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February 05, 2006


It´s not only about the drawings anymore, it´s a internal Islamic fight over the power and I fell sorry for everybody living in free countries and all peacefull muslims, but what we now have to watch is radical "Muslims" desperat attempt to stop Islam reform itself to a secular religion.

These are all images from the past. The cartoons are preset day. Besides it’s not about the portrayal, it’s about the ill depiction of a society’s faith and values. Can it be any sensitive? How would a person react if he was told that his mother was a whore? Over reaction is in our genetic code in varying degrees. The Arabs and Muslims have a very low tolerance when it comes to religion and family. Hence the west has to align their manners in order to do business with the Muslim community.

Got that? We're big babies but the solution is not for us to grow up, but for you to accomodate. We're the problem, but you have to change.

I think Ibrahim is right on the score of it not being about the portrayal but about the depiction of a society's faith and values. It's not that the portrayal is innately so offensive, but that the kaffir dares to offer insult. Muslim's are irate to have it pointed out that their faith is associated with countless acts of atrocity and barbarism, all over the world. Hey, the truth hurts.

Muslims also ought to be embarrassed that they aren't particularly sensitive about others' religion. Anti-Semitism of the grossest sort is everyday fare in Muslim countries and among the Muslim press wherever Muslims live in the world.

An enormous amont of Islamic culture is in the gutter. It's only through confrontation such as this that the more enlightened followers of the prophet can begin to be more representative of the faith.

Sensitivity is no excuse for barbarity. Either behave in a civilized manner or you deserve to be identified for the savage you are.

Right on, Idler. Right off, Ibrahim. Muslims have been ridiculing Judaism in the most insulting and insensitive manner for many decades, if not centuries. Where is the Islamic outrage over this?

Be consistent, Muslims. Either give other cultures and relgions the respect you believe Islam should be given, or acccept that it is OK to criticize a culture/religion when criticism seems to be deserved.

Brian offers a reasonable bargain to Muslims, but I would say (and he would agree, I'm betting) "give cultures and religions the respect you believe Islam should be given AND accept that it is OK to criticize a culture/religion." That way we can all speak our minds freely. And who knows? Maybe we can profit from each other's sober responsible criticism. The beauty of free expression is that it produces a market of competing ideas. May the best ideas win!

i just dont understand why the muslims cant just put thier swords away, and why the WEST cant keep thier thoughts to themselves!!and stop all this racial hatred its not about who sed what and who did what, its bout keepin yo gobs shut, i mean if i was to oppose on gay ppli would b told to shut it or to keep my thoughts to myself- but then aint that freedom of speech!!i think this world is confused i think this govt is confused and i think i may aswell be confused...just give the muslims a break we aint all a bad lot u no!..we are normal ppl who live normal lives we dont all behead each other u no!! ...wudnt it b a much happier world!!....

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