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January 18, 2005



Although it is prescribed for epileptic dogs, my non-epileptic 55lb pup (7mos) got hold of a neurontin bottle this morning and after the panic and calls to both my vet and the animal poison control center all is well. There was no indication of how much of the 10mg pills she injestested-all were accounted for, but broken with the contents on the floor. I was on hold with poison control for too long and never waited to speak with anyone. It was my vet who suggested the peroxide. The info I found on the net was that up to 100mg/8hrs can be prescribed for an epileptic dog. Unlike humans, their liver metabolizes the medication so a higher dose is suppsedly more effective. Thanks for your story!

Our beautiful cocker spaniel recently had surgery performed on both rear legs a month apart. One of the prescribed medications in her recover process was 100mg of Gabapentin.

So glad your sweet dog is ok.

This is dangerous guidance on peroxide to induce vomiting for dogs. The vet should have known the 100mg of gabapetin was ALOT safer than prescribing peroxide to induce vomiting. The practice of inducing VOMITING WITH PEROXIDE can be HAZARDOUS in itself.

Glad it all turned out and hope you found a new pet!

Katie, I see your point -- that it would have been OK to let our dog digest the gabapentin. However, on the question of whether hydrogen peroxide is dangerous for dogs, when it's used in the correct dosage to make them throw up, I didn't see any general warnings when I Googled "hydrogen peroxide dog."

I did find some specific contraindications on this site:

Like if the dog has swallowed something caustic. Then vomiting could burn the esophagus. But otherwise it seems that it's fine to use hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting when this is necessary.

It is also given to dogs with cancer pain.
They gave him Tramodol (Ultram) and he had a very bad reaction. I am hesitant to give him this. I think codine would be safer.

It's the xylitol in the neurontin that can be fatal for dogs. The compound for dogs doesn't have it and is called deramaxx.

Actually our dog has been on gabapentin for back issues and it has helped quite a bit. He is 85 lbs. and takes 400 mg every 12 hours. I contacted the company who makes gabapentin (neurontin generic) that is a Pfizer shoot off company. The pills do not have the Xylitol in them, it is the liquid form. Xylitol is toxic to dogs, so it is best to get the pharmacist to compound if your dog needs gabapentin for seizures or pain-management. They are using gabapentin quite frequently now for pain-management, as it is not as bad as the NSAIDS. A previous poster that said that Deramaxx was the compound without it is mistaken, as that is not the same type of anti-inflammatory group as gabapentin.

Glad that your dog is ok and that you are such loving owners to have gone through all the measures to figure out/resolve the issue when it happened. We all can make those scary mistakes when doctoring your dog, especially if you get home with several prescribed meds! I will definately use your insight in the future to make sure I don't have a similar accident with all the similar pill bottles lined up for him!

Very unnecessary reaction to taking one gabapentin. Very upset to hear that your dog had to experience what it did due to such poor advise.

My GSD takes Gabapentin twice a day for pain relief. She does not have seizures. I think your vet was a bit enthusiastic, but I'm British and allowing for cultural differences.

Hello, is there anyone out there that can help me, My dog only weighs 18 lbs. He found a pill of my, ait was 300 MGs, I am not sure what to do, I do not have money to take him to the vet, Thank you if you can help.

I lost the last post I made, My dog is fine.

My dog is currently on tramadol and gabapentin. Does that seem OK? It seems that both drugs are for pain relief. She also is taking Previcox. She is very arthritic, has large tumors, CATARACTS and seems to be happy and sweet. She is 12 yo and 73 lbs.

my weimeraner was on gapapentin and tramadol for about a month. she has a torn muscle and a few days ago she can longer walk well with out falling over .IS THE MEDICINE THAT MADE HER THAT WAY AND WILL SHE GET BETTER.

My 18 lbs yorkie mix chewed on a neurontin 400mg pill I must have dropped accidentally on the floor. I just found it and animal poison control wants money to answer any questions! I don't have $60 to give them. There's still some powder left in the capsule so she didn't ingest the whole 400mg but idk what to do. The multiple vets have said to call animal control cuz they have never heard of neurontin and/or gabapentin! Which I think is ridiculous! (Especially after seeing other posts of dogs being prescribed it in posts above) I want to know if I should give her peroxide to make her throw up just in case? Please help and thank u!

Gabapentin seems to be a very commonly used pain medication in dogs. Surprising the vet did not know the ins and outs of it. Maybe a younger vet?

Merckvetmanual.com gives doses used in animals in mg/kg and the dose intervals.

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