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May 19, 2005


We received a letter from "Compliance Services" in Studio City CA. It contained an official looking form for "Annual Minutes Requirement Statement". It said that we would be in violation of some state corporation code if we didn't send them $100 along with the form. It seemed fishy, so I goggled them and found this.

i am so angry at these people its not even funny. i have been scamed once for $95, once for $150, and the third time i cought on to their scam. this is my first business and i was not aware of this, but if i find u guys i will leave u disfigured, u can count on that, u bastards. what goes around comes around u losers. NOTICE TO ALL, STATE SECRETARY ALLWAYS CHARGES ****$25.00*******

Thanks for this info. I just got a form from the California Compliance Recorder, too. I was worried at first about the info & money they were asking for, but it looked like a scam b/c of the P.O. Box & not being a gov't office. So I googled them & found this thread confirming my suspicions. Thanks for having this info online & saving me $150.

My partners and I just incorporated our non-profit organization back in January and paid about $35 to the CA Secretary of State. When we received the letter from "CORPORATION COMPLIANCE RECORDER" requesting $150 - $175 we just didn't get it. I have had a corporation before and have never received such a request. Anyway, I googled this entity and found out that this is indeed a scam. It is really sad that people go through such lengths to deceive others.

Why in hell hasn't the State of California gotten after these clowns?? Too busy busting cigar smokers I guess.

I damned near fell for it until I googled their name to see if they had an on line interactive form, and this page came up.

Thanks for at least getting the word out.

I got the letter from Corporation Compliance Recorder asking to pay $175. I am in California. The last date was fast approaching so I was just about to pay the amount when I decided to google to find more information as something did not look right. And sure it was a scam and came across this website. I think companies like this should be closed and the people concerned punished and put behind bars.

There is a group with an Albany NY address now doing mailings in New York as well. They are mailing an official looking request citing corporations code section 624 re: books and records asking for the officers and other corporate information with an annual fee of $125. I am going to contact the Attorney Generals office regarding this.

The scam has spread to New York. They want $125. The company name is New York Corporate Compliance, Business Services Division 1843 Central Ave. #168 Albany, NY 12205 (866) 468-6619 I wonder how many people fall for this scam. The papers look official. Am thankful I found this site after doing a google search.

We got this letter, too, and almost paid the $125. Your blog made us look again at the fine print, which tipped us off.

Look also for a scam that tells you that you have to purchase labor posters (wages, discrimination, etc) from a certain company or face huge fines. You can get the posters free from the gov't; you don't have to pay for them.

I can't thank the internet enough! I decided to do a quick check on the corporation name and id# which led me to your page.
125 thank you's!

Thank you for starting this. I, too, am from CNY and received the mailing from Albany. They were only allowing 14 days for payment to be submitted - which was what made me look closer. Perhaps we should all call frequently and/or rewrite....this has been going on for nearly 3 years???

Thank you so much for posting this information. I also did a google search and found this page. I was suspicious as it said it was an annual payment requirement but found I had never sent one in. I now know that after reading the print at the bottom of the page, it stated "This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency and this offer is not being made by an agency of the government." The annual fee of $125 was to be sent to New York Corporate Compliance Business Division, 1843 Central Ave #168, Albany, NY 12205-4735. I appreciate that you helped me not be scammed!

Same here. I am suspicious of the statement because I know that New York State only requires a bi-ennual statement. How the hell is it legal for these people to mislead-cheat the small business owners like this?

I received one of these ridiculous letters at the end of March. My corporation is 13 years old and I've never had to file one of these. So I was immediately suspicious. I also keep up with the changes to NYS corporation law. The need for the $ 125 within in 10 days is not typical of NYS. The State usually gives you a couple of months advance warning and at least 30 days to pay. I set this aside and then did some googling to find this site. I have not and will not pay this. The address is phony:
New York Corporation Compliance
Business Services Division
1843 Central Avenue # 168
Albany, New York 12205
You bet I am turning these crooks in!

Wow! What a Scam, glad I looked for forms from calif business gov. no such number! Then I looked for Corporation Compliance Recorder and this web site came up. Their return envelope had P.O. Box 66186 Los Angeles, Ca 90066. I was ready to send a check and all our addresses. Thanks so much for posting this!

If I had not have access to the internet, I would probably have sent the $150 ($175 after May 7) that was asked for in the letter I received today.

Thank you for bringing awareness to this. I will share this information with my local community, myspace and ANY other public place I can think about. When this kind of stuff happens I do go WAY OUT OF MY WAY to make life hell for these SCUMBAGS.

A client, small inactive corporation, just forwarded the New York Corporate Compliance notice to me. She was ready to pay the $125. It didn't smell right to me, so I googled it, and sure enough came up with your site. I also called New York State. They know about it and told me to alert everyone to this scam.

I just received an Annual Minutes diclosure Statement , Compliance Division for the following address:
Compliance Division
Corporate Compliance Filing
Minutes Division
9175 Kiefer Bl. # 336
Sacramento, Ca 95826

Boy they sure try to make itlook official . I have also contact the State of California.

Thanks to this website to comfirm that Corporation Compliance Recorder is a scam. We received the same mail yesterday.

Thank you. I got the letter as well and of course it looks weird to pay $125 for something I was never required to do in 25 years. But I wanted to be sure in case they were some changes and found your website. Thanks...

thanks so much. im so glad i googled this at the last minute. you saved me $125.

Thank you for this postings It looks like people have been receiving this latter since 2005. Well, I just got it in my mail. $175.00.
Ventura County, California.

How come they can't get arrested?

Well, count me in as one who almost wrote the check! I received mine in CA asking for $150.00 and $175.00 after the deadline. Again, thank goodness your site came up in a Google search!

Unfortunately, this scam has been going on here in New York for at least the last couple of years. I received a notice entitled "Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement" and farther down that actually says "This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency and this offer is not being made by an agency of the government" "You are under no obligation to make any payments on account of this offer unless you accept this offer".

I think that's how they get away with doing this year after year. The fine print lets them off the hook!

It is worthwhile to read these forms thoroughly. I have received one posing to be from a NY state agency. Towards the bottom of the form it says "This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any government Agency". That actually tells you all you need to know. I didn't see it until I went to this page to read up about this. So thank you for raising awareness.

Same thing here - just received the form from Board of Business Compliance, located at Business Processing Division, P.O. Box 93069, Los Angeles, CA, 90093-0069
They are asking for Annual Minutes of the Meeting of Shareholders and Directors, Disclosure statement and for the FEE $125.00
Thanks to all of you guys who posted this warning about that scam!

I guess this scam made it to NY because I received this letter today and for I few minutes was thinking evil things about my state until I realized the scam. I hope everyone gets this message

Thank you for this useful information. After re-reading the official-looking letter, the fine print stating that they are not a government agency, etc. brought the scam into perspective.

I just received a similar letter from State Corporate Compliance Annual Corp. Minutes Compliance Filing, in the state of Texas. I became suspicious when there was no contact number on the "official" form. They wanted $325 from me and it would increase to $375 after a certain date. If I would not have teken the time to do a little research, I would have been suckered in. This is a scam! On the letter it states that they have no affiliaction with the Texas Sec. of State. Even the seal was suspect. It said "The Great Seal" going around it. What does that mean? Thanks for all the blogs.

Our small business received this letter last week and it even fooled the owner. It was titled ANNUAL MINUTES DISCLOSURE STATEMENT but if you read further down, it references U.S.C 39 & 3001(d)and California B&P Code:17533.6: "This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency...". The letter was from Annual Minutes Compliance Board with a mailing address:
Annual Minutes Compliance Board
PO BOX 38130
Los Angeles, CA 90038-0130

Got one too thanks for saving me.
The control number on my form is
I noticed the copy at the top of the page is:
Not very far from that one huh?

Thank you for posting these useful information.
My office received 4 "Compliance Annual Minutes Board", and I was about to fill out the forms and send the payments need to send to the address:
PO BOX 12012
Hemet, CA 92546

The fake toll free number is: 866-390-1176



This mailer is also hitting California - we just got one today and I thought it looked suspicious so I did a quick google to see what I coudl find on compliance service and annual meeting and I am glad you guys posted this - I will notify the BBB.

we got three very offical looking letters from Annuel minutes disclosures, compliance annual minutes board and board of business compliance, annual minutes divison. They came at different times during the last thirty days, but looked very simular. Thank goodness their greed made me suspect. one was for $125. the other two were for $150. WE almost bought into it. We googled the company and found many complaints. Imagine what these scam artist are doing with the information for those who were not aware. The government really need to get involved in this!

I received my letter yesterday from the Board of Business Compliance. TODAY I received one from Corporate Business Bureau. 8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd #110-727 Los Angeles, CA 90045. Unbelievable! Thank you everyone for posting. I will be someone who doesn't fall for this thanks to you.

Thank you for this site.I googled "Board of Business Compliance" and find this site. I almost sent the $125.00, but it didn't look real. Thank you again. Marie

Thanks for this information. I received the Compliance Annual Minutes Board letter from the PO Box 66186 Los Angeles, CA and the PO Box 12012 Hemet, California scammers. They were both asking $150 with a $175 late payment fee! Thanks for letting us know. Darcy

Thanks for this information. I received a letter from the Compliance Annual Minute Board from PO Box 12012, Hemet, CA 92546, SCAMMER. I was asked for $150.00

Thanks for letting me know!

Looks like the scam has made it to Arizona now. I read all the fine print and noticed it said "this product has not been approved or endorsed" also the words "unless you accept this offer" So I googled Board Of Business Compliance. They wanted $125.00 and it had a due date as well. They have a remit to address as 125 N 2nd St Suite 110-202, Phoenix 85004. I will call BBB and send it to our county attorneys office. Thanks for the postings!

I have received several mails from the last time I got scammed. The scam artists, claiming to be from Corporation Compliance Recorder, Minutes Disclosure Board and the list goes on. Now I have been writing “POSTMAN” return to sender on their envelopes and mailing it back to the scammers. This is what they disserve. I filed a compliant with the California State Attorney General, Local Police Department, U.S. Congressman in my area, nothing happened. It seems nothing can stop them. So we all have to be very careful who we write checks to. My bank told me that they can withdraw money from your account even though you have made a stop payment on your check. The final solution is to change your bank account number as soon as possible. Also to freeze your account immediately. I Hope this information is handy for the new LLC & Corporation owners.

Thank you for posting about this!! I handle the books for a small company and they just brought this in for me to look at today. I thought it looked suspicious and put in a few keywords from the document and found your site. Thanks to you I just saved an elderly couple $125! Thanks again!

I own a family restaurant in Hesperia, CA. and just received the 'Annual Minutes Requirement Statement Directors and Shareholders' notification: 'Submit a check for $100.00 payable to Compliance Services and mail to:
Compliance Services
P.O. Box 1265
Studio City, Ca. 91614-0265
Something was a little wrong with this notification on the minute I opened the notice...very official envelope but in a lovely green and the inside 'official' form was printed on what looks like newsprint...
Thanks so much for your information!
Saved me!

just got one from Compliance Services, po box 1265 Studio City, CA 91614-0265. They only want $100.

Glad I got this info. thanks.

Thank you for this site!! I just got this today for my NY corporation. When I saw the envelope's return address and seal, I thought to myself "great, what did I forget..." and then I opened it, and was confused. I wasn't even sure what they wanted, aside from some info. It had a return address of "Albany, NY" and that confused me even more as that is where most of my legal/tax stuff for NY goes. I was just about to file this way for "tomorrow's stuff to ask the lawyer", but then I googled "Annual Minutes Disclosure Services" after noticing they want $150, and then I found this site. Thanks for the info!!! I'm going to print this page and staple it to what I received as a reminder of how there are people out there every day to scam you.

Business Processing Division
911 Central Avenue #134
Albany, NY 12206

Questions? Call (866) 390-1176.

Scammers suck!!!

I received similar papers about the annual minutes that required me to pay $150, payable to California Corporate Services, mailed to Sacramento, CA. Suspicious about it because the letter is not printed on letterhead and no fine print on it, postage is presort standard (which is junk mail). The scam is similar to the letter format of Statement of Information (CA). NO phone numbers or web address on the letter. I am glad I googled it and find articles about this scam. Thank you for you all to post a comment, to help others to protect their business. Something we can do directly: A way to retaliate the scam? I sent them a ""check"" (of course it is not official) to let them know that we know that is a scam.

The scam has now reached Colorado. They are using "Colorado Corporate Compliance, Administrative Clerk Division" They are also using an address that is close to the actual Government facilities in Denver, so the address makes it look even more real. I have contacted the Colorado Sec. of State and they have informed me that they have been receiving calls on this since Friday, 8/8/08. The CO Sec of State has notified all appropriate Legal/Law agencies and recommends submitting the information to the Colorado Attorney Generals website: www.ago.state.co.us , click on the Comsumer Protection link.
The CO Sec of State also requested a copy of the letter be faxed to them, Attn: Michael Watkins (303) 869-4864. Lastly I notified the Colorado Dept of Revenue and they requested I fax a copy of the letter to them at (303) 866-4864
Be careful out there.

I just received one of these letters addressed to my s-corporation from "Colorado Corporate Compliance." Thanks to you all for the information--especially Carole. I will certainly follow through with the contacts she provided. If you look at the return address on the envelope the mail is "presorted standard" mail and the zip code is 90052 which is Los Angeles. These people should be stopped immediately.

I received a form from Fictious Business Name Renewal Center using the same address others have noted. (2740 Fulton Ave. Suite 203 Sacramento,Ca. 95821 (916) 480-9880)Form has the disclaimer on the bottom that states; This is not a bill.This is a solicitation.You are under no obligation to pay the amount stated,unless you accept this offer.I left a message for them to call me back,not sure if they will. Any ideas what to say if they do would be appreciated. [email protected]

I received a letter in Colorado today as well. Funny thing is I don't see the part about it not being from the government however on the front it says street address of principal office of business in California. I am in Colorado and they addressed it for Colorado. Suckers... can't even take the time to make sure the typing is correct for the state.

Yeah, I went as far as filling out the entire application until I read the small fine print at the bottom before I signed..."This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency..." Definitely a Scam!!!! And the rest of you all confirmed it...Thanks!

The ph & address on this particular one is
PO Box 12012
Hemet, CA 92546

Someone's gotta shut them down...

This scam is still alive and well. Two forms were received in our legal department recently. We are located in Florida and are a medium size public traded company. So glad I took the time to follow my instincts, read the entire document and then investigate.

I just received a letter in the mail today from Compliance Annual Minutes Board they are located at PO Box 6202 Murrieta, CA 92564
questions call 866.390.1176 recording

We received our letter here in Texas labeled "State Corporate Compliance Annual Corporate Minutes Compliance Filing" addressed to our non-profit. It states that the "annual minimum compliance fee" is 290.00, plus an administrative fee of $35.00, for a grand total of $325.00--if paid before 9/2/08, which will increase to $375.00 after that. As a retired attorney, I can tell you that this doc. looks VERY official, unless you scrutinize it. I am somewhat chagrined to say that we were just about to pay the thing until I started to research the issues--to double check that there's no such filing requirement for non-profits, and then to quickly realize, of course, upon close inspection, what a complete scam this thing is. I also found your blog, which absolutely confirms the history of this scheme. I shudder to think how many organizations have fallen and will continue to fall into the hands of these people.

too bad the personal info on the scammer behind this is not posted on the net along with their pictures, then when ever they are out in public they could be subject to humilation ( 0r worse)

The scam has made its way to Colorado. I just got one in the mail and immediately sent it to my attorney. They were trying to get $150 but if you were late on sending in your payment, stating that the fee went up to $175. That in itself is fraud, whether or not they have the disclaimer (which took me a few minutes to find). Ask for money for a scam service, make it appear even more official by stating that there is a late fee.

I just wanted to add Colorado to your list.

The Colorado form doesn't say anything about this being a Non-Governmental Agency. I've been in business for 10 years and this is the first time I received this. Also, the last line on the back is incomplete "All information disclosed by the addressed corporation listed on reverse page will remain" - That was another dead giveaway. Thanks for confirming my suspicion!!!!

Disclosure Statment
Board of Business Compliance
Annual Minutes Division
PO Box 93069
Los Angeles, CA 90093-0069

Look out!!!!!

Our company received form from:
Disclosure Statment
Board of Business Compliance
Annual Minutes Division
PO Box 93069
Los Angeles, CA 90093-0069
Reply By: NOW DUE Annual Fee: $125 with a file number
Hope they get shut down soon.

We have received this form or letter. I was very confused, because I just filed “Minutes of First Meeting” and the legal service I paid told me that I have only three forms to send. So I couldn’t figure out why I have to pay other $150 again. so I called them and left a message, but no one call me back. Then I feel it might be fraud. I am glad I find out this is Deceptive Letter.I saved money. Thank everyone.

The name: compliance Annual Minutes Board
The address: P.O. Box 6202,
Murrieta, CA 92564

The Phone: 866-390-1176

Please let everyone know about this letter.

Letter we received is from: Board of Business Compliance
Business Processing Division
PO BOX 93069
LA CA 90093-0069

We recieved the letter way back in July 2008, asking for $125 annual fee. I find the form inadequate, i also try to locate the tel no and google it, unfortunately cannot find any. Thanks for this website i was able to confirmed that this is a scam and we did not mail any payment.
Let us please find a way to STOP this!

Board of Business Compliance
PO BOX 93069
Los Angeles, CA 90093
$125 annual fee

Corporate Compliance Center
2740 Fulton Ave,. Suite 203
Sacramento, CA 95821
(916) 480-9006

California Corporate Services
3308 El Camino Ave., #300-609
Sacramento, CA 95821

I received all 3 of these requests ranging from $100-150. Please beware of these scams and report!

I received this form last week and got very confused. First of all, my business is an LLC and I wasn't sure why they wanted me to file corporate minutes. Plus, I have two LLCs and did not receive this form for my other one. Thirdly, I had never received this form and I've had my LLCs for two years. I was also trying to find a phone number to contact them. When I couldn't, I googled it and found this website. Thank you so much for the information. You all saved me $125!

I received similar papers about the annual minutes that required me to pay $175, payable to California Corporate Filings, mailed to 9175 Kiefer Blvd. #336 Sacramento, CA. The scam is also similar to the letter format of Statement of Information (CA). NO phone numbers or web address on the letter here either.

Got suspicious when this showed up as I've done my research on what needs to be filed when.

These people need to be put out of business!

Thanks for the advise.

I Got one now requesting $125.

New York Corporate Compliance
Bussiness Services Division
Address: 1843 Central Ave. #168
Albany, NY 12205

no phone # or email.

Someone ! go get them ...

Thank you for your so important information. As do you know two of small bussiness clients have received a similar letters from ANNUAL MINUTES DISCLOSURE SERVICES PROCESSING DIVISION 911, CENTRAL AVE #134 ALBANY, NY 12206, PHONE #(866)-390-1176.So as an Accountant,I read very carefully all information included on its instructions Form and Corporation Number related with my clients(Federal Employer Identification Number, EIN and NYS, etc.) but I couldn't find it.So I explained to my clients that the FORM FOR ANNUAL MINUTES DISCLOSURE SERVICES WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO DO PER LAW.So all people related with Business Activities or Corporations should be aware of that this "Product or Service Has Not Been Approved or Endorsed By Any Government Agency And This Offer Is Not Being Made By An Agency of The Government".
They have to take their own decision about this issue.So I prefer you.Thank you to HinesSight for your help and information.


I just got the second notice from Colorado Corporate Compliance. I (foolishly) paid $150 in October so when I got this notice, I started looking for a place to call. When looking it up, I found the above comments. Too bad I didn't look at the details on the first notice!

Just wanted to say we are receiving this scam letter here in Brooklyn New York. The company name (and I use the word company loosly) is "Annual Minutes Disclosure Services" with an annual fee of $150. This form looks like it locks you in annually if you sign up, so the scam can compound over time for these guys to make quite a bit of money. There is also a number to call for questions 866-390-1176 although I can't get an answer when I call. The form is very official looking but I did find in the fine print what you spoke of in your original blog regarding how this is not a government agency. How do these people sleep at night!!!

Just got "my" letter here in NYC today, so they are still out there! On instinct I decided to read the small print, and there is a disclaimer at the bottom stating: "This is a Solicitation For the order of Services and not a bil, invoice or statement of Account Due. No obligation to make any payments on account of this offer unless your accept this offer." Each word begins with a capitol letter, by the way, but I got tired of hitting the shift key '-) I think this is the legal "escape" they use to avoid prosecution. Thank heavens I read that and decided to search them out...and found you post instead. YOU JUST SAVED ME $150! Thank you so much! (Also, I never remembered having to fill out this form or pay this company in the past)

My client has received a letter from:
Annual Minutes Disclosure Services
Business Processing Division
911 Central Avenue #134
Albany, NY 12206

and she has already paid $150 for compliance. Is this a fraud the same as in CA?

Is there any recourse to recover the $150 paid to this bogus company?

What about the Attorney General's Office?

Donna, it sounds like the same scam. You can search these comments for "New York" (command "F") and will find quite a few references to the same, or similar, letters.

Your blog has helped once again. When doing a search for the adresses, I found this posting. I will NOT be paying these fees for our clients. I'm sure they will appreciate saving $150 and $250!

HI, I have to recieved the annual minutes disclosure statement requesting me to send in $150.00 and I looked it up and found this site, thank you for saving me the money. I wanted to tell u about another scam out there, I got one titled annual review board statement of inforation officers list. I called the number on it, and it went to the actual review board and they told me that they did not send out these letter and that its a scam. I wish we could figure out a way to report these. thanks again....


It's been 4 years since this original post, but this just saved my butt.

Colorado Compliance Recorder is running this scam targeting my small denver/boulder area businesses... at least.

This mailed form was CR-34D. The legal wording was obviously misleading (after reading this post), the form asks for officer information and signatures, $150 fee, and a PO Box Denver.


Just to let you know they are using this address in California now:

Remit Office
Compliance Recorder
P.O. Box 91240
Los Angeles, California 90009-1240

Also they are calling it the CR-34D.

I just got taken for the scam at $150. I feel like such an idiot. I just incorporated last August and with all the forms i was filling out for the state of California this one slipped by, looked official and I paid the amount. Check cleared 7 days later. Please be aware with Compliance Annual Minutes Board Business Division PO BOX 6202 Murrieta CA 92564. I plan on waiting for the pick up at that PO box location.

Does anyone have any idea how i can get my money back? I was thinking small claims but there is no company information i can find. I have the bank the check was deposited. Any idea?

I am from Colorado and have a S Corporation I received the same Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement - I faxed it over to my attorney he approved it, I then cut a check for $150 I later found out from a friend of my wife and myself who also has a corporation that she had also received the same letter - she checked it out and found out there was a news article in the Colorado Business Journal that this is a FRAUD. Lucky enough I stopped payment on the check which was never cashed and found out that an investigation is going on and the PO Box has been shutdown which is probably where my check is now. So I consider myself lucky.

Thanks for the posting dated back from 2005. Today is Feb 24, 2009, and I have also received a same letter from "Office of The Compliance Recorder", and asked for $150. The mailing address is:

Compliance Recorder
Remit Clerk Division
P.O. BOX 91240
Los Agles, CA 90009-1240

Can someone alert the police or FBI to find the scam articst behind this PO box?

Ditto. Thank goodness for the Internet! The small print made me dubious, this website confirmed my suspicions. Thanks for posting. Saved another potential victim from Colorado!

I was linked to this blog from another blog (http://www.bniembarcadero.com/scam-compliance-annual-minutes-board/) and thought I'd post the same here so that word gets out about this scam which is still running wild here in California these days.

I recently received a string of these deceptive letters ever since I recently established a new California corporation. I noticed the original post was dated 5/19/05; hard to believe, nearly 4 years later these scam artists are *still* operating! So far, I was a *potential* scammee (is there such a word?) of these scammers:

1. Office of the Compliance Recorder - P.O. Box 66186 Los Angeles, CA $150
2. Department of Business Minutes - P.O. Box 41227 Los Angeles, CA $125
3. Corporate Compliance Filings - 9175 Kiefer Blvd. #336 Sacramento, CA $175
4. Annual Review Board - 333 S. Grand Ave. 25th FL Los Angeles, CA $195
5. Compliance Annual Minutes Board - P.O. Box 6202 Murrieta, CA $150
6. State Bureau of Corporations - P.O. Box 22529 Sacramento, CA $225

Thanks to the internet and blog forums like these, I confirmed my suspicions about these letters and did not become a victim! This is great, I hope more people will do exactly what we all did and Googled to find the facts, share findings, and report to the appropriate authorities. It’s a good thing it looks like most Attorney General and Secretary of State websites are posting alerts on their websites about these types of scams.

I received this letter and noted that it was not from a government agency. Came on line to confirm it's a fraud. Thanks to all who did this post.
Maria F.

Thank you very much for this website. I have received a letter from
Annual Minutes Disclosure Services
Business Processing Division
911 Central Avenue #134
Albany, NY 12206

This letter asked me to pay $150. I went online to search for Annual Minutes Disclosure Services on NY States Databases, and this company didn't exist. I called the phone number 866-390-1176, and I left a message for them to stop doing this to people. Does anyone know how I can complain about this? Please advise. Thank you very much.

I just found out a place that we can complain:
I already filed a complaint.

We received Annual Corporate Meeting Minutes from Annual Corporate Compliance in Indianapolis, IN. It didn’t ask for any money. It just said, “Please sign then insert into your corporate records book. Do not return.” It listed a meeting that was NOT held by our Board of Directors on April 8, 2009 at 10:00 AM. Very strange. It was postmarked 04/23/2009. Has anyone received this? Thank you.

I have received a similar letter from the ANNUAL MINUTES DISCLOSURE and was asking for $150. I thought it came from the government and almost issued the check.

It pays to search online and look for the validity of the people who sends you letters.

This is the second letter of this kind I have received within 6 months. This letter is postmarked April 2009. The return envelope and return address have a po box of 32369, Los Angeles, CA 90032. They are asking for $125 fee.

I was interested in advertising on your site.

If you could please send me a quote it would be appreciated.

Thank You
Jason Mcleod

I see that the last post was in 2006, so I thought I would add that I have been working for my current employer for almost 3 years and each year I receive a different looking "compliance form" Their still out there with no phone number or physical address to contact. Their asking $125 and their address is now PO BOX 32369, Los Angeles, 90032

Gina, there's lots of comments after 2006 (see the ones above). I think you needed to click on the "more" button at the bottom of the comments page. Only 50 or 100 comments are shown on each page.

We are a small company in Western PA and we received today a Disclorue Statement from the "Department of Annual Minutes Compliance" (DAMC). I read it over and told our accounting department not to pay it and after reading other postings I'm glad that I did. I have also filed a complaint with the US Postal Service. Any time I see a doc that has **AUTO** on it, I am leary of what is going to be the bottom line. Don't fall for these people no matter how they alter their name, address or the amount they ask for. This one wanted $125.00. As you will notice there is no physical address or phone number associated with this scam.

Thanks for your help. I just got a mail from same people "DOBM" but P.O. Box 41617, Los Angeles, CA 90041. I was going to pay but I thought check it before I pay.
Thank you all.

We got this letter in Texas. I thought it seemed odd when I first looked at it, before reading the fine print. Thanks for the help. Their remit address on this letter: 8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Suite 110 #1019, Los Angeles, CA 90045. We googled it and see that it is a mailbox service.

Just received this bogus form in the mail.
What a bunch of crap.

Thanks for posting.

Received a letter such like you all, addressed from; OFFICE OF THE COMPLIANCE RECORDER, ADMINISTRATIVE CLERK DIVISION, PO BOX 66186, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90066. Thank you all for saving me $150. God Bless you for taking your time to post about such a scam.

Hi everyone,
I got a letter like the one describe it from the guy who built this page and the first catch was this are legal but when I inspected more the seal are not even a legal seal like that in all the american history, and yes! the letter has a legal look a like but people please I have to tell you something my grandfather told me when I was a kid "READ EVERYTHING" and that was I did, I read it and almost at the ending of the letter said "THIS PRODUCT OR SERVICE HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED OR ENDORSED BY ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY" so, what means this are not a legal document and if you my friend reading this ad you send your money already its time you call your bank and stop this transaction right away.
Are you send a money order? bad news, you just lost your money forever because you never read.
I'm sorry, I do not like to be rude but you have to read all the time every single document from the beginning to the ending.
For those who can stop the check remember this guys has to send you a letter inquiring for money just replay with a simple explanation letter;
" Your company letter with your service offer surprise our account department with your government look a like, reason we send you a check considering you was an official government request.
(Your company Name) are not interested in any of your services or offers, we are against of any kind of look a like scam an we already fill our complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of (your state) related with the government look a like of your business.
Proceed in the best way you consider; our attorney office has to take the correct actions."
Be wise, be alert, open your eyes and read everything.
Lacy people has to pay the price.

3/15/10 Just received the same form from Comp. Services PO Box 1265 Studio City, Ca 91614 Asking for $125.00 DO BE SCAMMED!!!!

Received Mar 23,2010, Notice to Property Owners who have recently purchased or refinanced (my address) who may have had a lien created by the Deed of Trust. Owner should have a certified copy of the Deed Of Reconveyance. Without it may lead to future title problems. I have recently refinanced.
This was a "Final Notice", there was no previous notice, with a deadline of May 31, 2010. Processing Fee $145. payable to: Recording Compliance Board, Assessors ID No: 5086020012.
Return envelope: Recording Compliance Board, Title Reconveyance Dept. POBox 480501 Los Angeles, CA 90048.
Letter and envelopes pretty official looking, with 3 lines indicating what they will do.

I got a similar letter here in SoCal yesterday. Not gettin a DIME from me. Unfortunately, the usual victims here are the elderly: The people least able to afford having their money stolen by these dirtbags. I sent copies to the Los Angeles DA's Office, and the Ca Dept Of Consumer Affairs to name two. Hope justice prevails.

I just received a very official letter from SoCal DBA 1142 S. Diamond Bar Blvd. #526, Diamond Bar, CA 91765 to renew my fictitious business name, even though it is not time for me to renew. I called LA County Registrar office at 800-201-8999 (automated, but within the fictitious name info...press 0, and got to talk to a very helpful staff). She said the letter is from a 'third party company' which is not related to the LA County Registrar. To renew, the Registrar office will send a postcard as a reminder every 5 years.
And it is only $18.

Do it yourself. Don't pay $85, especially if you may end up with problem.

LA County Registrar's website: lavote.net
Click left pane, "County Clerk Operations" you will find Fictitious Business Name info.

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