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July 10, 2006


Thanks for the post in support of Stewart and his family. From the light show that wrapped itself around the Beltway on the 4th of July, looks like the gods are grumbling about this already. Cheers!!

The five-pointed star is representative of the feminine principle in polarity therapy.

The top of the star is located in the throat or 5th chakra It also relates to points in both shoulders, pelvis, and pubic area.

For more info, check out the writings of Dr. Randolph Stone.

What's interesting is that Wicca relates so much to earth energy, which is also representative of the feminine. We could go on and on about this...

To the WICCAN audience.

I was in the Air Force for 4 years and had opportunity to serve in Europe and speak to WICCANS at the Ramstein Air Base Group that met at the chapel Annex. Despite the nice group, circle seating, and secretive magic names, I found the group to believe in contradiction.
How can a group of people worship gods and goddesses that have only basis in myth? They worship things that are created as pantheistic religions all over the world practice but never mind to worship the Creator who has made it all. WICCANS tend to be "recovering Christians" which is also a contradiction unless they mean that they are acting out against religious view of Christianity.

Religion is of the Devil. And none of you can disregard my statements. If the Devil you have pictured in your mind is a pointy tailed, forked tongue, red cape being, you have it all wrong. He masquerades as an angel of light and he comes to steal, kill, destroy and bring a plethora of false religious systems to cover the truth and blind people from the reality of the Creator, God.

Even if you don't believe in a real, personal Devil, this does not negate his existence nor does it prove it. What proves it? My feeling, my opinion, nor my faith proves anything. An objective standard of truth reveals this, a truth that doesn't rest on the whim of imagination or of personal opionion. The Bible speaks of Lucifer who deceives the world and makes on captive to his will. From the beginning, the Devil has loved symbols. Symbols drive people away from the Creator.

You are in some strange way concerned about a symbol that represents the elements of the earth but have stopped there and disregarded the Creator of all those elements. Even science says, "From nothing, nothing comes." Everything created has a beginning, including wind, earth, water etc...but you choose to be blinded to your own self-imagined gods and goddess. The gods and godesses you worship are called "familiar spirits" in the Bible...they are demons. Yes, they have power, yes they are real and yes they can trap you into karmic thinking and karmic law and into a thousand lies.

People always say, "This is the way to worship, this is the truth about this or that or whatever is good for you is and whatever works for me is." This goes against logic and the law of non-contradiction. There MUST be truth and you use truth to make decisions everyday. Jesus said, "I am the way, and the TRUTH, and the LIFE, and no one comes to the Father except by Me." Jesus is the source of truth and to deny Jesus, or to run from Him, is to run from the true God.

Many of you run crom a caricture of Christianity. You run from abuse and from false church antics, and simply from bad churche experiences. The real question is, who is Jesus Christ? Who is He and what did He claim about Himself. If Jesus rose from the dead on the 3rd day, you who believe in Him fully, will also live again. YOu will not come back to this world because reincarnation has determined, through your good and bad karma, your new destiny in this recycled lfe. There are no more chances after this life and you can't play fast and loose with your souls. I say this without anger and with kind intention if email can ever come across in such a manner.

May Christ open your eyes and hearts to the truth about Christ and to a new life with Him, forever.

Wicca is based on just as much as Christianity. Man wrote the bible, not God. So, you also base your faith of myth.

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