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May 19, 2005


Thank you for the information. It is very helpful, especially for those who are just starting business.

We received one from Temecula, CA address.


P.O. BOX 9011

Noticed all these addresses are P.O. Box only!

Thank you so much for posting this website! I became confused when I received an "Annual Minites Disclosure Statement" letter in the mail from California Corporate Compliance yesterday. I knew I had sent them $120 in April and now they were asking for $125! I called the Secretary of States office and found out that my $25 I send to them annually keeps me current with them! They told me that as of now California Corporate Compliance is not considered to be doing anything wrong. I was angry so I looked up last years records and found out what my $125 annual minutes disclosure got me. It was a short 3 pages worth of documents that would take no time to duplicate as I am the CEO, Secretary, and the Director. I just called the number(866-833-4085) and they told me I should receive a refund(no questions asked) in 7-10 days.Thanks again for posting this website. I hope this can prevent other people from being scammed also.

Wow, sorry to hear you all got scam, interesting I run a site about scamming also just happens I live in the Temecula area. Anybody know who is running this scam I am very interested in stopping any scam in my community these people are ruining our community. Let me know my website is http://www.coreclient.110mb.com and can be reached from the site. r/ cORE

I just got the new york version and after I read it, I'm like what the hell? First of all, I don't even have a corporation so I was tipped off right away. As I read the fine print that says that it's not affiliated with any gov agency, that definitely got me curious. Thanks to your site, I was able to confirm that this was 100 percent fake. Thanks a lot.

The bastards almost got me just now! I had the form filled filled out, the check cut, and the envelope stamped! Thank goodnes I decided to look the thing up on-line. When I went back to the document, I saw the fine type hidden near the bottom.

I've got to tip my hat to the crook that came up with that one. I don't get taken for sucker ofter any more in NYC, but that was a close one.

Thanks Hinessight!

The NY Albany address is a Box at an Albany UPS store.
We received it yesterday at our place of business. Report it to the Attorney General

THANK YOU for the information, you just saved me $125. I am in SF and got one for my corporation, this information is wonderful and I hope you get your money back and more.

Hi everyone,

We just got the ANNUAL MINUTES DISCLOSURE STATEMENT today. We live in NYC. I googled the name "New York Corporate Compliance" and "scam" because 2 or 3 months ago we received a different scam about purchasing
posters for $95 for compliance, when we could easily get them from the govt for $5.

Anyway, I'm so glad you exposed this scam.

well i guess they got me on this one even if i fond out were they cashed the check and it wont matter neway i guess

and i did go to the attorney general and faxed my letter i got to them

We just got a letter from COMPLIANCE ANNUAL MINUTES BOARD, P.O Box 9011, Temecula, CA 92589 today. They ask $150. We would like to paid because it looks like government form and we are new and small company. We just wanted to search how to fill out this form then we found this post. Thank you very much for this post. But we do think our government needs do something to stop this. We think many small and new companies like us, paid the fee already.


I have received a letter from the NY Corporation Compliance Business Division requested my minutes and a $125 fee. This was very suspicious and I could not located any information on the NY State website about it. Thank you for supplying information here. Now I am sure that this is a scam.

First, thank you for posting this information. I too recieved a letter from these jerks. Like all small business owners, I am very busy. Therefore, I was upset to have and waste valuable time to research the mailing from these scamming scumbags.

I did spend 41 cents on a stamp.
I sent them their envelope.

On the outside of the envelope I wrote, "Urgent! Please open immediately."
I also wrote, in small letters on the outside of the envelope. "check for $125 enclosed."

The enclosed letter specifically indicated my displeasure with their organization written in large print. At the bottom of the letter, in very small print, it said, "Note: I may or may not have farted on this letter. Enjoy."

Yes, it's in poor taste. However, I think it's funny.

(BTW: I did NOT fart on the letter. Please don't tell the scammers that.)

Thank you, you save me $150, and more in the future.

We have been victimized by Corporation Compliance Recorder, located at PO Box 66186, Los Angeles, Ca. 90066. All I read here makes it more clearly to me that these businesses are some sort of “Mail Fraud" any one who has been victimized should contact USPS, and ask for detective to push for Federal Prosecution, on the ground of Mail fraud.

Just so you know, don't get upset with the "receptionists" who pick up the phones when you call in either NY or GA. We're actually an answering service that has little to do with the company, and service about 500 different clients, and we literally have no way of getting in contact with anyone of authority aside from taking a message. Yelling at us is ineffective, and most of us are very upset that we're accepting calls from this client at all.

I'm a CPA and one of my clients just got a letter from COMPLIANCE ANNUAL MINUTES BOARD, P.O Box 9011, Temecula, CA 92589 today. I thought this looked fishy. Guess my hunch was correct.

Thanks for the info.

I got letter from Temecula, ca address. It stated that today July 9th 2007 was last day. I was about to send the check today but I lost forms somewhere so went online to print new forms and this site poped up when I google. Thanks to this site, it saved my $150.00

They are still at it.... $150.00 and its crap!!!

As a CPA in New York, I received a copy of this letter today, and it does state on it that it "has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency and this offer is not being made by an agency of the government". I "googled" this to research this, and found this - saved my client $125!

We received a letter from the Fictitious Business Name Renewal Center at the 2740 Fulton Avenue, Suite 203 Sacramento, CA address. In big letters at the top it stated that it was a Fictitious Business Name Expiration Notice and stated that the $100 payment was due 7/31/07. Since we received it on the 18th, I have no doubt they do that so you'll hurry and send payment w/o reading it carefully. At the very bottom, in small letters is the disclaimer that they are not a gov't agency. I filed a complaint with the BBB and mailed a copy of it back to them with the payment stub.

I received one of these letters from "New York Corporate Compliance" requesting $125. Even though it say's "not a government document" it looks very official. I smelled a scam right away and I was right. I will report this to the attorney general's office right away and the BBB.

NY. Just received a "Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement" from NY Corporate Compliance. Very official looking indeed. (even with all the fine prints.) Customer Service Unit (866-468-6619) said they had nothing to do w/ the government. Thanks to Brian & Laurel!

I am residence of NYC, and just received mail looks like official letter from New York state, but it was fake.
It was came from NEW YORK CORPORATE COPLIANCE.(sounds like a government office)
I thought the logo on the envelope looks strange, and it does not said New york state, nor New york city.
I found this website by google.
Thank you for keeping up this website. You saved me $125.


I just got the notice at my office citing California Requirements that I pay $120. One quick google search brought up this website and showed me what the notice really was. Thank you for taking the time to post this, looks like you saved alot of us a good bit of money

I got scammed by this. Is there a class action site or a way to go about our refund?

I just got this from "California Corporate Services", Business Division, 3308 El Camino Avenue, Suite 300-609, Sacramento CA 95821. Says right under the return address "This is not a government document". Looks like they constantly change their address to avoid getting caught by us savvy bloggers and readers of blogs. We received a similar letter from a New York company & address a few months ago. Thanks for the notice here!

Thanks so much for this site. Our company received the notice from "California Corporate Services" and because it smelled a little fishy, I googled it and found this site. My suspicions were confirmed.
I also checked with the BBB of North/East California and there have only been 5 complaints against this fraudulent company -one which was resolved but the other 4 received no response. It is a shame that they can't be shut down. Thanks again for the heads-up!

Watch out New Yorkers. They just popped up in New York State under:

New York Corporate Compliance
Business Service Division
1843 Central Ave #168
Albany, NY 12205-4735

They requested information for Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement which I thought was a private information. I am reporting them to the NYS Authorities.

They're still at it, using the Sacramento Freeport address - I didn't read the fine print and paid the fee. They haven't taken the money yet, so I'm going to put a stop payment on the check. I went online to get a copy of the form for my records and not be late with the payment next year, and then I couldn't find the form online! I came upon this site and found out it was a scam. Thanks for the info!

Got a letter:

california corporate services
business division
3308 el camino ave., #300...
Sacramento, ca 95821

is there any way to get these guys besides submitting a complaint into a black hole? thanks.

oh... in addition to the above, i googled the address and found out that "3308 el camino ave" in sacramento is a UPS store. It is a private po box.

Thanks to this website, after I type in the payment address, I was able to find your website and learn about the scam of this Annual Minutes Disclosure statment with $150 dated 7/16/07. Lucky me, I almost going to cut the check for this!! Thanks again!!!

THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH. It looked fishy so i did a google search and found this website. Appreciate the info.

Oh Wow Thank You!! My boss was getting after me because we thought we had to pay $175 to these people since he didn't get this "statement" in time... so I googled it to try to find a phone number and found this instead! Thank goodness!!!!

Just received the same letter from a company called

New York Corporate Compliance
Business Services Division
1843 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12205
(866) 468-6619

Thanks to this blog I was able to determine it was a scam and not send them the $125.

I hade just filed a complain with better business bureau, thanks to this website. I received a letter from Compliance annual Minutes Board asking for $150.00 or I will lose limited liability on our corporation. I read the fine print on the botton of the letter and it says it is not a government agency or nor has being approved by the goverment. I almost sent the check, but I google the company's name and read the posting on this website. I think we should all take 5 minutes to file a complain, and stop this people. thank for this website

This is a SCAM. Read the fine print " This is a service and Not a Bill , invoices or statement due. No obligation to make any payments unless you accept this offer" for a fee of 95.00
Annual Minites Compliance Board
Business processing Division
PO box 38130
Los Angeles, Ca 90038-0130

Letter recived by mail very official looking
Can fool anyone. Aug 17 2007 Glendale CA.

Be advised no official state or government letter can be sent to Los Angeles, Its alwasys Sacramento CA.


This scam just went to State of NY as well. Luckily, I was too lazy to respond initially and then panicked when I realized I was late getting back to them. It does look official but it also says on the envelope that "THIS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT". What a bunch of scum backs. BTW, they are charging $125 for me.

Do not send $ 125 To
New York Corporate Compliance
Business Services Division
1843 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12205
(866) 468-6619

This is a scam letter
Please read buttum portion of this letter

I am a lawyer in NYC.

I received a call from a managing agent of a coop I represent about this letter, and had her fax it to me.

At first blush, it does appear somewhat official, but luckily I Googled the company and came upon this blog.

There really isn't much you can do worthwhile but throw away the letter.

I am so glad I found this website before I'd mailed out the check. I'd just started a company and with all the paperwork that I've been filling out, this looked legitimate for a moment.

Business Processing Division
P.O. Box 9011
Temecula, CA 92589

They asked for a $150 annual fee and a record of directors and shareholders. They attached a sheet of paper that contained California corporations codes.
This is such a scam! Thank you to everyone who posted.

Yup, I got the same scam with same addresses provided by those above. My mail did not indicate that this was NOT a government document, nor did it explicitly claim that this was optional and not mandatory. It only described: "This service assists corporations".

Best thing to do is go to the US Postal Service Postal Inspection site and find your nearest office: http://www.usps.com/ncsc/locators/find-is.html

And by the way, can anyone tell me, speaking of scams, why the USPS is now using "com" instead of "gov". I'd already heard of many attempts to privatize the USPS by executive order in this ridiculous administration. I wouldn't want my complaint to go to some political appointee who made his money on the same scams I'm reporting. Something tells me he wouldn't be likely to do much.

I was just reading and re-reading the same notice from the Corporation Compliance Recorder. I was looking for their phone number and I could not find it anywhere. It seems they only want contact with you via your check. I am glad I found this website. Thank you.

Got one for New York! Thanks for posting this to confirm it's a scam.

Company has been paying for years for NOTHING! Thanx for creating site. Will join any class action & make complaints.

I Got this letter in New York, back in early August, The Info was turned over to
the Westchester County DA, and to the New York Attorney Generals office, I haven't
recieved a answer from either.I have also spoken to several people who almost sent in
all that info and the $125.00. These people
need to be stopped now!!

I received their Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement for a company I dissolved 3 yrs ago which made me suspicious. I looked them up in the NYS government website and could not find their division so I googled their name instead and found your website. Thank you for your information. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau even though I did not send any money but I asked the BBB to forward my complaint to the proper authorities. Thanx again.

Just received an "Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement" for my husband's business. I'm an accountant and thought this was weird as I've never seen this. I did see it says this is not a government document. I googled the phone number they provide for customer service and came on this website. Thanks so much. I'll be writing the better business bureau.

After receiving two letters in the last week, one from the Temecula address and one from:
California Corporate Services
Business Division
3308 El Camino Avenue, Suite 300-609
Sacramento, CA 95821
i decided to google this and find out it is not legal and these are ALL SCAMS.

Sadly, i checked our past records, and we have paid twice last year: once to the Temecula address and once to:
California Corporate Compliance
3053 Freeport Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95818

I cannot believe these people get away with this year after year!!! I called the # on the Temecula letter, and it is just some guy on an old answering machine.

Please pass it on to any corporations you know.

I received this form yesterday for a corporation I had just incorporated and it didn't seem right to me. They are asking me for $125.00 due in 7 days. Since I didn't have a good feeling about it, I tried to search it on the calif corp websit and the secretary of state web site with no luck at all. I did a web search and got this web site. More should be posted on the official web sites about this scam.

Thanks for keeping this comment section up! I googled:

Corporation Compliance Recorder
P.O. Box 66186
Los Angeles, California 90066

They asked for $125 or $175 after the remit date. Instead of complaining to the toothless BBB, I'll report this to the IRS and the US Postal Service.

I got one for Fictitious Business Name Renewal Center with an address of:

2740 Fulton Ave., Ste 203
Sacramento, CA 95821-5183

I just started a new job which involves some A/P thanks for saving me $100.

Thanks for setting up this blog - I too was suspicious when I saw a "governmental looking" DBA renewal form that had the words "this is a solicition" at the bottom of it. Since when does the government solicit? I asked myself, and why wont someone answer the phone number provided? Thanks to your blog here, I saved $125. FYI the mailing address on my form was 916 J Street, Sacramento - you wont find it on Google!

I just received this letter in New York City with the following return address:

New York Corporate Compliance
Business Services Division
1843 Central Avenue, #168
Albany, NY 12205

Thank you all for your posts,

Gotta love the power of the Internet. I ALMOST fell for it today. Got the form back in July but just today I filled it out and I was about to drop it in mail when I decided to do a lookup before I sent it. Sure enough, found blogs reporting it as a scam. Thanks to all who take their time to leave comments/blogs that will help others from falling for scams and other similar things. For the record, our form asked for $95 and it's from Annual Minutes Compliance Board, Business Processing Division, P.O. Box 38130, Los Angeles CA 90038-0130

My corporation was dissolved years ago, but I just got one too. I was suspicious right away - Do not send any money to:

New York Corporate Compliance
Business Service Division
1843 Central Ave #168
Albany, NY 12205-4735

I will also report it.

HAHAHAHAHAH WHAT A FUCKING SCAM . what do they think we are retarded?

Well, they're up to $175 now. Just got off the phone with them (couldn't believe I got a real person) to let them know I wouldn't be falling for the scam (second letter I've received in a month) and to take my name off their mailing list.
Too bad the state isn't doing anything about these guys...considering how long of a list of comments there are on here and how far back they date.

Thanks so much for all the input on this scam. The whole thing looked suspicious to me. When I googled the form and got no results, it looked even shadier. Then, I stumbled on this site. Thank you. God bless the internet and the knowledge sharing that goes on here.

Was told most addresses are sent back to UPS stores in every capital throughout the U.S. 1843 Central Albany, NY is a UPS Store

I just got one of these scam letters today. Thank you for the heads up.

When you first open up the letter, your first impression is that it looks legit. But then once you read deeper into the fine print, you realize all the Red Flags that are contained in the letter. I admit, whoever these guys are, they're very good at MS Word and creating a template that looks official.

But what gave themselves away were things like:
1) Only having 10 days to pay a federal bill, which is odd b/c it's usually 30 days
2) Having it sent to Temecula out of all places; the wine country of SoCal
3) Asking for the address of my executive office, which is confusing b/c they already sent it there, so why were they asking for it again
4) Not clearly explaining what Compliance Minutes actually are
5) Having a phone number that goes straight into an answer machine w/o even ringing
6) Including a second page that looked highly unprofessional in a font that looks like it was made in the 80's.

Thank God for Google and the ability to reference things like this. I hope that some of these tips help other people out, if it's not too late.

BTW, mine was supposed to be sent to:
Compliance Annual Minutes Board
Business Processing Division
P.O. Box 9011
Temecula, CA 92589

I got scammed in 2006 and 2007 by California Corporate Compliance.

I became suspicious when I received a similar demand for $195 a few weeks later from another company which I did not pay.

Board Of Business Compliance
Annual Minutes Division
P.O. Box 93069
Los Angeles, CA 90093-0069

I reported both to the Better Business Bureau. I'm claiming refunds plus stress, inconvenience etc. I don't believe I will get the money back, but I do believe if everyone who receives these letters complains that eventually something will be done. I'm also joining any class actions I can find.


I received an Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement notice requesting payment of $125 from Corporation Compliance Recorded on Oct 21.

On searching the CA Secretary of State site for form CCR-34D - no such form existed.

Thank you for your site, as it has confirmed the scam.

I just got this "New York Annual Minutes Compliance" letter with some other REAL NY State Tax forms and I almost went for it. But it just didn't seem right. Something about it wasn't right. I've had a business for 10 years and never heard of it. Never had to pay it, I googled, I saw and I thank you.....

New York Corporate Compliance
Business Service Division
1843 Central Ave #168
Albany, NY 12205-4735

My friend and I both received the same letter from this company bc we recently converted our llc to a corporation. I wrote a check for $150 and filled out the form but realized that all the questions that were the same form that I filled out on the secretary of state website. After I found this website, I immediately called my friend who told me it was a scam.

I just got a Annual Minutes Compliance Board letter requesting $95.00 the address is PO Box 38130 Los Angeles CA 90038. Thanks for the info on this scam.

RE: CA Corporate Compliance at Freeport Blvd in Sacramento. I fell for this scam in 2006 and in 2007. I just realized this when I received another letter several weeks ago and became more suspicious. I had made a copy of the letter when I mailed the check this year and read it closer. I have not received any services for this fee. I would like to get my $250 back. I will continue to call and leave messages. I have read every entry on this site to gather as much information as possible. Does anyone else have any further information or contact numbers besides the 866-833-4085?

I believe this is a government agency... this has been going on for years.. million of people have been affected, and millions of complaints. And the government hasn't did anything... because its the government.

Thank you for this postng.
The document that I received from 'FBNRC' used the same logic as those described here to coax you into sending money to them because your Fictitious Business Name Renewal was pending.

They are calling themselves the Fictitious Business Name Renewal Center, using the mailing address: 2740 Fulton Ave #203, Sacramento CA. (916) 480-9880 (No response/message when called).


As a new coporation I question everything related to it. I received a letter from the CCR and thought it strange to not have a phone number. I called information to get a # to check to see if this was for real and some man answered the # they gave me saying I had the wrong #. I then found this site on the web. Thank You for all of you who have posted here, I would have felt really stupid to lose $125 or the $175 if not done by the due date. Thanks Everyone!!

My wife just got screwed.....Can someone help us to recover our money?

Our company's Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement Form came from the Annual Business Compliance Board, PO Box 38130, Los Angeles, CA 90038-0130. No telephone number was on the form, so I googled.

It is clear the scam is wide and has been around at least a few years and uses many similar names, office locations, etc.

Anyone have a way to get this on the news? There are those news shows that find scammers and actually bust them on TV. Apparently, nothing else has worked to put them out of buisness to this point...

Thanks for the blog - very helpful!

Update Youth and Seniors Outreach Services minutes.

640 Caesar Chavez
San Francisco, California, 94124

I just received a letter from Corporation compliance Recorder requesting the amount of $150.00 for the anual minutes stamp, enable me to be a share holder and get my minute stamp.
I beleive that this is a fraud and I would like to reported since I am in business, owning a corporation in California.

I received one of these letters and googled and found your site. Thanks for saving me the $125

We are in NYC received two notifications from these scammers and intend exposing them on national tv. Warning to all read the disclaimer found beneath NAME and MAILING ADDRESS; 'THIS PRODUCT OR SERVICE HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED OR ENDORSED BY ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY AND THIS OFFER IS NOT BEING MADE BY AN AGENCY OF THE GOVERNMENT ETC...'

Fictitious Business Name Renewal Center sent me a notice on Jan 24th saying it had to be filed with the county by Jan 28th.

Looks like they depend on the urgency of the dates to panic you into acting without much scrutiny.

I got out my pen to file out the form, then I noticed that the check needed to be filled out to FBNRC? and then that the return address was in Sacramento (not in the county where I'm registered). I took me a couple of more minutes of scrutiny before I found the disclaimer, without which it would have to be called mail fraud.

What b4st4rds.

Fictitious Business Name Renewal Center
2470 Fulton Ave. Suite 203
Sacramento, CA 95821

Phone 916-480-9880

I received the letter Corporation Compliance Recorder Los Angeles for $150.

I checked the Web just before writing the check.

Thanks for the information.

I just received one also. I remembered this scam from it making the news last year. (I had also received something similar last year).
I think I will send them a nice F you letter in response. This letter's response address is PO box 9011, Temecula 92589
I hope this helps others.

I was almost a victim of this letter TWICE. A "Corporation Compliance Board" letter was sent to me with a request for $95 fee last month and I sent it in. Today I received another letter from "Corporation Compliance Recorder" with almost the exact same logo and letter requesting $150 fee for the exact same thing. This got me suspicious, especially when this letter now has no telephone contact info. I Googled this organization and I came to several sites linking this organization with scams. Now that I have sent in my $95 to this fraudulent organization, what recourse do I or any of us have? Is it even worth it to pursue this legally? I see comments on this site dating back to 2005 so apparently this organization is still in business and further scamming others. Why hasn't it been stopped after SO MANY fraudulent transactions?

Received one from corporation compliance recorder (PO box 66186 LA CA 90066) on 2/5/2008.

Surprised to see the posts from 2005. Why such acts could last so long? Why can't the government do something?

Received one from corporation compliance recorder (PO box 66186 LA CA 90066) on 1/21/2008

this is a long time scam! wow- i guess just keep changing the PO Box keeps the gov guessing...

We got two of these scam compliance letters. One from Corporate Compliance Filings (from Sacramento) and one from Compliance Services in Studio City. Since we are a small film production company that used Legal Zoom to set up our company, I almost got hooked in. When I got two from different places, I realized something was wrong. Sometimes procrastination is a good thing. I had the first one in a pile to discuss with our accountant and then when the second one came from a different company and I read all the fine print, I thought it looked "wrong" and googled "Annual Minues" and wound up on this site. I can't believe the government hasn't done something about this. It's obviously been going on for years!

They almost got me too. This is the addy I got also: PO box 66186 LA CA 90066. I am going to go look. I live 20 minutes from that postal zip.

I just recieved another one today. That makes 3 within the past 3 weeks. hmmm.... Isn't there something we can do??

Well, we received our fourth one yesterday. This one from Compliance Services, P.O. Box 1265, Studio City, CA. I "almost" fell for it the first time (from another company), but when I read it more carefully, I realized it was a SCAM. They got their letter back, without my company's name & address, but with "comments" from me. As will this one... It's a shame.

I formed a Corporation in California on 12-31-2007. I received the Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement from the Corporation Compliance Recorder on 02-05-2008. I made a check for $150.00 and sent it the next day in order to avoid a penalty of $25.00. In a few days, I called my accountant and asked him, which category I should place this new expense as. He said that there was no governmental agency known as CCR. It was basically a scam. He told me to trash it. I told him that I had sent the check to them. He told me to do a stop payment on my check. I called my bank right away and was lucky that the CCR had not cashed it. I was able to do a stop payment on my check. My accountant said that there will be a lot of scams I would be receiving in future and just to be careful who I wrote a check to. I asked my sister, since she had formed an LLC couple of years ago. She has been receiving the mail from the CCR from 2004. She has been careful not to send any money to them. This scam is very wide spread. I filed a complaint with my local police dept. The Police said that they had not heard about them. This site has been very informative. It’s a total surprise that these scammers have been in business for a very long time. They should be stopped. I will send a copy of my experience to the US Congressman in the area. May be it’s the election year and he will be energized to do something about this. I hope my experience will help others.

The scam has spread to New York. They want $125. Also, by filling out their fake form you are risking some form of identity theft. There will be more and more of this stuff coming down the pike. Another scam is an outfit pressuring you to buy all the necessary labor department posters, or suffer dire consequences. Instead of paying their crazy price, you can get the posters free from the different agencies.

My company was incorporated in 1987. I'm very sorry to say that I have been sending payments to The Corporate Compliance Center since 1999 at least. I feel very stupid and I only looked into them because I called the number on the form that they sent and could never reach a live voice. I also went to their website and I was unable to contact them. I had to fill out a form and have them contact me. It just all seemed fishy. So I started looking around and found the California Business Law Blog of Jonas Grant. So I am contacting the Justice Dept because I am so annoyed at letting myself be taken for all these years.

They are still at it. I received a notice last year and threw it out, but got another sent to home address instead of business address. This one is called:
Corporate Compliance Center
2740 Fulton Ave, Ste 203
Sacramento, Ca 95821-5183
Well they wanted $120.00 to do their so called filing. So I thought I would let them do some filing of their own. I crossed out all our info on the form, tore it in half and stuck it in their envelope. Since the envelope needed a stamp, I didnt put one on it instead, I wrote their address on the return address box, Now lets see if they get the message.
All we are required to file is the annual statement of information with the State of California FTB which a fee of $25.00 is required. Thats it.
Here is a website I came across that has info on filing your annual minutes by an California attorney. Found it very helpful and informative.
Maybe if everyone starts to tear up their junk mail and send it back to them they will stop trying to rip people off and get the message. This seems to be on-going over the years.

We just received a letter in the mail from 'FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME RENEWAL CENTER" ADDRESS: 2740 Fulton Ave., Sacramento, CA 95821 re: FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME EXPIRATION NOTICE. Asking for payment of $125.00 made payable to FBNRC.
My wife smelled a stink, did the research, found your site and posted comments. Thanks. We will be taking this up with Sacramento and Postal Fraud next week.

They almost got me with this scam, something in my gut didnt feel right. I then saw the email address to contact them, which confirmed it was a scam [email protected]
ROADRUNNER?,......freakin lowlifes

BTW I got the letter with the address Compliance Services, PO BOX 1265, STudio City CA 91614

People follow your gut, most of the time its right.

I received one in my home in New York. The only reason I noticed it was because I don't own a business, however the letter was addressed to a phony corporation at my home address. I was worried someone was using my address for some sort of scam.
The return address on mine is:

Annual Minutes Disclosure Services
Business Processing Division
911 Central Ave #134
Albany, NY 12206

Thanks to everyone for posting their comments.

We've got some of these letters too lately.

Upon some digging I've found some more information and some names, now if these are one and the same (I doubt it) is unclear at this time. But here are some links for you (these are based on a CALIF letter we got)

Business Associations:




No names:


So based on this findings it would appear that even when there IS action taken against these people they still continue to act under new business or individual names. The scope of this scam is at the level should attract the attention of national media. Take the $100-$125 times even 25% of the mentioned 40.000 envelopes above that gives you an idea of how much ONE batch of this scam might bring in. It is also a across the state borders activity whereby it is a Federal issue.

Blog owner please check links and my email IS legit and working despite it might look odd :)

Just received a similar letter from
3308 El Camino Avenue, Suite 300-609
Sacramento, CA 95821
They asked for an annual fee of $150.00, payable within 15 days!
After reading it I thought we never had to pay in the past, so I started a search on the Internet and found this site.

Just got one in New York asking for $150:
Annual Minutes Disclosure Services
Business Processing Division
911 Central Ave #134
Albany, NY 12206
(866) 390-1176

My wife got one of these from an office in Salem, OR from ABN Renewal Service. It actually came back in Dec '07. It was for Renewal of her Assumed Business Name for the State of OR. She was filling out the check and asked me if $100.00 was a little high. I asked what we paid 2 yrs ago and she couldn't recall. I looked it up online only to discover that the fee's were $50.00 not $100. I looked at the form she was filliing out and it wasn't a government form at all, but this mock up form from a Private business. What a Rip.

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