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June 06, 2006


Brain; Loved your story. I have had my experiences with rebates too. I never leave the store without having the sales attendant give me the rebate coupon for the particular item. Unfortunately, your story was a much more sophisicated process than mine. I have a really weird idea: Is it possible that you could just return the unit back to the store? Just tell the store return department that you were dissatisfied with the overall unit performance. Food for thought.

Roger, I've thought of that. Except, I ordered direct from Lenovo. Got free shipping via next day air. I'd have to pay to return the computer.

Plus, this being a PC, I've invested quite a bit of time already in reinstalling programs, copying files from my old computer, and so on.

I say, "this being a PC," because recently I read the tale of a Mac user who had a ridiculously easy time switching to a new Mac.

Yesterday I emailed Lenovo about my rebate irritation. Got a response today saying that my message had been "escalated to our Customer Relations Management Team." Sounds good. We'll see what transpires at the top of the escalator.

Brian, Something tells me, with your excellant writing skills, the Customer Relations Team is going to find a way to send you the $200.00 rebate.

When you get the money, I suggest that you go and buy some of those famous Oregon strawberries.

They're all bastards, Brian. Give'em hell!

Hey I work for IBM and you can buy on my discount since I know you...
[log in]...if it's a better price return the one you have and go for it
Sorry about the misleading crap, corporations you know. I've had similar experiences with Lowe's and their "free installation" for appliances.

[Connie, thanks the offer. I've edited out your log-in information, figuring that you didn't want the entire world to be your IBM discount friend. It looks to me that if I can get my $250 rebate, I'd end up paying just $125 or so more compared to the employee discount price. A customer rep is considering my case at this moment.]

I am sorry to be the first jerk to do this - but....I work at a school and I do alot of traveling. THe school has offered to buy me a laptop but the discounts dont seem to be anything special for schools.

so....Connie, now that we are friends, can I use your discount code?

If not, no big deal.


Another brain dead 'gimme gimme gimme' liberal speaks gibberish again.
Wow, I feel all the more stupid for reading this. I'm surprised people can possibly complain about rebates in this day and age with computer technology, and STILL not understand WHY they offer rebates or what the rebates are all about!!!!!!!
I guess if you are an old liberal that believes that you should have your cake, eat it too - and then sue someone when you get fat on it, this is to be expected.

Duh, until now I never knew that getting a rebate, or not getting one, had anything to do with one's politics. Thanks for enlightening me.

That said, I really have no idea what you're talking about. But then, I often don't when right-wingers speak.

You know, I can't say I agree with all of Brian Hines' political views (or many of them, for that matter), but how exactly is wanting what was advertised (in a suggestively fraudulent matter, at that), indicative of liberal politics?

I consider myself EXTREMELY conservative, and if what happened to Brian happened to me, I'd be pretty pissed myself.

Brian H, thank you for your support. You sound like a wise person. Given your first name and last initial, I would expect nothing less.

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