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April 01, 2006



Who's offering immigrants amnesty?

Cuase it sure aint the Senate....

True Slicky, there's a big debate going on about whether the Senate bill offers amnesty, or not. It's all in how you define the word.

To my mind, if you've come into this country illegally and face deportation, and the government says, "You can stay if you pay $2,000, learn English, and wait a few years," that sure sounds like amnesty to me.

The thing is, the U.S. has done this before. Several times. Illegals are told, "OK. You can stay. But this is the very last time we'll do this." Until the next time. The Senate bill puts out the welcome mat for more illegal immigration, because it rewards those who came into the country illegally.

Amnesty means pardon. What more discussion do we need?

Twenty years ago, as part of the concerted right-wing attack on the American middle-class and organized labor, Reagan granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

Whats being proposed doesn't match that. Yes, it legalizes their illegal actions- as long as they pay their fines, back taxes, learn English, assimilate in our country. If not, they get the frickin' boot. There is no carte blanche here, no blanket pardon.

Bush's "guest worker" program is a disgusting attack on American workers. And the option of ripping millions of people out of the communitieis that they have since become a part of- not to mention leaving their naturalized American children behind- seems heartless and cruel. Which is why I wonder why you're backing this option.

This bill coming from the Senate Judiciary Committee is mannered and pragmatic, and doesn't give into the polemics on either side.

I mean, when you start nodding in agreement with Michael Frickin' Savage, take a deep breath and gather your thoughts. It's interesting that he spews such anti-immigrant rhetoric. But if you consider that illegals make five percent of the workforce, I wonder just how many are employed at his son's Rock Star energy drink?

I agree that the borders must be closed
until a reasonable immigration system can
be put in place. Illegals should be deported
but I do not trust these Republicans who
rave on about illegal immigrants. I would
remind you that most of them have voted for
trade agreements like: NAFTA, CAFTA, and
the FTAA.

NAFTA needs to be repealed and a mutually
agreeable agreement made-one in the interests of the majority of American
and Mexican people. The present agreement
benefits only the elites of both nations.

I am a Democrat who fought Clinton-Gore
on this and will cooperate with any sane
Americans-right, left or center who favor
NAFTA's repeal.

You're independent and Right in this case. Keep it up -- we need those who aren't wedded to an ideology or set of talking points.

Anyone who's been to the U.S.-Mexican border knows what a sham the notion of protecting our borders has been -- under every president regardless of party. This border has confounded a war on drugs, a war on poverty, and now a war on terrorism. The problem of course is the Mexican government as much as lax enforcement and employers addicted to cheap labor.

On with the debate!

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