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May 19, 2005


Thank you so much for your comments about the Corporation Compliance Recorder. I was so naive in spite of my years of public accounting as to start to enter the payment for this scam into my Quickbooks check writing batch. Then my training finally took hold. I was so angry that they would probably be able to pick off all the non-profit community with this scam when I realized it was not something we had to do. I will be filing a complaint with the Department of Justice.

Thank you for the great information. I had remembered hearing about this on the radio, and just this week our Homeowners Association received this letter. I googled Oregon Corporate Compliance Recorder and you site came up! I will be registering complaints and THANK YOU!

Thank you for your posting regarding this scam. We were ready to mail the requested information and $95 when we started reading the fine print and then went to google and typed in Corporation Compliance Recorder.

I think these people should be locked up. The government isn't quick enough to take action, it's a good thing we have your website as a service. Thanks for your help.

Hello Sir,
I received a Letter from Corporation Compliance Recorder from L.A. P.O.Box 66186
Los Angeles, CA 90066.
They were asking for $ 175.- and thru my hectical Work i just mailed the Check and in the same day I called my CPA and asked about and he immediately let me stop the Check Payment. So long story short, I received a notice from the Corporation Compliance Recorder, tha I have to make the payment with in 10 Business days or they will begin appropriate legal action.
My CPA told me that they are not a govermental Official and its more likely a scam.
If this is the case, then our Goverment should stop this nonsens soon.
In other countries companies cant even make the same looking Letterhead and other documents that looks like goverment paper.
I dont know what to do with those Folks.
Hopefully you can help me out here.
Thanks again

Harun Sevimli

I run a California corporation and received a very similar letter this month, but rather than Corporate Compliance Recorder, it is from MINUTES AND COMPLIANCE AFFAIRS. Keep an eye out for this one too - it's the same sort of scam. They provide a very government-looking letter-invoice, ask for $125 and request your officer, director, shareholder information. They even splurged for an official-looking seal on this invoice. The address is as follows:

Minutes and compliance affairs
business processing division
P.O. Box 9878
North Hollywood, CA 91609


I paid $125 to:
Minutes and compliance affairs
business processing division
P.O. Box 9878
North Hollywood, CA 91609

I just figured out this is a scam. I am so angry with it. We have to do something to stop this? Does anyone have any idea?


Thanks to this website, I was able to learn about the scam of the Corporation Compliance Recorder. I was fooled into paying $125 in March of 2005 for the annual recording, then got another one in late September and had realized, why would I have to pay for an annual fee twice in the same year. The address on this is CORPORATION COMPLIANCE RECORDER
P.O. Box 1976

I will definitely be filing a complaint.

I got a similar notice from Sacramento address. Thank you for posting this information.

I just received a similar letter asking for $125 from the "Compliance Annual Minutes Board" at P.O. Box 360709 Los Angeles 90036. I reported it to the Franchise Tax Board and the BBB but no one took particular interest.

We too just recieved one of these forms and to my dismay our internal payables had the form filled out and ready to go asking for a check to be signed. I agree, our goverment should put a stop to this unfair business tactic!

I just received a similar letter from the same company with a mailing address in Sacramento, CA. I am a california small business corp. Thanks for confirming what I thought was a scam! You really have to read the small print to realize they are a scam. I will also report them to the agencies in california you suggest.

Thanks, again.

I got one of these scary letter too. It sited all these sections of ordinances for corporation compliance and is so easy to get fool by it. Especially when you are so busy with everything else from your business.

Just received the corporate compliance letter post marked December 22, The only clue is on the front of the envelope, just above the address window. It reads "THIS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT". This is the only clue to the scam. I have contacted "The Company Corporation" who do have a compliance division in Sacramento to see if there is any conection. This has to be some sort of Postal Violation. The intent is to defraud.

California Corporate Compliance Business at 3053 Freeport Blvd also attempted to scam me, fraudulently posing as a government agency and attempting to trick me into paying a "$125 annual fee". I do not regard their small-print "This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency..." as adequate defense against mail fraud charges. I hope that they are prosecuted.

I will retain their mailing. I can be reached at [email protected].

Thank you for posting this warning. I just received a letter from the "Compliance Annual Minutes Board" (corporation # 2543080) asking for $125. I was slightly suspicious about the lack of specific wording on the form and lack of any instructions. I'm not sure if it is a scam, but it sure seems like it.

I called mail fraud to see what can be done about these crooks. Thye had me fax them at 916-927-0128 the information and a statement to try to nail these idiots. If you have any more info call Pam at 916-263-7240.



I also received the notice today asking for $125 with the PO Box 66186 Los Angeles address. My corporation was just formed in October so we haven't had our annual meeting yet, so I was suspicious. I think I'll send their envelope back to them with a nasty note in it!

I too received the letter and I am not a non-profit. I also find it amusing that they are charging a late fee if you don't return it within the week you received it.... I am so glad I found this site to confirm my suspicions of this being fraud.

Thanks to this information I am not in compliance with our fine friends at the office in Los Angeles. P.O. Box 66186


They have hit again, I recieved the same letter form Corporation Compliance Recorder and typed out my minutes stamped with corporate seal and was ready to mail it off thinking it was from a government office. I stopped when I couldn't find any telephone numbers or anything that stated it was a government organization such as the Department of Corporations. I am disgusted that as a small business owner I am subject to these types of scams. These kind of businesses need to be dismantled and there officers jailed for theft by deception. I am sure the amount of monies they have recieved from unsuspecting businesses has reached a level warranting a felony grand theft.

Just got one for my for-profit CA corp, except it demands $125 and I cannot find any disclaimer indicating that this is from a private company rather than from government. The format of the document mimics the State of CA Secty of State document too.

I received a notice from California Corporate Compliance requesting $125 Annual Fee and was suspicious, so I googled them and found this great site. I called the number above and here's how to report them for Postal Fraud:
Call Pam 916-263-7240
Mail copies of letter and envelope to
Postal Inspectors Office, Attn Pam
PO 13130
Sacramento 95813


Well, they're still at it. I recieved my letter from this scam today. Besides being plain robbers they obtain valuable data from those who are caught off guard which could be used for identity theft. I will rearch who to report this to and post it when I find out. Good Luck to you all John.

I contacted Pam at the US Postal Inspectors office, and she sent me to a website to file a complaint against them. The address is: http://www.usps.com\postalinspectors
Click on FRAUD and register your complaint. I received a letter from them yesterday. When I researched it on the internet, this site was the first one to pop-up. Thank goodness because I thought it was official and would have been duped if it were not for my wife's discernment. Thank you for saving me time and money.

Can anybody tell me how I go about getting a refund for the fees I paid? I fell for this scam.


I received a letter from Corporation Compliance Recorder PO Box 66186, LA 90066 sometime in Feb 2006. The letter says "All domestic stock corporations shall pay a total of $125, in a single check or money order made payable to Corporation Compliance Recroder and mail to Main office: PO Box 66186, LA. Make check payable to "Corporation Compliance Recroder Business Programs Division." I searched the web and found all your comments. Thank you for all your comments. I would really like to see this "Comliance recorder" get caught by our government, hopefully, soon.

I have a CA Corporation. I recieved a letter from the Corporation Compliance Recorder asking for 125.00 or if late 175.00. The address to send the money to was p.o. box 66186 in Los Angeles. Thanks to this website I saved at least 125.00 on this scam. Thanks, John Dorr

Hello, my company also received this same letter. I just started my company a couple of months ago. So I filled it out and also included in my check the late fee of $50.00 which totaled $175.00. I filled it all out and had a question about my minutes so I called 411 and asked for corporate compliance recorders office in L.A. California and there was no such listing. So I decided to look them up online and found this interesting scam. Glad I didn't mail my check today!

Thank you for this info. I received very similar latter from california corporate compliance at 3053 freeport blvd #310, sacramento, ca 95818 a while ago and was wondering if its a scam. Now i can finally throw this letter away! Thanks to u !!

We recieved this in our office and were all set to send it in when my CFO questioned this. I did a web search and found your site. Thanks for posting this it saved us $125. I am also reporting this to the California Dept. of Justice.

Received my second in two years orom the California Corporate Compliance. I googled the name and got your page. Many thanks

Frank Lovero Jr.

I fell for this scam and paid my $125 fee.

I contacted the 1-866-833-4085 phone number a day after I sent my check and spoke to an agent who said they would send my check back un cashed. Two weeks later I notice on my bank statement they cashed my check.

To make a long story short, I contacted the above phone number over and over for the next 3 weeks and spoke too many different people and found out that the company taking the calls is a third party - (Answer Connect - http://www.answerconnect.com & ph# - 800-525-1315). These agents lead me to beleived they were actual Annual Minutes and Compliance Service representatives. They only communicate with the company via eletronic text messages. I contacted the Answer Connect company directly and spoke to them at length about their agents not properly representing themselves - shortly after this, an agent from the nnual Minutes and Compliance Service contacted me (310-309-0761 - Eva) about my refund. They sent it to me a cashiers check for a full refund - this took about 4 weeks from when I stated my orig complaint.

Our Homeowners Association received a similar letter from Corporate Compliance Center, 2740 Fulton Avenue., Suite 203, Sacramento, CA 95821 (916) 480-9006. Same scam under a new name. They were asking $150.00 for the same service. I will also be reporting them.

Just got my very own personal copy of the same letter, from L.A., CA 90066. So, I'm a proud member of the club. Can you say, class action? Jail time? I'm going to take this as far as I can.

I started to fill out the form, and balked at the $125 fee, as I know the State of CA Secretary of State filing is $25. They are counting on the short deadline, Notice date 3/24/06 and deadline of April 7, 2006 to rush people into paying. I tried to report to the Secretary of State, and could not break through their automated response system!

I also received similar letter from "Corporation Compliance Recorder" to pay $125.00. I called Secretary of State (SOS), as per them it is not scam. As per SOS, it is totally upto corporation to pay them or not. Where as SoS doesn't require such kind of filings.

I am glad I googled and find this site. Atleast I save $125.00 for now. Let us see what next pops up.

-Kamal Singh

I also received "Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement" from Corporate Compliance Recorder P.O. Box 66186, Los Angeles, CA 90066 asking for $125. As I noticed there was not even a phone number to call, I google-searched this and found this website. Thank you for your information - I had already filled out the form and was ready to cut a check.

We have received many letters regarding "Corporate Compliance," however the one received today about corporate minutes was the most official-looking one to date. Had to really look closely at the small print to see the disclaimer. This notice even had our correct State Corporate Number, which I understand is Public Record, however, it does make it look all that much more official.

Thank you so much for your website. Seems while you are doing a good public service, our government representatives are looking the other way. Keep up the good work!

Got the California corporate minutes form scam in the mail. Very convincing. It was only when I read the fine print at the bottom about it being a "solicitation for the order of goods and services" did I realize that something wasn't right.

They plaster state statutes all of the the page to make you afraid that you will be in violation of the law if you don't send it in. Plus, the dealine is very short. I filed a mail fraud complaint and hope that they shut down this company. There is clear intent to defraud.

Thanks for this website. My accounting office filled out the paperwork and gave me a check to sign at my request. I didn't read the whole thing. We've been in business 30 years and I never remembered paying for it before. Thought I'd look it up and your website proved my suspicions. Thanks again.

Got the letter yesterday (Compliance Annual Minutes Board). This morning looked at it more closely and suspected scam. Checked the web and sure enough, it is. Thanks everyone for contributing to nail the bastards.

Our church got the same letter from Corporation Compliance Recorder, P.O. Box 66186, Los Angeles, CA 90066. They were asking for $125. Not knowing what it was for, I tried to call them, but I didn't see a phone number. Then I decided to google the company and found this website. Thanks God for all of you. How could somebody do that to a church?

Thanks for the info. I just received a letter from California Coporate Compliance with the Sacramento address. Luckily I found this website before sending out the check.

Thank you so much for your website and all the comments.

I also received "Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement" from BUSINESS DIVISION-California Corporate Compliance, 3053 FREEPORT BLVD.#310, SACRAMENTO, CA 95818,
asking for $125. I tried to locate their address through white page. I couldn't find anything. It's very lucky that I found this website before sending out the check.

here is a link to mail fraud in california. I received one of these letters the other day as well but looked it up and found you guys!


Our non profit organization received one of these letters also from Sacramento. Our Treasurer passed it on to me, asking if it was official. As a veteran of looking up "urban legends" on the internet, I checked here first. Thank you all for doing the same.

Received a letter from State Corporate Compliance. Went to Google and found all of this interesting information. I downloaded a page giving notice of this being a fraud so I copied it, and returned the scam notice to them which I signed Gotcha. My return address-Tink Imadumbass, Inc. La.Ca. zip 00u812?????
I was going to waste my accountants time, and my money asking about this bill. Thanks.

I also received the same letter from Corporate Compliance Recorder. I spent a couple of useless hours trying to figure out if this is legit and if I should mail the check. Thank you for your website, I save $125. This scam artist should be jailed.

We recieved the same letter last week and I was surprised that in the past we haven't had any such thing. The smart thing I did was to call my attorney to find out what we need to do. He immediately told me to trash it and has nothing to do with our corporation.
I mewnt must take charge and blast these organizations that make money in disguise. Once I trace them I will nail them and make sure these rogues pay for their deeds.

I got one of these; it looked odd to me; any time that someone/some agency wants money I am suspicious; I am particularly suspicious if I haven't heard of them before or paid them before. So I typed it in on Google and came to this site. Thanks to you and the internet we normal people are now able to check out these fishy looking mailings. How come these people haven't been stopped? What government agency regulates this kind of stuff? It has obviously been reported on many occasions

I'm glad I Googled 'Corporation Compliance Recorder' before "complying" with $125!! To file a complaint with the BBB go here:

I was ready to send the form with 150.00, and didn't send it because I never had to do this before. Hint: Government forms for a corporation are always the same every year, be aware if all of a sudden you get one that you have never seen before. And looking through my payment history I noticed that all government fees are paid to State or Federal agencies. The reason why why I was not sure is because these scammers call themselves "State Corporate Compliance", 916 j St, Sacramento CA 95814.

I too got one of these "Corporate Compliance" forms with the 916 J Street address. I happily wrote very nasty, negative things on the form and sent it back WITHOUT a check. They are accumulating very bad karma and it will all come back to them.

Corporate Compliance Center, 2740 Fulton Ave. Ste 203, Sacramento 150.00
I'm so glad I checked the web first,before I called CPA and Attorney.
What a scam, thank you all for your postings. I will make a report as well.

I would like everyone to know that after reading the comments and being scammed by CCC as well, I filed a claim with the postal inspector. I did receive a confirmation from the USPS that my claim had been received and they would investigate this. I also called and left several messages for "Eva" 310-309-0761, who was referenced in one of the messages above. She did finally call me back and I just received a cashier's check in the mail refunding the full amount. She said she would follow up on the whereabouts of my minutes but I told her send me a refund as I had done the minutes myself. "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus". IN ADDITION, today I received yet a new solicitation from CCC with a totally different "look". It does not look "governmental" as it did before. I suggest you pursue this matter with Eva should you desire a refund. Good luck!!

I was scammed by Corporate Compliance Center, 2740 Fulton Ave. Ste 203, Sacramento 125.00 and Compliance Division at 9175 Kiefer Blvd. #312, Sacramento, CA95826 last year. My bookkeeper automatically payed last week due to the last year's records. I cancelled my check in time.

Another one is even harder to catch:
ANNUAL MINUTES DISCOSURE STATEMENT BY "Compliance Division at 9175 Kiefer Blvd. #312, Sacramento, CA95826". This company did not have any disclaimer saying that it was not affiliated with the state agency". It looked alarmingly official.

It asked for $175. Beware.

Thank you for this blog!! I got this notice for a client and could not figure out why we would suddenlyhave to pay $175 and turn in all these minutes! I "googled" the "Corporation Compliance Recorder" and this blog was at the top. Thank you!

New year, new name, new scam - California Filings Division (Minutes Division), 9175 Kiefer Blvd. #312, Sacramento, CA 95826. We are neither a non-profit nor a small company so they target everyone. I guess they hope with a large company that it will get lost in all the other filings. All the way at the bottom of the official-looking form (very similar to the actual form used by the state in 2004, complete with gray bars), in the tiniest print is their disclaimer. And inaccurate and incomplete with respect to their statutory references!

Thank you for relieving my anxiety. After reading your articles on the internet, I thank God that this is another scam.

I got cheated by the Business Compliance Division for unauthorized electronic withdrawal of $500 every 3 months eversince this company got hold of my checking account number. I had to close my checking account.

Look guys, I filed a complaint about five years ago, four years ago, etc. Nobody's (postal service, police department, sacramento government, bbb) going to do anything about them because nobody cares. These people will continue to defraud you because the organizations aren't doing their jobs and they have no incentive to do so. Literally, they couldn't care less. Sure, they'll take down your information and they may even as you to fax in your latest scam letter from California Corporate Compliance but they will then only staple it together and put it into a file and then go back to shuffling the other papers on their desk until 4:59pm rolls around. I have received one of these fraudulent invoices once per year from them during the entire existence of my corporation. Although I have never sent them money, I have still fought the good paperwork battle to try to put an end to them. I think a different approach might be more effective...

I suggest you visit one of their fine offices with a baseball bat, ballpeen hammer or attitude adjustment object of your choice and convince them that you're unhappy with their business model.

I am a printer in Las Vegas, NV. CALIFORNIA CORPORATE COMPLAINCE has approched me to print 40,000 envelopes and fliers concerning this subject matter. We have decided not to print this but this is going to be a serious problem here in Nevada.

I am a graphic designer and when I saw this incredibly poor designed logo of the Complaince Annual Minutes Board I was immediately suspicious. I looked it up on the internet and found this site. I was not surprised to see so many complaints. We will never stop these people and shame on the printers that print this crap. I feel sorry for the trees that lost their lives for this garbage.

We received this Corporation Compliance Recorder scam letter too. The address to send $150 payment is P.O. Box 360709, Los Angeles, CA 90036. Their scam telephone # is (866)235-7341

I have reported them to the California BBB.
Hopefully they will shut them down and give them a hefty fine as well as jail time for MAIL FRAUD. The victims are small business owners such as me.

I just got the same letter in the mail! I was going to send it in, but wanted to scan it first and then wanted to see if I can file for it online. Thank god for you people!
Anyway, some of you wanted to see what can be done about these awful scammers. Here's what I found: http://www.oag.state.tx.us/newspubs/releases/2005/082505renewal_pop.pdf
Maybe someone can do the same in CA?

We just received one from Corporation Compliance Recorder in Los Angeles CA. P.O. Box 66186. We have received this kind of letter before but this one looked much more official than the others.

I have received a letter myself from the COMPLIANCE ANUAL MINUTES BOARD/ Business Processing Division at Po Box 360709, Los Angeles, CA, 90036 for $150.00. I have called the number I have found on this website and somebody actually answers this phone.(866)235-7341.When I asked if they are a governmental agency, the woman said: "let me see, We are not".Let's all try to do something about this and nail this people. After all work hard for our money.

You're a lifesaver! I had the information filled out and the check cut. I was searching the Internet for their phone number when I came upon this site. Thanks so much!!

I work for a very large organization (over 50,000 employees), and we also received this form. It was forwarded to me by another employee asking me to complete and file it. I knew immediately that it wasn't a form from the Secretary of State of California, but thought I would research it anyhow. After reading the information posted on this site, I have decided to scan and email the form to my counterparts within my organization in order to warn them. I also plan on contacting the California Secretary of State.

Thank You for this website. I too got a lettler from CALIFORNIA CORPORATE COMPLIANCE at 3053 FREEPORT BLVD 310, SACRAMENTO, CA 95818 asking for the munites and $125.00 for filing. I remember hearing about the scam and I check on the internet and this website confirmed the scam. I will check them out further. Thank You.

We received a letter ourselves and we are invoicing them for the wasted time they caused. We are charging them our hourly rate for one hour. After a 90 day period of time we are going to sue them in small claims court and see what they do then.


I got a similar scam mail today demanding a payment of $150 paid to COMPLIANCE ANNUAL MINUTES BOARD, Business Processing Division. P.O. Box 9011 Temecula, CA 92589.

I got suspecious and searched online and found your website. Thank you very much.

How can we stop these crooks?


I received an ANNUAL MINUTES DISCLOSURE STATEMENT requesting $125. As I'm in the UK, I assumed it was some US thing I hadn't heard of. I was looking for who to write the cheque to, when I saw the tiny and deliberately confusing note at the bottom stating this is not an invoice etc.... I googled it and found your information.

I have now torn the notice up - Thanks.

Hello everybody, We should forward these letters to the Secretary of State. The government should have a way to ban those bank accounts who deposits these checks under these payable names, don't they?

I received one from "Compliance Annual Minutes Board" asking for $150. Address is P.O.Box 9011, Teecula, CA 92589.

We should report all of them!!

Compliance Annual Minutes Board
Directors and Shareholders
Instruction Form
(Domestic Stock Corporations) Annual Fee $150

The seal shows a picture of an eagle with its wings spread--the seal sure makes this look fradulent.

The group is not operating out of P.O. Box 9011, Temecula, CA 92589

The form came with a letter citing Califonria Corporations Code §§ 9510(A), 600 and 1500.

Of course, don't pay.

Just sat down with my business partner to discuss whether we should issue a check to these fools. We understood that corporations must file a "Statement of Information" annually, but didn't understand why "annual minutes" would cost us $150 to file it!

Googled "Corporate Compliance" and this website came up. I read through most of the replies, and no one has mentioned submitting this to the FBI? Wouldn't this fall under their jurisdiction, since these fraudulent mailers are sent nationwide?

Sorry to hear some of you fell victim to this scam. It's almost as bad as the Nigerian email scam that's circulated.

I also received a letter from the "Compliance Annual Minutes Board", and almost paid. Does anyone know the proper place to report this?


I received a request for $175 on a form that looked almost identical to the required secretary of state form in california from Corporates Filings Division. I turned the company into the Better Business Bureau, but am still waiting for the complaint to post. I received a request today for $$120 from Corporate Compliance Center. It looks like this is a scam that is making lots of companies big money.

I, too, filled out the Annual Meeting Minutes Disclosure Statment from a company going by California Corporate Compliance and then had second thoughts when I read on the envelope "This is not a government document." But who reads the envelope all that closely??? So I googled and found this site. I checked on the zip code it was sent from and it's a Las Vegas, NV zip: 89147. They also have a phone number in the document which I have yet to call: 866-833-4085. They list their address as 3053 Freeport Blvd. #310, Sacramento 95818. And thanks for all of your posts!

I spoke with someone from Secretary of State and she basically said they’ve been receiving the same kind of complaints for years and there isn’t anything they can do. What these companies are doing isn’t illegal, they are soliciting a service that our clients choose to decline or accept. She said all we can do is inform our clients of this type of solicitation. I asked if there was a place we can mail these documents and she said no, they receive tons of the same type of documents everyday from companies and all they do is shred them.

received letter from CALIFORNIA CORPORATE COMPLIANCE to pay $125, letter did NOT state anywhere they're not a state agency, their envelope, letter head, logo, packaging, documents were ALL designed to defraud people into believing this are state fees which HAVE to be paid within 10 days. their address is CALIFORNIA CORPORATE COMPLIANCE, BUSINESS DIVISION, 3053 FREEPORT BLVD. #310, SACRAMENTO, CA 95818 and their phone is (866) 833-4085.
it's pathetic that a state is so helpless that cannot stop criminals even when evidence is handed to them and thousands complain, they know who they are and where they are, and yet all they do is shred the evidence??!!

Just received another letter from these guys, only they have changed their name to Corporate Business Bureau! Same scam! They left an e-mail address of [email protected]. The address they used is 8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110-727 Los Angeles, CA 90045

Same official looking document with the disclaimer at the bottom in not so fine print.

got another one from CALIFORNIA CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS, COMPLIANCE DIVISION, 2443 FAIR OAKS BLVD. #539, SACRAMENTO CA 95825, package looked liked gov. letter, with a seal resembling california state seal, with a bear, state map, and a star. phone number (866) 217-4167. I called them and told them I sent their check to the other guys I mentioned above :P
Note their phone number goes to some place in Texas, which is dead giveaway, especially since it's a STATE gov. office supposedly, and I called them around 4pm and the girl had no idea what time it was in Calif. kept saying this is the "after-hours" call center, I'll have to call between 9am-5pm, ROFLMAO.

Thanks for the posting about the CCC scam. I've had a letter from the Califorina Corporate Compliance burried on my desk for several weeks, because I didn't want to pay, but I also didn't want to throw away something I needed. Thanks to you, I was able to confidently throw it away. The address on my return envelope was 3053 Freeport Blvd. #310, Sacramento, CA 95818. Thanks.

Thanks for posting this.

I have also received this solicitation. I had to read their form carefully to find the disclaimer that they are not a government office. They wanted $125.

I wonder how many people pay this without question.

We have just received the correspondence from California Corporate Compliance. Our CFO was suspicious and asked me to check it out. They were asking for $125.00. The return address posted is : 3053 Freeport Blvd, #310, Sacramento, CA 95818. I googled California Corporate Compliance and found this site. Thanks for posting this.

We also received the letter from the Corporation Compliance recorder and almost sent the $125.00 fee. I am so glad we looked up california corporate compliance and found out this was a SCAM!!! These people need to be reported and stopped. I wrote across the letter in red, we know about your scam. It was worth the 39 cents.

Wow! I got one of these too sking for $125 and Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement (San Fransisco, CA). I incorporated 4 months ago and am a single member corp. Did not make sense, so I ent online to get their phone number to call and ask for explanation and the very first link was to this blog. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Thanks for posting this. I am a small business owner and when I read my letter my first thought was, "What for?" When this thought hits you, call the people sending you the letter to find out more.

When I could not find a phone number anywhere on the mailing, I did a search for the address and found this site. Thanks for confirming my thinking here. I will be contacting my local mail fraud unit tomorrow!

Received our official notice today!! They are now charging $150 and their new address is 2443 Fair Oaks Boulevard #539, Sacramento, CA 95825. Keep 'em on the run!!

I've written an Associated Content article about these crooks, which you can find at:


There is an "Email" button above the title - please feel free to send this article to anyone you know who owns a business and might be scammed at the hands of these crooks!!

Received notice today. We are a good sized insurance and investment company in Idaho. I was writing out my check request because we see so many of these notices and when I googled the form I found your blogs. Thank you! I filed a complaint with BBB.

I also received a letter from "COMPLIANCE ANNUAL MINUTES BOARD" asking for $150 and due in 10 days. It is sent from P.O.Box 9011, Temecula, CA 92589. Although the whole letter looks like it is from a government agency, the envelope has a print "THIS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT". I then google and find out this web site to confirm my suspicion.
As the goverment do nothing to ban these crooks, I think we should inform all the business partners. We probably ask the government to have a new law that prohibit the use of the like government's document with the intention to deceit and gain money from others. In my case, if I was too busy to read carefully both the letter and the envelope (someone might just throw the envelope or do not read all the prints on the envelope), or do not found out this web site, I would become a victim of them.

Hey I just got this scam today. And guess what, they have moved to Sacramento and now charge $125.

What a bunch of scammers!

We received our Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement today. They want $125 AND all of our officers and directors names AND a copy of our annual shareholder minutes. I wouldn't be surprised if they sold this information to other companies as well.

I Googled the address (3053 Freeport Blvd. Sacramento, CA). This appears to be a residential area south of the downtown area. I wouldn't be surprised if this is how to "make cash working from home by stuffing envelopes". They probably send all the checks from the victims in and get a percentage of the cut. Appparently it does well as it looks like it's been around for a few years. I was given this invoice and it seemed official enough until I started reading it. We could have easily paid it had this been a "busy" day.

I'm surprised this is not considered fraud. It's obviously a blatant attempt to disguise their "service" (which is not even clearly stated!) as a governmental tax.

Thanks for the site! I hope it helps others in the future as it has helped me and the previous posters.

We got a request for our annual minutes from these scumbags located at Corporation Compliance Recorder, PO Box 66186, LA.
Since we had only been incorporated in Jan, I thought is was interesting that they wanted our annual minutes. I hemmed and hawed (whatever that means) and finally called the Atty whose office did the incorporation. They advised that this is a major scam.
I will call Michael Finney at KGO, SF, and will send out a viral email about these disgusting individuals. Please do the same.

Thank you for posting this. I just received a letter from "Compliance Annual Minutes Board" saying that I need to send $150 to PO Box 9011, Temecula CA 92589. Their phone number is 866-235-7341. I almost sent it in! It's hard enough to get a business off the ground without people trying to scam you. It's disgusting that the Secretary of State is not taking action against these people. What tipped me off? I only had 10 days to pay and my minutes aren't due until December. Fortunately I was paying attention.

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