is no-one whining about something i forgot. And trustworthy VON's is half mile away in the event of a need, such as a nectarine, milk, the rare late-nite ice cream or that dreaded craving for amy's pizza.

When i was married i had a partner who would lift the passively aggressive disapproving eyebrows indicating that my carefully selected array of groceries is lacking and dissatisfactory (the grocery purchase for the HOUSEHOLD was extensive THEN). When asked what the specific items were that were needed (so i can ad them to the permanent list and forever prevent the reoccurrence of this oversight) the answer would be a vague 'groceries'. (Specifying would undermine the power derived from being dissatisfied with my catch.) So now i stroll the aisles, my pace determined by the length of the line at the cash registers. When there is no line i am in no rush. When the lines are long i make some quick selections and get ready to escape. But whatever i got was just right. And what i didn't get i don't need. The sweet simplicity of singledom.

It would seem that a number of people have way too much time on their hands.

Darn good list. I'm a list man myself and I'm impressed.

Wow. And to think all this time I was just shopping with a hand written list and coupons.

Check out http://www.storeassociate.com

I am a mom to two toddlers and have finally transcribed my frequently bought items to a list, but I thought I'd go the extra step to be really obsessive/compulsive (it's not a disorder! yet...) and put them in aisle order. I was hoping I'd find a readily accessible list of my local Fred Meyer's aisles online (because I'm a sleep deprived Mom, I can't seem to just remember them) and came across your post here. Thanks for the humor! And the idea to bold the nearly-every-time items! And now I'll check out some more recent posts. Thanks again!

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