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April 10, 2006



I'm afraid you're right that there's no setback to people who don't believe in setbacks. If one takes the bible as science text, there’s no peer-reviewed journal that makes any difference. The “opiate of the masses” is very comforting to those with un-ambitious minds.


Good column and so true. Faith-based has gotten this country into a lot of trouble. Base it on faith and you don't need facts-- facts just prove how faithful you are when they contradict you but you ignore them.

Scary times as fundamentalism has been on the rise all around the world. Since all things go in cycles-- seemingly-- I am assuming this one will also change with time-- hopefully sooner than later.

Fact?? Evolution is still an unproven "theory", NOT a fact. More and more evidence is appearing daily that is totally disproving the "theory" of evolution, so believing the darwin theory as fact is simply rediculous. Theory is theory, fact is fact, opinion is opinion, and faith is faith.

Tim, in science a "theory" is a hypothesis that has been confirmed by facts. Thus the theory of evolution doesn't mean it is an unproven hypothesis, like intelligent design is. Evolution is supported by countless physical and biological facts.

You're simply wrong when you say that evolution is an unproven theory. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Here's today's piece of evidence in favor of evolution:

The story is called "Fossil connects human evolution dots." More dots are being connected all the time. There may be a design to the universe, but there's no evidence that it was intelligently designed. Nature evolves naturally. Why should anyone have a problem with that?

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