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February 11, 2006


Don’t let Bush drive you crazy, but don’t think you’re the only one with whom he doesn’t always sit well.

I’m guessing you might not be a Republican, but I’m trying to demonstrate that not all Republicans are of the Bush league. I’m running for President in the Oregon primary in 2008, in hopes of proving that a moderate message can gain an audience.

Take a look at my platform, and feel free to provide feedback, at http://www.smithforpresident.com.

Today’s politics are too much about name calling. We need to get issues into the debate any way possible. I’d encourage anyone to run for office, start a blog, or just start a discussion with their neighbors. Anything to spur engagement.


Michael Smith

Hey Brian,
Great post. It reminds me of one of my favorite tenets, "What other people say and do is about them; how you react to it is about you". It sounds so simple, but many people I know have a tough time understanding this. No one else can make you feel happy, or sad, or angry, etc. You ALLOW them and their behaviors to affect you and produce those feelings in yourself. The key concept is "choice". We choose how we let things affect us. Sounds like you got some great exercise!
Be well,

Nothing more funny than a limp wristed liberal crying about Bush. I can see by the overwhelming number of comments, 2 at this time, that your 500k hit listed could only be you and a few bored people logging on and off for the past 0 years.
Really, go away!

Boomer, nice to hear from you. You'll be unpleased to know that this blog is now up to 1,387,000 page views, thanks to visitors like you. Come back for more outrage whenever you want.

Oh, did you notice that George Bush has (thankfully) faded into the sunset and Barack Obama is the new sun shining brightly in our nation's political sky?

I feel so much better. Hope you're enjoying life as much as I am.

If all goes well you will most likely get a good sunburn from that new sun (Obama). Just smoke so dope and eat your veggies and watch the country die and pray east towards Obama. What a joke!

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