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July 06, 2006


It doesn't take a "neo-conservative apologists" to support fair trials. And it's more defensible than you think. Let's see you leave the tofu and crystals and try combat. You may not comprehend or appreciate it, but these kids are trying their hardest to defend people like you. Go figure.

Many of those kids do believe (at least they did when they first went) that they are in Iraq to defend us. If only that were true. The fact is that what they are doing there is making the whole world a more dangerous place and making us the most feared and hated country in the world.

Those kids were not trained to be occupiers. It is not a suprise that some of them are flipping out. They have been placed in a situation far over their heads. I blame the liar and traitor in chief and the rest of the cabal in the white house.

Bob, I'm all in favor of fair trials. But it doesn't take a trial to realize that American troops are killing Iraqi innocents with very little or no provocation. That's a well documented fact. And that was my main point in this post.

I do eat tofu. Don't have any crystals. I do have a black belt in karate, so have done a lot of unarmed combat. Had a high lottery number in Vietnam era, so missed out on armed combat. I suspect I would have handled myself just fine.

Lastly, I don't feel like I need defending from Iraqi insurgents. What I need defending from is Al Qaeda, the guys that Bush diverted his attention from when he invaded Iraq.

Your "documentation" has a source. I suggest you check its objectivity.

Whether you feel you need defending is not important. Most of those kids know what they're doing and are proud of it.

Karate? Please.

Every war ever fought has atrocities in them. It's the nature of war. There are no John Wayne, clean-cut, tidy wars in real life. People should not send others to war unless they are prepared for the nature of what happens, what it does to those fighting it ,and the country who sent them. Atrocities are not the norm but they are going to happen-- they happen right on our streets in the USA too. I don't like the idea of blaming people who have no choice but to be there, who were naive maybe to believe their government but now would be shot or imprisoned if they didn't obey orders. It's all very well to say how awful but imagine walking down your street with no idea who might smile at you one moment and blow apart your friend the next. That does things to people. The fault is that we are there at all and I really hope people don't turn on the soldiers as they did in Vietnam because most are just ordinary guys, doing their best to stay alive. You are right about it being an occupation now and not a war. To me, it was a mistake going in and won't be less of one for staying. Vote democrat in the fall and maybe there is a chance to rethink this. If we stay with Republican majority, there is none. Bush can't admit he made mistakes-- ever. He will have to be forced to admit it

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