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November 20, 2005


I came across your site while doing a Google search regarding Webmail. Just wondering if you have a need to use Webmail. We just got a wireless laptop we would like to take with us when we stay in Reno to go shopping. Live just 65 miles northwest of Reno. Anyway, I have been trying to import my Outlook Express Address Book to gotsky.com webmail. Everything goes fine until I press the finsish button and then I get a message saying that the upload failed. Called support but they are lost. Just thought I would check with you. We just got connected the end of November and we love it.

I had WidBlue installed less than a month ago and it has been nothing short of catastrophy.I have done or called everybody who has anything to do with this system installation etc.. Even took my pc into have it checked.I am going to have it remove from my yard.

Hello, If anyone reading this is looking into Wildblue. I am a national dealer with a huge network of install companies to help with your installation needs.. Just call 775-882-3907 and ask for Travis.

What company is providing you with your mobile satellite connection (http://www.ipinternational.net/mobile.php)? I am currently using IP Access International and have been using them for about a year with no problems what so ever. I’ve been everywhere from the bleak desert, to large cities and even underground building and have never had a problem connecting to the network. It’s possible that your mobile ISP doesn’t have good satellite strength at times and it could also be a bad network adapter. It does present a serious problem though when you have problems logging on while you inside a client’s office. That’s a deal killer right there. I’d give your ISP a call and at the very least have them trouble shoot it. Go online too and look for reviews regarding your ISP.

hey im geting wild blue in 3 days now i hae a lap top capabal of wireless internet now does wild blue give out 1 or do i need to buy a router thank you.

matt, Wild Blue just supplies a modem. You need to supply your own router.

I have to say that I hate WildBlue. And I have never said that about another company. But there is something so infuriating about WildBlue's total lack of customer support and their willingness to punish customers for weeks on end because their completely silly bandwidth limits are violated. I tried to call them yesterday and after a long wait a recorded message came on the line and said that I should call back in a few hours because they were to busy to take my call. Stay far away from WildBlue. Go with Hughes Net or anything else but WildBlue.

After switching to Wild Blue because of frustration with poor broadband service, I now long for the good old days of dialup. Wild Blue is TERRIBLE! After you click on a link count from between 15 to 30 before it even begins to load. Giganews shows my speed to be worse than dial up. After weeks of trying to get through to customer support they say, "If you read the contract, it says UP TO 512k." I often can't get my email because my connection times out. According to Wild Blue's own server it says my connection is too slow to connect to dishmail.net. I signed a stupid 18 month contract. DON'T BE STUPID LIKE ME!!!!! US Mail is faster than Wild Blue.

I hate Wild Blue. Their service reps will lie to you, and their so-called high speed is barely better than dial-up. I am locked into an 18 month contract but be assured at the end of this contract in Dec. 2008 I'm kicking them to the curb. I pay $52.00 a month for this unprofessional snail service and after my "special" introductory offer it goes to $62 a month. And for what?
If you don't have it, then DON'T GET IT!!!

I just had Wildblue installed by Stingray electronics of Montpelier, Vermont.
The installation went very well. The technician, Jim, was extremely effificient, knowledgeable and pleasant.
Not only do I had Stingray's phone #, but i also have Jim's cell AND home #.
I have had to unplug my modem a couple of times, but I have also had my share of issues with my old phone modem.

I have also made a couple of calls to WildBlue's tech support. Both of the ladies that I dealt with were real sweethearts as well as very knowledgable.

My only issue right now is with the damn Gmail provided by Google. Compared to Outlook, it sucks. Monday, I will call tech support and see how they handle getting rid of Gmail and getting all of my email to come thru Outlook.


Jim, you can have the best of both Gmail and Outlook. I meshed them when we were on WildBlue, and have done the same now that we have DSL.

You just need to set up Outlook and Gmail so Gmail is an email account to be downloaded by Outlook. Messages remain in the Gmail inbox so you can also access them via a web browser.

It's simple to do with Gmail. I can't remember the details. Gmail help explains it well. Basically, setting Gmail up as a POP account, I believe.

I have several email addresses. I forward the non-Gmail addresses to my Gmail account. Then the whole bunch gets downloaded by Outlook. Works nice. You might give this a try before dumping Gmail, which has a lot of benefits.

I have to say can't wait for my contract to be up in October 2008. Good bye wildblue. The worst in service and internet service. No customer support and I think dial up is way better.

This has been a nightmare from the beginning. The service or lack of is awful.Tech support forget it. Am glad we will be saying good bye shortly.

Do not get this service as it will only give you a headache.

I have been satisfied with the service that I received from D&D Satellite. I had wild blue from them, with no problems. For technical support you can call D&D directly. They will call into Wildblue and check your signal strength for you.They also do service calls and offer other internet services.

The newest is Clear. That's what I have now. It is starting at 1 meg, or you can get faster packages. If you are rural Wild Blue is still the best option though.

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