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May 19, 2005


I just recieved the letter stating I owe $150 and wen i called the phone # 866-235-7341 it was answered by a call center girl named Marta. She did not know whe the CEO or owner of the company or anyone else affiliated with the company.
This letter was so misleading and I plan on complaining until these theives are uncovered and hopefully made and example of so more unknowing people are not taken for their money.

As I was getting my checkbook out, my gut told me to doublecheck the details, so I went online and thankfully found this blog.
Please keep me posted if there is any class action being developed which I can help out with.

I took a second to do the math-
If they are mailing out in batches of 40,000, and only get a 20% return of 8,000 letters with checks, they make $ 1.2 million off of one run. (minus postage- from my envelope I can see that they paid full not bulk- so .39 x 40,000 = $15,600.) So hypothetically, that could be an profit of
$ 1,184,400.00 on one run. Small business owners make up such a massive percentage of our country. I really hope something is done soon.

Thank you very much for your info. We just received a letter from "Compliance Annual Minutes Board" P.O. Box 9011, Temecula, CA requesting $150.00. Looks like they are running around, now they have new Temecula, CA location. Probably, they are almost out of business that's why they have found the cheapest location. Anyway, thank you again for this website.

I own three some companies and got three such letters. Thanks to this web site I saved $375. Thanks to everyone for reporting this BS.

I also receieved the scam letter from The Compliance Annual Minutes Board
PO BOX 9011, Temecula, CA 92589.

I plan to send copies of this letter to my local Postal Inspection Service in Pasadena, CA as well as Pam in the Sacramento office (reference by others).

I agree with all of you...let's do our part to shut this scum down.


This may be significant information for you, the scammed public and for the authorities as well:

I received a name for the "president" of the company, Anthony Williams, and an email address for him as well: [email protected]

No joke, badbodysforlife. Sounds like a gangster to me. Thanks to all of us, a very rich gangster.

I guarantee you that the authorities are too inept, indifferent, unmimpressed by this scam to do anything about it. But if you or I don't pay a parking ticket, they will show up at our house in the middle of the night to take our car away to the impound yard.

I will pester someone at the USPS to take a closer look at this and I urge all of you to do the same.



I must admit smart idea to trick people. I almost cut a check too. But thanks to the Internet and people like Laurel, Brian and you folks I just saved a $150. If there is nothing illegal in the eye of the Justice in what they do, nothing is going to happen. That's why it is double smart I think. The only thing we can really do is keep informing people and asking our local Newspapers to write articles to let everybody know.

I received a letter from Compliance Annual Minutes Board Directors and Shareholders Annual Fee $150.00 this letter did not make sents to me so i called the number 866-235-7341 and it was a bad number.
address P.O Box 9011 Tamecula, Ca 92589. Thank you for providing this web site i almost set the check.


The letter is in San Diego California now as well. Expert Drug Testing, Inc. received the same letter as everyone else has noted. My business partner was ready to send them the info and cut the check until I noticed it said "THIS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT" on the envelope. I Google ‘d the Compliance Annual Minutes Board and found your site. As a small business we all need to keep our eyes open on scams like this and save our money for the real bills. Visit us at www.expertdrugtesting.com to find out more about us.

I just received my letter from Compliance Annual Minutes Board PO BOX 9011, Temecula, CA 92589, now witha phone number of 866.390.1176, which of course is just a recording. So, I thought I would look this up on the Internet. Good thing I did, because I found all these other complaints. I called the BBB that handles Temecula (909.825.7280) and they have no record of them. They suggested that I call the Attorney General.

Thanks so much. It does look official and a quick google search leading me to this website saved me the $125.

Thank you creators of this site, and everybody who took their time and reported about this appalling experience with these legal pickpockets. I saved $150 thanks to you.
I received this strange letter last week from COMPLIANCE ANNUAL MINUTES BOARD with notice date as of 10/21/06 and for payment of $150 due on 10/31/06, mailing address COMPLIANCE ANNUAL MINUTES BOARD BUSINESS PROCESSING DIVISION, PO BOX 9011, TEMECULA, CA 92589. It has my corporation number, right name and right address. I am pointing this, because I have corrected them just two weeks ago (before, there was misreporting and I have called Sacramento to correct it). There were two more agencies that I have recently reported corrections of my address: D&B and SBA. I have never received this type of letters before.I do not want to think that these agencies are sharing our information; I think somehow those gays have access to the secure websites, which is really dangerous think.
Thanks again, Flora

I received today what is called an Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement from a company called Corporation Compliance Recorder, P.O. Box 66186, Los Angeles, CA 90066. This scam is asking for a $125.00 "Disclosure and Processing Fee". The suspicious looking logo, pre-stamped control number as well as the short payment due date was enough to research this letter and lead to your informative site. Thank you.

I just got the Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement and was about to pay it when I realized it was probably a very clever fake. Then I found this site. I posted a complaint at USPS mail fraud site online, and also sent the fake solicitation to USPS mail fraud office in Sacramento. The person who answered the phone at CCC tel 866 833 4085 had to ask whether her company was a state org or not, and then said she was just an answering service. I told her to get another job!

Thanks for posting this.

I got the same mail from a Corporate Filings Division in Sacramento. Went on google, typed in their postal address (9175 Kiefer Blvd. #312, Sacramento, CA 95826) and your site came up.

I knew it's fishy because it didn't have any official California seal and there was no official state government department name associated with it. Your site confirmed it's a scam.

I got the Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement. but take note that it tries to protect itself from being sued or otherwise as postal fraud."California B&P Code: 17533.6 This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency and this office is not beign made by an agency of the government. U.S.C 39 & 3001(d). This is a solicitation for the order of services, and not a bill, invoice, or statement of account due. You are under no obligation to make any payments on account of this office unless you accept this offer by submitting this disclosure statement, the corporation certifies the information contained herein is true and correct." what a laugh... always look at small print.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I received the "Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement" requesting that I send $125 to their address at 3053 Freeport Blvd #310, Sacramento, CA 95818. I am including the address with this post because many people find this site by googling the address. With small businesses trying to survive the deluge of legitimate paperwork, it is easy to be taken in by as scam such as this. I belong to several listservs and plan to post a warning about this scam on all of them. Again, thank you.

I received the "Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement" today - this one asking for $175 annual fee to be mailed to 9175 Kiefer Blfd. # 312, Sacramento, CA 95826 by 11/14/06. I knew it was phony because the annual fee is only $25.

Thank you!

I received the similar letter from "California compliance recorder" asking for $125 before Nov. 13th, $175 if I missed that date. I started filling up the forms but became skeptical in the end and decided to google and landed up here.
Thanks a lot for the blog. I owe you a beer.

I too received the letter "Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement" from The Corporation Compliance Recorder at PO Box 66186, Los Angeles CA 90066 requesting $125 before 11/13 or remit $175 if date missed. I was baffled not knowing why or who would want this information, so I went on line & THANK YOU! you took a load off my back. This is our 1st new business & bad enough I'm a bit weary of the year end out come & if I've been handling my books correctly. THANK YOU for being here! :)

Just to confirm some info - I live just down the street from the 3053 Freeport Blvd address in Sacramento - its a UPS Store ie an old Mailboxes Etc. location, so that's where you are being asked to send your checks to.

My company got one today from Corporate Business Bureau in Los Angeles (8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd, #110-727). They wanted $150! These people work so hard that if they just worked that hard in a legal way they would be successful!

I got a similar scam mail today demanding a payment of $150 paid to COMPLIANCE ANNUAL MINUTES BOARD, Business Processing Division. P.O. Box 9011 Temecula, CA 92589.

I got suspecious and searched online and found your website. Thank you very much.

How can we stop these crooks?

My office has been getting many calls from customer's that have been receiving notices from the Compliance Annual Meeting Board located in Temecula. After finding this web-site, I decided to call all of my customers that we helped Incorporate over the last two years and warn them about this scam. Thank you!

I also got a letter (very official looking) from "compliance Annual Minutes Board" requesting $150. 866-390-1176 PO Box 9011 Temecula CA 92589. I'm so glad I got to this website before sending any money. This is ridiculous and I hope these crooks get caught and punished by authorities very soon.

Another potential victim of California Corporatye Compliance thwarted by your excellent website. thanks so much

Was in a rush to get out of town and had just that bit of admin to get done (pay the $150) when I did a quick Google search and found your site. Thank you. Saved me $150--which was spent in much more fun ways on vacation than to scummy scammers!

I just received the letter from "COMPLIANCE ANNUAL MINUTES BOARD". The more I thought about it, the more it felt like a scam. I'm glad for the Internet to help me quickly find out it is a scam. I'm an attorney and would be willing to help out in a class action against these folks. Email me at [email protected]

I just received a notice from the Corporation Compliance Recorder and was puzzling over it when I found your site. Thanks for saving me the $125.

I just received a notice from the Corporation Compliance Recorder asking for the $125.00 or if late $175.00

Thanks. We just got one from "Compliance Annual Minutes Board" of Temecula, California; looks like their prices have gone up to $150.

Will do the requisite filing with the BBB and any other proper entity.

Sorting this out was quick and fast due to your blog. Thanks.

Any one heard of or received anything from "CORPORATE BUSINESS BUREAU" Located at 8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd #110-727, Los Angeles, CA 90045? Got a letter from them stating that I need to pay $150.00 for "Annual Minutes of Shareholder & Directors Disclosure Statement". What's that about?

OK, so I just read the previous threads/posts and it's the same people. Then I guess my next question would be, do us business owners MUST file for these so-called disclosure statement every year? If so, where do we do that ourselves? This is all new to me, just getting started. Any tips or insights would be appreciated, thank you!

You are awesome! I filled out the entire form for a California corporation then decided to to a Google search and found your post. You saved me $150.

Just so anyone Googling their address will find this post, here is their information.

It was supposed to be return to:

PO BOX 9011

I received this letter and called the number, looked like a scam and so I googled the phone number and found you. They should be closed down ASAP, They are ripping people off

Thanks for the info. I just recd. one from:
PO BOX 9011

It was in my mail box and bfore I could get at it the mailman did his job, so I have stopped payment based on timely advice from my CPA. What a scam!!!
Thanks for confirming my CPA's advice.

I've received similar correspondence in the past, and found a useful article that had an actual contact at the California Attorney General's office who is looking into this:

"To assist the California Department of Justice in tracking solicitations, forward any solicitations received (including the envelope) to:
Susie Lorden, Associate Governmental Program Analyst
CA Department of Justice / Office of the Attorney General Consumer Law Section
110 West A Street, Suite 1100
San Diego, California 92101."

I sent in my information in December 2006, and received a phone message from Ms. Lorden who thanked me for sending in the entire mailing, so I encourage those of you who receive similar documents to send the info in as well to help build up the case against this and similar scams.

Here's the URL for the original article that I read about this scam and the AG's contact information:

We fell for this one. It's not the lost money (scam fee) that concerns me. What concerns me is that this bogus company now has our corporate minutes. What can they do with corporate minutes? Consider this, a friend of mine had her corporate minutes stolen and they were used to open accounts at stationary supply stores. Bills were then quickly run up to the tune of $21,000.

We filed a police report in case we have to make an insurance claim. We also filed a report with the california State Attorney General's Office and reported to a local news channel so that at least the businesses in our area can be forewarned.

Thinking of it, since the Government Agencies seem to be powerless to do anything (this scam has been running for years)reporting this silly situation to 20/20 or someone like that might be more effective to handle these guys.

I almost fell for this. I found your site instead. Thank You. The letter was the same, wanting $150.00, with a return address in Temecula. I thought that was odd. I agree with the the above comment, that a major news agency should get involved. It would shut these theives down.

I got a similar scam mail today demanding a payment of $150 paid to COMPLIANCE ANNUAL MINUTES BOARD, Business Processing Division. P.O. Box 9011 Temecula, CA 92589.

It seems suspicious. I came online looking for it. My goodness, I have come across your blog. Thank you very much.

I'm in if you guys are planning on shutting this guy down, He has the company name /no address. where the hell he is getting it from

I almost got scammed today by the same Temecula operation. $150 almost gone. A couple of things looked funny to me with the letter. Including their cheese dick American eagle emblem on the top of the page.
I am going to report this to the DOJ and urge others to follow.

I got the letter today from Temecula. I just started my corporation and almost fell for it. They wanted $150. At first, I just skimmed over the notice. It seemed strange, but I wasn't sure. Thank goodness I came across this site.
I went back and read the notice word for word. It actually states that it is only a service. It looks official though. The bottom of the notice states "This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency and this offer is not being made by an agency of the government". I hope this doesn't make it legal for them. I want them to burn in hell!

Unfortunately, these people are still out there. I am their latest victim. I did not read the fine print - I just took over A/P for my husband's company. I was too busy to read the fine print. When I received a delinquent notice from California Secretary of State, I pulled the form out. I called the phone number, and I received an answering service. I became suspicious immediately, then she read the fine print to me.

I called the CA Secretary of State. They said that they cannot advise people that this is a scam. However, they did state your corporate minutes are to be filed with the Franchise Tax Board. I will be calling that department tomorrow. Regardless, I do not think it will cost $150.00 to send a form to the CA FTB.

Everyone needs to pass the word out about this company. If you have friends with small businesses, let them know that this scam continues!!

We were also scammed by Corporate Compliance Center, 2740 Fulton Ave. Ste 203, Sacramento for $120.00 this year, and Compliance Division at 9175 Kiefer Blvd. #312, Sacramento, CA95826 last year for $150.00. Thanks for the posts - we caught this year's check just in time. Crooks!

I almost paid the 150.00 but I wanted to double check and find this site.. the letter I got was form the compliance annueal minutes board from Temecula.. Almost felt.. Thanks for the site and comments

I also got the notice from CALIFORNIA CORPORATE COMPLIANCE 3053 Feeport Blvd# 310 sacramento ca 95818 and I wrote a check for $125, While i am trying to find on what name I should write a check got little suspecious about it. Hence I was looking in the internet and stumbled on this blog. Its good that this information is available on internet. Now I tore my check as well as the notice

good luck.

Try $125 if I don't mail this in 3 days from now and $175 for being late. Thanks for this Great information. I am new to this corporation business and read this over and over again. My blood pressure increased till I found your page. Thanks for the great info.
It's hard to believe what people will do to Cheat another.

Regards... Bill

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The Corporate Compliance Center sent us a form that should be filled up and submitted on Feb 28, 2007.

Since our group is just starting and we don't have funds, I was freightened with the asked $150 fee. Besides, I am skeptical so I surfed the web and fortunately, I found your postings. Thank you so much for all your effort and help in keeping others aware of these frauds. It does sure preven others from becoming victims.

Kudos and keep up the good job.


Perla S. Vega
MOTHER Founder and Exec. Director

ME TOO, this is crazy. I recieved a letter in the mail stating the same information as you all and I thought WOW $125 due in 4 days what type of notice is that. I almost got fooled but happened to go online and tried to download another copy because I messed up on this one, that's when i saw this website. I am soooo lucky, and i hope that others get curious and start searching for info on this material and finds this website. Thanks for starting this, it saved me $125 that I didn't have in the first place to give!!! THANK YOU....Hopefully those SUCKERS will get caught in due time :-)

Thanks for the opportunity to vent. It seems that's the only thing we can do if these scoundrels can steal from people so brazenly and the government does nothing about it. I was lucky with the form I received from CORPORATION COMPLIANCE RECORDER levying a fee of $125 (there is a $50 charge for late filing) for filing the Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement. I completed the form, wrote the date on the check then glanced at the form for the name of the payee. I then realized there was no telephone number on the form and that the seal was not the California Great Seal. I googled the name and landed on your site. Thanks again.

Thank you so much for posting this matter on the net. I almost write out a check (today is my deadline before the $50 late fee would be imposed). I will make these people pay for this misleading and misrepresentation scam. Again, thanks.

They are now using the name California Corporate Headquarters Address is 3308 El Camino Ave. #300 - 609 Sacramento, CA 95821. They are still using the phone number (866)217-4167 Nothing but a scam

I am reviewing all of you who have received these types of letters because I also got one in the mail. Seems this is an extreme problem with email complaints from last year. Nothing has been done and it continues. Why doesn't someone take action?
Scams are hurting business owners.

Thank you guys for all the info. In the attempt of trying to be compliant, I found all of you guys, thanks to hinessight. Funny, I received 2 of these compliance requests, 1 from Los Angeles and the other form Sacramento here in CA. Both arrived the same time, same color paper but different addys, zeals and Department names; Dept title words were swaped. No phone number ... Ok guys I reported it myself. Its a reminder to all of us to be more alert, knowledgeable about our craft, and OK ... be compliant. We won this time, but they are mutating right now, be aware. Good luck to all, Setu

My firm is pursuing a class-action lawsuit against Corporate Compliance Recorder, the author of the document.

If you are interesting in opting-in to the lawsuit, please let me know.

UGH! I FELL FOR IT! Crap. :-( The only reason I got suspicious was that I received the CCC one in the mail today and I had already knew I 'complied' with the "Corporate Compliance Recorder" earlier by sending them a $175!! (I'm an idiot and even fell for the late fee! ARGH!!!).

If there is a class action suit, I'm in!

These guys got $175 from a non-profit that is being set-up to help homeless teens in San Diego...currently funded 100% from my retirement account :-(

I just got this same damn thing today in the mail and googled and ended up here.

I thought it was legit by my spouse caught the "not a government document" since she does the finance stuff. They really did a job making it look official.

Get this - I just found out the $175 check OVERDREW my account and cost me another $27 in an overdraft fee... Ironic, huh? :-/

I am glad we had a non-profit attorney review it for us or our company would have paid this as well. If there is a petition or a way to turn this company in please contact me. This is absolutely horrible!!!


Robert Paul Howard

Corporation Compliance Recorder, Corporate Compliance Center or whatever name they are using now is a complete and total sham. Unfortuantely I did not Google the firm until after I received a number of similar appearing "requests" for annual minutes but each with a slightly different name and each asking for diferent amounts of money. I had already sent $125.00 in order to be "in compliance." I am not unfamiliar with business as I have an MBA, teach college accounting and business and have been a business owener for over twenty five years. Yet I fell for this scam by rushing trying to juggle all of the various real government filing requirements and still earn a living. This seems like mail fraud and it is a shame that according to previous posts no one seems willing to do anything about it. I am going to alert a business reporter at the Los Angeles Times and maybe they will publish a story about the scam.

Our company received the same letter this year - I caught the scam this time, but it looks like we paid the $125 last year. I reported the fraud to the USPS through the link other users have provided.

I'm just plain devastated that I actually mailed the check prior to finding this website. I recently received the Form 4780C, entitled Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement. I completed the form, and enclosed the payment of $125 to what I thought was an official recording agency. After reading the form thoroughly, now, I can see where, in the fine print, it states that this form is a solicitation for services. The official format and heading just looked so believable. The company, California Corporation Compliance, is whom I hold accountable for misrepresenting their agency and official reporting requirements. The address is 3053 Freeport Blvd., Ste. 310 Sacramento, CA 95818. Stupid me, when I reviewed the address, I said to myself, "Okay it's going to Sacramento, so it must be an official required document." I guess they figured using a Sacramento address would assist them in their con game. I even followed the instructions enclosed with the form, on how to complete the form. I wish there were some way to recoup the funds lost and to prevent this from happening to others.

I am just now about to send form CCR-34D and so I read the whole thing and what caught my eye is "requirement code 3001" then it states "this is a solicitation..." but thanks to your site, my suspicion may have fallen by the wayside.

Corporation Compliance Recorder scam is still alive and well here in the Los Angeles Ca. area.
Today, We received one of those "official" statement notices. At first; I though, ow @#&% I forgot to process the required minutes; however, I wanted to see if I could file it electronically via the Secretary of State's website, most form can be filed, I researched the form # given CCR-30D; low-and-behold no such form existed on the website, hum, suspicious. I then GOOGLE search, "Corporation Compliance Recorder," the first hit was your website.
Outstanding job and thank you.
Another win for us, another loss for the scammers.

This is definitely a scam, as investigated by my accountant. In our case (CA) the address given was 3053 Freeport Blvd, #310, Sacremento. Since this is a physical address the Attorney General should be contacted so that they can investigate and catch these perps.....

I followed up with the D.A.'s office today.
Near the bottom of the first page there is a statement in small print that says "California B&P Code: 17533.6: This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency and this offer is not being made by an agency of the government. U.S.C. 39 sec 3001(d) This is a solicitation for the order of services and not a bill, invoice or statement of account due. You are under no obligation to make any payments on account of this offer unless you accept this offer".

Unfortunately, based on the existence of this statement in the fine print, the D.A.'s office is aware of, but CANNOT Prosecute, this organization. They say that the font size must be 10 points or larger. If you can prove that the font size on your "Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement" is less than 10 points, maybe the D.A. will take your case.....sorry for anybody that gets scammed by this one.

I too was scammed. I was hoping for assistance in catching up on some pass due paperwork. I do blame the scam artists but also the government for creating all the burdensome hoops small businesses have to jump through.

Recieved one of those letters today - did not fall for it but was incensed. Looks as if there is a class action suit - see this link I found in searching:http://www.akuaku.org/archives/2006/09/california_corp.shtml
(but make sure it is legit itself)

Awesome website! I was just getting ready to cut a check for $120 when I smelled something fishy. The letter I got had the 2740 Fulton Ave Ste 203 address (Sacramento, CA). After doing some rearch, I found a good rule of thumb: Always check for the following code anywhere on the piece of mail

"CA Business & Professional Code Sec 17533.6 This service as not been approved or endorsed by any governmental agency, and this offer is not being made by an agency of the government"

Sure enough, the same statement was printed on the bottom of the mail I received. Sneaky, sneaky.

This is the second "Compliance Notice" that I received this year. The first one I received suggested that my minutes filing was late and I had even incurred a penalty late fee... the kicker was that although I received it on March 13th, it was considered "Late" on March 9th. Then the postmark was for March 10th... Didn't all add up so I looked more closely and saw a "we are not a govt agency...." and tossed it in anger. Today I received another variation on the same theme from "Corporate Compliance Center at 2740 Fulton Ave Ste 203 in Sacto, CA. 95821." So, I filed a complaint with the Sacramento BBB. When I searched the BBB with the information, the company name of Compliance Filing came up instead. To my complete shock, there were NO complaints lodged against this one! So, not only did I print out a copy of my long winded complaint to the BBB, I attached a copy of it to my payment coupon slip and sent it back in the return envelope provided. I wrote... "In Leiu of Payment..."

I just got this notice and immediately was suspicious it was a scam. Anytime you get a letter citing legal codes you got to be cautious. Sure enough I find this website. Thank you guys for doing this.

Just got my letter in the mail. It sort of looks like the annual sec of state filing. Through me for a loop for a minute, so I am glad I came across this site before sending off the money.

I got a notice from "Compliance Annual Minutes Board" Business division P.O. Box9011, Temecula, CA 92589 asking for $150.00 to complete my minutes and thanks to your web page I DID NOT send them any money.

I received a pretty convincing form with a copy of a copy of a copy letter. After seeing the copied letter I got suspicious and started doing some research. There are other reports on this and I am so very thankful. They do (in very small print) say "This product or services has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency and this offer is not being made by an agency of the government." I truly do feel bad for those who do not take the time to read before they send out the money. The return information on this one is: Compliance Annual Minutes Board
Business Division PO box 9011
Temecula, CA 92589
(866) 390-1176
Im so gratful we continue keeping each other informed!

Received the form 2006 form 4780c today 4/23/o7 . It was something I had not seen befor, after 25 years in business. So I went on line and sure enough it is a scam. Like so many others my question is what is taking our government so long to solve and arrest thes people. Imogene

My accountant got suspicious with this
California Corporate Compliance requirement
and the fee they are asking every year. He searched for the company's name on the internet and found out the same scam. Hope this people be investigated incarcerated for a long time.

Their address is:
9175 KIEFER BLVD #336




Thank you for posting this. You just saved our little non-profit $175.00...not small potatoes for us. What a lesson! I will file a complaint. So sorry someone is taking advantage of those of us who are trying to take care of everyone else. What a state of affairs...

I received a letter from Corporation Compliance Recorder. Address: P.O.Box 66186 In Los Angeles, CA 90066.
I googled them prior to sending out anything, and I thank God for this wonderful website. It gave me heads up. I wrote down the info and reported them to USPS Inspectors. I feel great and I would like to see them prosecuted for defrauding legal corporations. My CPA also warned me not to fall for these type of letters.

Thank you again


I received the Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement along with an instruction sheet and a return envelope. It appears that this scam has made its way across the country to New York. both envelopes read "New York Corporate Compliance - Business Division". What got my attention, before I read the fine print on the form, was the instructions request that the $125 check be made payable to the California Corporate Compliance.

The addresses referenced by NYCC are:

1843 Central Ave. #168
Albany, NY 12205


3053 Freeport Blvd. #310
Sacramento, CA 95818

I just received the same scam letter from:

Corporate Business Division
8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd, #110-727
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Requesting an Annual Fee of $150.00

Guess they had to raise the scam fee from $125 to $150 to adjust for inflation.

I'll see if there is a BBB or something where I can post a complaint

After opening the business envelope marked "This is not a government document", I immediatley realized this information plus $125.00 fee was not requested by ANY Department within the State of California.
I was curious if ANY business would complete the form and send money. I found your website and apparently this scam is very old and still running. Shame to these "Rat-Bastards"! Thanks for keeping this website up and the recent postings from many businesses in many communities.

Wow, I almost fell for this scam. I completed the form and was actually cutting a check when it occurred to me this felt wrong. It's like the Yellow Pages invoices companies receive. Looks real but it's completely unnecessary.

My question to all of you is why is this a scam. I have used the services of CCC for 6 years now. If you have a CA corporation, you are required to hold and document an annual meeting in which you elect your directors and officers. My attorney was charging me upwards of $400 for this same thing. I actually had an audit 2 years ago and that is one of the things they wanted to see was that I had all of those documents in order from my date of incorporation. If anyone here has a better alternative, let me know.

Trueman, you have to be kidding. And very possibly part of this scam. Or else you're the most guillible person on this planet.

I've been in charge of both a non-profit and for-profit corporation. It'd take me about ten minutes or less to whip up annual meeting minutes, a template for which you can download for free from web sites.

The CCC scam is just that--a scam. Good try at trying to dignify it with your comment. Nobody should be fooled by it. Throw any crap you get from the Corporation Compliance folks in the trash.

That's the only place it belongs, because it is total garbage.

I immediately had antennae stand erect when I received my letter from California Corporate Compliance. They strongly suggested my sending them $125 to the Sacramento address.

Having been a victim of the Nigerian oil scam (lost about $700 in phone calls, thankully, nothing more) I look twice at any "government" document I receive.

I strongly believed this was a dupe, but after my Google to you, I'm glad you could confirm it for me. Just shows where ethics are nowadays.

I received the same and wrote out a check.
Before I mailed it, i pored over the letter and saw the small print and immediately shredded the letter and check.
Glad I could find out about them on your blog....which I stumbled upon after googling.

Same thing-Glad I looked it up on here to confirm my suspicion! I am filing a complaint with the mail service as well.

Received this notice the other day and almost sent a check until my gut said read it again. It has been a great reminder to myself that I must always double or triple check info about my corporation etc... I am so sorry to those of you who got scammed. I must hold these people in my thoughts and prayers that they will see the error of their ways.

Thank you for providing this info on your site.

Rev. Jo Tierney

I filled the form, check, stamped it and then it smelled funny - so I googled and hooray I found your blog rated 1st.
I hope those scammers will get a visit from a Russian mafia shadow corporation who will teach them a chapter on scams, assisted with a pen, paper and a baseball bat.

I just received this for my NEW YORK corporation, so these guys are active in New York State as well.

It's from "New York Corporate Compliance" with an Albany address. If you read the fine print, you will see that it is not official. They want $125. I'm sure they have fooled many people. I agree with many of the other commenters here that their fine print is not sufficient to defend them from charges of deception.

I am going to contact the State Attorney General's office.

Here's a USPS Postal Inspectors Mail Fraud online complaint form. The more complaints they receive, the more likely they will do something.

I just received a "Fictitious Business Renewal Form" (May, 2007), from Corporation Compliance, requesting $100 for Alameda County, California. I was suspicious, due to the mass-mailing format. Thanks for the scam info! I'll file a complaint with USPS, too.


Thank you all for posting your notes and information. I just received one from:
California Corporate Compliance
Business Division
3053 Freeport Blvd. #310
Sacramento, CA. 95818

I was filling out the form when I realized that the logo looked bogus and the information asked where somewhat vague. Reading furhter on is writes, "The product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency..."

A big scam.

By the way, the address where I received this mailing is from:

New York Corporate Compliance
Business Division
1843 Central Avenue, #168
Albany, NY 12205

Our company received the corporate compliance letter as well. Stating to "reply no later than 5/29/07...it's a total scam!
I called the 888 # and spoke with a rep. he didn't seem surprised to know that they were in poor standing with the BBB.
What a bunch of crooks!

Hello everyone,

I received the same letter from the Annual Minutes Compliance Board P O Box 38130, Los Angeles, CA. I've been in business for 7 years now and never had to pay any such fee so I was immediately suspicious. Thanks to this website I definitely know they are scam artists. Well I sent them a fake check for $95.00. Take that.

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