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September 21, 2005


I would normally agree with this, except that the people who ARE going to be topping off their tanks are the ones who own giant SUV's, because those people are usually the selfish ones. They power their way through parking lots and highways with an "you'd better watch out or I'll crush you" attitude. What floors me most, is even with the price of gas lately, people are NOT stopping buying these monster vehicles- sales at one local dealer is selling these gas-guzzlers over economy rides by a 10-1 margin. Yes, that's TEN TO one!!! What are these people thinking??? I guess the sooner THEY get rid of the world supply of petrolium, the sooner we can convert to hybrids or hydrogen or something like that. Maybe we'll all be forced to ride our bikes! That would be cool.

I stopped in yesterday to get gas, (I was down to 1/4 of a tank -- thats when I normally get gas -- and I keep hoping miraculously I will wake up to find the gas at a reasonable price before I have to get gas again -- yeah right like thats going to happen), and I asked the guy working there if people were coming in to top off their tanks. He just rolled his eyes in disgust and said they were not only topping off their tanks, they were bringing in every gas can they had, getting those filled, and some people had even come in to have 55 gallon drums filled. What do they think is going to happen when their personal reserves run out and there is little or no more gas to be had? I say to them, "what then Sparky?" You know there is a real division in this country in the mindset of people who call this nation home. And this realization, more obvious in the last five years, just makes me more and more and more cynical. And I have been accused of being a Pollyanna in the past, because of my usual optimism. Not so much anymore.

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