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March 10, 2005


We may be experiencing 'Global Warming', but the link above provides the more reasonable reasons why. The other day I heard a climatologist say that the computer models that are predicting the coming climate apocalypse use programs that are 'ancient' and do not even factor in cloud cover! They leave that out! Give me a break.

Taylor is right to be concerned about the rush to declare as settled science that which is actually very much in doubt, and he is far from alone in that view.

See, for example:

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Whether or not Taylor is the actual "State Climatologist" it must be conceded that his expertise is seldom rivaled, and that his dissent destroys the myth of "consensus" among scientists.

Bee, that's a terrific ironic comment. For a moment I almost thought you were serious.

Taylor has a master's degree, not a Ph.D. To my knowledge he's only published a few papers in his entire life.

He's not part of the genuine faculty at OSU. If you talk with real faculty members at his college, as I have, they'll laugh and say "Oh, George."

He's good at collecting weather data. He's terrible at interpreting climate change science.

The IPCC represents the consensus among the world's leading climate scientists. That's a fact. As I just wrote in response to another commenter, a recent issue of New Scientist has an article called "A fake fight."

It's subtitled: "Climate change needs sceptics, but those who peddle bogus controversies to the public are helping no one."

Some of those bogus controversies are what Taylor loves to spout on right wing talk shows. That fluctuations in the output of the sun are responsible for climate change. That variations in CO2 have lagged behind atmospheric temperature changes.

All this stuff has been studied and discounted by real climatologists. It's only the uninformed who are taken in by Taylor and pseudo-scientists like him.

True: global warming is occurring. The earth's average temperature has risen 0.6 degrees Celsius in the past century. The earth's temperature has had a natural variation of approximately +/- 1 degree Celsius over one hundred year periods in the past. The greenhouse effect is real, but its contribution to our current 'global warming' is minimal. Pollution and CO2 are not even the major contributors to the greenhouse effect, it is water vapor. 'Greenhouse' gases have risen 30-40 percent in the past century and their predicted contribution based on an ill-conceived model at Oxford University years ago would have produced a rise of 5-6 degrees Celsius.

The earth is currently in one of its interglacial periods and based on historical data should last another 2,000 to 10,000 years. Some estimates have postulated up to 50,000 years, but this seems a bit extreme. After this, the next 'ice age' will occur.
I don't argue with the fact that pollution, aerosols, propellants, and fossil fuels contribute to the 'greenhouse effect' although not to the degree that water vapor contributes . However, saying that the greenhouse effect is the driving force for global warming is scientifically unfounded and has resulted in public misconception. Association does not imply causality.

I agree with Steve. In addition to the water vapor theory there are a number of others that are plausible such as solar radiation or shifting ocean currents and magnetic fields.

Sure, we should work to clean up the environment and develop environment-friendly technologies, but let's not drastically shut down economies based on a theory which is all the greenhouse effect is.

Consensus among many scientists does not prove they're right. It just proves they agree, and there are plenty of smart folks who don't. It's not "cut and dried". Not by a long shot.

And if they're right we're screwed anyway because they say the wheels have irretrievably been set in motion even if we turned off every car and factory today.

there is no such thing as global warming there are just as many scientists who say there is no such thing problem is they get no grant money so IF I got money based on saying global warming is happening I guess i would look for gloabla warming too

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