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March 12, 2005


Your review of this DVD reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago when visiting my 82 year old friend Carl (an electrical engineer who had worked on the Manhattan Project at Oak Ridge during the war). At that time Carl’s’ wife, Ann, had emphysema real bad and was on oxygen. She was elderly and not religious, but she realized that her time was near, and thus turned our conversation to God and the after life.

Carl’s position on this was that when your dead your dead, your switch is turned off and all is dark. Ann was not so sure and wanted to believe that their was more to the story, so she asked for my opinion of what happens when you die. I said that when you die you actually see light not darkness. Carl laughed and said, “Bullshit”.

A couple years later, and after Ann had died, I visited Carl again. He was near death, dieing at his home of congestive heart failure. His daughter went into is room to check on him and he said, “ Pull the drapes, it is too bright in hear.”. She replied, “But dad the drapes are pulled, and the lights are out.”

Your review makes no sense whatsoever. You pbviously missed the significance of the the title and your suggestion of renaming it "The Existential Detectives" illustrates how little you know about movies.

My main issue with your review stems from the fact that you conclude "Laurel came away feeling that All is One was the winner.". You suggest that a median between these philosphical viewpoints is more accurate. You give far too much credit to yourselves as critics and not enough to the movie itself, which so clearly arrives at the same conclusion.

Your concise (to say the least) summation of Sartre et.al seems to suggest a severe misunderstanding or ignorance of their theories and the theories of existentialism and post modernism in general.

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