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May 19, 2005


Hello, my company also received this same letter. I just started my company a couple of months ago. So I filled it out and also included in my check the late fee of $50.00 which totaled $175.00. I filled it all out and had a question about my minutes so I called 411 and asked for corporate compliance recorders office in L.A. California and there was no such listing. So I decided to look them up online and found this interesting scam. Glad I didn't mail my check today!

Thank you for this info. I received very similar latter from california corporate compliance at 3053 freeport blvd #310, sacramento, ca 95818 a while ago and was wondering if its a scam. Now i can finally throw this letter away! Thanks to u !!

We recieved this in our office and were all set to send it in when my CFO questioned this. I did a web search and found your site. Thanks for posting this it saved us $125. I am also reporting this to the California Dept. of Justice.

Received my second in two years orom the California Corporate Compliance. I googled the name and got your page. Many thanks

Frank Lovero Jr.

I fell for this scam and paid my $125 fee.

I contacted the 1-866-833-4085 phone number a day after I sent my check and spoke to an agent who said they would send my check back un cashed. Two weeks later I notice on my bank statement they cashed my check.

To make a long story short, I contacted the above phone number over and over for the next 3 weeks and spoke too many different people and found out that the company taking the calls is a third party - (Answer Connect - http://www.answerconnect.com & ph# - 800-525-1315). These agents lead me to beleived they were actual Annual Minutes and Compliance Service representatives. They only communicate with the company via eletronic text messages. I contacted the Answer Connect company directly and spoke to them at length about their agents not properly representing themselves - shortly after this, an agent from the nnual Minutes and Compliance Service contacted me (310-309-0761 - Eva) about my refund. They sent it to me a cashiers check for a full refund - this took about 4 weeks from when I stated my orig complaint.

Our Homeowners Association received a similar letter from Corporate Compliance Center, 2740 Fulton Avenue., Suite 203, Sacramento, CA 95821 (916) 480-9006. Same scam under a new name. They were asking $150.00 for the same service. I will also be reporting them.

Just got my very own personal copy of the same letter, from L.A., CA 90066. So, I'm a proud member of the club. Can you say, class action? Jail time? I'm going to take this as far as I can.

I started to fill out the form, and balked at the $125 fee, as I know the State of CA Secretary of State filing is $25. They are counting on the short deadline, Notice date 3/24/06 and deadline of April 7, 2006 to rush people into paying. I tried to report to the Secretary of State, and could not break through their automated response system!

I also received similar letter from "Corporation Compliance Recorder" to pay $125.00. I called Secretary of State (SOS), as per them it is not scam. As per SOS, it is totally upto corporation to pay them or not. Where as SoS doesn't require such kind of filings.

I am glad I googled and find this site. Atleast I save $125.00 for now. Let us see what next pops up.

-Kamal Singh

I also received "Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement" from Corporate Compliance Recorder P.O. Box 66186, Los Angeles, CA 90066 asking for $125. As I noticed there was not even a phone number to call, I google-searched this and found this website. Thank you for your information - I had already filled out the form and was ready to cut a check.

We have received many letters regarding "Corporate Compliance," however the one received today about corporate minutes was the most official-looking one to date. Had to really look closely at the small print to see the disclaimer. This notice even had our correct State Corporate Number, which I understand is Public Record, however, it does make it look all that much more official.

Thank you so much for your website. Seems while you are doing a good public service, our government representatives are looking the other way. Keep up the good work!

Got the California corporate minutes form scam in the mail. Very convincing. It was only when I read the fine print at the bottom about it being a "solicitation for the order of goods and services" did I realize that something wasn't right.

They plaster state statutes all of the the page to make you afraid that you will be in violation of the law if you don't send it in. Plus, the dealine is very short. I filed a mail fraud complaint and hope that they shut down this company. There is clear intent to defraud.

Thanks for this website. My accounting office filled out the paperwork and gave me a check to sign at my request. I didn't read the whole thing. We've been in business 30 years and I never remembered paying for it before. Thought I'd look it up and your website proved my suspicions. Thanks again.

Got the letter yesterday (Compliance Annual Minutes Board). This morning looked at it more closely and suspected scam. Checked the web and sure enough, it is. Thanks everyone for contributing to nail the bastards.

Our church got the same letter from Corporation Compliance Recorder, P.O. Box 66186, Los Angeles, CA 90066. They were asking for $125. Not knowing what it was for, I tried to call them, but I didn't see a phone number. Then I decided to google the company and found this website. Thanks God for all of you. How could somebody do that to a church?

Thanks for the info. I just received a letter from California Coporate Compliance with the Sacramento address. Luckily I found this website before sending out the check.

Thank you so much for your website and all the comments.

I also received "Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement" from BUSINESS DIVISION-California Corporate Compliance, 3053 FREEPORT BLVD.#310, SACRAMENTO, CA 95818,
asking for $125. I tried to locate their address through white page. I couldn't find anything. It's very lucky that I found this website before sending out the check.

here is a link to mail fraud in california. I received one of these letters the other day as well but looked it up and found you guys!


Our non profit organization received one of these letters also from Sacramento. Our Treasurer passed it on to me, asking if it was official. As a veteran of looking up "urban legends" on the internet, I checked here first. Thank you all for doing the same.

Received a letter from State Corporate Compliance. Went to Google and found all of this interesting information. I downloaded a page giving notice of this being a fraud so I copied it, and returned the scam notice to them which I signed Gotcha. My return address-Tink Imadumbass, Inc. La.Ca. zip 00u812?????
I was going to waste my accountants time, and my money asking about this bill. Thanks.

I also received the same letter from Corporate Compliance Recorder. I spent a couple of useless hours trying to figure out if this is legit and if I should mail the check. Thank you for your website, I save $125. This scam artist should be jailed.

We recieved the same letter last week and I was surprised that in the past we haven't had any such thing. The smart thing I did was to call my attorney to find out what we need to do. He immediately told me to trash it and has nothing to do with our corporation.
I mewnt must take charge and blast these organizations that make money in disguise. Once I trace them I will nail them and make sure these rogues pay for their deeds.

I got one of these; it looked odd to me; any time that someone/some agency wants money I am suspicious; I am particularly suspicious if I haven't heard of them before or paid them before. So I typed it in on Google and came to this site. Thanks to you and the internet we normal people are now able to check out these fishy looking mailings. How come these people haven't been stopped? What government agency regulates this kind of stuff? It has obviously been reported on many occasions

I'm glad I Googled 'Corporation Compliance Recorder' before "complying" with $125!! To file a complaint with the BBB go here:

I was ready to send the form with 150.00, and didn't send it because I never had to do this before. Hint: Government forms for a corporation are always the same every year, be aware if all of a sudden you get one that you have never seen before. And looking through my payment history I noticed that all government fees are paid to State or Federal agencies. The reason why why I was not sure is because these scammers call themselves "State Corporate Compliance", 916 j St, Sacramento CA 95814.

I too got one of these "Corporate Compliance" forms with the 916 J Street address. I happily wrote very nasty, negative things on the form and sent it back WITHOUT a check. They are accumulating very bad karma and it will all come back to them.

Corporate Compliance Center, 2740 Fulton Ave. Ste 203, Sacramento 150.00
I'm so glad I checked the web first,before I called CPA and Attorney.
What a scam, thank you all for your postings. I will make a report as well.

I would like everyone to know that after reading the comments and being scammed by CCC as well, I filed a claim with the postal inspector. I did receive a confirmation from the USPS that my claim had been received and they would investigate this. I also called and left several messages for "Eva" 310-309-0761, who was referenced in one of the messages above. She did finally call me back and I just received a cashier's check in the mail refunding the full amount. She said she would follow up on the whereabouts of my minutes but I told her send me a refund as I had done the minutes myself. "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus". IN ADDITION, today I received yet a new solicitation from CCC with a totally different "look". It does not look "governmental" as it did before. I suggest you pursue this matter with Eva should you desire a refund. Good luck!!

I was scammed by Corporate Compliance Center, 2740 Fulton Ave. Ste 203, Sacramento 125.00 and Compliance Division at 9175 Kiefer Blvd. #312, Sacramento, CA95826 last year. My bookkeeper automatically payed last week due to the last year's records. I cancelled my check in time.

Another one is even harder to catch:
ANNUAL MINUTES DISCOSURE STATEMENT BY "Compliance Division at 9175 Kiefer Blvd. #312, Sacramento, CA95826". This company did not have any disclaimer saying that it was not affiliated with the state agency". It looked alarmingly official.

It asked for $175. Beware.

Thank you for this blog!! I got this notice for a client and could not figure out why we would suddenlyhave to pay $175 and turn in all these minutes! I "googled" the "Corporation Compliance Recorder" and this blog was at the top. Thank you!

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