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March 03, 2006


My little (big) girl just turned three, and I must say she is a huge Wonder Pets fan. While I was singing happy birth day to her over a crackling phone from Iraq, she in return was singing the theme song to me and made me cry. It's amazing, where ever she goes, it's always "and ming ming too!" I think I've become a huge fan myself.

I just wanted to say I LOVE THE WONDER PETS..They have saved ME..My 2 yr old daughter was not interested in TV at all and had to spend ALL of her time playiing with mommoy which I love..However I need to get house work done or sometimes just need a break and I could not get it UNTIL WONDER PETS came on one day..She had been Mesmerized by this show and ever since gas to watch it at 11 and 4:30.. THANK YOU SO MUCH NICK JR> You have made me sain again..They are so cute.. Now My daughter runs around saying What's Going to Work? Team Work.. and she also has my 7 yr old and 10 yr old addicted to the show... Now I can't wait for the toys to come out..If you haven't seen this show you are deffainatley missing out and a wonderful thing...

Oh this show is too cute! I remember when I first heard it, I couldn't figure out why I was hearing a phone ringing that sounded like that... my ring is different... and then I heard THE SONG... My hubby and I sing it when our phones ring... The phone, the phone is ringing... the phone... I'll be right there... It's so much fun!
But better than that, my two year old (who will actually be 3 tomorrow) and I were outside at night time a couple of months ago and she pointed to the sky and said, "It's a METEOR!!" It took me a couple of seconds to realize where on earth she could have gotten that from. Then it occurred to me: we'd better make sure we weren't in the way, 'cause if it hit us.... THAT WOULD HURT! :) LOL!!
I love this show... and I can't wait for the Wonder Pets "stuff" to show up at the stores. I wanted to give my little one a Wonder Pets birthday party, but all the birthday sites don't have them. :(
This is SER - WIOUS!

By the way... my two year old IS Ming-Ming! (Meaning they share a lot of the same qualities... but mine doesn't have any feathers and can't fly... much to her dismay).

This is seewwious.....I think I love wonderpets more than my three year old son! We just started watching it within the last three months. I go around the house all day singing the songs like a nut. At least now I know that I'm not the only one! Its very addicting. Has anyone else noticed there isnt any wonderpet merchandise out there? they would do a wonderful business with clothing, accessories, doll and toys etc......

My son loves WPs as much I do. We actually found that he had a hamster (that looks a lot like Lenny!), a duckling and turtle stuffed animal that are small and really work fine as duplicats for our small heroes. He wanted them to have capes so I sewed up a few for him. You don't need licensed Wonder Pet toys, make your own with a little creativity!! The TY beanie babies are perfect for this!

My daughter (age 3) is Ming Ming for Halloween! With a Target duck costume, an aviator cap from a costume store, and a green satin cape from a VERY enterprising woman on Ebay, she looks adorable. But I'm with the rest of you anxious for the commercial onslaught to begin-- We have a birthday coming up SOON! (How scary is that? We want more commercialization, not less!)

I love the Wonder Pets! My 2yr old loves them! My 10 year old who hates all "baby" shows loves them! I didn't know there really was an episode with the puppy going pee. My 10 year old was telling me about it last night, and I told her she was making it up! I owe her a Big apology! You can watch episodes on the computer, so my husband watched it with my 2yr old. Big mistake! Now she sits at the computer and says turn on the computer and show me wonder pets! I love this show as much as I loved Little Bear with my 10 year old.

Glad to see I'm not the only one waiting impatiently for Wonder Pets merchandise. I found a press release which said they will launch the products in Spring of 2007. I guess I'll have to get creative and find some look-a-likes for Christmas. I get a little tired of the songs but I think the idea of school room pets turning into superheros is genius. My 2 year old daughter adores them!

Wonder Pets tee shirts are now available on nickjr.com!

My 3 year old daughter and my 18 month daughter can't wait to see it when its on noggin! My 3 year old daughter say's its her favorite and loves it.. Shes sings the songs and my 18 month old tries to.. I sometime hear myself singing the song in the car with my girls! We love the wonder pets! Can't wait for a DVD to come out!

I'm a grandma and I watch this with my 18 month old granddaughter. We all love it, particularly Tuck's aqua shoes. I wish they had some merchandise out.

I'm a 19yo college student and just discovering the world of cable tv. Instead of Law and Order (which gives me creepy dreams when I leave my tv on at night) I watch Wonderpets! I have no children in my life, I just happened to discover the most fun show yet. I'm also a big fan of Dora the Explorer, she helps me practice my Spanish in the morning. i'm constantly singing Wonderpets songs and adding my own lyrics. What fun!

My nearly 3 year old daughter who is working on the potty training was sitting on the toilet trying to do her business and she lets out a "This is serious". I had to leave the room.

We Heart the WonderPets!
No Drugs Needed!

my soon to be 4 year old and 4 month old love this show.. even my dad. he is almost 54 and whenever my oldest and her pop-pop are together EVERYTHING is to the tune of wonderpets.. they share the same birthday, i wish i could find some wonderpets plates.. and please once they finally stop singing.. dont let the phone ring... it starts all over.. gotta go .. THE PHONE.. THE PHONE IS RINGING

I love the wonder pets. I watch my 4 year old Grandson Nick and we have to watch it everyday(4 the both of us). If it isn't on(like last Friday) I do have them TVO'd....I find my self with my 50 year old friends singing the wonder pet song and have to explain myself to them........ I am so glad to find this blog and know I am not going crazy!!! The phone is ringing............. GOOOOOOOO Wonderpets

my daughter is 2 and a half years old and loves the Wonder Pets!! the other day she needed to go "potty" and wanted to use "team work" to put her toilet seat on and get on the stool, you know all the steps to potty time! I thought it was the coolest thing ever for this show to have impacted her thinking in such a positive way!
GOOOOOOO Wonder Pets!

Haven`t missed an episode with my 3 yr. old granddaughter Emma.
Awe-Some !!!

My 2 year old LOVES the wonder pets. I've been trying to find wonder pets toys, etc for Christmas.... I can't even find a damn dvd! Nicoloedian should get on it already!

I just read that they won't have any wonder pets merchandise out until spring. I'm bummed to say the least, My 2 yr old daughter loves wonderpets a lot more than anything else on TV! That includes Dora, and Diego, and Blues clues, the backyardigans.... she doesn't watch the backyardigans for more than 2 minutes and she's doing something else.

My daughter and son LOVE this show..my daughteris 31/2 and laughs out loud when Ming Ming says " a pupa, supadupa " and when she acts up a little i sing, "allison, this is seeweeous" and she gets out of her tantrum.

I am a 53 yr old grandma, who loves the wonder pets. I watch it everyday with my 19yr old daughter and her 10 month old daughter who is now saying the word gooooo instead of da da or ma ma, which she sounds so cute saying. she just loves the show. She will sit through a whole episode. But the music stays in your head and you catch yourself singing the songs on and off thru out the day.

This show is tooo funny. My daughter first told me about it, she discovered it with her daughter (our 15 month old granddaughter). The entire "puppy goes to the potty" episode used to be on Youtube...she emailed me the link, and when I watched it I laughed till I cried, even though I am 52!. Our youngest daughter at still at home is 17, and I have told her to prepare her heart...the minute they come out with a t-shirt in my size that shows Ming Ming and says "This is SEEWIOUS!" I AM WEARING IT IN PUBLIC! It is so fun to be able to laugh at something so simple. No one where I work has seen the show, yet I have talked about it so much that there are many times when all of us x-ray techs will start singing something like..."here's a person, who has a problem, this is seewious, we have to help him..." Not in front of the patient of course!!!:-) Anyway, since I don't have cable, I will have to wait for the dvd's to be released (merchandise coming sometime in spring 2007 I have read). Hey, then I can get my t-shirt!! As in an above comment, my husband just shakes his head and thinks his wife has gone looney...you gotta laugh, right?

the line is .....
we're not too big,
and we're not too TOUGH,
but when we work together we
got the right stuff!

I too LOVE the Wonder Pets, as well as my 2 year old daughter whom I had to drag out of CiCi's Pizza because she wanted to stay and watch "Wunner Petz!" even without sound. It took some SEEEWIOUS TEAMWORK between myself and my 5 and 7 year old to make our exit.

Now it's holiday season and I was so hoping to find some Wonder Pets toys, books even, but I've found only the t-shirt at the nickjr online shop. Anybody out there know of anything anywhere?

I love wonder pets I too find myself singing along! My 2 year old even knows what time it comes on i swear! lol I need the DVD this is seeewious!!

My 2 year old daughter and I love the wonder pets!! Th song is totally addicting but I still don't know all the words!!! Does anyone know all the lyrics to the song??!!


well, the show is wonderful and my son just loves to sing the song. when i put him to bed and he is desperate to get out and the phone rings. he sings the phone the phone is ringing. when no one comes to get him he lowly says oh it must be ming ming. very cute. thanks for letting me share.

I thought I was the only adult who watches, shares and records Wonder Pets! This is the best show on TV! When my grand kids are over it's an automatic request. Truth be told, I watch it when I'm home alone. I have learned from this show as well as the kids. Bravo!!

im 3 yrs old i have a daddy thats loves the show to and i like it to. THE PHONE!! THE PHONE IS RINGING> THIS IS SERIOUS LOL I GOT TO ANSER IT BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a 52 yr old step grampa. I never had children of my own so have never been around young children. I first watched the show with my grandsons 1.5 and 2.5 and the 2 year old was shouting out all the words to the song. I have been become addicted and find myself singing the song--- The phone is ringing, and we're not too tough,,, every day. I recently flew Jet Blue and was so excited it was on direct TV on the plane. I would love to download the ring tones, if anyone has any information.

My 2 year old is in serious adoration of this show and has been for months. We found it by accident on Noggin and now we cannot get enough. Glad to hear that more episodes are coming. We also wathc the videos online when it isn't on and we are FREQUENT viewers of the Free On Demand episode (Caterpillar and Crane for the last two months). The 8 month old even knows the show. If he is facing the back wall or eating or whatever, as soon as the song starts, he whips around and stares at the TV.

This is sooooooo addictive.. My wife and I find that just by singing the first line the kids stop arguing and join in. thats all well and good but last night in Buffalo airport I amazed my self and everyone around me to gaze as I burst in to song to quiet the kids up..

Maybe I need to lie down for a while..


Ok, regarding Wonderpet...Everytime I hear that ringing of a phone...I start singing...

"The Phone, the phone is RINGING..."

I think you get my point.

I watch them with my nieces and I think they really are a great show...some of the things they say are even more for the parents than the child as the child won't get some of the puns they do! Helps to make it more tolerable for the parent to watch!

Keep watching!! LOL

These were copied from television but were quite nicely printed and you can pick a single episode or play the whole thing. He printed my son's name on the disks as well.


I love the wonder pets!! I am only 13 and I have gotten all my friends into it!! It is such a great show!

~You go Ming Ming!!!

My children are addicted to Wonder Pets. We want to have a wonder pets birthday party. Anyone know anything about party supplies.

Wonderpets, Wonderpets were on our way to help a baby dinosaur and save the day! Thats my favourite episode totally addicted to it!! A baby dinosaur, hes stuck between two rocks, This is Sewious!!! Oh well rock on wonderpets im off to have some imported celary!!!

In The Song In The Bottom Part It's Supposed to Be
We're Not Too Big
And We're Not To Tough
But when we work together
we're got the right stuff

My 10 month old son absolutely loves the Wonderpets. If he is playing and hears the song he will stop what hes doing and just sit and watch and listen! It gives me 15 minutes to do what I need to without him following me around the whole house. Thank you Wonderpets for saving the day! Well, for 15 minutes anyway!

One day on a whim,I decided to turn on the tv to noggin (you must understand that my 3 year old NEVER watches television) while I was doing a load of laundry (as I watch him from the laundry room on my monitor) and for the past two days could not find out what he was talking about "the phone is ringing, the phone is ringing...." every time the phone rang until he asked me to turn on the tv again. He sat down tonight and watched every episode on nickjr.com twice! He loved playing dress up and saving the babies! I can't get him to stop singing. I just can't find any dvd's on the net.

Just to say that my 2 1/2 yr old also loves WP, and he too is able to tell what the episode is, not through watching them all soooo many times (thank you Sky+) but in the window of the school there are different drawings or cut outs of the character{s} that are featured in the episode. Also, occasionally, when the titles run and the camera is panning down from the sky to tree to the school, there is a clue there - in the one where The Wonder Pets Save The Unicorn, the butterfly is flying during the titles. Can't wait for new episodes on Nick Jr in the UK! Sewiously! xxx

Our daughter is 9 months old and we don't watch much TV, we mostly watch movies. I came across this show when my daughter was 7 months. She got so excited! Now as soon as she hears the song she smiles! The music and animals are fantastic! This is a great show. I'm thinking about making Wonder Pets cupcakes for her 1'st b-day. Nick JR has adorable recipe ideas.

I LOVE the Wonder Pets! I thought when I first saw it that it was dumb. I have made a complete turn around about the show. I have twins, boy and girl, and they as well as my wife love the show. Every show has a meaning and the shows songs are hilarious! I find myself singing the songs at work out of nowhere. I want to know if anyone has found any related ringtones. I want my phone to ring: The phone, the phone is ringing. The phone, we'll be right there!

my daughter is 19 months old and absolutely LOVES the wonder pets! She mumbles all the words to the theme songs but she sure knows how to say (and yell) the word yay! at the end. The other day she came running out of her play room when she heard it on T.V. I of course, in effect, have become addicted to them as well and cannot get the theme song out of my head as well. (I feel like the lady singing the "franklin" song on noggin) Everyone at work thinks I am crazy...
I was so disappointed when there was no merchandise out for christmas. I really wanted to get something for my daughter.
It's great to hear merchandise is coming out soon.

threr asome

My little brother and I love the wonder pets!
I think that the theme song would sound better if it were said "we're not too big, and we're not too tough.." instead of strong. my favorite song is definatley the phone is ringing song. haha

tuck is actually a terrapin

uhhh dumbass its "we're not to big/and we're not too tough"

My husband and I have found the best way to de-stress after work - we come home and watch the Wonderpets! Yes, there are no children in our home to use as an excuse and we don't care. They are just too cute and the different music styles is the best. What a great show for kids! We also find ourselves quoting the show around the house "The phone - the phone is ringing", "good eye, tuck", "this is sewious" and many more. My husband's favorite is the "lava...that's too hot to touch" along with the hand motions. I do hope they keep the show going because it's a winner!

I have 2 daughters under 1½ years old. They LOVE the wonderpets. My 17 month old dances every time my husband and I sing wonderpets songs. The sad thing is, my husband and I find ourselves watching the Wonder Pets even when our girls are napping. This show is highly addictive for this 23 year old mommy of 2... Even my 45 year old father watches them. They are absolutely adorable!

I only want to say that the Wonder Pets.... ROCK!!! they are awesome! My 17 month old daughter absolutely looooves the wonder pets! I am so happy we have found such an educational show like this besides Sesame Street (Elmo is driving us insane) I am definitely singing the songs even when the show is not on. My husband and I we were talking about moving a table the other day, and we were trying to figure out how to do it, the only thing he said was... What's gonna work... TEAMWORK! it took me about 20 minutes to be able to stop laughing! Come on Nickelodeon! We want merchandise!!!!!!!!!

I don't feel so ridiculous after seeing these posts. I am 39 years old without children. I have 4 cats and I love animals. I have found the Wonder Pets to be such a well made show. It is the best show out there for children. It is done so well and it is absolutely adorable.

Children can learn so much from this positive show. It also teaches compassion to all animals. I have acutally learned some things from the show that I didn't know. I have to get my husband to watch it next.

Hello, just to let you know you can get the ringtone for "the phone, the phone is ringing" I have it on my phone and I love it! I just did a google search and found a site that had it. By the way this is mine (mum aged 37) and my daughter's (aged nearly 3) fav show! Just found a t-shirt which I have purchsed online today. Waiting now for toys and DVD PLEASE!!!!!! Gooooooooo Wonder Pets!

I've been sitting here for an hour, reading the posts - I'm not the only one!! Yaaaay!
This show is hilarious. I've become addicted to it - luckily, my roommate's 3-yr old daughter loves it too!

I've been sitting here for an hour, reading the posts - I'm not the only one!! Yaaaay!
This show is hilarious. I've become addicted to it - luckily, my roommate's 3-yr old daughter loves it too!

my daughter is 16 and she loves the wonder pets she watches it with my 4 year old son and says they have grown up saying that she can relate to. my daughter thinks thy are hysterical so does my little guy he watches so ofter he knows some shows word for word

Just saw that the Wonder Pets DVD debut (they get stuck in a whale!) releases in April, pre-orders on Walmart.Com!

You can download the MP3 wonderpets ringtone here if you like.


Metal Marky

Wonder Pets Ringtones are on their way...


I'm watching the Wonder Pets save the ants right now! That show is so cute! Even if the unecessary singing does get on my nerves... But Linny looks just like my guinea pig, Brownie!

SO CUTE! <333

Hmm...maybe I should find something better to do when I have extra time on my hands, lol. :D

We don't have a TV in our home, but when my two year old daughter goes to Pop Pop and Grammy's house, she is allowed to watch TV for 30 minutes. So she gets 2 episodes of Wonder Pets! Yeah!

I just gave birth to twin daughters, and when I was hugely pregnant (like 37 weeks), it was nice to go over to my parents' house and watch a little TV. It's nice to know I'm not the only adult who enjoys this adorable program. My mother cracks up that I go around singing the Teamwork song, my husband thinks I'm nuts -- but he has never seen the show, poor guy.

There seems to be a market for WP accessories. I wonder who will jump on this?

My 2 yr old granddaughter LOVES Ming-Ming! I watch it with her. M-M searching for her aviator's cap with a divining rod...HILARIOUS! See-WEE-us-lee HILL-Layuh-WEE-US! I predict a mad rush to the toy store when merchandise is released this spring!

My 17 month old fraternal twins love The Wonder Pets. The whole family sings along. We love Nick Jr. Radio. That way they can listen when I don't want them watching the tube too much. One episode : Puppy who has to tinkle, pee pee, weewee, about drove me nuts. My 17 month old little man tried to take his pants and diaper off. Not good!!

Hey you guys...am so happy that everone is taking this show so seewiously........I am a 44yr old mum and I..more than my kids am addicted to it.....just love it to bits...fantastic feel good factor...and the music and songs are so poignant and beautiful.Does anyone know how i can get THE PHONE...THE PHONE IS RINGING...bit as a ring tone for my moby.....or is there a cd with the songs to date.......It isn't just the cuteness of the wonderpets but the stories are educational ,morally helpful and all created in such an innocent and clean,humerous way.Honestly folks...no other kids prog. has impressed me as much.....long live the wonderpets!!!...Oh yes...any dvd's out yet....oh by the way...incase you think I am marbleless....I am a language teacher and graphic designer....so fairly balanced!!!...well sometimes...maria xx

im 15 and I LOVE the Wonder Pets! Maybe I'm just a freak...but I don't care! Linny, Tuck, & Ming-Ming too! We're Wonder Pets and we'll help you! I love it! I have a little oragami crane and I reenact the crane episode during my History class sometimes, all of the songs included! That's when we're finished with our lesson, of course....

Oh My God! I love Wonder Pets. I'm so happy to find kindred souls. I look forward to watching this show with my daughter, though she definitely gets more of a kick at watching her Mama sing along with Tuck, Linny & Ming-Ming. What's going to work? TEAMWORK! My only issue is that I can't get the songs out of my head! If someone fings a Wonder Pets ringtone, please share...

Being a bit selective about the comments posted aren't you Brian? Seems to be all positive, don't you get any middle of the road or negative comments? I was sure you would post my comment (8/3/07), or at least respond but maybe your just spineless!!

Darren, your "comment" came as an email. I didn't know whether you wanted it shared. I've had it in my Outlook "reply" category. Sorry for not responding sooner.

You're the first person to object to my sense of humor. Having experienced LSD and other psychedelics back in the '60s, my first reaction to the Wonder Pets was "far out!"

Since your daughter isn't old enough to read, I gather she doesn't surf the Net looking for Wonder Pets drug references. Anyway, I write for adults, being one myself (except when I revert to childishness).

If there's an epidemic of drug-taking among Wonder Pets viewers, I guess I'll have to take the blame. However, my defense, in case they end up in a state of endless hysterical laughter, will be "I told you so."

Here's your email:

"Brian, While watching Wonder Pets on TV with my daughter I decided to look it up on the net. We came across your site and was a bit surprised to see you make 4 references to drugs. What are you thinking!! If you have any morals you would change or delete your site. Luckily my daughter is not old enough to read yet so I don't have to explain why there are drug references to one of her favourite shows.
Regards, Darren"

we LOVE the wonder pets!!!! we are planning a wonderpets birthday i have a 6yr old girl and 20 month old boy when sister goes to school the only other thing on this planet that hold his little high energy attention is the wonderful wonder pets!! i am able to get things in the washer and unload the dishwasher without a little person trying to figure out how they work. i think we have seen every episode out there and we dont care how many time we save a dolphin or skunk or chimp in space..(HAHAHAHA) i laugh everytime ming-ming is my favorite!! this is serious! my favorite saying in the whole world. with some much going on in the world now a day its nice to know that there are shows out there that show people or in this case animals care about one another. we can not wait to get the wonderpets movie. we have a diego movie that has a perview and that is what we watch it is only 3 mins long but could watch it all day! GOOOOOOOO wonderpets !!! YAAAAAAA

I watch wonder pets Monday through Friday with my 21 month old grand daughter. We both love the show and sing the songs. When it fades to black at the end my grand daugter "signs" for more. Fortunately her parents have down loaded several shows so she can whatch it when I am not there. She always wants to help now. She particulary loves Ollie the bunny and the line "I"m stinky" (they save a skunk)

i am 16 years of age and my baby sister watches nick jr all the time. the first time i ever saw wonderpets i was laughing at how pathetic it was. but when i thought about it i realised that it was aimed at small children so it had to be dumbed down quiete a lot.
after a while i found them addictive and whenever my phine rings i start singing the phone song. it really is very funny. i should set it as a ringtone :)... lol

I just found your site while looking for Wonder Pets toys for my 15 month old son. I'm glad to see there are so many out there like me. I just love that show and can't stop singing the songs!

In terms of WP merchandise, there are a few items on the NickJr site (DVDs and kids t-shirts). They are taking advanced orders for the full length DVD coming out next month. However, there are NO ADULT SIZE T-SHIRTS!!! I encourage all WP adult fans to contact Nickelodeon and request that our needs be addressed. I need a WP t-shirt!!! Also, has anyone been able to locate a WP ringtone?

I am 12 years old almost 13 and i sometimes watch Wonderpets first for a lugh but then i saw it had cute little animals and there voices it's just so inspiring

the phone.... the phone is ringing......( i am constantly singing this :)

HI IM OLLIE THE BUNNY and there is going to be one new episode with ollie called ollie to the rescue

ummmm... ya so pretty much this show rocks the world.
but i think all of those who are fighting about how old you need to be and to get a life should get a life themselves. and mike... how bout you take a cool off session every day. lol

but i aggree with Kristy the words are in fact tough and not strong. it just ryhmes better.

Goooooooooooooooooooooooo Wonder Pets. Yayyyyyyyyyy

I was just getting online researching the possibility of having a Wonder Pets birthday party for my daughter when I found this. It is so funny reading these posts! I have an 8 month old, and Wonder Pets was the first thing she would actually sit and watch. My husband and I found ourselves watching it even after she would lose interest. It is hilarious! "Good eye, Brian!"

this show is the cutest thing ever. im trying to find the theme song to buy for my iPod. i cant find it anywhere. does anybody know where i can get it... i need it!!!!
anyway this show is the best "invention" ever!!! lolololololol
i think that Wonder Pets should have its own station. anyone aggree??

Wonder pets
wonder pets
we found a way
to help a baby panda
and save the day
we're not too big
and we're not too TOUGH
but when we work together
we got the right STUFF

its supposed to be tough not strong so yes it does rhyme.

my friend and i think think that the wonder pets are amazing. we watch them everytime they are on.! i am in 8th grade and she is in 6th, the wonder pets are amazing.

OMG me and my best freind angela love the wonder pets i mean they have great names,personality and all that cool stuff!!

NO body can be to old i mean i am in 6 grade and angela is in 8 grade when you have a chance you should watch the wonder pets they ROCK YOUR SOCKS!!!!!

Tuck is a not a terrapin, he's a red earred slider. LOL I'm 53 and not ashamed to say this has got to be my favorite show. We now have a "Tuck" living in our turtle tank.

Go pigeon, go pigeon!

I am a mother of 3 boys who love the wonderpets! PLEASE WE NEED TOYS!!!!

About 2 years ago, we bought a a baby turtle at a flea market. We brought it home, named it Tippy. When the Wonder Pets show came on and our daughter realized that Tuck was a red eared slider like Tippy, she was amazed and thought that we should rename our turtle. We didn't, but we absolutely LOVE this show. I wish there were some new episodes, we do get kinda tired of watching the same ones. But we do it anyways! My son is now 17 months old and he loves them too! We sing the songs in the car and when we are doing something together, like raking leaves last weekend, my daughter will burst into the teamwork song. And I just join right in without even thinking. How fun!

i am a 15yr old child named nerdie who is stuck in a 3 yr olds body!i like to watch the wonderpets everyday! ming ming has a tiight cooch ! and linny, you know wut they say about hamsters!!the longer the tail, the bigger the balls ! THERES AN ANIMAL INTROUBLE.. anyways , back to the point, this show gets my boyfriend whopper and i wet!

im 15 and i watch the wonder pets with my friends hahaha.

My 2 year old granddaughter has me addicted. When I need a Aryell fix I just turn on the show. She is just starting to talk. When I call her she always says, ME ME(which is what she calls me), TEAMWORK, TEAMWORK! All you have to do is start singing the song and she will start to help pick up her toys. We love the puppy eppisode. She working on potty training.
I hope they come out with DVDs. I have been watching at the stores and no luck so far.

I just watched this episode today and i found myself too singing "Lets go to work! Teamwork!"

I am 28 year old semi successfull college grad. And i do not do drugs, but I am a little crazy.

I love this show!! My daughter doesen't really pay attention to it but I LOVE IT!!! Ming-Ming is my favorite!

My daughter who is 8 months old absolutley loves THE WONDER PETS!!! I must admit I caught this show one day on Nick when she was about 1 month old. And we watch this show together. I love ming ming !!! I crack up watching the show and my daughter cannot get enough. .. In fact my co-worker and I will sing the teamwork theme at work! Its great!

P.s. I Love the episode where Ming-Ming decides to go help the squirrel all by herslef and gets caught in the sap- anyways my fave line is "teamwork-smeamwork" LOL

In response to Mike
I said i liked the show. It was bob emu, the post under me, that said he hated the show and Bush

I love Ming Ming!!!!
P.S. It's "we're not too big and we're no too TOUGH, but when we work together we've got the right stuff!" That makes it rhyme and is the right words according to my little friend.

P.S. (again) Tough and Stuff rhyme

i love wonderpets- the show is sooooooooo cute!

Me and my 7 months old son are addicted to the Wonderpets - most amusing stuff. But there is one thing that has really niggled at me - annoyingly so - is Linny a boy or a girl hamster? I'm sure she's a girl, but if anyone could clarify i would be most appreciative - lol

Gooooo Wonderpetsssssssss!

hi, to all the adults who luv the wonder pets, i have the phone is ringing theme tune on mp3 if anybody wants it as a ring tone. im well aware of the attraction it causes so if anybody requires it, feel free to email me on [email protected]
i will forward it on to u, enjoy
gooooooooooooooooooo wonder pets yeahhhhhh

Hi, to clarify, Linny is a girl guinea pig!!! Ming ming is also a girl, and Tuck is a boy turtle.
If you go to the Nickelodeon website there is a lot of cool stuff about Wonder Pets!!
My 2 year old LOVES them!! By the way, where the heck is the merchandise. They said Spring 2007....isn't that now???
Has anyone seen any???

I love Ming-Ming the duck!!! She is so cute! You got the lyrics wrong.....When you said that stong and stuff is suppose to rhyme....its tuff and stuff,anyways i love the shoe and Ming-Ming cracks me up all the time!

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