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December 06, 2005


Thank you very much not only for linking to my post but for highlighting the stories that other "commenters" have shared. I'm glad that this content helped you tell your own Les Schwab story.

Hopefully, lauding their behavior will encourage others to follow suit.

Take care,

Yah go Les Schwab! Its the best place in the world!!! And the people there are AWESOME! I know, I work there. ~*Carol*~

i've had nothing but excellent service from the Schwabby!

Tire shop employees are usually pretty cheery, from my experience (having been one) because it's, well, a cool freakin job! Great benefits helps, but i thought being a tirebuster was just fun. (i, however, worked for Sears, but it was still fun)

December 14,2006, I was travelling east bound on I-90 in a snowstorm. That was when the indicator light for low tire pressure lit up. I was approaching Ellensburg WA, so I took the exit and pulled into a gas only station. I gassed up and looked at the tires. Ya the left rear tire was low so I pulled over to the air station. By the time I got there it was completely flat. So I aired it up and went inside and asked where I could get a flat fixed. It was nearly 7PM. I was told that there was a Les Schwab center down the road and they might be open. I drove down there and the lights were off but I pulled in anyway. I could see some people inside. When I knocked on the door I was waved to the side door. When I went to that door he said "we're closed". I said I have a flat and I have 200 miles to go tonight. He said OK come in, but I could see he was tired. He helped the other people then fixed my tire for me. His name was Mike Willer and I just wanted to thank him for his outstanding service and kindness. Please forward this to Les Schwab corp. and to his supervisor. This is the kind of people who build a wonderful business and I appreciate his kindness.

All I have heard is that Les Schwab has great customer service and quality care. I usually just go to a Goodyear dealership for my needs. Goodyear has been sub-par as of late. I was also told that Ken Jones has great equipment over at his shop. Will have to check them both out.

I want to compliment the staff at Newport, OR location. Ken, Mgr., Brady, AM, and Mike Hogle from the shop all handled me professionally and showed great concern that they would take care of my problem. They did so at N/C to me, and made me feel it was very important to them that they took care of the problem, to my satisfaction. I used to live in Lake Oswego from 1989 to 1996 and always purchased tires, studded tires, rims, etc. from the location in Tigard. I was extremely pleased then, and now! I will always continue to do business with Les Schwab and refer all my friends and acquaintenances to do businss there! Thanks!

Great service. I been to three different locations and it's always been great costumer service. Love them.

The Port Townsend Les Schwab employees are awesome!!! We got a flat tire on a day trip there in my husband’s Mini. We were able to drive it to Les Schwab but they didn’t have the small size tires we needed. They couldn’t have been kinder nor more concerned - all of them. They pointed us to Gary’s affordable rentals (Gary was great too!) down the road and we are bringing four new tires back from Seattle in the morning. They have assured us that while they have days of apts, they will be glad to stop and install ours so we can be on our way. Les Schwab tires don’t have the best longevity guarantees, but we are so impressed with their service and the way their employees are both professional and so accommodating, they have made customers out of us time and time again!

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