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November 12, 2005


It is true that Randi gets embarrassing and out of line sometimes, and there are times when I have reached up and shut her off in disgust. But there are other times when she seems to be the only one who has the guts to deal with issues that are making news all around the world accept in the US. For example, the chemical bombing of Faluja. She ain't perfect. I hate it when she gets nasty and personal, but she connects with a lot of people and I guess she has her place.

Randi is so smart, so well-informed. If she can moderate the blind anger, she will go a lot further in reaching new ears.

I do agree that on some occasions Randi can be rude. I'd call her a far left populist. There are a few times when she does not let callers say what they have to say when it appears that they have a good point to make. Rather than debate them on facts, she often debates them on personality issues.

However, on the other side of the coin, she is an information junkie. She has lead me to websites and actual government documents that have shown me "the light" more often than not.

We only have a few progressives on the radio, but we have a wide range of opinons and attitudes in the progressive movement. I prefer Ed Shultz the best! I think that we need all of them because each one speaks to progressives in a different way and from a different angle. Let the market decide who is best (to quote a conservative mantra).

Try Laura Flanders. She's bright, informed, bold, polite. She's what progressives need on air. Try a write-in to get her on all week. For now, she lights up the weekends.

I can't listen to Randi. I switch to "The World" on OPB when she comes on. I guess it has to do with the fact that I have the radio on for background listening, and Randi's harshness just ruins the background deal.

Hartman, Franken and Schultz are great. I've heard a little bit of Flanders. I like what I've heard of her so far.

I think Randi's "schitck" is to be a mirror-image of Limbaugh. She has the same rabid delivery style, is just a fast 'n' loose with the truth, and makes similar baseless accusations. What she says about Bush often reminds me of when the righties used to say Bill and Hillery were drug-dealing murderers.

I'm guessing she figured if it was so successful for old Rush, it would work for her as well. Tune in to hear her vent, but it you want thoughtful, intelligent conversation, you have as much chance geeting that from her show as you do from Lars Larson's.

Fortunately, there's Al Franken's show. At least his show assumes the audience has an IQ over 80.

i am a moderate independent. i tune into randi rhodes occaionally but can take her for a short time and turn her off. she preaches hatred of anything republican,hour after hour, day after day. the lies she tells because of her hatred makes me wonder why prominent democrats come on air america when she is so vicious and mean. the owner of air america should tell her to tone down the hatred and lies or get rid of her.


Regarding Randi Rhodes and the Avian Flu issue, you wrote:

"She (Randi Rhodes) was musing that the avian flu scare had been fabricated by the Bush administration for some nefarious reason."
"...to distract attention from Bush’s political problems."
"... she wasn’t going to worry about it because the truth is always the opposite of what Bush says."
"That’s flat-out irresponsible, given that independent public health experts from the World Health Organization and elsewhere consider that an avian flu pandemic is a real and present danger that could kill millions of people worldwide."

I must strongly disagree, simply on the point that Ms Rhodes may not be so far from the real truth. Brian, you yourself are also less than truly informed on this particular issue. As a matter of actual FACTS and FIGURES, the whole Avian Flu thing is not at all what is being propagandized by our government and its extensions(which includes the CDC as well as the WHO).

The true facts are that only a handful of people (60-70) world-wide have (presumably) died from it, and that is not absolutely substantiated. A mere 60-some people is not at all evidence of a potential "world-wide pandemic".

On the other hand, the USA reports that some 30,000+ people die every year in the US from the regular old Flu, so lets get some perspective here! It appears that you are foolishly buying into the fear/scare propaganda, just like all the other uninformed folks who watch mainstream TV do. The day that the number of Avian Flu victims approaches the tens of thousands, is the day that we should begin to have some concern, but not before.

This is just another example of the government blowing things way out of proportion for the purpose of using the people's apprehension and fear to get them ready for forcfully imposed vaccinations, quarentines, concentration camps, and other such means of control, imprisonment, and curtailing of rights.

If you ask me (and millions of other VERY INFORMRD folks), this is just another clear example of government manipulation and control of the populace by means of fear and distorted facts (ie: lies).

I think that if you Brian, wish to criticise Ms Rhodes for being so mis-informed (and no doubt she may be occasionally mis-informed about some other issues) about this particular issue, then it would be best for you to do significantly more research than just blindly and naiively believing whatever BS that the government, the CDC, and the WHO, have attempted to sucker us with. The occasional misinformation that Ms Rhodes commits, is a far far less serious problem than the outright LIES and dis-information which the current administration has perpetrated, and which is responsibe for the death and suffering of thousands of our US military, tens of thousands of Iraqis, and the robbing of the wealth of the hard-working American people. Ms Rhodes is quite right in doubting ANYTHING which mr. bush and his criminal cronies and supporters may say.

I think you need to put things a lot more into perspective, and criticising Ms Rhodes is more damaging than the damage that you say she is occasionally commiting by being mistaken or confused about a few things. At least she is trying. Your criticism of her voice is more weakening to the "progressive" movement than her occasional slip-up. I am really quite surprised that you have bought into this Avian Flu BS propaganda. Don't be such a sucker. These people and agencies(WHO, CDC, FEMA, the pharmaceutical corporations, and the government) and their agenda are not at all what you think. The pharmaceutical drug companies make billions on this kind of thing. If I were you, I would really get a heck of a lot more informed before you rush to criticising Ms Rhodes for doubting the Avian Flu scam and its undelying sinister agenda. The real war is for the minds of the people, and you just got suckered.

In light of the current dire and dangerous situation, Ms Rhodes needs all the support that progressive folks can give her. If you think you can do better than Ms Rhodes, then get your voice on the radio and prove it. Otherwise, your criticism of her is really part of the problem, not the solution.

If the neo-cons and facists are dominating the airwaves as they are, then why would you want to disparage one of the few honest and uncorrupt voices? I guess you just don't yet really get the extent of the real threat which looms on our horizon.

I am sorry to say that I have lost a bit of respect for your discriminative abilities. Don't be so eager to believe everything that the WHO, the CDC, and the government says.

For further comprehensive and INFORMED elaboration upon the dangerous dark cloud of evil which threatens us all, please go to:


Randi Rhodes cannot be compared to Rush Limbaugh. Whatever your politics, Rush is smart,funny and has 20 million viewers, Randi is stupid, a liar& shrill and is 24th out of 24 in NYC, a liberal bastion. She lies about her ratings telling everyone she beat Rush in West Palm Beach. What she didn't say was that she was broadcast on 1290 a weak station,Rush was on 610 a strong station plus 1290. Most people listen to him on 610, (much better signal) She claimed to beat Sean Hannity, who is no 8 in NYC and she is 24th.

Randi is a leftist whack job. Every single day I hear her whining about the Bush Admin and how they are all "corrupt" (wonder if the sec of agriculture is included) and how Dick Cheney is Darth Vader. The thing is, it's not funny. It's sad. I enjoy listening to anyone who is intelligent and logical. Many liberal and conservatives are both. Randi emotes. She whines. She spews out mass generalization after generalization, over simplification ,etc. The woman is nutty. She's an embarrasement to all of us centrist liberals, the same way the far right is an embarrassment to centrist conservatives.

You might like Mike Malloy a bit more. He's never shrill or rude. It's just like listening to a "soothing bedtime story" as his wife will be the first to tell you. Mike realizes that you can't get through to people by screaming at them.

What? Malloy never shrill or rude? He screams and raves about the "Bush crime family." I think Zelph is pulling our leg.

this is one rediculous commentary

randi rhodes is MUCH more informed then any pundit from either side you can possibly find on the radio\

in addition, her "shrill" voice is hardly that, she beats every market whatever time she's on

she just beat hannity and when she was on against limbough she beat him.

her facts are actual facts, and she converts concervatives easily as she handily points out "concervative" politics are politics against their own interest

last post from me, so flame away

I love listening to Randi. Its as much fun as shooting the breeze with a bunch of drunks.The truth ? According to Randi's facts, the Great Depression started during the the term of President McKinley.Yep, on Jan.18th she stated that as fact.I guess the great McKinley was haunting the market and scared the investors into dumping shares.Thats got to be it. McKinley was 27 years dead in 1929.Boo, Randi.

I actually prefer Randi. And when she gets facts wrong she will correct herself. Never lies intentionally like Rush or Hannity or O'Liely. Also, she is far more correct usually than the opposition. If you don't like her.... tough crap. I'm glad she's there and is not pablum. She's nearly as good as Mike Malloy.
Of course, most of the folks on this forum probably still believe 9/11 was perpetrated by 19 Arabs with box cutters.
Use your brains. That is what they are for.....
Dr. RW
Clinical Neuropsychologist

Randi is a Whack Job....IDIOT explains her best!

Scott, I agree with your basic position, though I wouldn't go so far as to call Rhodes an idiot. Egotistical and careless with the truth--yes, for sure.

So Dr. RW's assertion that she is far more correct than the opposition is highly questionable. I still think that she is the left's equivalent of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and other crazies who shoot from the lip.

Last week I heard some classic BS from her. Rhodes was claiming that it is all Karl Rove's fault that Paul Hackett was dumped by the Democratic Party in his bid for an Ohio senate seat.

She theorized that Rove told the Dems that if they dumped Hackett the Bush administration would allow congressional oversight of the NSA spying program. Then, she said, Rove broke his word. Which figures, because you can never trust Republicans.

As if you can trust Randi Rhodes. She admitted that "this is all just in my mind, it's the way I see things." She didn't have any facts or evidence to back up her assertions. She just continued to spout them over the national airwaves.

Acting like that gives progressives a bad name, just like killing people in the name of Muhammad gives Islam a bad name.

Randi Rhodes is forever calling people who don't believe every word she spews names. Yet, if a caller refers to her show "looney liberals" she screams at the caller 'how dare you call me a lunatic." Than hangs up on the caller. She is 100 times worse than Limbaugh. She is a vile hypocrite, who belongs in the liars hall of fame. Just another delusional egomanical AM radio talk show host. SHE'S A WASTE OF TIME.

Hello. My name is George W. Bush. I just want to say that everything Randi says on her program is absolutely true. Well...except for the fact that she thinks I'm stupid. I'm not stupid. Hell...I'm the president of these United States! Yee Haw! The only thing is, it just doesn't feel like it. My bosses, Mr. Rove and Mr. Cheney, won't let me show everyone how smart I am. Everytime I think of something I want to say, they threaten to stop letting me watch my cartoons on the T.V. in the morning. I mean...I am tempted to stand up to them sometimes, but...No Cartoons? So I just want Randi to know that she's totally right on with everything she says. I want her to know that if I had my 'druthers and was allowed to say what I really feel, she'd know that not one word comes out of my mouth without the approval of my bosses, Mr. Rove and Mr. Cheney. They're the doody heads, not me. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them!!! It's so unfair! But, I do so love Randi Rhodes! And you know what? Jesus loves her too! He tells me that everytime I have him down to the ranch for a one of our little chats. Well that's all for now, except, I'd like y'all to keep a special look out for my Special Recipe BBQ Sauce. It'll be in stores sometime after November '08. THANKS!

Liberalism is a Mental Disease...My Proof? Listening to All of you Socialist & Communist Traitors Analyzing this Moronic and Knucklehead "the furor rhodes".

By the way, while our men and women are over fighting in Iraq and elsewhere, so you COWARDS can Enjoy the liberty to spew out Hatred for the U.S.A., please understand that those troops realize that you Liberals don't Support them and their mission. My proof? I just got back from Iraq, you SICK BASTARDS!

You all are always and constantly referring to the U.S.A. as morally bankrupt and constantly putting my Country down, could you Liberals do us god-fearing patriots a small favor???

GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY and move to one of those great and such wonderful communist regimes that you all are constantly referring to as Wonderful, You Sick Fucking & Mentally Challenged COWARDS..

So, you can take rhodes and air head america and FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, I think you know liberalism is a mental disorder because Michael Savage told you it was.

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism and all that jazz. If you don't like it "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY and move to one of those great and such wonderful communist regimes that you all are constantly referring to as Wonderful, You Sick Fucking & Mentally Challenged COWARDS..."

"Of course, most of the folks on this forum probably still believe 9/11 was perpetrated by 19 Arabs with box cutters.
Use your brains. That is what they are for.....
Dr. RW
Clinical Neuropsychologist"

Just when I thought asininity had peaked, I am proven wrong.

Randi is an embarassment to our party. I hate when she drops the ending of her sentences. So unprofessional. Her message is always negative. Yes she hates Bush. Randi he is not running for president anymore. Get some vision. Can you even change one Republican voter??? No!! Your message is calling Republicans stupid. The art of conservative radio is tempered with debate and NOT being ill-informed. Randi is a liabilty to any Democrat running for office. She is clueless about swaying anyone's vote. You are either with her or you are the enemy. Sound familiar? Randi, you are hurting progressive radio.

Thank g-d someone else thinks she's an idiot. I'm a middle of the road kinda person...I never vote for a specific party only the people in the party that seem to be the best. And I'm not a fan of W...but after listening to Randi, for a few months...I've totally switched over to Rush...and although I'm not a Bush fan at all...I don't think everything the guy does or the Republicans do is wrong...and for Randi to constantly bash them...just shows she isn't liberal...she's just an idiot...Now Ed Schultz, he's good..smart, not really on either side...

I have tried to understand the progressive movement in a open fair manner but rhandi rhodes is a disgrace she goes on and on and on with ragebased comments with no attempt to listen to people who disagree with her she isa true detriment to the good progressive beliefs

I cannot stand her!

She claims to have this great insight into the military because she served in the Air Force, as if she was a six star general commanding the troops.

The truth about her military service is this:
She joined the Air Force in 1977 and served for 10 months in Texas as a motor pool mechanic obtaining the rank of Airman First Class because she does not have a college education.

She then moved to Ohio and opted out under the Palace Chase program which allows enlisted personnel to serve the remainder of their hitch in the Air Force Reserves for six years. She was discharged having completed her military service.

This creates a credibility issue with her. As a progressive (revolutionary really) I believe we need a voice to combat the Limpballs (spelled as intended) of this world and Randi Rhodes ain't it.

Randi also claims, and it is posted to on Air America affiliate websites... "In 1979, she was voted Most Valuable Woman in the Air Force." No such award exists. It says she "rose" to the rank of Airman 1st Class. That's an E-3 for those keeping score. If you're not an E-3 by the time you get out of boot camp, there is something wrong with you. There is nothing to be proud about achieving one of the lowest ranks in the military and then deserting.

She also claims she "audited" several classes at a local college. That's just a word for sitting in a class without paying for it. I'd call that stealing...but that's open to interpretation.

She also claimed that Bush “shot down” the space shuttle Columbia with a secret SDI weapon.

I got into a debate with her on air because she claimed servicemen were only paid $500 a month. She is certifiably crazy. How could anyone take her seriously?

Yes, she is VERY loose with the truth.
She stated that during Augusto Pinochet's rule of Chile, literacy fell from nearly 100% to 40%.
Think of the demographic ramifications of that statement.
He was in power from 1973-1990, to reach a 40% literacy rate in said country, 60% of the populace would have to die, and be replaced by NOBODY who could read or write.
Whatever ones political bent, the impossibility of such a statement is blatantly obvious.
She also says that Nixon STARTED the Vietnam war, and Roosevelt built our interstate freeway system.
A total embarrassment.

I just love Randi Rhodes. She has the best show on Air America, maybe in all of radio! She's smart, very articulate, and outspoken. Plus she's very attractive, more so than Janet Reno or Madeline Allbright!!!
Sometime Randi is just a little too far right for me, but in the long run, she's great!

Good lord, Lenny, I have a dog that more attractive than Reno or Notsobright.

As an Independant voter, I listen to both the liberal and conservative shows. I often have to turn off shows from both sides because I can't stand the pettiness and the obvious attempt to forward their agendas.

Rhodes is bar far the worst I've ever heard. Just today, she said that anyone who votes republican is ignorant, uninformed and illogical. I have voted republican, democrat and libertarian; basing my decisions on LOGIC not partisan prejudice. She says that people like me are basically stupid.

Her motto is "Radio Only Smarter". Are you kidding me? Rhodes entire schtik revolves around her own ignorance.

I would love it she were removed from the air and replaced with someone more qualified and intelligent.

Listened to Randi tonight for about five minutes and was totally disgusted. She is wrong on so many facts and seems to simply regurgitate whatever the mainstream media says - now that the Dems are in "power" of course. When the Rep's were in power she was against the mainstream media - same as Rachel Maddow. Now that they are on the winning side, they go along with whatever the Elite masters who own them tell the to say.

Even Ed Schultz has no backbone. There are MANY serious issues and questions about what our MISleaders - ON BOTH SIDES - are steering us towards - a one world government. Regardless of who is doing the steering we are headed towards fascism, fewer rights, a global warming scam that is nothing more than bankers making profits off carbon taxes and other non-constitutional "laws" that we didn't have a say in.

Obama is more of the same - a globalist, who did NOT reverse the Patriout Act, wiretapping, guantanamo, Iraq, ir anything else he said he stood for.

I am not a "progressive" (whatever that's supposed to mean) nor a conservative. I am an INFORMED person who THINKS rather than a "team" player who simply goes along with the crowd (herd).

Rhodes says things like we must have a census and taxes because it's in the constitution - it's NOT in the constitution. It's simply government stealing your income from you and she supports it. There was no income tax prior to 1918 and there is nothing in the constitution that says individual income should be taxed. She's an idiot or just an apologist for big governent intruding in our lives.

Health care is ESY to pay for, Just end the wars and military spending and we have plenty of money. We don't hear her say that. She's still talking crap about AL Queda and how fighting in Afghanistan is a just war. What an idiot. She's not progressive - she's pathetic.

Randi Rhodes is rude, crude, a bully, a poor public speaker, manipulative of the "facts," and a hypocrite.

She can't get a complete sentence out without stuttering - not a huge problem for most professions, but it is an important part of being a radio commentator.

She not only bullies callers who disagree with her, but she can be very patronizing to her fellow progressives.

In the same breath, she spews hatred of conservatives and denounces name calling of progressives.

Although she insists that her callers treat her like a "lady," her on-air vocabulary includes frequent use of "freaking" and occasion use of worse.

She frequently misrepresents the facts. For example, she more than once stated that the Geneva Convention prohibits asking prisoners more than name, rank, date of birth, and serial number. Wrong. The fact is that is all the prisoner must answer; however, there is no specific limitation on the questions they can be asked.

Randi once said that President Bush should be treated like Fredo in "The Godfather, Part II" - i.e. take him out on a fishing boat and blow his brains out. Randi should be thankful she didn't get tossed in jail for that "joke". She is just plain disgusting.

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