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April 04, 2006


If Bill Clinton had a semen scraping tool, perhaps we wouldn't be where we are today...

Seriously, I'm enjoying Big Love too. The spectre of the old-school polygamist ring (the head of which is being played awesomely by my old fave Harry Dean Stanton) is becoming a much-needed ancillary plot. Otherwise the series threatens to become Desperate Househusband. And I'm learning a lot about the little catchphrases Mormons apparently use--"Choose the Right!" Tom DeLay couldn't say it any better himself, eh?

"We’re a few episodes behind in our watching..." There's only been four episodes!

I think Big Love is big lame and not up to HBO standards.


R Blog, you caught me in a blog error! (First time, I've made one, I'm sure). Noticed last night that we were two episodes behind on the Sopranos and just one behind on "Big Love."

I've edited the post accordingly. Regardless, Big Love is growing on me. I agree, it started off slow and sort of sit-com fakey, but as I get more into the characters it seems more and more real to me.

Now--heresy!--the Sopranos is starting to seem more fakey than Big Love. It's beginning to wear thin, though Tony's dream states were interesting. More interesting than his reality.

I'll admit that the Sopranos started slow this year but I thought last Sunday's episode might have been the best ever. And Tony seems on the verge of joining the Church of the Churchless. Stay tuned. I think we are in for a great season.

i love the sopranos and i am not a fan of polygamy but i find myself so intrigued by big love -i watch it every week

That was a Steve Buscemi directed Sopranos, I think. His are uniformly the highlight episodes of the season.

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