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July 02, 2006


I've had success with generic benedryl helping dogs cope with thunder and fireworks. 1mg per lb was the recomendation 2 vets gave me. It always works.
Hope your bite turns out to be 'innocent'.


Hope your test results came out negative. The mention of ticks brought back thoughts of Grandma Lewis. Whenever I would get a tick on my body, which was often in Little Compton, Grandma had two methods of removal: either touching the end of a hot match to the tick, or grabbing it and twisting the body. Either method seemed to work. Ah, the memories of childhood!

I sure hope you take a course of antibiotics however the test results come back. The tests are not 100% sure, and the consequences of letting an infection go are devastating. You don't want to take any chances with this. The antibiotic course is not all that awful. I"m sure you've learned from your research that that is the thing to do.

--Just a friendly stranger who has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, and who found your site upon doing a blog search.

Molly, I appreciate your advice. I've been tardy in updating my story, which I'll do now.

A day and a half after I wrote this post I decided to go to the Urgent Care clinic in Bend. It was about an hour away, closer than the two hours it would have taken me to get to my regular doctor.

The doctor walked in carrying a medical book opened up to the Lyme Disease page. I liked how she readily admitted that she didn't know much about the signs and symptoms.

She looked at my back and said, "Yes, you have a rash." We talked about the fact that the tick probably was on my back for a week. We acknowledged that I didn't have any symptoms other than the rash. And that the results of the tick test hadn't come back yet.

In the end, she thought that a three week course of Doxycycline was in order. I certainly didn't argue with her.

After about a week on the antibiotics I got a call from IgeneX, the testing lab. The tick was negative for Lyme disease. Also negative for two other diseases that I had asked them to test for. That was a relief.

But I remembered what the Bend doctor had said when I mentioned, "If the tick comes back negative for Lyme disease, then I could stop taking the antibiotics, right?" She replied, "Well, you should check into the reliability of the test. Tests can be wrong some of the time."

So I'm going to continue taking the full course of antibiotics. Everyone I talked to said that would be a good idea. You said the same thing.

I'm sorry that you've been diagnosed with the disease. I'm not really a praying person, but I can tell you that I hope you are cured--which is my way of praying, and maybe amounts to the same thing.

You're doing a service by helping people like me understand the disease better. I realize that my saying that doesn't take away the distress of having Lyme disease. But your willingness to share your experience is wonderful. Thanks so much.

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