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October 13, 2005


I found this link for these which are true N95 from Kentucky. I bought a box for my house. I bought them on the phone and spoke with Tim. I had never heard of the company but apparantly they are part of a bigger company set up just to sell Masks.


I enjoyed your blog... when I start mine I'll link over.

Robert Downs

In defence of BuyNanoMask.com, they are not the makers of Nano Mask, they are only distributors for the product as many other people are. The makers of NanoMask are "Emergency Filtration Products", a publicly traded company.


Hey, the government doesn't know if any of their vaccines are gonna work, but you'd get the shot if you thought it would help right?

Something you have to remember about all of the distributors that are promoting the Nano Mask, they are playing on Bird Flu fears - plain and simple.

Don't blame the makers of Nano Mask for all the hype, blame the distributors.

I reviewed much on the Nano Mask from different sources and believe it to be a very good product.

I am looking for a comfortable mask to wear for protection from the chemtrail nano particulates of barium and aluminum and whatever else is in the trails. I consider the chemtrails (which are happening now in the skies over our heads) to be more of a threat than bird flu which is possibly a hobgoblin dreamed up to distract us from the chemtrails (a real and current threat to everyone's health) I am wondering if the nano mask would be a suitable mask for chemtrail protection. Link to chemtrail info:

I personally do not think the Nano mask is worth a penny. First of all they are making health claims that cannot be backed up by their lack of certifications. Also the suggestion for a N95 mask is crazy. You need to have a facemask that is going to protect you against various size microns and biological agents. Also, the filters ont he facemask, assuming you are using in the instance of avain flu, How are we, the everday consumer suppose to dispose of a filter that now has been subject to something we are not willing to breath. I purchased the T-3000 Triosyn mask, and I am assured though their testing efforts that I will be protected in this mask. If you want protection this is the only place to get it, I would never use an N95, P95 is the only way to go. www.triosyn.com

Thanks for the info Kelly I'll check them out.

Do not purchase anything from www.buynanomask.com or Oregon Digital
They have had my money for months and I can't get it back nor can I can get the masks. The family pack in Nov was 125 now he wants 169. I don't know what his problem is.

From: JOHN HART [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2006 4:17 PM
To: Kittel Greg M
Subject: Re: Thank you for your order.


Sorry - the email I just sent was wrong. I just found your name on a refund list.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to fulfill your order. Because your patience has been pushed much too far, the best resolution is to refund your payment by PayPal. Due to the number of refunds being processed at this time, the refund process is taking longer to complete, up to a week or more. Check www.emergencyfiltration.com under Nanomask to find distributors in your area. This information just became available on their website.

John Hart
Oregon Digital

On 1/26/06, JOHN HART wrote:
Due to continued low shipments of inventory from the manufacturer for over 3 months now, we are hoping to catch up on your order. We expect more inventory to come in this week, and hope to ship this week or early next. UPS will confirm shipping to you via email.
PLEASE check on SHIPPING NEWS by visiting our website at www.buynanomask.com.

Thank you for your continued patience,

Customer Service
Oregon Digital

thank you so much for your info on the masks. I have been trying to decide for two weeks what to buy, and i was just about to purchase Nano. But I am a little cautious of them. So i searched under nano mask problem and found your blog.

btw, how many masks did you buy for your family. I am having such a hard time figuring out what to do.

and hopefully, none of us will ever need them!!!!!

Janice, I ended up getting two boxes of N-95 masks. The 3-M N95 1860 box has 20 masks; the AlphaProTech N-95 particulate respirator has 35 masks.

Like you, I had little idea what to do. I gather that ideally you're supposed to use a new mask every time. But to get hundreds of masks to prepare for a year long outbreak of avian flu, that didn't make sense. So I just did what I did.


We may not need the Nano Masks after all. It looks like an Avian Influenza vaccine will be available sometime in 2007 out of a London company. Good thing because Tamiflu is worthless. Lucky for us out of the 7.5 billion dollars in the Avian Flu preparedness budget only 1 billion went to Tamiflu production and lucky for Rumsfeld who owns quite a bit of stock in Roche. Check out http://www.birdfludeathclock.com for details.

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