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March 03, 2006


I think the line is "We're not to big/And we're not too tough/But when we work together/We've got the right stuff." So it does rhyme.

Thanks, Will. One more thing I don't have to worry about--the missing rhyme. Now I can focus on the wonderful simplicity of...

Gooooooooooo Wonder Pets!

Little man and I LOVE this show. Found myself singing something about "teamwork" in the shower this am. For added excitement about these guys, try www.nickjr.com for fun baby pet rescue games.You can even dress the duck, turtle and hamster in a hula skirt if so desired to complete the mission!

Jeane, thanks for the tip about the games. I'll check them out. I too find myself singing Wonder Pet songs. I even make new verses up.

When I go to get our dog out of her kennel, I sing to her:

"A baby dog...is stuck in her kennel...I've got to save her...She needs to eat dinner!..." And so on. You have to be there to appreciate how ridiculous I sound. But the dog seems to like it.

I can't say I enjoy the show. However so very glad Alyssa has found something more enjoyable than the Wiggles. Goooooooooo Wonder Pets! YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY!

I love the Wonder Pets! I don't think my 3 year old twins like them as much as I do. I sing and crack up the entire 15 minutes and they just stare at their weird mom singing away. I made my husband watch it with us and he was horrified at how much I thouroughly enjoyed it.

Whew! I thought this was SEEWIOUS! I Googled Wonder Pets to try and find out behind the scenes stuff, and saw your urgent warning...I too, love this show! My 4 year old is on her 3rd rescue in a row...duckling, kitty, and now a pigeon (she has a cold and is happily zoning out on the couch). GOOOOO Wonder Pets!!!

I completely identified with Jo's e-mail. I laughed the whole time when I watched the 3 rescuing the puppy that had to go, "pee-pee", "tinkle", "potteeee!"...
and of course, their reply..."Don't wha-wee (worry)everyone has to do it sometime...!"
I think my kids have more fun watching me watch the show...and how can you not think a turtle wearing beach shoes isn't cute????

I just came off the Nic Jr. website. The message boards for the Wonder Pets is interesting and some what uptight...they would not have appreciated my prior post about rescuing a puppy that has to go potty, pee-pee OR tinkle...Oh well...I still like the show. :O)

Wonder Pets has saved my day more than once. As my granddaughter has rad and I can give her a treatment while she watches. I also love them. I feel this will be a good show to teach the wee ones to share and also to help others.

I adore this new show, as a struggling mother of 4 (FOUR) daughters all under the age of six...it is a feel good show and nearly "tinkled" (everybody has to go sometime) myself watching for the first time, but now I can't get the "the phone, the phone is winging (ahem, ringing)" out of my head...my 3yo LOVES that part, any ideas where I could downloaded it so she can listen to her hearts content?

Do they have wonder pet toys out yet? Plush animals, tshirts etc. Might be fun in an easter basket to to have a cool duck in an aviators helmet.

I have to say I just *love* the music. The heroic full orchestration with the ressitative just cracks me up. Thanks to TiVo, we've seen every one they've shown so far twice each. My personal favorites are Duckling (Ming Ming gets in trouble), Mouse (Linny is sick and MM and Tuck have to go it alone) and Puppy (Long Island from the flyboat!).

My daughter and I find ourselves singing the sons especially the one about teamork when we're doing something together. I think the sameness of the format is getting to my wife, though. I think we're beginning to see the beginning of a Ming Ming R backlash.

When "Wonder Pets" comes on, my children are mesmerized for 30 minutes. I say Bless You to Nick. I have all the Wiggles and JoJo's circus I can take. My kids sing
the teamwork song at night while they pick up their rooms. They adore this show and I adore 30 minutes of complete silence.

My day care children LOVE Wonder Pets too! Does anyone know of website online to print coloring pages on these adorable pets?? I have looked thru NickJr.com with no luck on coloring pages. Thanks!

Hi, I am 51 years young and loving Wonder Pets. I am telling everyone about it. I sure am glad to see such a positive show. I love the catchy tunes and the cute pets are just well the best little things ever. Another favorite of mine is Lazy Town. It's good to know I am not the only 51 year old who loves this show. We need more like it. Have a blessed Day

Hey, I agree I too along with my 2 yr old son have fallen under the spell of the Wonder Pets. Not to be a party pooper though, I think this has a strong resemblance to Little Einsteins from Disney. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the show but know if I was the creator of Einstein's would probably be feeling a little ripped. With the classical music, the first show took them to the Parthenon in Greece. You know I'm just saying.....anyway. Goooo Wonder Pets.

My twins' birthday is fast approaching and they wanted a cake decorated with wonder pets. Where do you think I can get these toys? They watch wonder pets everyday.

am i the only one who sings the song even when the show isn't on....lol...

i'm guessing i'm not alone..we may need a support group...

gooooo wonder pets.. =o)

No Marijo you are not the only one who sing the song. I wake up in the morning with it in my head and I'm a 54 year old Grandmother and Day Care Provider. We all LOVE THE SHOW.
Goooooooooo Wonder Pets!!!!!!

My 4 and 6 year old love the Wonder Pets and I find myself sort've wanting more to. Both of them have started talk/singing in the same operatic style that the pets do only its "Mom,lets go to the store, I want shrimp tonight". I also find myself responding in like operatic manner..."Maybe, we can go now".

I have an almost 4 year old who adores the Wonder Pets. I have been looking for books or toys that are related. Has anyone seen anything?


It's a brand new show. So I think it will be a little while before the toys and clothes etc. come along.I'm sure that Nick Jr. and their product partners are hard at as we write!

I'm 31 and I love wonder pets! No, I'm not high either.
This should be on at night after the news where the rest of us non kids can watch it!

my 3 yr old son loves this show! its a shame its only on once a day-i hope they release videos soon!!!

My 2-1/2 year old loves it!! Same thing, mesmerized for a half hour. I think they should put it on a few more times a day, then maybe I can finish the laundry!! I get the darn song stuck in my head all the time! My daughter only knows "Phone, the phone is ringing..." Of course said with a 2 year olds accent. It's cute!

My daughter absolutely loves this show! She is only 13 months but one day I put nick jr on and she wasnt really interested in Dora and she was NOT AT ALL interested in Diago (Or however you spell that kids name) But wonder pets came on and she looked over the top of her playpen and started watching, then sat down and still watched. Didnt take her eyes off for a second. So now every morning if my husband and I get up in time we put Wonder Pets on. She goes nutes over the music. This will be something that I will be looking for toys and dvd's if possible. WHen did this show come out? I just found it a few weeks ago. I dont remember the puppy episode.

My 19 month old baby girl loves this show...and I do too! We watched it this moring before we left the house. I like it waaaayyyy better that BARNEY. She's a Dora, Diego and Backyaridan freak and now she's in to the Wonder Pets too. When she wants to watch it she says "I want Ming-Ming". I just hope she doesn't say "Se-wious"

My 2 year old little girl just loves the wonder pets and i do too because i can get her to do just about anything just by telling her that she can watch the wonder pets. Her favorite is Tuck.

Hey, I came across your site through Google also. My 4 year old boy and 2 year old girl love Wonder Pets. The other day he brought me a flag that usually goes on our pole outside and wanted me to tie it around his neck to make a cape. I got it on, and he put his fist into the air, and said, "What's gonna work, TEAM WORK!" LOL Nick Jr. really knows how to come up with some amazing shows.

I didn't thinkI would be able to sit thru the show---and now find that I love it more than my daughter!! I, too, sing the oh-so-addictive lyrics constantly, and now have my husband and mom joining me in them. One thing driving me nut, tho. What is Ming Ming's line after"The phone is ringing"? Is it: "we'll be right there"???

My son loves the show. I think it's soooo cute! Anyways, I'm still lookin' for some coloring pages and activity pages with the Wonderpets. Did anyone find any? Please... Email me if you do!

I made the mistake of noticing that my cubby 8mo looks a bit like Lenny... and my skinny 2yo could be Ming-Ming... so that makes my 9yo Tuck. After I teased them like this a time or two the two year old started to refuse to answer to any other name. She will immediately scream "NO, I Ming-Ming the Duck" when called by her name. :) And of course she sings the songs with big brother and I as well.


I, too, have been sucked into the world of Wonder Pets. I'm 32 years old and my son is 8 years old. We stumbled across the show when he was home a few weeks ago after having his tonsils out. He watches it every chance he gets.

We also find ourselves singing the songs from the show, especially "The phone! The phone is ringing!". We both have a good giggle but I think it makes my husband a little nuts!

I too, like so many others, am really enjoying the Wonder Pets. I was flipping through channels on the remote yesterday morning when I had a day off from work. The animation caught my eye. The animals are adorable and I love the music. The tunes are very catchy. Today I set my VCR so my two adult children could see it as well. We sat together this evening watching it and laughed so hard. It is wonderful. I am 54 years old with no grandchildren and I would recommend this show to everyone no matter what their age. I hope it stays around for a long time.

I too love the wonderpets, so does my 3 year old, we are constantly singing the theme song. looking forward to more episodes as well. i hope they dont become soooo commercialized, but they are the sweetest things.....goooooooooo wonderpets !!!!

My son is in the USA Army........... training now for his second mission to Iraq.....I have his three year old son for a month while he trains...... Nothing new LIL one has been with me before for a year during his first mission to Iraq. Long Story anyway Wonder Pets are freaking me out .........You know when you have a song in your mind....... well thats how the wonder pets are for me.......... Love the guys who created this...... so much for sponge or batman.... HA

OMG! I love the WonderPets! I spotted it when I was home sick 1 day, and then when I went 2 school I started singing the songs 2 all my friends. They officially hate them all...except Katie, who has accepted the fact that I'm really a 2yo stuck in a 12yo body, and calls me Mingzie (Ming-Ming + Lizzie). I love Ming-Ming. He's so cute! Glad 2 know I'm not the only WonderPet's fanatic out there.

Even though I'm far too old for kids' shows, since I have guinea pigs, I just love Wonder Pets (hopefully they'll come out w/ toys)

Wonder Pets reminds me of the old Mighty Mouse shows (remember those?), in which a large part of the dialog was sung rather than spoken. Goooooooo, Wonder Pets, Yay!

Hey.. I LOVE this show.. I am 15 but it is GREAT.. I love the duck Ming-Ming.. As soon as I got done watching this show I had rememorized the song and come on the internet to look for picures of them. I was actually watching the show for myself instead of for my nephew. I loved it!

Yes, this show is great!. For my 3 yr old son too.

P.S. In their song the words do rhyme. Their "Tuff" and "stuff"

Does anyone know where to download a cell phone ring tone of "The phone, the phone is ringing...."?

"So what is driftwood?"

"It's wood...


...that drifts."

Your right this show is addicting,i have proof my 1 year old is singing along with it first dora lets just say doras cool,but if i watch one more dvd over and over i'm gonna freak.thankgod for the wonderpets they sound little lol you know what i mean when i first watched it i was like they sound little trying to keep a straight face,but then again my children are little 1,2,3 years old so it works out.they do talk better then the wonderpets i wished they had toys and dvds tapes anything for our children.p.s dora needs some episodes of the siblings super babies thats it.come on and diego.help more dvds tapes anything christmas is coming before we know it.i want wonderpets bed sets and diego one my son was crushed but now he loves wonderpets.well i hope someone agrees this show is great and hope they keep it on the air for our kids sake.last year dora and diego were making money this year wonderpets get rolling.goooooooooo wonderpets well make little kids happy already.take care everyone p.s the theme song is the greatest.cant lie lol. your friend christina

Wondering if anyone knows if Wonder Pets has any toys or books out yet. My 2 year old grandaughter, my daughter, and I are big fans already. We now call my grandaughter Ming-Ming!!!

My 10 month old son LOVES this show! He claps when they sing their song and will watch each show from begining to end. I wish they would start marketing them, a book or birthday supplies would be good:)

My 2 year old son, my husband, and I have been mesmerized by the wonder pets since the debut episode! We often find ourselves singing the songs and saying "what's gonna work?" We have a "Se-wious" love for the wonder pets, especially Ming Ming! I can't wait until it's available on DVD!

Wonder Pets!
Think your lyrics are off --
Wonder Pets!
We found a way!
To help a baby bear
And save the day!
We’re not too big!
And we’re not too tough!
But when we work together,
We’ve got the right stuff!
Go, Wonder Pets! Yay!

My 3 year old daughter just loves the show and she has her 41 year old dad hooked on it also. I find myself singing the song while delivering packages to my customers on my route...have yet to have anyone join in with me. My daughters favorite episode...Linny and Tuck must save Ming-Ming.

One question though, how does Tuck get out of his aquarium? It's driving me crazy and my wife tells me to let it go...

I think Hubby and I love this show as much as our 4 year old! His cell phone rang the other day and we looked at each other and said "the phone....the phone is ringing..." LOL!

Ok, after finding this site I (38) now know I am NOT nutty... My son (11) turned this show on the other day and WE loved it.... I went to work that day and was singing, "The phone! The phone is ringing!" and 2 of my co-workers joined in and made up many different versus... And then started in on the teamwork song... LOL
Gooooooo Wonder Pets!!!!!!!

Question: My 8 year old grandson and 5 year old granddaughter have this thing going: Which of the wonder pets are girls and which are boys? They want to play like them but are having a tough time deciding who can be who. The biggest argument: Is Linny a girl or a boy? I've gone on line and searched but could not find out an answer for them.

Anyone know?

Go-o-o Wonder Pets!

They need to make new episodes. I've tvo'd all of them and they're all getting way too old with me! My 3 yr old is engrossed with the characters and we too, sing things like "a baby cat, is struck in the box, this is serious...." We make up our own lyrics too! Thanks for a wonderfully constructed and entertaining family show.

My almost 3 year old has got me singing, "What's gonna work? Teamwork!" at my work now. My staff (all childless) think I am a nutcase.

just got renewed for 20 more episodes and toys in 2007.

Hey, I'm a 16 year old senior girl in highschool. The other day I was walking to my room and noticed my 12 year old sister was watching an incredibly juvenile show (the wonder pets of course). Almost by habit I commented, "sooo easily amused." The next day i turned on the tv only to notice that the wonder pets was playing. I quickly became enthralled by the adorable characters and catchy tunes. Now it is a near obsession and I'm on the interenet in an effort to find coloring pages... And i would consider myself a normal teenager. Oh and btw the voice of Linny is a girl, I would assume that makes Linny a girl. My sister and I had a similar debate this morning. This calls for celery.

hey im 11 im in 6th grade the other day my 4 year old brother was watching the wonder pets and im like what are you watching he's like wonder pets im like oh what is that hes like its super hero's im like oh cool so i watched it with him and it was cool so i watched it the next day and it was cool i even know the schedule for this week monday through friday its every day at 11:00 except monday

wonderpets. =o
it's to much for words. I am offically a wonderpets addict. AND I DONT CARE WHO KNOWS. for all you fans out there (including moi,) go here and be prepared for the bestest thing on earth since grilled cheese.


heh. =D wonderpets;;*

I'm with all of you that can't get those songs out of our heads!

My wife cracks up when out of nowhere I bust out with "The phone, the phone is wrining!" lol

It looked like a cute show and I hate to be the only one speaking negative of the show but... the little duck needs to practice pronouning words correctly. She needs to practice on the letter "r" in her words. If she keeps speaking incorrectly, she will only teach children that it is fine to speak like this... and society will tell them later in life this is not the way to speak. Other children in the classroom will laugh at children who have imperfect English. This is not cute. While some may think the duck is cute with her baby talk, I think she needs a speech therapist to help her (and the children watching) grow up and speak as society expects.

I haven't heared anyone concerned about ming mings speech. Just like little bear from Sesame Street they help kids with speech impediments feel that they are not the only ones who speak that way. My son speaks well but after whatching the show he starts speaking like Ming Ming. Anyone else notice this?

Bryan, lighten up a bit! Maybe Scooby Doo and Elmo need help with their speech? Who cares what society thinks? Especially today! What about the speech of people from other countries? They are the ones that need a speech therapist!

ME, Yes my son speaks great until he watches wonder pets!! But then again, My employees do it as well!! LOL

i am 13 and i luv the wonder pets its the first kid show in a long time to grab my attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i think its rele great i cant get the songs out of my head!

You think Bryan's comment is a little off--Bryan's is nothing...you want a good laugh and shake your head in disbelief, go to Nick Jr. and read the message boards. One woman went off about how the guinny pig can't have a wheel in his cage because it will break his back and they should make the cage larger...on and on...that was just a small example.

Oh I thought I was the only adult who couldnt get enough of that show!
I just about pee'd my pants when I saw it for the first time a couple of weeks ago (we dont do a lot of tv so we're a little behind the times). First of all, all three characters were featured urinating in their little environments which had me howling and then that song! "It's a puppy who has to pee pee, but he caaaaaaaaan't, cause he's stuck in the house!".
I secretly wondered what it would be like to watch an episode high.

Ok, so the first time I saw WP, I thought it was stupid. Then my kids (2 & 4) BEGGED me to record it every day. When I was "forced" to watch it - and pay more attention - I about died!!! I am a music teacher, composer, and conductor........and the music is SO spot on for each situation. THe lyrics - creative - and I too, am happy to hear the orchestral score.
****Has anyone else had their kids tell you what the episode is about within the first 3 seconds??? Or is my 4YO just a freak??? I really don't see what he does that tells him what it is.....then when they tell you - he, of course is right. They DO need some new episodes, my son can tell me which episodes go together. Cow/Skunk, Dolphin/Chimp, Duckling/Kitten, Unicorn/Penguin....again, I ask...is he a "freak" or do any of you find this true with your kids??

My little girls love the show so I record it for them all the time.
Lately, I've been watching it along and I got to tell you, it is a great show, so funny and cute.
The only bad thing is that I shouldn't be singing those catchy songs at work in front of others.....(the phone, the phone is ringing...)
Goooooo Wonder Pets!

My 3-yr-old was telling me what the episode was about in the first 3 seconds. I thought it was weird too!! I'm just glad I'm not the only one that thought it strange. My husband & I both are constantly trying to get the Wonder Pet songs out of our heads. It's bad when the phone rings at work and you start playing that tune in your head wondering who's in trouble! HELP!!! But we do LOVE the WONDER PETS! I thought it was strange at first b/c their heads were so realistic looking and everything else is a mix of cartoon & well, you know. (The highlighter marker tops that serve as the flyboats jet is the best!)

My dd LOVES this show. Nobody is allowed to talk while the show is on and if for some reason the show doesn't come on for the day you would think it was the end of the world. This show is a hit at our house and I have to say I don't mind watching it either. It is definately one of the best children's show on tv. It is very refreshing to know that I do not have to worry about "questionable" topics. I can sit back, relax and watch the show with my daughter.

its definetely not "we're not too big and we're not too strong" its definetely: "we're not too big and we're not too tough" because tough rhymes with stuff. and because i watch it every day with the girls i babysit, and well.. we know what we are tlaking about.

PLease, someone tell me what the next line (Ming Ming's) is after: THe phone/ the phone is ringing/ the phone, .....
I can't get it out of my head and it's driving me nuts!!!!

Ming Ming's line is "the phone we'll be right there." Then it goes..."There's an animal in trouble, there's an animal in trouble some where." I know all the wonrds thanks to my son who ABSOLUTELY LOVES Ming Ming

Does anyone know the words to the entire song they sing when the phone rings....I can't get it out of my head and my kids think im crazy cuz I just keep singing Ming-Mings part!!

he is soo cute!!! he's very fuzzy and yellow. i totally agree that you shouldn't watch this show if u are drunk or on drugs because it is too cute and funny..you should not watch it..GO MING-MING!!!!!!

Linny: the phone..the phone is ringing..
MingMing: the phone..we'll be right there.
Tuck: the phone..the phone is ringing.
Linny: theres an animal in trouble..
Ming-Ming: there's an animal in trouble.
Linny: there's an animal in trouble some where.

im not sure if i have the charachters in the rite place but im pretty sure the words are rite..








Linny is a girl not a boy, duh!

I'm 15 and saw this show for the first time today. Greatest. Show. Ever. After i heard that song, i knew i would have to convince the rest of my band to learn this song. And no, im not drunk or high.

ARE YOU PEOPLE ON CRACK?! !?! ?! ?!? !!
My 2yr old child wathces this show and I can here her brain cells committing suicide ! ! ! !This show was written buy morons for morons! ! ! "Today I watched Turtle Tuck, Linny the Guinea Pig and Ming-Ming Duckling save a dolphin trapped in a fishing net and a chimpanzee stuck in an orbiting space capsule. The music and songs are addictive.".....ummm like I said...ON CRACK !?!? !?! ?!Were was STARKIST??? Lets bring back the real flavor of TUNA ! ! ! !
Who writes this stuff??? some tree hugging bark eating hippie ! ! ! !The episode with the sealions had them eating a fish treat in the WILD ! ! !! I cant remember when I went out and caught a 20lb fish treat in the WILD ! ! ! ! ! I am in sheer awe that broadway writers write for this show."Whats driftwood? Its woooood.....That drifts"...Pure genius. I am so glad that people like this get paid 100's of thousands of dollars to write this crap.Sounds like they write for George W Bush ! ! ! SO go out all you hippie freaks,hug a tree and smoke a joint,and watch the wounder pets ! !

WOW ! ! ! ! !
Bob you are so right ! ! !
I don't eat tuna because they took the dolfin out.
You people are sad!

Joey is that your real last name?Because i'de like to have you up in me!Front,back I don't care! maybe in the back with linny to!

i luv the wonder pets!!! im 12. and i just watch it for fun cuz i am a lil kid at heart (Even tho im still a kid!!) well um its kinda strange that all you like old hags like nick jr. shows. i mean seriously, get a life people. its for ur kids. KIDS kids kids not u old 90 year old faggots. go get a life i mean REALLLLLLLY people!!!!!!! and u should get off the computer, ur eyes r gonna die soon haaaaaaahaaaaaaa. bye lozers!!

My boyfriend and I discovered this show while wasting some time between classes (that should probably be used studying or doing something more constructive) and we decided that if or when we ever have children we are making them watch it!

Wonder pets is like an acid trip. My 3 yr old son and the two little girls next door LOVE this show. I have every episode on Tivo. And yes I find myself singing the songs and making up new ones as I go about my day. The car..the tank's on empty! The car...it needs some gas! So all of you adults out there don't fret! There is a whole community of us Wonder Pet parents caught up in the phenomena! Lol!

This moment calls for some celery!

"some random kid" needs some random smacks up alongside the head. And maybe some spelling help. Don't come into a fun series of posts and behave like a two year old... Oh wait. You claim you're twelve. Act like it, or save it for your MySpace page.

I'm with the one who said "Linny" is a boy. I've had male and female patients known as Linny. MingMing was referred to as "she" in today's Louisiana bayou episode a girl. Whenever Linny dons an outfit it's more for boys. Plus, another episode referred to him as "he". Cute show for the little ones. More tolerable for us grandparents than Barney. Barney is a nice character but that voice can wear on ones nerves. As for the Wiggles (a Beatles group for small children). Catchy tunes, great exercise (when your little ones want you to do all the dances with them!) We don't watch it since they changed the format last year. He lost total interest with the first newly formatted show. Oh, well...

In response to Ryan:

Okay, first off, if you are going to post a message criticizing the creators of this show for being "morons" and saying that viewers of this show are "morons," at least make sure you spell all your words correctly, lest someone consider you a "moron." When you "here" your daughter's brain cells committing suicide, you are actually "hearing" them. When you said this show was written "buy" morons for morons, I bet you really meant it was written "by" morons. You asked, "Were was Starkist?" Did you really mean to ask, "WHere was Starkist?" And of course, you told the hippie tree-huggers to go out and watch the "Wounder" Pets. I looked in the TV Guide and couldn't find the "Wounder Pets" anywhere.

Secondly, you criticize the episode where a sealion was eating a fish treat in the wild. You said you have never gone out and caught a 20 lb. fish treat in the wild, and I do not doubt this. But let's examine your argument. You are upset about how unrealistic it is that a sealion is eating a fish treat in the wild, but the fact that you have a duck, a guinea pig, and a turtle ALL OF WHICH HAVE THE ABILITY TO TALK, OPERATE MACHINERY, AND PERFORM HEROIC DEEDS FOR OTHER UNFORTUNATE CREATURES doesn't bother you at all!

Lastly, you said your two year old child watches the show. But you also said, "This show was written buy morons for morons! ! !" So in effect, you are saying that your two year old child is a moron. Hmm. Well, with a parent like you, did the poor child have any other choice?


I am neither 90 years old nor a faggot. You, however, are a foul-mouthed piece of trash. The people commenting in here are parents or grandparents who watch this show with a small child, in an attempt to make sure that child is watching something worthwhile. Perhaps if you had a similar upbringing you wouldn't have turned out to be the lost cause that you are. But with an attitude like that, it's no wonder your parents didn't want to spend any more time with you than absolutely necessary. I see a bright future for you as a ditchdigger, barfly, or welfare mom. Acquaint yourself with the letters WIC; it's only a matter of time. To put it bluntly, you're a disgusting piece of filth.

I thought Linny was a boy, too, until the episode where they save the mouse, and Linny is sick. I think it's Tuck that says they should bring Linny HER cape. I think I may have you all beat, I'm 57, no kids, and I love the show. It's like Sesame Street meets Light Opera. Anybody know where I can get the DVDs?
And Mike? Calm down! Take a deep breath! Kimbertail is a waste of oxygen, but don't let him/her/it get to you! Smile!!

You do realize that you're full grown adults arguing over a children's show, right?

Very cute show, lots of fun for the kids. My 1 year old doesn't speak well yet and he emulated the sound after my 3 year old sings "what's gonna work?" he replies "tee woo"

NickJr hits another home run... and up go the merchandising sales!

oh thank goodness. i thought i was the only one laughing like a hyena while my daughter watches & sings along. whew!!

My friend Bridgette and I are both 14 and we both are madly in love with this show.
I personally adore Tuck (the turtle) just because he is sooo cute. I think everyone should let their kids watch wonder pets because it is just sooo cute.

I love the wonder pets- and my son just adores them!! I am having his birthday party themed a wonder pets party! I just wish I could find something in the store for this, instead of making it all myself! Oh- and by the way mike- I dont like the drama, and I know that this kimbertail is a loser- but, there is nothing wrong with wic- it is not welfare, nor is it something to make fun of- They help alot of people- it stands for women, infant, and children- if that is who it is helping- how can that be wrong? Perhaps you should not make fun of things you know nothing about, and those less fortunate than you- It is bad Karma- and kimbertail- I would beat you if you were my child!

Oh I see- this posts our names after our comments! SO- some random kid is the loser I meant to make fun of- but kimbertail will do!

you can get some wonderpets stuff on ebay but nowhere near enough of it as far as taylor is concerned.


im a teen ager in highschool and have a 6 year old brother that loves the show.its a good show for the kids to watch and enjoy.if ur a parent whos making fowl comments about the show,well i think yall need to go get yall minds cleared of all that stuff.instead of makin fowl comments on the computer u need to go take care of ur kids or something.at least that would be productive.yall wastin valuable time that can be put into ur kids.and as far as the comment someone put made by morons for morons all i can say is i hope ur child does not turn out like u.

my two yr old LOVES the wonder pets. she is always humming then out of nowhere "and ming ming too!" and when they celebrate their victories with celery; too cute! she'll squeal look ming ming's salad!

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