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October 17, 2005


First, living in the hills of the Coast Range, I agree with your comments about Measure 37. One thing that our legislature hasn't dealt with but should (if this law ever comes back to threaten rural planning again)-- for those who want to subdivide farm or forest land that they have benefitted from lower property taxes for years, it's time to pay back that difference. They want to reap a benefit from something the Oregon taxpayers for years have paid them to not do. Now they want all the profit but no payback. We don't seem to have very creative legislators or they are on the wrong side of this issue...

Second, I really like your blogs-- all of them. Intersting reads. I saved a newspaper article in August about your site but at that time I was only limitedly interested in blogging. I have been exploring it more the last month and went looking for the article on yours. Great thoughts :)

Apparently you do not have property that has been rendered worthless by liberal, antigrowth, anitbusiness, anti-democratic legislation. Yes, Measure 37 does exhibit some whiplash effect, as 30 years of continous erosion of property rights does tend to get your attention, IF you own said property.
Your "poll" is totally suspect because you most likely left out a different choice or point of view that could/would go against your agenda. Perhaps you could ask if the state really needs to totally prohibit the development of property within 20 miles of all the major metro areas? This would leave the other 95% of the land in Oregon available for whatever. My parents split their property near Oregon City over 20 years ago into 3 parcels. They sold one 5 acre parcel that was rezoned to not allow any house, and that owner lost about $50k dollars. Meanwhile, the other two lots reclassified to one 'plot', with a one house limit per plot, effectively making a 10 acre pc of land worthless. This land has had one crop of trees on it in 38 years. It really would have been nice for me to build ONE house on this property next to my folks to look after them in their waning years. I could have put some people to work building the house, and even banked some money so my kids could go to college easier. I know all this has a major affect on your private life, and needs to be stopped at all costs.
It's just that all the 'costs' are born by the property owners that did not have a single say in the rezoning of their land.
I do actually hope that you get the opportunity to have something you own appropriated by the state, all for the good of 1000 Friends of Oregon.
Oh, and the first commenter, if this realtively small tax abatement was paid back you would have no problem with Measure 37?
I think your agenda is showing thru.

no, I would still not favor it, and I live on a farm that receives that tax break (which also cannot be divided). I would hate to lose the break which to you might not seem like much but has been a big help to us. I also would like to see Oregon stay with farm land being farm land and not like so many other states with subdivisions popping up haphazardly.

If someone wants to care for aging parents on any rural property, you can put a mobile home there with a deferral for the purpose of a parent who needs help. We did that on our farm and it stayed until both parents had died. It won't profit anyone with something to sell later; but if the real desire is helping out the folks, it works.

The poll mentioned in the post was done by Oregon Business Association and PSU. OBA is a non-partisan organization.

No one has ever said you would lose your tax break, that would occur only if you developed your property.

So the real crux is profit? Seems somewhat un American to be against profit.
But then, if you think that your opinion about someone else's private property matters legally, then that kind of shows your basic mindset, worldview, etc.

And Sid, OBA might be non-partisan, but is strictly left politically. Semantics. The truth is you believe your property rights to water supercede someone else's, even though they had those rights to begin with. I guess it's as long as it is not your ox?

Being a youngster and having to see all of this political garbage thats being spewed back and forth, It would be nice if people took a step back started speaking english once again.

mesure 37 does what now? It was told to me they couldn't change the land value on property i own. So, the goverment would have to pay me if it de-valued my land? Or lets say i want to buy property, i can't develope my own land? Im all for regulations that prevent sewage and other non-friendly things into the enviroment, but the less goverment is involved with anything that involves people the better.

Lets get rid of the red tape that is our goverments B.S. Its time for a clean slate people. And no, its not by my hand that it will happen.

FYI, get a food supply.

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