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April 20, 2006


I have only 10,000 sq ft of yard to mow, and I pretty much hate anything having to do with yard work--but even I sit there in awe watching that brush mower whack down sequoias in the commercial. You could deforest the Amazon in about 2 hrs with one of those things! Happy devegetating!

Hi I came across your website, thought i would post a question. My wife and i live in WA state, we are over run with scotch broom on our 5 acres. have you encountered this weed problem. If so has your DR mower worked on the problem. the dealer statesthat the 17hp, model will cut up to 2 1/2 inch stalk, and the stuff we have is thick! please e mail your thoughts thanks ART.

Hi, I came across you page and figured I'd put my 2 cents in about my 17 HP DR Field and Brush mower... I love it!!! I don't have any other attachments yet, but I plan on getting a generator. I bought this to clear out some growth on my 10 acres in Concord VT... It works like it does in the commercials and the people that work in the DR store in Merrimack NH are a pleasure to deal with. They have taken care of every problem that I have had with my mower... 1 problem was one of the bar that rides on the ground bent, I had brought it to them after I bent it back as far as I could and was wondering if they could bend it back the rest of the way... They did much better and replaced the deck for me. The other problem I had was that it was stuck in 2 wheel drive, they replaced the differential for me to correct that problem. All work was done under warranty with no questions asked. It is good to know that DR stands behind their product, when AND if I ever need or want a new one I will definitely get another DR.... I would like to see a "wood chipper" attachment for it....The biggest thing about owning one of these is its like owning a truck when people know you have one, they want you to do things for them. If you are thinking about getting one... don't think, just do it!!!

I own 3 of these. I own and operate Oregon Field & Brush Mowing "Short or Tall, We Mow It All!" and I use these in my business.My first one was a 1997 8hp Original DR Field and Brush Mower (originally made by Bachtold Bros.) which I bought in 2001, and it was slow, with only one speed and cutting only 24" per pass, but did a pretty good job as long as the grass was 4ft tall or less and dry or the brambles were short and sparse. Then I purchased a 2001 10.5 All Terrain Mower Electric start in 2007. It has the lockable differential, the 26" deck and the 48"lawn mower deck which I still have not used as the blade clutch is frozen up on it. It works great! Then in 2010, I bought a 2003 17hp DR Commercial model with the 30" brush deck and the 42"lawn deck which I have successfully used several times. I love this one. It is half the width of a 5ft bush hog and has a 2.5 gallon tank that lasts almost as many hours as it has gallons. I really did have to bulk up from using it at first, but now no problem! I really feel like I get so much more done and I didn't even rent a tractor for my main properties I maintain this year for the first time due to efficiency and cooler weather.

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