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March 24, 2005


Great stuff! Of all the things I've written on the subject and others too, I do believe you have identified the nexus that binds all the discussion together. Yes indeed, we ALL are Terri Schiavo.

The line between tragedy and farce is often indistinct. It becomes visible when overlaid by hypocrisy. I wish to play out my own life on my own terms. I do not wish to have the tragic role imposed upon me by others for their self-serving ends, as is playing out here.

The farce and hypocrisy are easily stated. We have a President and a party that permit by legislation the very action they choose to not accept in this instance. The farce lies in the sure understanding that the exercise was mere grandstanding; posturing intended to improve their stature among those who would impose upon me the amateur religions they so loudly proclaim.

Liberalism or secular humanism or whatever you want to tar us with is not perfect. It is validly subject to a critique that it denies or restricts the authority of anything external to the individual. It is also correct to state that our nation was founded upon Christian principles, although of a liberal and deist slant. Those principles protect us from being subjugated to the obedience and dogma these amateur religions seek to impose. How dare anyone question my morality when I suggest that it is no business of the State to intrude into the prudent and private decisions of others.

In all cases where morality and public policy are perceived to be at odds, there exists an easy resolution. Give me a sound reason why a public policy should exist that does not ultimately turn on what the Word or Will of God intends, and I will engage in dialogue – otherwise, keep your faith to yourself; I will not accept any discussion for a public policy that imposes upon Caesar any diktat to do the work of God.

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I cried for Terri this morning as i drove home from work today, i can't stop thinking about her. Terri has touched my heart so. We never heard her voice, but was forced to look at those beautiful brown eyes displayed on the news with pictures of her.I didn't need to hear her voice, she spoke to me and to millions of others. Her legacy will live on. A shy girl form Pennsylvania was put her to make all of us think about our lives, and what we stand for. Terri you are at PEACE, this is one life that did not die in vain.

I like the fact that you are open to the point of not knowing where we will be after death. If this is all to life no life after death, then there is no hope it (life). But, if we have hope for life after death, the question would be where would we go. Heaven or hell, this hope will start a quest in ones brain of where do I want to go, heaven or hell. Then the search for where you want to be after life on earth come to an end. So I say to you find the truth by finding God our creator, and ask the question what must I do to (be saved) see God.

May God help you to find the answers in seeking Him.

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