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January 03, 2005


although both of dina's and what the?'s comments were rude i am highly offended by what the ?'s comments im white and im not a trashy ho nor an air head..and sorry to say but dina is right if you dont like it here since it sure seems like it by the way you've commented "hmmm" then leave no one is forcing you to live hear and to what the ?'s you are the same you shouldnt be discriminating agaisnt us and sorry if dina offended you but you have offended me far more and it pisses me off..and i believe dina said that she was a russian with black or brown whatever hair color...by calling her a valley girl you're refering to a blond so next time you get offended and are pissed try not to post a comment that would offend others at this point you are the one that looks like the idiot..pathetic asshole

sorry about the post it came out twice??

Well you know what, I'm glad your offended by what i said Dina and Rachel, because what Dina wrote was very offensive to me and Indian people. You literally said that Indian people and Pakis were ugly. Yeah i was offended. Wouldn't you be offened if i said Russians were ugly people, with jet black hair, pasty white skin , bushy eyebrows, long wicka like noses and thin lipped . YEAH YOU WOULD BE. So you were rude to begin with. And Rachel, if you read my last few lines in my comment, I said not to take my comment serioulsy, because it was aimed at Dina, because what she wrote was offensive.I wanted her to know what it felt like. See how pissed you got Rachel, when i left that comment, thats the same reaction i had when i read Dina's comment. . And Dina, if you addressed that comment to "hmm" , you were including Indians and others in your comment. I didn't know you were Russian when i posted the comment. I wrote and posted that comment while you were writing the second comment. But i could have just as easily said horrilbe things about Russians too.
I agree with you Dina, that "hmm" is out of line when he/she talked smack about America. I don't appreciate people putting down a country they live in that has offered so much, but don't assume that every Indian is like that, they understand all the opportunties that are offered to them. So don't tell me to teach my people respect, just because a few retards say stupid things like that. I do agree with you, if you don't like this country, then what the heck are you doing here, leave, no one is forcing you to stay and no one wants you around.
Rachel i apologize if I've offened you, it was only to get a reaction out of Dina.
And Dina you said you don't want to judge Indians and pakis, but you just did , In your comment you said ..."but almost all of are snobs, think they are top of the world and dress like lil hoes", i find this very hard to believe, becaus I'm Indian, and i have plenty of Indian and non Indian friends, and one of the things my friends feel strongly about is dressing decently and they are not snobs by any means. I could just as easily say the same about Russians, when i went to college, there was a large population of Russian students and they came across as very snobbish, and unfriendly as if they were better than than all the other students attending the university...and I wasn't the only one that noticed, my non-Indian friends commented on it too... So should i judge that all Russians are like that? because I've had Russian friends, and they are not at all like that, so I'm not going to sit there arnd judge the whole Russian population as being arrogant and self-centered and ugly.
Dina... for your information I have an education, I'm done with school, I have two degrees and I have great career.
This whole forum is pissing me off, people coming on here saying how Indians are attractive/unattractive. It makes absolutely no sense, why this forum has swayed from its original topic is still open. This is about Aishwaraya, not forum to discuss ethnocentric opinions of a few retarded people.

to what the..i am sorry if i offended you but just as you had posted you comment towards me and insulted me i did the same to "hmm" so she could know how insulting immature and outrageous she sounds posting such a comment about the country she lives in and talking so much crap about its people...my comments were NOT towards any one else but "hmm" and there are a lot of pretty indian's and paki's but in this forum "hmm" crossed the line by insulting America and some other people posting comments about how paki's r prettier...no one culture needs to be or is prettier than another and i was annoyed at the time so i said both were ugly which was directed to "hmm" and everyone else that said paki's r prettier..so i'm sorry if i had offended you but i was doing exactly what you were doing to me, trying to get "hmm" to realize how insulting offending and immature her comment was.

thanks for the apoligy but next time i really hope you know what you are doing and think about what you're saying before posting up a comment becuase it really hurt me but i know dina pissed you off but hell she did the same thing you did and both of you are very rude and immature im ver appaled by these forums.disgusted.

No prob Rachel. I'm not immature or rude Rachel. Yes my message was, but In person, i am not. I know that post hurt you, as well, Dina's post hurt me, and i posted it AFTER reading her comment. I'm not the type to go around posting offensive comments or making anyone feel horrible like that, but we were both doing it out of anger and offense.

Thanks Dina for also apologizing. I understand why you posted it. I think next, time all of us will think twice before posting something that offends differnt races and ethnicites.
Yes Rachel i agree with you, this forum is digusting, and degrading to a certain extent.


completely true and i agree with you 100%...disgusting, degrading, immature and inhumane...

by the way to everone else that reads my comments..they were directed @ "hmmm", and i am sorry if you are offended it is completely out of anger

beaulatasha is an urban legend.

dina...you clearly are from harvard huh?!

if you read properly...i cant seem to find a pakistani that has said that they nice!! they all seem to be non pakistanis!!

dina cant read dina cant read!!!!!!!

then go back to school and learn how to read and then try re-reading it...what are you 5? next time you get online make sure its ok with you're momy ok? she might help you post up something thats not so pathetic

Quit your shit jabbering u morons

This is a forum to discuss this woman, not for 10 yr olds trying to act cool on the internet.

Go drink your milk or something

ash is beautiful, but there are other women who are more beautiful than her. bollywood is a JOKE...even the bollywood ppl and the indian ppl agree about that. indians do also agree- ash is fake and yes, the 60 mins thing was highly choreographed. one thing I have to say is that indian culture is different. they like to portray women differently and when ash is on the western t.v interview she thinks she is representing India- which I am sure the indians are going to say yes to- therefore she is putting on the personality that is expected of her.

Who gives a damn about "the most beautiful woman in the world". As if some outer physical appearance is the measure of real beauty. Your opinion of beauty is only relative. It is representative of the depths of madness and insanity into which humanity is ever swiftly sinking. It represents the stinking glamorous nonsense B.S. which people are buying into, promoting, participating in, and spreading everywhere over the planet. If you are such a sensible, liberal-mided, truth-seeking, and altrustic person as you would like us and yourself to think, then you would simply cut the crap and start telling the truth about the evil, the darkness, and the lies and B.S. which are spreading over the land, coming out of "Hollywood", broadcasting through the media, being sold by corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and doctors, and being foisted upon every man, woman, and child, by the corrupt and dangerous swine called politicians, government buereaucrats, and judicial systems.

If you want to talk about beauty, then please try to do it in a way which brings light and truth into this cess-pool of glamorous garbage which pretends to be modern western and culture. Its no wonder that hunman society is fracturing into ever-widening chaos. Why? Because people keep producing and buying into all of this B.S..

So please, if you are going to speak out on real beauty, get to the truth and stop pussy-footing around and "flirting with the devil". (and I don't mean that in some stupid judeo-christian religious way either)

These are dire times, and there is no time to waste with irrelevant 'glamour' related babble.

Judging by the comments in this forum, I think there is an obvious misconception regarding what Indian women look like. On the whole, there really isn't one general or uniform "look". India in itself is a diverse nation composed of citizens with different physical characteristics. Aishwarya Rai does have Indian features that can be associated with a certain part of the country. Those of you non-indians who don't think so, have a narrow conception of what Indian people embody.

On the question of whether she is the most beautiful woman in the world, I think this is a rather ridiculous notion. Obviously there will never be an indisputable answer, because the world will never agree. It is all in the eye of the beholder. I personally think that she is beautiful, and so are a great number of women ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

And to those of you who insist on refering to women as dogs, you need to take a step back and re-evaluate your thinking. I find it insulting and degrading as a woman. To you men who have used such disgusting language: We are equal people of this planet who are entitled to be treated as such. Do not demean our importance in this world by diminishing us to a lower-class species. To you ladies who have also encouraged such degrading behavior towards our gender: realize that you have accepted a lesser role in society by allowing us to be reduced with degrading terminology.

I would like to see a forum judging the appearances of men. It would be only fair.

Thanks to the author of the previous comment about the comments on this post. Believe me, I never expected that the comments would get so racist/nationalist and sexist, as you correctly pointed out.

For a while I closed off comments because I was so disgusted by them. But I don’t like censorship, and I reopened comments because I believe in the self-correcting nature of the Internet in general and the blogosphere in particular. Your comment is a good example of this.

I hope the people who have made ridiculous statements along the lines of “All Indian women are…” or “All Pakistani women are…” will read your thoughts.

ashwarya you are very beautiful & sexy also i like you & i love you so much i want your some sexy wallpapers

enjoying a race's beauty does not make one a racist brian.

people here are merely stating preferences about people. and as much as people like to deny it, some people in some countries are just more beautiful than others. its called racial inheritance. pakistani women are beautiful...i find them pretty and sweet looking...few need much make up. indian women are also fine...but more 'fit' than pretty.

latina women are actaully the finest women in the world...those who disagree are clearly not familiar with the world.

also- how can she 'look' like an area of india. she is south indian...which are very different looking to her. this either confirms she is artificial or then your theory of 'areas in india have people like her'

silly really.


Laila..agreed..latina and arabian women are actually beautiful. here in london too, paki girls are also an equally fine specimen, alongside half caste black women. all these styles of women are londons hottest property according to a casual poll carried out by the university of arts.

this woman is very unattractive. her face is very unusual looking.

Hey guys check this out....
this is a pic of a pakistani model turned actoress she is zillion times better looking than Aishwarya rai...hereyes nose lips everythin is real



WOW she is stunning!! she looks very natural too.. dude.. everyone apart from serious retards think ash is fake and minging so relax!

i heard alot about pakistan girls..mostly compliments. can u post some more pics..as i dont really know much about them so cant search for them.

here's more pics...Her name is Amnah Haq, Pakistani actoress.Shez BEAUTIFUL










this is what Aishwaria Rai looks in reality

shez the one in the middle.

shez so dark




her mom is behind her in this pic (the woman in the white outfit)




this is a pic of her with her boyfriend

Ya..she definately doesnt look as good as she does with makeup.
I dont even find her that pretty, certainly not the most beautiful with makeup even
Maybe in her younger days..but now, nah.

hey get a life...it wont let me see her pics. it says i got to log in...oh well.

this amna looks nice too..but she looks abit irani and i find persian girls abit odd looking.

to me beauty is black hair, black eyes and TOTAL natural beauty. amazing. and a girl has to have lush lips!!!!

yes get a life you are quite right in saying those women are beautiful. i like their features and they appear to be natural looking. that is what i like about women. i cant stand caked up women, when they wipe of their make up its like 'plz put it back on'

but to be honest fellow people, you can hardly ever find a naturally beautiful girl these days. meaning everywhere you look- you see stunning girls parading up and down the streets, in the media or just in ur dreams. some appear to be completly natural..but think again. even for women to achieve 'the natural' look..it takes time and precision. they have clear mascara on, or one that matches their actual color instead of jet black. then we have the foundation/concealor/blusher and so on all to achieve that 'naturally beautiful/dewy skin look'

these days...pretty much ask a normal person off the street...they will almost defo know someone that has had some kind of cosmetic surgery.

its the truth. beauty is rare..some few people are blessed with the natural stuff.
i am all for personal grooming...like the removal of unwanted facial hair, well shaped eyebrows and well looked after in general. few women can actaully pull of the ungroomed look and still look 'ok'. it is them that are the natural beauties.

men and women alike...these famous ppl are not beautiful...they are made to look good.

hi dear ashwariya rai realy i want to see you >dil^to^ek^hai< & i realy like you wahguru ne aap ko bahut sundhar banaya hai dear dear & dear (phool hai ghulab ka khushboon to diya karo massege hai vicky baghzai ka jawab to diya karo)

UM...what language are u speaking?

i think she is pleasant looking..but heard in real life she is merely ordinary.

ordinary doesnt cut it

beauty is about standing out. having lovely features. they dont have to be 'perfect' they just have to 'fit' the face.

to me...eyes are the most amazing features.

her eyes look plain..like they would 'dead' with out make up.

that is why black, stunning eyes are lovely. black eyes with black lashes and black brows. that is amazing.

also a girl has to have full lips. not collagen enhanced..the real deal.

that friends is beauty.

The guy above is speaking Hindi.

Almost everyone who's met her talks about her bad attitude, her acting like she's above them all. A "most beautiful" is not like that. She's supposed to be inside and out. And apparently, Rai has neither of those.

well i think that aishwariya is quite pretty for indian standards...but wouldnt be considered extraordinary in other parts of the world like she is in the indian society. all actors are fake wherever they are in the world NOT just in India. (bollywood) yes angelina jolie is gorgeous but her and aishwarya rai probably wear the same amount of make up! Just think if they didnt have makeup they wouldnt be as pretty! and probably wouldnt have as many fans! Bollywood movies have everything in them..emotion,glamour,amazing music,great storylines! the makeup on the actors just add to the movie to make it give a better appereance! aishwarya rai is indeed pretty but not the prettiest.


what the hell shez so ordinary lookin




well she doesnt look amazing..but she dont look bad either. but she still has make up on and she still is surgically enhanced!!! so either way...i doubt we will ever see her just 'normal'

only her mother and father truly know her true looks. the rest of us...lets stop complaining...coz she is fake and always will be fake and their aint denying she looks good tho. fake but nice.

the 3 most beautiful women(naturally-that i have seen) are=

1) cruz
2) jolie
3) winona ryder!

shocked at the last one...well believe me...thsi woman is underated way too much. i hate her as an actress..think she is appaling. but i once saw her at bloomingdales...with NO make up on and she is actually stunning!! she really is...and i was surprised mnyself.

I think at the end of the day it is our perceived notions of her personality and who she really is as a person. It’s really a superficial impression of her looks/talent etc., becasue if you have only meet her in magazines or on screen it's only a "image" we have come to know. She needs to thank her PR people, they have done a great joby getting our attention.... However her beauty which has now become a "brand" world wide.....is totally overrated! She is not enchanting to me!

As I find a picture of her I'll post it, meanwhile, although not famous and unknown to all but a few fortunate souls, the most beautiful woman in the world is Joy Edwards.

you are right hanna...her beauty is way overrated. but give her a few years...she will be nothing more than a distant memory...trust me! she is fickle...not strong enough to last, and also she is like 35 or something! but unfortunately...this world is fast changing..they no longer appreciate real beauty or at least a naturally pretty face.now its about sexy faces, sexy bodies. made up faces, bleached hair.

real beauty is dead in the media.

your boyfriends will never appreciate you women who are naturally pretty. they will pick and prick at everything about you..because of the media!!! i can gurantee your bfs have said once at least ' i dont like this about you-change that'

you say ' what do you want from me'

he says- 'look in the magazines'

you know he dont deserve you!! ha!! thats my little speech. i hate to see beauty underrated and artificial stuff overrated

i cant help it..im a painter

It's so obvious most of the people who have complemented Pakistani women etc are pakistani themselves. I wonder how they can get past the burkha and all. I pity you all. The majority of paki women I've seen are hairy and manly looking. Compared to them, our Aishwarya is miles better. Stop hiding behind 100 different ID's you morons.



her eyes weren't blue when she was a little kid, eye color does not change over night...and she was quiet dark Oh well thatz coz shez South Indian..



here she looks ugly

with her mom and dad



with her bro


LOL. You are a moron. When did I once mention in my post above that Aishwarya's all that? Umm...not even once. I said COMPARED to your females, she's miles better.

And OHHHHHHH...Pakistani women have light eyes, fair skin? Big whoop! I have gray eyes and fair skin myself. You dont see me going around saying that, do you? U obviously think having those two things is the epitome of beauty. Eye color CAN change, buddy. Obviously you wouldn't know though. I had blue eyes as a young girl, but they changed to gray.

The fact is, I know Aishwarya DOESN'T have either blue eyes, or even fair skin. I DON'T worship her, I hate her.I just said what I did to support her, since I'm Indian and so's she. Because I know she's fake, and looks 45 without make-up. And no amount of makeup can make me think she's beautiful.

I agree most Indians literally think of her as God, because of her [fake] non-Indian features. I pity those people who are dark as hell but think light is the the eptiome. That's pitiful. I know and accept it.

I'm SORRY for generalizing by saying all Pakistani women are ugly. But I landed upon a forum discriminating Indian women, and from all the comments on this site it felt like all those people complimenting u peeps were Pakistani themselves. But if they are not, hats off to you guys.

I know Indian women are particularly not that attractive, mostly cause of their bitchy nature towards those who are. And if you compare Aishwarya to these females, even w/out makeup she's better. I'm not looking down upon my own race, but those are the facts.

Why the hell do people think that if you have light eyes your a goddess? the majority of western women have light eyes but no big deal is made of them. Its not your damn eye colour its your features god damn it, grow up
its racist to say that light skin is beter than dark so why is eye colour any different

Calm down..no one's saying you are a goddess just cause you have colored eyes..except the majority of Indians. Lol. There are the good and ugly in every shape and form. Personally, even though having light eyes myself, I wouldn't mind having dark eyes. Light eyes on celebs, look at Rai, her eyes look DEAD without eye makeup.

I mean eye color is really just a fad and is not such a big thing to obsess over. Be glad u can atleast see.

Greetings folks .
I dont know about her inner beauty but speaking of physical beauty :-
I really think she got a sweet looking face , however, I can never consider her THE MOST beautiful woman in the world !!! This is a bad Joke to me ... ..
As a journalist, I have seen and travelled many parts of the world(even south asia only for 3 weeks once). For sure, she couldnt be the most beautiful in the world, NOT EVEN CLOSE. Let me give you just one example ,
I have lived in Lebanon , Iran, Jordan and Syria. They have many many gorgeous
girls there whome I would not even compare with miss Asware Rai. She is no comparison to those middle-eastern beauties. Dont get me wrong , I am not saying that she is ugly or not good-lookin , I find her fine looking and her face very sweet. But certainly not "THE MOST" beautiful in this planet.

this is a joke- PAKISTANI people must be the ugliest people in the world...with the most pathetic tiny egos to match. how ugly must they be that they have to come on sites and quite literally out of nowhere start 'bigging' themselves up! along with arab and latina women? ha ha they must be ssoooooooooooooooooooooo ugly girl!!!!

but clearly they are not...so you need to get a grip on reality. ok chick- i am WHITE-my mother is american and my father is irish- but settled in the states some many years back. i live right near jackson heights NYC...infested with south east asians like indians and bengalus. i can promise you...that indians are sooooo underated compared to pakistanis...both men and women. my black/white/asian/latina friends compliment pakistani girls like hell...only coz with pakistani girls...they never look like they belong to any race in particular and they are beautiful. meaning they keep you guessing if they are pakistani, arabian, persian, latina, or plain european. they have vast looks...something very few have in this world.

i think you are unbelievably jealous...which is gross. be happy that they are pretty...do not try and compete with it...coz thats plain shallow. your words have disgusted me... i have heard endless indians near my home town make pathetic comments about pakistanis/afghans/iranis out of jealousy. i heard once that this indian girl in manhatten once kicked the living shitty out of a irani girl...and when questionned as to why she had done it...its coz she felt threaten by her coz of her looks!!!!!

get a life- skin colour signifies nothing. pakistanis are lighter..for sure..thats because they are more 'central asia' than south east asia. but they do not all have light eyes!! i think that the most beautiful feature about arab/persian/pakistani women is their huge DARK eyes. dark eyes are alot more mysterious and sensual.

to any pakistani that comes across this site...i apologise fot this he/she behaviour. you are beautiful...and i mean that. pakistani women..have natural beauty.

i have noticed in the posts...that pakistanis usually come 3rd after latina and arabian women...now if they really were pakistanis...would they not rate themselves number one?!?!? come on this is a joke...get a grip on reality...accept that ur jealous and bitter.

and this is a joke- how horrid are your sick racist jibes on their religion. its sick. burka this and that...your best suited for the KKK site!!!!

you disgust me.

Thomas: [I thought u were as girl..?]

Calm down. Instead of talking out of your butt, read what the person above me said.

You were being sarcastic by saying this: but the truth is that Pakistani people do have egos. And thats a fact. You are a white chick, dont try to teach me anything. Every damn race is smarter than yours.
When did I even mention the word burkha?
As I said before, shut your mouth. You are obviously drunk or on pot talking crap like that.
I also didnt state any religious discrimination. So what the hell are u talking about? DAMN u are stupid, girl!

I apologized: so who the hell are u coming here talking total B.S? Get the hell out of here and shut your ignorant mouth.

Okay, we get it, Pakistani women are pretty,but some are just as butt ugly as the next ugly person, but to say that Indian women are just plain ugly is horrible and ignorant. I've seen many beautiful Indian, Paki, and Middle eastern women. Since when did we start to classify beauty to one particular region of the world?
and THOMAS, I'm really offened by the way you said that you live near Jackson Heights , where it was "infested" with Indians? What the hell does that mean.ARe you trying to compare Indians to insects, if so then your being just as racist as some of these other commenters. Being as how you live near Jackson Heights, you do realize that Jackson Heights is nick named "Little India" for a reason, for the same reason, "Little Italy" and "China Town" are respectfully named. You said something very interesting, you said that your friends compliment Paki women because they they "never look like they belong to any race in particular and they are beautiful. meaning they keep you guessing if they are pakistani, arabian, persian, latina, or plain european". So now the defination of beauty is to not look ethnic?? or just too look more European? Thanks for clearing that up for us, who couldn't figure that one out.And if they never look like they belong to a particular race, how do you know their paki, do you just run up to each of them and ask them their ethnicity and keep a tally of it? OOO look theres another paki that doesn't look like a paki, shes beautiful, but look theres and Indian chick, she looks indian, sooo i can't consider her beautiful.

I agree that paki's have light skin, but i've seen tanned pakis and its true that Indians have tanned skin, but i've seen plenty of light skinned ones. It's like saying, every Irish person that you meet will have Red Hair and Freckles. Now that wouldn't be a good generalization, because i have Irish friends, who don't have either.
So you've heard "endless Indians" near your home making comments? so what, don't judge because you'd be lying if you said that you've never made a comment like that before. I'm sure you've made comments about African Americans, Hispanics and Asians, and don't give me any bull that you haven't because thats a flat out lie. Just because some random Indian chick got into a fight with some Middle eastern chick, dosent give you he right to generalize her actions onto to other Indians.

Ohhh and you like the big dark black eyes...funny, the last time i checked, indian girls had the very same big, dark eyes, granted there are Indian girls with hazel, blue, grey and green eyes, but there not in the majority .

Guys grow up, and why is this just a complete bashing of Indian women??and Paki women to a certain extent. You wan't to talk about unattractive people, what about the men from these countries?? Look what the women have to put up with! Most of the commenters on this site seem to be men of their respective countries. Don't bash us, because your horribly unattractive.

I just clicked on some of the links posted by "getalife". You have to be joking, you want someone to compare a 30 year old woman's face to that of when she was a child and a young teen?? I look nothing like my pictures in my youth. Most people don't believe that i look anything like what i did when i was younger aside from a few features like the lips and nose. I don't see how you can serioulsy use those pictures as proof of how fake she is? I'm not saying shes the most beautiful person in the world either. In those young pictures of her, shes still light skinned, so i don't know what your talking about? Some of the darkness that your seeing has to do with the quality of the photo taken, keep in mind those are OLD photos. Her nose looks the same, her eyes look the same, but her eyes look brown and that could just as well have to do with the picture taken, unless theres some kind of micracle drop that can ligthen the eyes, i serioulsy doubt that her eyes just turned color over night. I'm sure her eyes are real. Its pretty obvious when someone is wearing contacts, you can tell, contacts still look fake, and when they do extreme close ups of movie stars in the movies you can see the outer rim of the contacts,or the fake coloring of the eyes, and i haven't seen either of these in any of her close ups.
I'd like everyone to look at a picture of themselves when they were 10 and compare that with a picture of themselves in the mid to late thirties and get back to me on that. Because if you still look like you 10, then you have more problems to worry about than Aish.

You all must be a bunch of shallow, bored ding dongs to sit around and judge others on their looks....tisk tisk....ehh..hmmm....like...ehhh hmmm...get a life ya know...like totally.


I am not even any type of Asian , I am Hungarian. I work for IBM and I've
gotten to know many india-pakestan people from work. Some of them has become good friends. I would like to say this to you south-asian people that it doesnt matter which one of you is better in appearence, inside (in spirit and mind ) you are so daaaaamn similar , more or less the same . Thats why your culture, society, so and so is almost the same. Most of my south-asian friends recognise this simple fact. I think most south-asians look alike,
however, from history lesson I understand that long before the british - some afgan, persian, central-asian and arab people went to the western part of india(which is now called pakestan) and some of them settled there in order to spread Islam to the entire sub-continent region. Most of those people married the local(modern day pakestan) people. Thats why few pakestanes people look different from the rest of south-asia. To me they look somewhat similar to some afghani people and all of them tell me that some other pakestanis who look ugly are actually indian desent... that after the british divided india , there was a huge migration from india to pakestan and most of them settled in karachi and surounding areas. I dont know how true that is but even those fair-complexioned pakestanis also agree to what I say to them (that they are almost the same in spirit and mind).

So I suggest that you south-asian people
stop arguing and fighting over some silly
stuffs and discuss your similarities.(Not here though but wherever you may talk to eachother)

Now if you ask me, I dont give a damn which one of you are better looking. I think you guys are okay but not beautiful. I believe that the latin and middle-easterns are the most beautiful people in general and the asians in general are absolutely no comparison to the middle-eastern and latin people. Anyways, have fun, bye.

Oh by the way ,
since the commenters here are talking about beautiful girls , I'd like to add that people say whatever they see but not what they havent seen. I think most commenters here might not seen the Turkish. They are
really gorgeous looking people.

Hey...i thought pakistan was central asian?!? man im confused?!? i think you are right about the pakistani migration fact. i have a friend called zaheed and he is pakistani...but has a very dark complexion...and often says people mistake him for african. when he is questionned as to why he is so different looking from most pakistanis..he relpied in saying that pakistan has a large number of migrants..living in karachi and elsewhe..aree indians and thus they are darker compared to pakistanis on the whole. most 'natives' are usually very different looking to 'migrants' i dont know what he meant by this?

i think pakistani girls are HOT...they are really nice. i think middle eastern women are even hotter...except they wear to much make up and have awful figures.

in terms of india and pakistran..i really dont think you can compare these countries for beauty...because i really think they look different. sorry guys...but u have to be pretty ignorant to not tell apart pakistanis (well originating pakistanis) to idnians. its like not being able to tell the diff between afghans and uzbeks!!! thats really dumb!!

but what the hell...who cares whos better. to me in every race you get fit girls and minging girls. i have seen the most ugliest middle eastern women and the most beautiful red indian women!! you really cant judge..its pathetic.

to be honest...i got to stick up for pakistanis just once. can people stop bashing them...its not their fault that people compliment them. dont put them down. same for any other race.

this woman is minging. the most beautiful woman in india is maduri dixie. she is so beautiful. way better than this girl. im from mauritius originally..and indian films are so popular amonsgt us. trust me...check out maduri dixie...she really is beautiful. and its really natural..

Thomas I wouldn't be surprised if u were a Paki. How the hell can u recognize every person who's a paki without them look PAKI??

Its really pathetic of u to come on as someone you aren't.

I heard Hungarians are wild hungry horny people.

hey im not pakistani!!!!!!!! no way!!!

i mean..i know these girls i know them or know of them....crazy girl!!!

U r a loser. Go get a life instead of posting as a white chick u stupid paki. Whites are on the same level of retardness as u guys.

sorry but you are very racist. the person who spoke of the KLU KLUX KLAN for you is spot on.

why are you so racist. perhaps you are an indian and have not yet met 'white' people.

or then you are ill educated.

so...why is it that whenever any one, be they pakisti, latino, or middle eastern be comlimented..indians appear to insult them...as if they are unable to handle anyone being goodlooking accept themselves.

its really gross. no offence but it is.

Sophie, I don't agree with what you just posted. The Indians on this site are offened because, commenters are saying that all women of Indian descent are unattractive. Most of these commenters who said this are Pakistani( and that is the truth of the matter), granted there were commenters who clamied to be from Europe who said that Paki people were attractive. Which is fine, thats their personal taste. I don't think you've read the entire forum, its seems like you've read only a few of the posts. But if you go up and read from the begining, you'll see that, there are commenters who clearly made insulting comments about Indians. Now thats being racist. If the comment was made about your own ethnicity , you would be offened too, and you would defend your own, wouldn't you?
So what's gross is people just saying ignorant stuff like , all Indians are ugly and all Pakis are beautiful, or "Indians are underrated compared to Pakis"(Thomas). These are horrible ILL EDUCATED things to say.
Don't overgeneralize and say that Indians can't handle anyone being attractive other than Indians. Thats clearly a stupid and far fetched thing to say. What Indians, and anyone else with any shred of self-respect can't stand, is having others demean their culture and people.
This post started out with Aish, and ended up with people saying that she was ugly and fake and therefore all Indians were ugly and fake, and the only people in the whole world that could exist to uphold some unknown standard of beauty started by the commenters could only be of Pakistani origin. Then it went on to say how beautiufully natural pakis were and how ugly and dark Indians were. Then it contiunes to degrade Indians by comparing them with some imaginary set of standards of beauty.
So, yes the Indians on this forum are a ticked off, insulted, angry and lashing out, and writing comments just as horrible as those directed at them. Frankly, they should be, its better to stand up for youself than be a doormat.

Hey Sophie ,
You are not the only one who notices this low mentality of those indian people.
Many living in a melting pot or multi-cultural country see that indians try to put down other societies and cultures. Specially for the superior looks of others !!! he he... ..lol . I think they do that more to the middle-easterns, afgan and pakestanis than to others. I live in new york and I know the story (which Thomas mentioned in his comment on augest 30) of that jealous india girl beating a Persian girl for her looks. At the beginning I thought of it as one weird incident. But later I realised that probably that jealous girl represents many indians. Because often when I compliment the Lebaneese, Iranians,Turks, Syrians, Jordanians etc for their unique look - indians starts talking bad about them. Even lies sometimes to decieve me. My cousin often visits india for christian missionary works and he tells me that indians are one of the friendliest people on earth. But he also tell me that some of their celebraties like ash dont look like average indians. That those few are very exceptional. That most indians are either ugly or butt-ugly. I dont know how true that is cuz I never been there. But to me even those indian celebs seems underrated compare to people of many other parts of the world. So I think the indians realise that they are not blessed in the look depertment, therefore get terribly jealous towards some others. I dont blame anyone for his/her feelings or emotion and jealousy is part of that. But when they try to put down other people , that really annoys me. Now I got to be honest with indian readers here. I truely complement the indians because I really believe that they are exceptionally good at mathematics and they are talented. I believe that God has blessed every nation in different ways.Thats why I complement the indians as I complement the japaneese with their sense of tecknology.. as I complement us europeans for descipline.. as I complement the jews for their business skill... as I complement the arab-persians for their beauty... as I complement the blacks for their huge ***** .. man I'd love to be a black male . But when you indi people try to put down the mid-easterns , afgan, pakestanes - that is very low and you make yourself an inferior nation.

its really sad to see the stuff some indians are writing. i mean...why do indians see pakistani people to be so low to say these things about themselves. they have nothing to prove. the topic was never about them. thats what annoys me is that indians cant seem to accpet their compliments-like lorant and sophie said.

whatever-you said that its a fact that pakistanis have come on an abused their ids. please tell me where you got this information from.

i live in new york not europe..and i always here that pakistani girls are meant to be real cute. i never really here that of indian girls. sorry but its true. i dont mean to offend you.

im white..and u have really offended my feelings by your racist jibes. can i ask you- where do you live to make such rude comments about white people? if its america..then get on out of here- you dont like whites..then why live in a mainly white country. i noticed in these posts that people were mainly saying about indian actresses being ugly..not the entire population. that is not a que for you to insult my colour and pakistanis or any other country.

are you going to insult me for saying this...f and blind at me for being pakistani? well im not. far from it. im just plain american.

its true..pakistani girls are really pretty..along with persian and middle eastern women. pakistani women are abit more natural looking/simple, and mid east women are sexy and hot. depends which look you go for. persian girls are more like pakistani girls..natural and cute.

so its up to you to say what you think. but i know my true identity..and you are only making you country look silly by throwing jealous tantrums.

indian women are nice too but dont go on about it.

also...i have read the whole forum..and not that many people have said anything about indians being dark hence ugly, its more they are ashamed of being dark. but everyone in the world knows that many indians have a problem with their colour. i even know that. so why does it have to be pakistanis that have to say that? and pakistanis are lighter-does that offend you? so what-to me black is beautiful.

and in most threads-pakistanis did not come first-like thomas said-they come 3rd or 4th. if they really wanted to prove they were the best ever ever ever..then they would dwell on it-but they havent.

please grow up.

The past comments made above are all B.S.
U are too lazy to read, thats ur problem, dont come on here reading only the post above u and act like u know every damn thing.

UMM..why should I go back? Go bak where? I was born here moron. Incase ur brain dead mind doesnt know, Native Americans are the actual citizens of this country. You whits stold their land dammit. So shut ur mouth. Go listen to ur history teacher instead of thinking what drugs to take after school.

U.S is built on the immigrants' contributions. As yes, you whites are immigrants too. Dont tell me u are from AMERICA, unless u r Native American. Which u obviously aren't.

Whether u like it ot not, Indian's, even the immgrant Indians earn more than the average white family? Like that wasnt obvious, but for ur little mind, I'll explain it anyway: Indians are SMART. They work in highly respected fields such as engineering, medicine, and computers.
And what do whites do? Work in McDonald's their whole life, producing total immbeciles like Jessica Simpson.

Give me a break. EVERYONE insults white people. Dont act like u r so naive. Every black person does, even on national T.V. Why dont u go give them ur 2 cents telling them to get out? Oh, thats right. Cus they'll whoop ur butts, thats why.

If someone is going to insult my race, hell ya I'm going to say something. How did it feel when I said something about ur race? Insulted, right? Thats how I felt. I didnt start it, ur peer Thomas or whatever did.
So dont being hypocrites. I dont need to explain my actions to u, so quit acting like u r the FBI and get a job.

Sophie: You do know that members from ur race formed AND were in the Klu Klux Klan, right? And u r telling me, an Indian, that I belong in the KKK? U r stupid. And u r calling ME racist? Irony

Dont even open ur mouth, everything u say is utter foolishness. "Go in the KKK". HAH

Going to the tanning salon every day is obviously affecting ur brain cells.

I truly am DEEPLY sorry for being racist. Not to 1, but to races of people.
I just realized how I felt when I first saw these haters hating on my race, thats probably what u felt like too.

But I cant stand anyone insulting Indians for no reason, if anyone does, I have to backfire them. My deepest apoligies to everyone.

Hey Janet Fayman,
I live in New York too. I've never heard that pakis "were meant to be cute" and your telling me, that you've never heard anything about Indian girls. Thats really odd, because I've met New Yorkers, male and female who have made compliments about how "exotic and beautiful Indians girls" are and how they "love their beautiful long hair". And those are direct quotes from people who had said them. But i have never met anyone, who has mentioned by name that Pakis, were "meant to be cute". Now please, don't use that line to jump to the conclusion that i don't like Pakis, or don't think they're attractive. I'm sure they have plenty of pretty women. I'm not the type to classify ethnicities into categories of beauty, as some of the commenters were doing. I think that every race and ethnicty has beautiful and not so attractive people. And thats the truth. And just because I've heard people compliment Indian women on their beauty, I don't believe that the entire population of Indians are beautiful or that they are all unattractive.
The fact of the matter is, your average "American" does not know the difference between a Paki, Indian, Sri-Lankan,Bangledshi, Guyanese, Trini, or West Indian. If they fit the bill of what most people perceive to be East Indian, they will automatically just assume they are Indian. The only way to tell is to ask them yourself.
And in your comment regarding Indians having a problem with their skin color...that is their personal preference and not everyone feels this way, just as in the case with Americans, Everyone in the world knows that Americans like expose themselves to the blazing sun for hours to get darker? They prefer to be darker...and so what's your point? Does that mean white Americans have a problem being white?
Okay so Pakis are ligther, did i once say that was a problem? I said there are dark skinned and light skinned individuals from both countries.
I don't know who you were addressing when you said to stop throwing a Jealous tantrum, because I'm not jealous. I admire beauty... from everywhere. Beauty is to be appreciated and enjoyed not ripped on.
But i don't appreciate the degrading thats going on. Such as when you were offened by what someone had said about white people and you responded by writing how offened you were. I'm doing the same. So ..don't be a hypocrite.

Do you plan on keeping this message board open? Enough is enough don't you think. This board is going in a completely different direction than what you intended it to be.

OMG. this site is so gross to the point of physical sickness. i am an indian born and bred...and am throughly sickened by the indian people messaging above. kya tume sharam nahi ate?? you are total embarrassments to our kind. how low must you stoop to prove points. i am absolutely disgusted. seriously.

whatever/this is a joke. what the hell is your porblem...hardly anyone was actually being racist..all these people have opinions..but they were hardly darn right racist!!!! they were just making comments on peoples looks. but you guys have taken it to the absolute extreme!!

let them think what they like!! but they never insulted us indians the way you lot have put down their people.

its a fact guys...pakistani people are good looking as are those in the middle east and persia. its a fact. please dont try and prove otherwise because its true. that is no reason for you lot to be racist.

i apologise on behalf of all indians for their behaviour.

hey its seems to me that you are the most racist on this forum!!!! because you will have these sudden outbursts and then apologise for it in a seperate post. so brian should only close it to you...because everyone else seems to be having standard converstaions its you that comes here shouting the odds!!

brian...this is a democractic world we live in...

To the message above:

I haven't apologized to anyone. I don't know who your referring to...

Oh ya I did apologize. Gee, I'm sorry. I guess u dont deserve it after all. I meant it as to stop having such racist convos. If the owner of this site wants to block this site to me, that's fine

Dear Whatever and others who are concerned about the tone of the comments to this post: Yes, I've considered shutting off comments again, as I did before, because I don't like reading narrow-minded rants laced with personally-directed profanity.

It's true, these comments have caused the post to go off in a direction much different from my original intention. Which was, to honor the beauty of a beautiful woman. And not, to denigrate anyone else, nor, even worse, an entire nation/culture, such as Pakistanis or Indians.

That said, I deeply believe in the free and open exchange of views. I consider that the truth wins out in the end. When people say ridiculous things, the ridiculousness is obvious. Plus, sometimes you have to express yourself before you realize how ill-founded that expression is.

I hope that some of the people who have left caustic comments will re-read what they've said and consider whether they really believe what they've written. Or, did you just get caught up in a flame war?

Like Rodney King said, "People, why can't we just get along?" There's so much trouble in the world--hurricanes, wars, famine. Why add to the negativity by trashing entire beautiful cultures, such as the Indian and Pakistani (or whatever) traditions?

what is the matter in simply admiring a race for its beauty brian? what is so racist in that?

i have noticed that is infact more south east asians like indians that are actually the most insulting..more so than any other person. they seem irked at the fact that certain countries hold beauty. that is the topic right..beauty? so what if its gone off course! its still about beauty.

in my opinion..being a bangladeshi living in london..i truely admire pakistani girls for their beauty. they really are pretty. as are many other central asian countries.

im sorry of this has offended any indian here.

That's not true at all. If someone is pretty, no matter from what country, I will admit it. Every country has its ugly and beautiful. I wouldnt just call Rai here the most beautiful woman just cus she's from my country.
No, thats not the way things work. I dont think she's the eptiome, just cus many Indian people believe it.

We all r humans, everyone has their share of hatred, etc. U cant just say only one particular race; in this case where u picked us Indians, is all hate.

the most beautiful woman in the world is supermodel yasmeen ghauri!!

I have read all theese comments on this site ... firstly i would like to say the most beautiful person in the world is ALLAH AND THEN PROPHET MOHAMMAD (PEACE BE ON HIM ) ..... Only allah can judge who is beautiful in this world . As far as i am concerned beauty is what lies in the heart , (namesh )is not good which is what alot of the bolly wood actresses are doing . Ashwaria rai is very beautiful and so are alot of other women and only (allah ) grants this . Every women is beautiful in her own way ......... but like i have said before Only allah is beautiful and prophet Mohammad peace be upon him ......Thank you ameen sum ameen .

^Uh what. Not everyone believes in Allah, so dont try to tell us only Allah is beautiful.

Hey Zara,
What does "namesh" mean? What language would that be ? This forum is not about
religion. People are discussing about
pretty chicks, not God !! I am sure in Islam, you cannot even compare God with people or anything. If you do so, you are commiting Shirk . So why are you comparing
God with chicks ? !!! If you're interested to discuss religions , please go to another forum.


Well whoever said that her eye color changed from brown to blue gray green orange whatever is simply stupid coz not in any one of her baby pics her eyes were blue or whatever and Oh well i can paste here zillion of her pics where u can tell that her eyes are fake. Anyone who has light eyes can tell that her eyes are fake and I can paste pics of her where u can see clearly that she wears contacts and whoever said that Miss Rai is better lookin that pkaistani woman even though shez(Rai) is fake hahah dude have u seen all Pakistani women.. so ur tellin me that ur Aishwaruya is more beautiful than this chick,,,,



this chick (Anita Ayub is zillion times prettier than your Aishwarya)

click on the first picture on this site and u'll know what i am talking about people are born with green/grey/blue eyes.

ok..we know pakistani women are pretty get a life..an yes in many instances they are prettier than indian women..as it tallies with..the further west of the world you go..the better looking it gets. simple.

but please will you stop stressing on the point. i know you must become irriate when people are putting your women down by saying only pakistanis say they are beautiful..but im sure everyone knows this is not true. so relax. we know they are beautiful.

hey up chick from new york...im from flammin' new york..born and bred italian. what the hell are you on about..'only people in europe will say pakistanis are pretty' um..i have heard it in america lots of times..so i dunno what your ranting on about.

ash rai is a joke if she is beautiful.

have u seen the latest miss universe contestants? miss venuezuela? come on guys...that is beauty...not this piece of trash.

To "getalife"
I checked out the picture on the link you posted of the baba woman. Just from looking at the first picture, she looks like a man, with a very thick coating of makeup...really In the second pic, she looks somewhat average. I was expecting to see a Angelina Jolie look alike or something, but was disappointed.
ahh well.

to whatever in my opinion shez better lookin than Angelina Jolie .....Angelina has a weird lookin face but ANgelina is better than Rai any day

nah this pakistani women is pretty. she is infact better than rai.

she has some elegance and has that whole 'timeless thing' going on.

rai...is nice for now. but wait up for her in ten years or so..she will defo be the sri lankan/southern indian version of fara fawcett..a lady who sure aged badly.

but to me..the most beautiful woman in the world is the egyptian girl miriam george.

gosh guys.......plz give it up.

this is silly

for gods sake beauty doesnt last forever..so get over it.

some have it. some dont.

some were born with it...others like this woman clearly were helped along the way!

but after the age of 35..who gives a flying fuckadoodoo what people look like.

so instead of crying about it(which is making you guys ugly with frown lines)..give it up.

middle eastern people are good looking. as are pakistani people. as are latina people. to me..if i was called any of those..i would be flattered.
some are blessed more than others. i have even seen people in the remotest places in africa that are goodlooking.

so relax. bitching and screaming wont change anything.

but let me add my own comment:

ladies: never get boosted if a man looks at you with make up on. you lot might assume that you are pretty(tho im sure some r) but really its coz ur forcing yourself to stand out. never get boosted if a man looks at you in a club..because we look at any girl in a club.

to me..its about natural beauty. the numbers of dumb girls i have heard say 'whats the point in the natural look- you may as well enhnce what you got' i would be a trillionaire!!

there is the point in the natural look. you may think your fly..but really..your make up is fly.

i am a junior fashion photographer. have seen women high and low all over the world.

and believe me...make up makes a difference. hence the term 'make up' make up changes you completly. you may have the same features..but you change the whole attire.

its not real. everyone knows that..but for real.. make up makes you look better no matter how many of you say 'duh..it still me underneath all that make up'

now..two girls are walking around..say during their lunch break at work. one is made up. you know, foundation, some blush, and eye make up and lip gloss/stick. hair looks good..she clearly is looking well.

the other girl..tho prettier..is simple. no make up on, hair tied back. a plain jane.

the girl walking with her, may think she is prettier..coz she looks better. but in reality..its the other plain girl that is prettier.

but people, other than those in the fashion industry will not be able to see the prettier girl as pretty. the other girl will stand out.

so the moral of this story is..you are not a true beauty if you wear make up/dye your hair and so on.

the real beauties are the beasts!! ha ha!! you know..the plain girls. no make up. carry a cleanser instead of foundation. and have a pretty face.

the prettier girl with have a jar of lip balm in her bag. the sexier one will have the make up bag.

so..remember..beauty is not what your mac compact has given you.

its what god has given the girls who dont need the make up.

I agree with the commenter 'the jamaican arsonist'. Miriam George is a pure natural beauty. Some other mid-east celebs are even more beautiful. Heck with ash and the pakestan chick man. I am convinced that middle-east or moslem people are da most good-lookin on the face of this planet. I also think that Sarah - the wife of Abraham, might have been one of the most beautiful out of mid-east. After seeing her , the Pharao could not sleep for couple of nights !!!

yeah muslim women (mid east, and central asia:iran and pakistan) have the most beautiful women in the world. because all of them have the same gene type. arabs and israeli arab settled in iran and pakistan..hence they have this persian/arab/asian look about them..which in many cases is even more beautiful than plain arab.

i like irani and pakistani women. though with pakistani women, they have a problem with their figures as do arabs..who are amongst are the worst in terms of figures. irani women are perfect.

but all of these women are beautiful.

jus one thing with arabs: where way to much make up..which is a bit off putting. but other than that, they lovely.

but for me its goes like this:

1) egyptian women
2) irani women
3)mid east (only leb/jordon/qatar and abu dhabi women) iraqi women for me= a big no no.
4) pakistani and algeries and turkish women

these countries behold some of the most beautiful women in the world.

this pakistani woman: come on get a life: i have seen the pakistani servant girls in this city called quetta better looking than that!! this woman does your country no justice..believe you me.

what about this pakistani girl called iman ali? aminah haq? i have seen photos of them in a potential milan press shoot for pakistani clothes. these women were impeccable. also a model called vaneeza. i have seen photos of her,,but she looks lovely in real life. i had met her while i was in pakistan/iran for a few days. really was beautiful.

but to me..no women beat egyptian women. thats all i got to say. be they mid east, persian or pakistan...they dont even come close.

ash is artificial and that says nothing about beauty.

this pakistn girl..she is horribly gross compared to pakistani women out there.

but its all

yes emery and tery, i agree about your above comments. but emery..muslim women spread far over the world. are you jus referring to mid east/central asia or all muslims. because predominantly muslim countries like, bangladesh have some of the most ugliest women i have seen in my life.

muslim is too broad a term. tery's mid east/ central asian definition is far more concise.

Hey mike rogers,
sorry I should have been precise. When I was writing that comment, the library was about to close and this crazy librarian was bugging me to leave, he...he..lol. Anyways, I should clarify now. No no man, I never meant all moslems. I was only referring to mideast/central asia. But there are different definitions of the term middle-east and central asia. In fact, I have seen different maps of mideast and central asia in different university text books. So to be more precise, I was only referring to the original nations of Islam :-
middle-eastern arabs(egypt and the arab nations east of egypt), the Iranians, the Kurds, the Turks, the Azeries(people of azerbijan and some parts of Iran)

These nations had spread Islam to other parts of the world. Many other
predominantly moslem area now like malaysia, indonasia, bangladesh, few parts of india etc became moslem much later ... centuries later . As a journalist, I have travelled and seen all the countries of what I just called "the original nations of Islam". I assure you that they got unique God-given natural beauty. I also agree with what terry has said, I have noticed that despite their different languages, they got same genetic type. They look so much similar type to eachother, yet a bit different on their own way. Now if I must rank these nations with their beauty, for women I would put Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt at the top. Then Syria. Then Iran, Turkey, Azerbijaan. Then the rest. For men, I would rank Syria, then Lebanon, then Iran, then others. Thats just my opinian based on what I've seen so far.

hmmm...im not sure of kurdish women..they are extremely manly looking.

turkish women are ok i guess..but again many have manly features..that are also a familiar feature in middle easten women.

thats why i would put only north africans at the top of my list.

also..whats all this pakistani stuff. you know..some massive majority of pakistni people are actually irani/middle eastern by origin. arabs and so on settled there to spread the word of islam. so many pakistani women also have that middle eastern look. but again im not keen on it...

yes that is true. pakistan has a major percentage of middle eastern..like some 60% of it originates from their western counterparts rather than as most assume, their eastern(indian) counterparts.

this gives pakistanis this nice blend of arab/persian/asian looks. but i find something not so nice about them. they are quite odd looking..alot like syrian women. they have very odd features and they, as arabs, have an awful problem with their weight.

i really think that med people are better looking than any arab country. this includes spain, greece and italy.


They da definition of CLASSICAL beauty. Specially their "coptic" girls. Hey Emery dude, I agree with you to the point where you put the egyptians at the top of your list along with lebaneese and jordanians. But I think the lebaneese or jordanians or any other (Iranians or whatever) cannot even come close to the egyptian beauties. Thats all I got to say.

i think pathans are one of the best looking people on earth.... they are predominantly in afghanistan...even in pakistan, iran and northern india...
so atleast there are some goodlooking people in india... :)

I totally agree with Lorant Lavente. No one can compete with those
egyptian women.They indeed look classically stunning, drop-dead gorgeous. You are right man, the copts or coptics are probably the best among all other types of egyptians. That type of higher degree beauty was unknown and unseen to me until I had visited Egypt. Latin , meditarrenean, Iranians and other mid-eastern people are certainly pretty but not at the level of fragments of egyptian society.

Im pathan!!
U can not say that one race is beter than another, casue trust me i have seen ugly in every race and beauty in every race.

wow...i cant beleive this forum is still up and running...

everyone is beautiful in their own way, ive lived in russia, uzbekistan, turkey, and the US, and i constantly travel, i have seen many women in india that are pretty and many ugly, many in pakistan that are pretty and ugly, each nation has its pretty and ugly it shouldnt be specified to just one, im disgusted by some of the comments posted in her how most indians and arabs are fat, FAT IS IN EVERY CULTURE...honestly you people are very provincial...you have a brain use it to think before you post such ignorant,foolish, childish and pathetic comments.

pathans?? dude..pathans are good for you..because your an indian and i have heard pathans are the what indians consider to be 'beautiful' you know light skin, eyes etc...foul play k!!

they are not possibly the most beautiful in the world..hec are you crazy!!!!! in india..they have a tiny tiny tiny tiny population of migrant pathans..they are not even indian..pakistani/irani/afghan migrants. pathans are a race belonging to pakistan, iran and afghanistan. to these countries..they are merely standard looking because pretty much the entire population of these countries look like that whole thing indians aspire to be!

hec..pakistanis, afghans and iranis have nothing on north african girls. you must be mental in thinking otherwise!!

pakistani girls are pretty, as are irani girls.

but they are not as beautiful as egyptian girls, morrocan girls and tunisians.

this is how i would put my league of beautiful women..but none are flawless:

in middle east: lebanon
in north africa: egypt
in west: canadians
in africa: east africans
in asia(central): iran and pakistani
south east asia: indonesians and some indians.
far east: japanese/chinese
south america: venezulens

to say middle eastern are the best is silly. you have a combo of 7-9 countries allowing that to happen..to have them up against tiny countries like pakistani and irani is silly.

as is the term 'latina'..its far to broad. i find puerto rican women to be very very manly. mexican women are just sexual creatures. its venezuela that has the 'beauties'.

irani women are elegant and very very pretty..but i am half persian myself and believe you me..nearly the entire persian population has a problem with their noses!! i have a huge honker..and its coz of my dad! if you want rhinoplasty..as my dad says..go to iran..they have the best plastic surgeons for that.

pakistani women..again extremely pretty and attractive..but have a problem with theri noses..as with afghans(who are cute looking).

indians have more finer features...but on the whole are not attractive. good bodies though.

egytians are beautiful..but again they have certain originating feature problems, mainly their noses too.

lebs...very very beautiful..but have bad figures.

canadians: stunning..but too much make up and bad skin.

far east asians: perfect beyond belief. better than any woman on this planet..but their features jus dont appeal to the whole world. they have beautiful skin, hair and stunning figures.

east africans: all i have to say is tyra banks.

so as you can see...even the most 'beautiful' have flaws.

its all down to preferences. people in the middle east, persia and central asia have some very very very ugly women. but on the other hand..you may find some nice bengali girls.

to me..that list is better at explaining than jus the term 'middle east' i mean..come on..middle east also holds saudi arabia. and i am not even going to attempt to say they are good looking.

First of all, I'd like to say that the most beautiful woman in the world to me is Mother Teressa. Doesn't matter how she looked outside(in physical appearance) but she is a true beautiful woman.

Now this here, the commenter 'turkish fiesta' is so daaamn right, I support
her comment from the first word to the last. Pathans look okay. But they one of the most beautiful ? !!! thats a far cry. I dont know about pakistan cuz I've never been there but let me give you one example. In Iran, the pathans
are never known for their looks ... lol.. they are not even considered beautiful because they look below Iranian standard. Local people would get seriously offended if you compare them with pathans. Also, the fact that only indians describe them as very beautiful, establishes my point that they are definitely not one of the most beautiful in the world. I used to work for christian missionary for 9 years in various parts of the world. After my first trip to india(northern, southern, many parts), my first impression was that God has made the nation of idolators ugly. Yes, thats right. Vast majority or most indians
are butt-ugly. Thats for daamn sure, it goes without saying.

Anyways, to me mid-easterns and iranians are sure pretty but north africans are much better lookin. Tunisia has lovely..lovely girls. Their neighbor
Algeria too has similar looks. Often, neighboring countries have similar looks but some egyptians are the exception. Fragments of egyptian society have really unique and distinct look. None of her neighbors got any similar to those types. Certainly not other parts of the globe. Thats why I think some people here like Steve Yzerman, Lorant Lavente, Terry Phillmans dont compare them with others, simply put them as the best rather than one of the best.

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