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January 03, 2005


OKAY...lets be honest here. All the people defending Aish's claims to be the most "beautiful" or her lack of denial, need to get a grip on reality. To say she went to charities, and orfanages, and visit's aids patients, but does not involve the media? Tell me how the hell you found that out???Through the media, dip shit. Unless, your making it up ofcourse. And if she truly does do it without media attention, than why doesn't she, doesn't she know she needs to use her fame to bring attention to the condition, and inhuman activities happening in india. Don't tell me she really goes to all these places just from the good of her heart, pleazz. She obviously does it to keep her fan base..all the poor ignorants of culcutta. I dare say she goes there with a journal book, cause we all know how dear that experience is to her? right? Whatever. What a load of B.S. Also, everyone knows her acting skills are a joke, and if your basing her credit on two low-key scripts she was given, which she could probably handle with an acting coach, well than your just as pathatic as her. And Angelina Jolie is beautful cause she doesn't give a hell what people think. If Indian media wants to act like big time, than you better take the critizim, you need it, trust me. And, by the way ANAND, you just wrote a whole useless spill, which I barely skimed through, and I noticed you were trying to give a weak history lesson about indians, and it made me appalled on how ignorant you are. You basically just said that indians are so shallow, and were easily presuaded throughout history, and cannot find thier own identity. Possibly indians are still living for another cutlure. It seems that Indian culture is blaming American media for being the epidimy of whats wrong with entertainment, but I think it so hypocritical considering they used all our skintones..hahaha Ok seriously though, ANAND I was further secure in your ignorance when you said beauty only comes from health,WEALTH???...are you joking me? It is only just a true statement for you considering your indian, and indians are still practicing a cast system, even though it is outlawed. It just shows how the culture is so 3rd class to American standards. And most narrow minded,you said people in Africa, due to natural disasters can not win beauty contest?? Are you on crack? Have you ever seen ethiopian woman, they are beautiful, and act 10 times more classy than Indians, considering, indians wear sari's and show thier bodies off, with tight wraps. African people do not bother themselves with such shallow practices, as indians obsess on pagents(miss world, missuniverse,miss india, miss earth)How many miss titles can you have? How about winner for Miss FAKE ? Aish would win my vote.Furthermore, of all the people who have wrote anything, you sounded the dumbest, and off the point. You came off sounding very out of the woods, and scatter brained. In ending,and back to the question at hand, Aish is not the most beautiful, for all the qaulities she lacks. Angelina wore make-up in movies, yes, make-up that accentuated the beauty she already has. She does not, however, cake it on for every set, photo, interview, movie, and draw over what she wants to hide, or go under the lighting, or knife to create what she doesn't have. Peace out piggy's/ fatone

firstly sougatea your a thwarted individual with no sense of spelling and further more no sense of the english language. secondly...seeing you use the media- no doubt the horrid tabloid press to grace yourself with the knowledge of ash fash charity work..you may also find that there are numerous press releases of aish or ash or fash showing the extent of her 'non existent' surgery. so not only can you not read you are also ill sighted. and dont make me laugh with she didnt wear any make up in her oh so low budget films!!! ha- you are even more deluded than you seem so already!!profound!! she like hell was wearing make up- it was all waterproof and like hell was it piled on!! and i very nearly fell back off my chair out of pure astonishment that you think that she has never visited a gym!!! fuck man!!! you arent even worthy of a single brain cell!!ha ha ha you are so retarded!! but seriously..you need a reality check on life. and also...im american..but can also say...all celebs have something fake about them!! brad pitt was seen coming out of a plastic surgeons office sometime back!! so they all are fake in some way. make up..sorry jolie...is still deceiving..be it basic or heavy... i cant stand women with make up on!! well...not the ones on TV..as its not always as harsh on screen..but stupid tarts in new york bug me so much...bring on the natural beauties!!and indeed indian women are amongst the most artifical of them all!! i mean.. they produced some seriously superficial product called fair and lovely!! talk about following in the foot steps of a certain paedo!!what next...bleaching for the colour of eyes...actually i wouldnt put it past them!!

and lisa...i dont know why you are such a fan of indian cinema and ash fash..indians were rolling around in their pitts with laughter when you and your country got invaded..in 1979 and also in 2001!! ans ash fash was probally one of them!!

and also..why are the indians here justifying their skin tones to us?? like we care..we all know you want to look white..no caste of dravid or what you call it will justify it!! and dont blame it on the british for you wanting to look white!! talk about shifting your complexes onto someone else!!

and finally i would like to say... i have travelled the world seen many faces and races..seen celebs and non celebs and so on and so forth..and my final outcome of beauty is as follows:
worlds most beautiful woman- beau latasha the supermodel
worlds most beautiful man- a man i once saw in kashmir-while helping on an aiding course.
most beautiful race in the global north- white canadians
most beautiful race in the global south- this was a tough one..so i need to put to in here- brazilian women followed closely by pakistanis.
most superficial women- ash fash, naomi campbell, liz hurley, and another indian actress- i think her name is bashpa baba or something!!ha ha!!
most superficial men- some indian actors- i dont know their names and also brad pitt and tom cruise
most ugly people in one area- bangladesh
most sexiest people in one area- america!!!
and finally- most money grabbing people- americans!!

hey dont call me racist for saying americans- i am born and bred in america along with 6 generations of my family!!


oh yeah and one more thing before i go...type in ashwarya rai in the google serach engine...then click on images. somewhat 8520 or soemthing like that pics will come up...go to page number 15..you will find a pic of her in some orange suit sareee...standing amongst these cardboard men and waving...gosh i wanted to puke!! you will know what i mean when you see it!!

how can someone actaully get away with so much obvious surgery and still be hailed as if she were some knid of goddess!! ha ha ha!! how shallow!! everything and i mean everything has been altered on her face..so dont assume for a second she really looks the way she does amongst all those beautiful pics!! ha ha!! i am bemused!! and even her miss world pics- she looks soooooooo different...but she evidently had surgery leading up to this amazing award!! sarcasm intended!!

and no...she wasnt young when she had that ugly pic taken..she prob about 16 or 17- and you do not i stress do not change faces completly like she has!!

For all you people who think that Pakistani women are prettier than Indians, are you fucking idiots forgeting that less than 70yrs ago, they were one nation!

And fuck beauty, most lovley latinas last until about say the ripe age of 23 after that, the motherland settles right in their ass and stomach. Nonetheless, the Indian population excells in medicine, computers & technology and finance.

Longevity in power comes from the educated, that's where power lies. Beauty is superficial and temporary.

You can be a hot piecs of ass 'til your 20 something, and if your IQ matches your cup size, than after that point... VIOLA! You are a mindless, obsessive, collagen lip-injected, pseudo-altuistic, square-hipped, predictable actress, ANGELINA JOLIE!!! Let's hear it for Anglelina for saving all Asian with her white woman's burden! FUCK YOU!

Hey Siddric,

Are you an Indian who hates being Indian or are you a white racist?

Either way, I am an Indian woman who completly advocates violence!

Say maybe my boot and your ass?!?

Ahh, but the possibility of my foot mixed with your defecation is an abhorant thought...

Maybe then, my fist and your face...Better!

you are one rude daughter of a bitch ANJO...for your information...what part of pakistani women are prettier dont you get?? let me explain it then...as i said earlier in my earlier comment..pakistani women are prettier because...wait for it looser.. that side of india...meaning west india was a better looking side!!! ha..you see...we indians...we have 22 provinces they have 4..they have punjab, patan, kashmir and balauchistan also sindh...we have places like tamil naddu and banhgal provinces!! and im indian and dont tell me i hate indians because im proud to be one, but just coz im proud to be one doesnt mean im on a high horse about looks!!...now you tell me..how tamil naddu is better looking than patani people? number 1! number 2! i am a hindu and i only have sikh friends..17 in total because i live in panjabi areas..and evryone of them minus 2 have said to me that pakistani punjabis are better looking especially there women!! as said earlier funny how a few miles make a difference!! our punjabis are hairer bigger taller and of different features. number 3- there is a big difference between indian kashmir and the so called pakistani side- now i have vsited that more than 11 times..i can honestly say..the women who were closer to the pakistan side were more beautiful than our women!! and finally- thats all!! for god sake!! we indians really need to stop hating on them!! i get embarrassed because of people like you!! dont throw bull in my face that your so rude you a sell out!! sell out because??? i think pakistani people are the better looking ones?? ha ha!! talk about the shallowness of it all!! ok one more thing..thats is very rude of you to class all latina women in the same boat..infact any of them in that boat!! i think they the best creations since packed milk!! they are beautiful and elegant and sexual and pretty and gorgeous!! so tell me how they dont make it past 23!! dumb ass!! make me laugh about collegen injections though..our number ashwariya has had it done..so why insult others for it!! be plastic and proud!! dont hate on them for it!!you are so shallow beyond words i feel like slapping you in the head!! and also..if you read..i think sidric did say he is american..not indian!!

hi sidric what do u mean with white i am whit and i have green eyes and leave in germany i speak german i cant understand good english i born here iam 16 ilove indien movi

HI all,
I am Salem from Nigeria, she is a beautiful woman but time is passing her by (life is short eat desert first) not yeat married! no uww ahh on the bed.Any indain girl for me post her DHL to me. pease

The world's most beautiful woman is fashion model Beau-Latasha. This women is perfection from head to toe.

Aishwarya Rai is common to the bone there are so many that favor her. She is not beautiful just cute.

I also think that Halle Berry is cute and Cindy Crawford is sexy as hell.

Woot Woot!! Go Anju!! now dats wut im talkin bout :)
n Rahul i'm not sayin dat i'm proud of my dad not passin for nethin but indian...im jus makin a statement godd...n i jus sed dat it was weird to me but the only reason it was weird was cuz i knew dat he was indian goddd...n i neva sed the "point" was about skin color so stop assumin things...the point I was tryin to make was dat i expected everyone (everyone referring to indians) to look a certain way (but dat was only due to lack of knowledge on my part) n now i realize dat everyone does not fit dat description. Okayy...so basically i was jus lettin ppl noe dat it was my mistake for thinkin dat okayyyy.

anju is sick! my god!! and i suppose contradiction isnt your style no? hey guys...my name is ali and im from america of pakistani origin!! aw thanx you lot for the compliments about pakis!! how true you are. now i dont say this because i am one..but because its so very true!! i have never come across any women who quite match their beauty and ive lots of them in asia!! they are truly stunning and its allllllllll natural!! and this ash rai.. go to a place in pakistan called peshawar or lahore...even the servant girls who are filthy from sleeping rough, they will still shit over her in terms of beauty. no joke!! so nope..she sint the most beautiful...because she isnt real beauty!!its all fake..every bit of her!!! thats sick

The most beautiful woman in the world is model-evangelist Beau-Latasha. This woman is perfect from head to toe. Unbelievably Beautiful. Sorry Aishwarya Rai is not the most beautiful in the world.

You guys need to get a life. How did this topic turn into a which country has better looking people. All of you people on this thread are superficial and shallow. There are so many other things to worry about in the world other than who is the most attractive.

Aish is beautiful, but so are millions of other women all over the world. No one single person can hold the title of "most beautiful". That is merely one person's opinion.

And this constant comparision of Pakistani women with Indian women??? What the hell? Who claimed you ruler of the world to decree that Pakistan has more attractive women than India. Anyway this really is a ridiculous topic to begin with.

Angelina Jolie is beautiful, but so are millions of other women around the world, the only reason you took notice of her is because shes in the film industry and media and watched by millions of people all over. But there are also women who are not famous and in the lime light , who are equally beautiful.

Personally in my opinon, Julia Roberts looks like a horse , shes got way to many freaking teeth in her mouth, and you talk about Aishwarya wearing too much make-up and would look like crap without it, check out Julia with no make up. She looks like a pasty man.

Nicole Kidman is cute, but at times she looks like a drag.

Whatever your opinion is about an actress, don't use it to judge an entire ethnic group. Come on people don't be ignornat. The world is supposed to be much more educated now, dont degress.

well...new...do you have to take everything so utterly seriously?? they are just comments for pete sake!! if thats one's opinion you should not indulge in attempting to restrict or curb their right to freedom of expression, speech or personal opinion!! have you come straight out of some dictatorship in a autocratic regime?? so allow poeple the chance to express without making them feel awkward!! shame on you!!

Is she married? if not yet, I want to wish her a very good luck. I wish she could find a nice, caring and honet man to love her truly and fully. that's my main wish for her that she may never get lonely.

how sad are you wandile?? ha ha!! talk about celeb obsessed!! you dont even know her!! thats so sad!!! she would probally fart in your face if she were to come across you!! she rich and shaggable!! she dont give a fuck about ppl like you and me!! the normal ppl!!

This is for AGAINST AUTOCRATIC REGIMES..have you been catching up with what these morons are saying? If you were then you wouldn't have "shamed me", you would have shamed them. Yeah everyone one is entitled to their own opinion...so am I. But when that opinion is so ridiculous then I have a right to speak my mind. And for you information , I'm not taking this seriously, but the others on this thread are. And who's curbing who's right to speak, if you've forgotten this is a comment thread, and I have just as much right to say whatever the hell I please, like the other people on this thread. I don't control the people on here , they can do whatever they like. So don't lecture me like your some self- righteous preacher . And what the heck was your last comment , a dictatorship? WTF? where do you live? And please explain to me how I made anyone "feel awkward". How do you make someone feel awkward by writing a comment??? You are extremely deluded.

deluded?? for your information i am studying at oxford university doing a very fine degree...so dont call me deluded you ignorant being!! and as for dictatorship...are you that much of a retard not to know what it means. ok lets explain it here then- eg- hitler, sadaam hussein, in some ways even the taliban. hope that clarifies one thing. and i live i a representative democracy- but was saying how you seem to come from a autocratic dictated country!! fool!!!

Ohh my gosh, your studying at Oxford, Let me bow down to you, because clearly your a genius with a "fine" degree! Well i have degree, two in fact. And I know what a dictatorship is you pompous,presumptuous retard.
Read my statement again, I trying to emphasize my dismay at your stupid inquir. You are deluded, to have taken my comment to point where your assuming I'm from a dictated country! Obvisouly that "fine" degree of yours is not kicking. I'm from America. And please stop trying to sound profound because your really sound like an overrated nerd with absoultely no insight into reality.

See now if you really had gained 2 degrees, then you would thus of acquired the ability to annotate, analyse and scrutinise. obviously as of yet, you lack this skill. therefore- you are just plain dumb!!! my fine degree- does me just fine- it is very much 'kicking' oh clever one!! so need not worry there dear chap!! or dude as you might rightly like to call it. now- as i have the skills as mentioned above- i was therefore enabled to annotate your comments and hence draw the conclusion that you are not from america but from ZIMBABWE! yes.from a horrid dictated country suffering at the hands of a horrid man- mugabe. so dont call me an overrated nerd- i am infact mega intelligent- so superbly clever infact- that i will be TOO PROFOUND for my own good. i am perhaps a nerd- but out here- a nerd is a compliment- we take intelligence seriously in this country. you sad man or woman from a horrid country- trying to oppress what people think!!! horrid horrid.

How about you shove a biscut up your ass you pompous jerk.
You must be a very lonely person with an attitude like yours, your ego must be blowing up to the size of Big Ben. How Do you fit into the doors of your precious Oxford?. Do you get a high off of complimenting yourself and your "Mega intelligence"?... and again with your assumptions... ZIMBABWE..please, can't you come with something better than that?
Anyway, I don't have to justify myself to you, your not worth it, your just lain pathetic and probably very very old .
And..one more thing, this is a comment thread about Aish, not a place for you to display your overt interest in world politics and countries rule by dictators... chap,mate, or whatever you like to call yourselves. You know its true what they say about Brits, your Boring, Boring , have no sense of humor, very stiff,take things too seriously, Boring, big egos, and ohh yeah what was the last thing, Nasty teeth. You fit the bill perfectly.
Do you even leave your house outside of going to OXFORD? I'll make an assumption,( which your so good at doing )... you've probably never been out, you know to social events. Haha, i can just picture you now, top hat and all, with your snooty laugh, declaring how smart you are. Ohh yeah, thats a conversation piece.
Have a nice lonely existence.
ohh and I'm not a dude or a chap, I'm a woman.

Must you all be so mean? Really, Einstein said that if you're constantly proving how intelegent you are, you're NOT really a genious, but, hey, what do I know? My brother has animated gestures and phrases for people who like to flex their brains all over a room- it's quite hilarious! He has to use them when our dad gets on his high horse (he's a retired attorney and professor). My brother, however, doesn't have a PhD only a BS. So, there again- what do we know? Hmmmmm... Reminds me of a movie I once saw...

Oh, another thing I have to say is that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. In my opinion, Aishwarya Rai is UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS!!! All I can say is Holy smokes man! Sheeeeeesshhhhhhhhh!
My husband's ex-wife is Korean, and she's unbelievably gorgeous too- you just wanna stare at them- it's mesmerizing or something. But alas, my husband's ex-wife is also Satan-in-the-flesh- the most personified example of pure evil that has ever walked this planet- EVER. The moral of this comment is... er, eh, uh, I don't have one really, just wanted to get that stuff off my chest. Thank you.

Since the comments are still on, let me add my bit.
I completely agree with all who say that she is a fake. Forget movies, she is a fake in real life too.

She is not fake!

now now dear chapess new!!! no wonder you were so bitchy!!! ha!! that explains it- your a chapess!!

ok- now firstly- i dont have horrible teeth-they are fine thanks- needed a brace once but now they are perfect!! nice and straight and i use pearl drops whitening toothpaste so they nearly white too!! secondly- i am 20- so shut your big trap about i am old!!! thirdly- dont taint all brits with the same brush- we are not boring!! and also- what language do you speak?? ENGLISH? so shut your fat ugly trap again.
also- i was actually soooooooooooooooooo bored that i thought id be abit lame and talk a pile of bullocks- so thats nothing to do with not having a sense of humour- just bored!!! you thawrted retard. oxford is fantastic and the doors are big enough to allow my big fat head through the door.

and by the way- my name is nathan- so i hardly fit the bill of edwards and charlesy kind of people you pathetic MTV generated twat!! piss of and suck georges cock. and oh i also have a superb social life thank you-so i dont need to justify anything to you!!!

i think ash is a total dog. its all about beau latasha and monica belluci!!! she isnt even on that scale. its allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll fake

Why doesn't someone post up a picture of Beau-Latasha, because I can't seem to find any pictures of her the net.

P.S Laura Griffiths is very funny!

Hey Doozer, why is she fake? I haven't personally seen Aish, but a paki friend of mine has seen her during a dance rehersal and commented that she was very pretty even without any make up on.

Ohh Nathan, I'm not bitchy, if you were to assume that I am , then I have say that your the Bitchest son of bitch around., I'm glad that you've finally admitted to having a big head...and I don't watch M.T.V., never have and don't plan on it and I'm 23.
It really shows your immaturity when you resort to vulgur statements.
Ohh by the way, the fact that you don't have to justify you superb social life by telling me that you were "actually soooooooooooooooooo bored"that you thought you would be "abit lame and talk a pile of bullocks", tells me how exciting your social life really is. Thanks for clueing me in.

Haha "pearl drops whitening toothpaste" , what is that, specially formulated,potent paste made espeically for Britian's tea stained enamel? nice, I'm glad that your teeth are "nearly" white.

Alright, give me your best shot, little boy.

who you calling a dozer you bitch??????????? fucking mother fucker!!! im entitled to my own opinion you arrogant fool with your extensive use of the english language!!this is a chill out site not some political thread!!! bitch!! so dont call me a dozer!!! actually- i meant fake in the sense she has had surgery done. its not about make up- once the surgeon has permanently fixed you up with or without make up you will look good. she is fake. real beauty is beau latasha!! not her. now dont even try and say im jealous-im not-if i was- i wouldnt pay compliments to other really beautiful women- who should be the figures of ultimate envy because they really beautiful and were born with it.

oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh- so your PAKI mate said she was nice- what the hell do paki people know?? they so far up their own fat a$$e$ and on high pedestals to know anything!! they think they and arabians are gods gift!! so really your mates opinion is worth nothing. im indian myself and live in india and know she is fake!! i have seen her go through her career and she has changed!! thats why i dislike her!! and my BEST FRIEND ANIL has worked on a number of sets with movie stars ranging from rekha to maduri has saidshe was the worst out of the lot. she delayed filming by 2half hours so that she could have her arms and body covered in light coloured make up. she is the worst and most artificial actress in india. her acting ability is weak. her looks are not worthy of praise. real praise is to the like of Maduri and hema malini. and also beau latasha.

so dont call me a dozer. i know and have seen alot more of india and its actresses to know better!!

yes yes dear new- i know i wrote dozer and you wrote doozer- just want a reaction- so go ahead give me one- you arrogant bitch

why hello new!! nice to see you doing the female kind proud with your bitchy racist remarks!!! now really- if you were of such grand knowledge would you really need to result in making racist comments about the british? my vulgarity was aimed at your shallowness!! so we make the perfect match dont we just??

please dont insult me oh young one- i do have a well social life- just because i have moments of boredom does not mean i am a social recluse! anyway i really dont want to or have to justify myself to you.

now- the reason i said my teeth were nearly white was because infact-medically proven-no one person will ever fulfil the phrase 'jet white' teeth-because humans teeth enamel was never of that colour and never will be!! so i told the truth. they are almost white-as white as they can be. and i dont enjoy the beverage of tea-makes me vomit!! so again hush hush!

you really enjoy taking life seriously do you not?? funny really!! anyways- please continue-you make my day with your 'informative' regards to the british people!!! lots of love and kisses just for you-NATHAN

[Well, a week or so after closing the door to comments, I'm going to open it again. It bothers me to shut off discussion of any topic. Hopefully the folks who left insulting obscene post have gone somewhere else by now. We'll see...]

I think it's time to close the door on comments to this post. I've been watching a healthy discussion about the most beautiful woman in the world mostly degenerate into obscenity-laced attacks on other commenters.

I like good swear words as much as anybody, but damn it!, they should be used judiciously. Call me old-fashioned (or, more accurately, just "old"), but I'm not comfortable with many of the comments this post has been getting. Friends, save your insults for really outrageous subjects, like President Bush's policies.

Thanks to the people who shared their views courteously. May the most beautiful woman in the world question never be resolved, so we can continue to study the subject(s).

she is beautifull but not most, Angilina Joli is batter than her and she is not an good actress like other beautiful women - - Naren Samant form Delhi

I agree with the majority on this board. Aishwarya Rai is easily the most beautiful woman in the world, and she is not fake in the slightest. I've watched loads of her movies (not being indian myself) and she is a great actress too. Angelina Jolie is hot, but not more beautiful than Rai. Beau Latasha and others have nothing on Rai
Check this recent photo: WOW

:) :)


UM...brian will shut the thread down if you start swearing again!!1

ash rai is not beautiful because its fake. you people are dumb if you think beauty is about how good someones surgeon is!!! how silly!!! real beauty is all natural. like beau latasha and lima!! also rania. ash- she might look good, but its not real.

to me, like other people, i love pakistani women. baby, they my dream boats, especially the dark eyed girls!! ohhhhhh im getting hot thinking about them!! hey any pakistani girls, if you come across this message-email me. i wuld lurve to get to know you!!! i am white- but hey do not feel i am not good enough. i am hot!

[email protected]

Aishwarya Rai is the world's most beautiful woman. She's so real. Nothing about her is fake. It's all natural so...
:) :)
Adriana and Beau got nothin on this woman, and nor does anyone else ANYWHERE.

Aishwarya Rai:
Aishwarya Rai is the most beautiful woman in the world. :)

neway actors such as Sharukh Khan and Dilip Kumar originated from Peshawar which is now part of Pakistan. Im also from that side and my uncle told me how he used 2 remember playing with him before he became famous. Besides the point i think ppl who say that Pakistani's are arrogant are being stereotypical. I would say Pakistani's in western society are probably the arrogant ones if nething but Pakistani's in Pakistan are far from that especially the ones from Peshawar and the North Frontier. I repeat FAR from that! They are so much more family orientated ppl and dont show off their beauty.

BTW i dont like Rai very much either but many ppl disagree with me. She's not ugly though and u do get many attractive indian girls.

I luv pakistanis. i am danish, but my aunt she married a pakistani man 4m lohore. and my cousins have so many beutiful pakistani girl cousins. i am no trying to get my aunts husband to get a lady 4m pakistan. they are amazing creatures.

This is a marketing ploy of some sort.

Everyone knows that Aishwarya Rai is not the most beautiful woman with her average face and body.

Come on people.

Ash rai is so unattractive!!! she looks like she on drugs!! and she got a very weird mouth and nose!!! and her body is not even worth spitting on!!

Aishwarya Rai is definitely the most beautiful woman in the world.
Without a doubt
And most here and around the world agree!

Ohhh Nathan...where did you go? I've missed you.

Nathan is back new!!!!

new!!! this oxford contempory is waiting for a response!!!

By the way- this chick at oxford called ruzwana bashir is pakistani- ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy god- she is beautiful. there are lots of pakistanis in britain. they are lovely, just very very rude though.

very pretty, but the whole most beuatiful is a lie. First off, how many girls are really famous, like .00000000001 percent? Secound it's just india being conceited. I've seen girls with prettier faces, so imagine the girls I haven't seen.

Adriana has nicer eyes and alot nicer lips, and she is just better looking. so is Moncia Bellucci..

Very true ham. she is very very standard looking and also i have heard she has had alot of surgery done. and i have seen girls out there who are 100000000 times better- and they are just normal day to day girls walking on the streets of Los Angeles- so imagine the rest of the world. this list by the british is flawed!

pakistani women are very very beautiful-but most the time they have to stay covered right? so how can you tell if they got perfect bodies to compliment their faces? because beauty is also about the body! not just a face. i have seen thousands of beautiful/pretty girls but few have amazing bodies like lima! so not only is she pretty, she got a hot body! this woman has a standard face and boy does she have a ugly body.

and pakistani ladies dont have nice figures, from what i have seen and heard. indian girls have nice, tanned bodies-well sometimes. pakistani girls have nice faces but lack the body. and we boys always prefer bodies over faces any day- so indian women are definately more for my liking, minus this ashwaryiaah rai.

hi i wana ashhhhhh email adderessssss plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ohh whoops...sorry Nathan, I haven't checked out this site in a while. Well before that other commenter rudely butted in our little tiff, we were on a roll. But now, I weary of this topic..oh wait, it wasn't really about Ash , it was about YOU! haha...You Brit. OHH yah , I'm not racist, I happen to love the British accent and always thought I'd wind up marrying a Brit...but that didn't happen.
But anways.. Hows the teeth whitening going? :0)

who says she is beautiful!! hunt them down and shoot em!! that is a disgrace for all beautiful women out there!! the beautiful female species does not deserve to get represented by her- what have the poor souls done to deserve that!! you telling me she is finer than rania? or jemima? or even angelina? oh heavens! i am utterly insulted for all you women out there!! it is a disgrace- what is our world coming too?

also pakistanis are good looking- but they are very arrogant and rude, just like their iranian counterparts! indians are far more down to earth.

Aishwarya Rai is incredibly beautiful and all natural. Don't HATE
Beau La who??
She is butt Ugly, even Jackie Stallone could wipe the floor with her.
Of the one photo people manage to mop up of her face, she is NOTHING special.
Guys who don't find Ash Rai attractive must be gay. Either that, or you're racist, or you're all jealous women pretending to be guys.
Either way, it's all good. I, like the majority of this board, and the majority of this world, know that Aishwarya Rai is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Simply divine

HA HA- what a crazed outburst!

please explain how women would find her something to be jealous of?? stupid!! i am a woman and find her incredibly unattractive!! i find real beauty a pleasure to look at like queen rania and beau latasha! now if i was the jealous sort- along with other 'women pretending to be guys' then why would they compliment other peoples beauty? your post has no logic behind it! those that are green with envy usually are jealous of everyone not just individuals! many 'guys' are saying that beau latasha is divine! i am more likely to be consumed with jealousy when i see her than this ash rai!! so really you make little sense!

guys that find her unattractive are completly right in saying that she is unattractive!! men on this forum are very well minded as many look for natural beauty not over made up artificial gunk!

but whatever whenever...you think what you like...but much of this board seems to be in favour of the view that she should no way in hell been given that title of beautiful woman in the world!! i mean- gregery is right in saying it is an appalling disgrace to the real amazing graces in this world!! period.

Here here kirsten! well said. i think that (yes me- i am a girl) ash rai is totally fake! i loveeeeeeee women and men because i am a bisexual..so i would find women attractive too..therefore wouldnt be jealous of them.

real divine beauty is what you are born with! her 'looks' are artificial. real beauty is the likes of belluci and american super model yasmin! they can wipe their faces clean- stay clear of good old mr nip n tuck and still be hot hot hot! that my dear is real beauty!

hey guys- indian women are divine in bed! they are amazing sexual goddesses!! phroar! hot hot hot! so me- i am not jealous of indian women either- they are sexay!

pakistani and arabian women are boring old farts! they are so plain and simple...yuk! they might well have cute and highly pretty faces..but damn are they rigid and boring!

bring on the indian hotties!

come on ladies- bickering has no part in today's day and age. Yes she is OK looking- OK looking with Make Up and the additional surgical enhancements. But if she sells movies and makes money- then surely OK is good enough? Not everyone can have naturally beautiful looks like monica and are you referring to Yasmeen Ghauri the pakistani model? yes she is also a fine specimen but then again her and ash are way off the mark different from each other. ash has 'delicate' features while yasmeen has sharp and very 'out there' features.! so what if ash isnt beautiful- she makes money! and india does not normally have beautiful natural top girls, they are generally very over rated and made up- so she is nothing new! all indian miss worlds have so far been suffocated with make up and all other things! but i have heard indian girls are quite attractive otherwise. one thing ash has is a very very ugly body! her body is ghastly!

by the way- what is a competition between arabs/irans/pakistanis and so on with indians? the page is about whether this woman is the finest in the world.

comparing arabs/pakistanis/iranis with indians and bengaldeshi people is like comparing black people and chinese people! where is the sense in it all! they are all different from indians.

Will someone please tell me where to find a picture of this Beau person? From what i can tell, she doesn't exist, because i can't seem to find a single picture of her.

Nathan?? Get your butt back into this forum!

I completely agree with "summer collection". You can't judge one race/ethnicity to be more attractive than another. There are plenty of beautiful women all around the world and no one woman should hold the title of most beautiful...and yes Ash is beautiful, I don't know why everyone is saying she isn't..because if shes the defination of ugly...then I'd love to be ugly! and whats with the make-up bashing. Please tell me how many women in this day and age don't wear make-up? Yes, there are those few women fortunate enough to be born with beautiful features and can pull of not wearing make up...but for the majority of the population , we need a little help to enhance our feautres..and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I don't understand why your bashing her because she wears make up. Movie stars all wear make up, they don't leave their house without having their personal make-up artists painting them. Thats like saying... you can't be considered attractive unless its all natural. If thats the case, then women need to stop tweezing their eyebrows, waxing, cutting their hair, dying their hair getting facials,working out and anything else they would do to enhance their beauty because its not natural.
But anyway, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I think she is very pretty but the thing is she is seems very slick, she will say what people want to hear, also she will definantly say what she thinks people will admire her for. But she is not innocent, she done screwed Salman Khan, it's just indian girls don't talk about it, we are quite about what we do. It's all pretense if you ask me, if you dress any lady up of course they will look gorgeous, but naturally no I would have to say she is not, without makeup and the jewelry she looks damn nasty..But with make up and dress up the chick looks damn hot, elegant I would say, but she is kind of old anyway..time for some fresh new young blood..the most beautiful indian actress was divya bharati..and they killed her cause she was beautiful..

I typed in diviya bharati in a search engine- and you are quite right she is very beautiful. alot more beautiful and somewhat angelic looking compared to that of rai. i totally agree with kristina about her beauty- undeniably she is nice looking- but that is with alot of help through make up and surgery. i know every actress wears much make up- but that is not the point. the point is these women, like angelina and cruz still look beautiful without it and rai looks very plain!

Totally agreed christina and simone! She is not beautiful- she looks good but is not beautiful. Someone made a comment about beauty is being able to wipe off make up and not have the nice clothes and jewlery and still look BEAU! This woman clearly does not hold that kind of beauty- she probally looks gaunt, dead and lifeless without make up etc... whereas angelina, beau and belluci look better with make up but still look GLAM without it! That friends, is beauty. That is not to say that they are the finest women in the world- for I have seen better in my short 18 years. I agree with Haydon NYC that beauty is the ability to leave facial hair crawling back for months, eat like buffalos, wear no make up and still be classed as pretty/beau! That is true beauty...thousands upon thousands of girls have this beauty. I have seen poor rural girls in latin americas who are filthy with grime and have probally never seen make up in their lives but they are still amazing to look at!

On a personal note my idea of beauty is this: Beautiful, huge dark eyes. lovely, thick black eyebrows but well tamed. full lips and a pretty smile. lush black, thick hair and a any body. To me face is beauty not body.

anybody's gonna agree she's pretty, but alot of women are even more wow. Just not many beautiful women are famous

I met her in Thailand when she was shooting a film and renting some equipment from my company there. She smiles for the cameras and whatnot, but she treats ordinary working people, including the crew members, like shyt. She even left the filmshoot abrubtly fired her assistant and flew back to India because someone commented that her assistant was very beautiful (MORE beautiful in MY opinion). She is the snobbiest and bytchiest person I have ever met in my life.

I like the sound of Antons women! I adore women with dark features- they prowl the streets not walk them! They are mysterious and beautiful and sexual all at the same time! And they have a hint of kinkyness about them too!

Jet black hair, black/dark brown eyes, black eyebrows and nice skin!Sounds and tastes good!

I totally agree with you anton and wanna black haired lady:Dark featured girls- I dont just mean brown hair, brown eyes. I mean jet black and blackish kind of eyes are amazing in bed! They are more sexual than any blonde, brunette and red haired women I have ever been with! The way their dark eyes stare at you in lust, black hair all over the place and sexy red lips pouting...damn people that is ultimate in beauty!And this woman has boring features..boring in bed! beauty is not just about the face its about your sexual atmosphere- give me a million bucks and maybe then I would take her to bed!
Monnica Belluci, queen rania- yai yai yai!

man i typed in beautiful women on my search engine- and this is what i got! what a pile of dog shit she is butt ugly- even with make up! i wanted to make a collage for my computer- but she is no way being included in it!
agree about dark women- scrumptious! black haired and eyed girls- shucks! you are right boys they look gr8! and yeah they have an extra little somethin in bed! no man can ever get fed up of a pretty dark eyed girl! i had a dark featured girl once and i never tired of her! she treated me like crap- but i kept running! sex with her was like being in some hot steamy amazonian rainforest. if she put on weight, she looked sexy. if she had pimples she looked sexy. she ate like a man who hadnt eaten for 20 years each day but she was still divine! she cheated and scammed her way through life and just used her mean eyebrows and lips to wean her way through things!
and i have heard lots of other dark featured girls to have done the same! typecasts yes- but beautiful all the same!
if any girl here fits the bill- email me! maybe you can live up to many boys fantasies about black haired girls!
ps: jet black hair is kind of unique isnt? i have only come across 3 women in 22 years who have had soot balck hair! and they were even more seductive than the black/brown haired girls!


Dark features are nice- but dark features also have alot of mystery about them! it will take guys like me and you 100years to find out everything about a girl with black hair because they hide and snide about the place in their thick bushy black hair! only 1 in every masses of girls has jet black non sun colour changing hair and they are even more to be weary of! this girl called amelia i once dated for 2 years had the blackest hair i have ever seen and she was so fuckin persuasive about everything. she took me for a god damn ride! but i fell at her feet like a fool! 'no baby i love you' with those huge black eyes and strangely dark brows and i fell! i want to hear otherwise but i can guarantee that 1 in every 20 boys have been 'drugged' up by black haired, black eyed and red lipped girls! these girls are unique i tell you that much! especially when they bring out the eye mascara and liners! then every boy falls at their feet like lost puppies. they need tying up on leashes! they flutter their huge eyes and flick their hair about the place and get want they want! they get freebies, boys and girls staring at them and old perves falling over them! and black haired girls have huge melons to! ha!
conrad it is all typecast but for some weird, unexplainable reason they fit the bill! beware of black haired, drak eyed beauties men and women! they are beautiful but they cast unexplainable spells over people! no man can say no when a woman like that turns up the heat!
in her ugliest moments- you know, hasnt had a shower in a month kind of ugly- they can still cast this spell! lean over and grab your crotch when they want somethin'! and they are kinky like hell. they want sex more than a man does! day in day out! beautiful but beware! too beautiful for their own good.

this rai woman is a dawg! so not beautiful. just ok!

monica belluci is fine! and jolie isnt! jolie has got a manly face and is a freak! you know with that vampire shit! and penelope cruz is a goddess! told you its these dark featured women!

Beau-latasha is the epitome of beauty. No one looks like her.

where there is hundreds of Aishwaryas' there is only one Beau-Latasha.

I rest my case

i 100% agree with nairbo! beau latasha is out of this world- i am a female and would love to bed her! but i dont swing that way!ha ha. she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous i cant help but feel jealous! its so unfair! just kiddding!

ash rai is not even pretty..just average! anyone is average these days!

i like what you lot said about dark haired girls and stuff.
i find that girls with very dark features and kind of lightish skin are the most beautiful of them all! jet black hair is a rarity..but those that have it are good damn lucky!
there eyes come out a whole lot more and they are just so nice to look at!
and yes you are right- a girl who can look like a complete tramp- meaning hasnt washed her grease ridden hair in days, doesnt do anything about her facial hair. wears NO make up what so ever and overall looks trampish and can still be OK looking- that is star quality beauty! if they shaped up to the point of just doing the basics in grooming- like eyebrow plucking and keeping hair maintaned and so on...they would look hot! and with make up..well enough is said!

beau latasha rocks this universe

I think that monica belluci- in her younger days is the most beautiful woman in the world. this woman is ever so average with a weak face. belluci and say for example hayek have very predominant facs. this woman is clearly not beautiful- pretty- but only pretty with the help of surgery and make up. she would be foolong herself in thinking she is natural when clearly she is not.
Dark women are much more attractive that light featured women. they stand out a considerable amount more!

Clearly she is not beautiful! just because this simon dude thought she was, and some stupid british magazine thinks she is does not make her the optimum of beauty. I have a number of indian friends and it is clear to them and all those who watch indian media with awe that she is not pure natural. How the hell can that be beauty?
People need to look at what these women are actually born with! tell me...how a woman...clearly improving as age goes on can do that? kylie minogue, liz hurley etc.... she is on that band wagon! beauty is what you are given at birth, not at an operating table!

by the way- who says pakistanis are better looking than indians?
i have so many indian friends and i find arabs and pakistanis utterly unattractive! they are nearly all pasty, with huge hips and large lips! and they have very very hairy faces and bodies! the only nice features about them are that they have nice/beautiful eyes. but they have HUGEEEEEEE noses, especially arabs! they are thin and boney! ehh..

indians on other hand have a wonderful dark complexion, like chocolate. beautiful bodies, petite noses and huge eyes! that is much more attractive than the other two!

worlds finest woman- beau latasha.

To be honest, in my opinion, I like white women although some brunettes and dark women are pretty. I am a pakistani man and I married an american woman 15 years ago; we have 2 kids and she is still amazing! And by the way she is light skinned caucasian mixed with latino, honey blonde hair and green eyes, small features and sexy mouth, and never wears makeup!
The other day I opened maxim mag and was blown away by a swedish model in there, I forget her name, she was natural blonde, blue eyed and sooooo tall and long-limbed, natural breasts, no makeup......sexy and classy and beautiful! (It's no wonder scandinavian women have been voted by lonelyplanet travellers as some of the most beautiful women BAR NONE in this world!!)
Ash? she's def. pretty, but yeah she does look a bit too made up all the time, fake lashes, etc. that's not to say ALL Indian women are like that, of course not! I've been to India and there are pretty women there as well as ugly ones. And in London I saw more fat men and women than I did in New York! New Yorkers, as well as the majority of women now in the states, are into sophistication, being fit and trim, and "makeunders"...meaning, not layering on the makeup too thick!! And, being a pakistani man myself, i just HAVE to say this, as I def. am one to know, having grown up amongst them...in general, but not ALL of them, perhaps, just the many i have known and met, Pakistani women are okay but too pasty from never going out in the sunshine, too narrow-minded in their worldview, and yeah their "beauty" is overrated...there are pretty ones and then again, MANY who are not pretty. Just go to karachi, you'll see what i mean. Their faces can be so masculine much more so than western women whose features in general are smaller, and not so hairy either. And black eyes are the most common color in the world! Sure they can be sexy, but if arab women are so sexy because of their big black eyes than why do so many middle easterners RUN panting like crazy after light western blue and green eyed beauties? They are always after them over here, also pakistani man and Indian men like me. Not so much the brunettes over here. (brunette is the most common clouring in the world...the least and actually truly EXOTIC colouring is the natural blonde, and notice I said "natural" like scandinavian beauties, who were the FIRST all-natural top models in the world. that's the reason why they are so eye-catching, in and out of the sun! Plus northern european type women are very self-confident and not all about their looks. That's why I and a great many of my tranplanted asian male friends preferred them over our own native, pasty-skined and boooooring women.I've seen LOADS more beauties here in NYC from all over the world, including India, models and everyday secretaries and doctors, etc. than in Pakistan, plus the variety in a causcasian/latin/european woman is endless: different coloured eyes, hair, skin tones, etc. Not so for the most part in pakistan, the sameness is boring. American/European/Latina women are friendlier and not necessarily sluttier, I've known easy women in khi but they had to be hush-hush about it, that's all. So what? That's nobody's problem but their own.
Also, if you notice something about a lot of pakistani women, (and a few subcontinent ones too)besides having huuuge honkers that look masculine(as big as mine, but hey i'm a guy)they may have nice breasts but their asses are FLAT and they have chicken legs. And as long as people here are going to bash lovely white AND latina ladies, middle eastern women get HUGELY OBESE 9 times out of 10 once they kids, much more so than white women, with white women it's a possibility too, same as pakistani and indians, etc. etc. but not always as i have seen with the majority of arab women. Of all arab women I would say the loveliest are the Lebanese, they look Italian.
...Anyway, my beautiful blonde ex-model wife is the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN, BAR NONE. MAASHALLAH

Yeah, shawkat bhai you are totally on the mark!..I am totally into russian and european girls, they are sooooo fit!
my yaars all are too, my best pal married a russian girl with big, almond-shaped blue eyes, small pert nose, naturally plump pink lips and hair so blonde its like a shimmery silvery lush cape of moonlit threads, so shiny and pretty, and naturally like that, it's real exotic and diferent. she is waaaaay more fit and sexy than that fake, surgery-adicted ashwariya rai. i am currently dating a latvian girl here in the states, my ex gf was american of norwegian blood, she had brown hair with red glints in it and grey eyes, creamy skin and chiselled facial features, hardly needed makeup and a not tall, but slender and with curves in all the right places. but she kinda dumped me to marry another american, so! :-)
....good for you you married for love and who you wanted to, 15 years 2 kids? maashallah good for both of you ppl not looking at race and marrying whoever the fuck ya want. more power to you! i am not interested in marrying any pakistani girl either, they just dont light my fire at all. there are beautiful girls in pakistan but i am more attracted to caucasian women and russians and latinas too. brazilians are sexy too by the way!

To me- out of all the middle eastern/central asian/south eastern asian- i find pakistani women the most beautiful! I am a bengali from Amreica...and i simply can not get enough of pakistani women! i love their eyes, beautiful eyebrows, flowing dark hair and lovely lips! yes theirs and arabs noses are a tad on the big side- but hey- they still look like class! Pakistanis are unique looking. they have a variety if mixes in them- making them all the more beautiful. you never see any one of them looking the same!
them and arabs are of light skin origin anyways- so it is not about staying out of the sun. i see girls out here in the scoring hit of Miami and they still light! but light isnt always beautiful!
But what the hell-- am just a south asian dude- not good enough for these central asian beauties! one thing i despise about these women is they soooo arrogant and obnoxious along side their irani counterparts!

ash rai is artificial and artificial is not beautiful!

"To Each His Own".

Shaukat ali i think you are soo wrong on this paki girl thing!
paki girls r HOT but not HOT in the sense sexy- they are not sexy like scadanavian or latina women. far from it! but they have beauty! i find them mesmerizing that they have so much natural beauty! i have heard that karchi is an area predominantly full of migrants from India and bengal! i have been told by hundreds of pakis that it is now called little india because that city has been wiped over! there is now a minute % of natives there.. that is where most the riots break out between natives and migrants to! so that is why it is probally unattractive! but native pakistani women, like those from lohor etc.. are actually beautiful! i really wish i find a girl like them! the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life- being 31 years was a pakistani girl! they do not have the best bodies and lack sexual stuff- but they sure are pretty!
i am an asian kenyan- with my roots from nepal...and i heard that pakis are very racist against outsiders and even migrants. oops-there goes my chances then!

by the way- ali- the other boys when talking about black eyes were saying those that have EXTREMELY black features- like jet black hair, brows etc.. black eyes are common yeah-but all those feaures together are rare! thats why people love it!

Quite right mohammad..pakistani girls and boys are very attractive. some are awful looking-but hec that is with any race all over the world- but on average they are very nice to look at. my mother is bengali and my father is from bengal in india..so pakistanis for us are god gift if you know what i mean! karchi is hot immigrant city as it is said to be the most liberal city in pakistan. that is why so many settle there day in day out. my mother wanted to move there some years back- but a good friend of hers fled the country due to horrid racist abuse as she was also a migrant. she told me that pakistanis call karachi the defaced population- as they are seen as unattractive compared to the rest of pakistan due to its large immigrant population. hence that is why, shaukat, that there are many ugly people in karachi! the name, even to pakistanis must of come from somewhere!
but jolie is right in saying that country is bred to be racist! indians are far more liberal minded- they live with all relgions and castes, pakistanis have one religion and a few backgrounds similar to afghanistan and a tiny bit with india. they are racist indeed.

on the point of this womans beauty- it is nice to look at. but not beautiful. no way!

i like what magicman and co said about the dark girls- its rare to come across a woman with jet, filthy black features..its wonderful!

I read almost all of these comments.Ashwaria might be the best among Indians but she aint all that I have seen better looking women than this duck. Shez fake coz my Indian friends showed me her pictures without make-up and contacts. and her eyes are not blue. they are dark brown. Shez nothing compared to ANgelina Jolie.

This thread has been interesting reading, to say the least. Some of the contributors really haven't learned to overcome racism and nationalism. That made some of the posts painful to read.

Supposedly the topic was who is the most beautiful woman in the world. I don't see how a final conclusion can be reached. Female beauty is only partly objective. And only partly physical. There are different standards according to different cultural tastes.

I can understand why many people from Asia think Aishwarya Rai is the most beautiful.

In the west, Angelina Jolie has been elected "most beautiful" and "sexiest" more than once by different important polls.

These two women are in different categories.

Aishwarya Rai belongs to the category of traditional beauty. She seems sweet, feminine and safe. A girl to take home to introduce to your parents. A girl to have as a wife who bears your sons.

Angelina Jolie is an angel of darkness. Her eyes glow with a demented fire. An aura of danger surrounds her. To say the least, her reputation is wild. Angelina's beauty is like that of a deadly modern weapons system, for example a sleek, supersonic jet fighter that pilots refer to as "She."

But although Angelina is the freaky one, people appreciate her because she does risky UN work for refugees around the world, donates loads of money to charity, and has adopted two orphans from 3rd world countries. She visits distressed regions of Africa, Pakistan, Cambodia and other places where she shows a real heart for the downtrodden and homeless, to the point where her eyes flood with tears of pity.

And that illustrates what I mean when I say beauty is only only about the physical. There is "something else" about Angelina, a mystery...how does a woman so strange as she have so much heartfelt concern for the sufferings of others?

hec..is she the most beautiful woman in asia? since when!?

aishwary is not a beautiful woman in the world becuase beaut is what reflect your mind but not my mind therefore beautiful is what yu saw but not what i saw she can be beautiful to you but ugly to anybody else that is not jealous but the fact

quite right..one thing about women is that if you call them ugly- or people they like ugly- they accuse other women of being jelous!its funny really.

i think that maybe pakistan or iran should bring out some hotties- i am almost sure that they would WOW the world...more than ash could ever do.
but i doubt that will ever happen..but boys we can always dream!

She is not the most beautiful in the world by a long shot. What's special about her, that she has white woman features, so that's suppose to make her prettier ? She looks like a brown version of my *white* lil sister, and I don't see nobody declaring her most beautiful. So if a white female has those features, she's not to be treated special, but bc an Inidan woman ended up with caucasian blue eyes were suppose to pretend she's all that. WHatever keep dreamin.

True, very true Boomba.
But she has achieved these looks through surgical enhancements..minus the natural blue eyes. her skin is whiter, hair lighter and her facial structure has almost defo changed. But by no means is she the most beautiful woman..that is absurd! these people have no taste and have got it wrong even with the likes of angelina! she has a weird long face, strange nose and overall had she not been a movie star- down right abnormal looking.
I think the most beautiful women live in latin america, arab nations and in iran/afghanistan/pakistan(central asia) and in north africa.
indians, sri lankans and bengladeshis(south east asians) are all unattractive bar a hand full of them.

But wasnt 'white' people in the fashion industry that declared her 'beautiful'..so why would she be unique to them? they had a million zillion models & celebs who are white to choose from so why choose her?
MAYBE they wanted to in order to show how inviting and accepting we here in the west are towards indians and 3rd world! there must be a conspiracy behind it..how can they choose her over beau or lima! she looks similar lima, like eye colour and style...but a whole lot uglier and unnatural..so why not LIMA!!!
something isnt right on that list! someone told me in another list that gwen stefani and beyonce are now in the top ten most beautiful women in the world!! for fucks sake!! what is wrong with these people in the fashion world???? how can beyonce, clearly a dog without make up, wheres wigs and has had nose jobs be beautiful in the world? and stefani is not beautiful..she FIT..like sexy...but by no means is she beautiful!
come on...these lists are flawed..very very flawed.
it doesnt make sense

Pakistanis are on average good looking and beautiful...but then some are sooooooooo UGLY!!! i mean some would make you want to throw yourself in front of a garbage truck thats how dirty looking they are!!
alot of my friends say the same as samas?that Apparently it is because those are from india?
but i think they are otherwise vrey attractive people, especially the ones in london..and they have this diverse look..like some look asian, some look arab, some look spanish and so on..thats why they so nice to look at.
arabs are like pakistanis in temrs of looks, but they a tad different in skin tones. but faces are exactly like iranis and pakistanis.
indians are ok...but they on average are not that nice looking..from what i see in london. and bangladeshis..i dont know any..but they look sri lankan most of the time!
not many latinas in this country..so i dunno about them...but the ones in the media are SEXY!!

this woman looks indian and to me i find indians quite unattractive..so to me she isnt beautiful.
beauty is beau latasha.

On average, every race has attractive and unattractive people. So don't sweep one race under the rug as unattractive. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic...they all have attractive and unattactive people. One doesn't have more than the other.

1) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

2) Ashwaria Rai is not the most beautiful woman in the world because people have not seen every single one of them. SHe is however, ONE of the most beautiful celebrity in the world.

3) Aishwarya Rai is NOT fake. Come on I'm pakistani and i find pakistani actresses like Amna Haq and Iman ali 100X more beautiful but I know that Ashwaria Rai didnt get any surgery done. In her baby pictures she has the same light colored eyes and same full lips and aquiline nose. Her mom has the same nose as her as well. while her eyes are inherited from her grandfather.

4) Pakistani people are not that racist as you guys are saying. We are known to be very hospitable, read any tourism book. Also, just because we are an islamic country women dont participate in beauty pageants and the modeling industry that much but there is a LOT of natural beauty in Pakistan.

5) Indians arent ugly just like any other country. Lots of indian actresses as well as common women are very beautiful without any surgery.

6) America(surprise surprise) is actually the country with the largest number of people with plastic surgery and makeup consumers. Which makes sense because it is also the richest country in the world.

7) Light skinned/light eyed people can be found in india in the uppercastes and northern areas.

8) everyone has their own preference in what country has the best women etc. but theres no reason to put any other country down because no matter what you say it is still racist.

The World's most beautiful woman is Beau-Latasha. She has the world's most beautiful eyes, hair, skin, body etc etc.

No one is more beautiful.

She is amazingly beautiful.

She makes Aishwarya Rai and the rest look like dog meat.

Can someone please post a link of this Beau-Lala chick..cause I'm getting sick of hearing the claims of how beautiful she is, yet there are no pics of her on the net. How can all of you people say shes that gorgeous, not even a single photo can be found???
So someone, back up your claim, and post a damn picture of the girl! or a link!!

you see..her beauty is confined to the modelling industry of europe..she is fought over, begged after, cried after and died after but she very rarely ventures out of europe and thus is limited on the international scale and to internatioonal eyes.
all you need to know is that she is god damn fucking fine to the extent that i would kill to be with her!
ash rai..i might pay 5 cent to dine with her...but for latasha..its murder.her beauty is unbelievable.

pakstan girl..i think you are wrong about ash rai...she has clearly clearly had surgery done...what baby photos have you seen? i have seen teenage pics of her and she looks different and its not difference acquired with age, but difference thru cosmetic surgery.

your kind are very beautiful...but are rare to date and most profess to be decent! so i only take their beauty at face value!
indian actresses are known fake asses gal! see the light!!

pakistani women are naturally pretty like arab women- who are even nicer to look at!
but it is true-race does make a difference! so those that think it doesnt are fooled! indeed there a DOGS in every race but some countries/races have nmore beauty than others!

in list of countries/races that hold most beautiful women are as follows:

1) ALL LATIN american countries
2) arab lands
3) pakistan and iran
4) north africa like algeria and morocco
5) canada

Hey Candyman...do you think you could possibly find a picture of this chick...scan it , email...or post a link??? I would appreciate. I find it hard to believe, that someone who is said to be this beautiful and a model, doesn't have a single picture ...ANYWHERE!.

OK..Aishwarya Rai has Caucasian features?...Right. See her without makeup and contacts, she's uglier and darkker than the average woman. without makeup, she resembeles a 45 yr old. No joke.
Being an Indian [living in U.S] myself, I think Indians in India especially are obsessed with her!! She's looked up like a God would cus: They think she looks white
Indians r obsessed with being fair, its so gay, nothing else.

Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful famous actress today. She's natural, and caring. How can u compare her to Aishwarya, the woman who thinks she's white, and dissed her own country, which obsesses over her, by saying Indian media aint important like the American one is? What the hell..the woman should get a kick on her butt. She aint beautiful, she's plain ugly, even with makeup. Indians need to finally realize that.
Adriana Lima's also a gorgeous soul, being a good person
Who's Beau-Latasha..I've read tons of her beauty..never seen her! Post a pic..pls


She's the 1 in the middle.What the hell


is this what people call "beautiful" Good lord...


she said she would never kiss on screen!



those pictures are so funny!!! especially the first one...your right...what the hell!

now any retard that thinks that she STILL looks the same clearly needs seeing to by their elementary school teachers all over again! her nose is diff, her shape of eyes is diff, skin is diff and her lips are a whole lot thinner!

now before u start with your 'everyone looks different when they are young'..she has got titties, so she must be about 15-18 years old..now dont tell me will all look COMPLETELY different at 16? i sure like hell dont and the most that has changed is that my face has matured not changed!
she is a plastic surgery babe!

who are pakistani women? man..people keep going on about them! can someone plz post a picture of one, preferably a very natural one! i thought they middle eastern hence like arabs..who are nice but not that nice! i live in texas so i dont really know many ethnic groups especially pakistani.

ummm EW...pakistani and indian ppl no offense to all of u..but hier ugly...fat..smell...and hairy..and UGLY and who ever said pakistani ppl r the most beatiful creautes walkin should die because NO THEY ARE NOT...i gotta admit ash is pretty but she might as wel be the ONLY pretty indian...and eww paki guys or glrs r ugly crap indian guys u too...get a life ur not hott at all how could u even say that is so sad look in the mirror and then at paul walker yup he is hotter...so dont even question the thought

i personaly think that ash is pretty and she is NOT fake...she has had a surgery done but thats b/c ur bf punched her and misplaced her jaw and ruined her lips...im not aware of any other surgeries..but she isnt the most beautiful women ever...i personaly think adrianna lima is hotter...and in my opinion most latino grls r ugly as well as indians and pakis i donno how adrianna is so pretty and how ash is pretty and lima does wear make up and alot of it too...ash actually looks pretty without make up but she prolly is the ONLY pretty indian there is...i have never seen a pretty paki nor a pretty latino other than lima...im not racist or anything i persoanly my self have dark brown hair almost black and green eyes and olive skin *thanks to the sun* but im russian..and who ever said russians r hott I TOTALY AGREE WIT U lol..but a lot arabs and british women are hott too...adrianna lima and ash r just rare in thier country cuz no other latino or indian is pretty oher than these two..=D *love*

To Dina
NO offense to white people Dina, but your all white trash, without an ounce of intellect, sitting around in your soiled undewear, scrathing your ass watching football and passing gas. You know how i guessed you were white Dina, because you talk like the tpical valley girl air head. Not to mention all the misspellings in your message and how very deep your comment was. You want to talk about fat... White people are obese, Americans are the most obese people in the world. They have the highest rate of heart attacks, and obesity related medical issues.
You want to talk about smelly? How about the white bums sitting next you on the trains and buses reeking of urine,shit,beer and bathed in undearm odor. Or what about the psychotic luntaic white guys, who like to get on public transportation and freak the rest of the population out with their rantings and coversations with the devil. I could go on and stereotype a bit more, white people, do you realize how freaking pasty you look? you look like death is about to snatch you down with him...and then there are those of you who are pink? what the hell is that all about? Yeah talk about "eew" Dina. I'd scratch my eyeballs out if i were pink. and I bet Dina...you like to get tanned, dontcha? Baking yourself in the beach for hour son end, so that you can peel and try to achieve some tint to your ghastly complexion. What a shame.
How about you stop looking in the mirror and kissing your shallow self everyday. You may want to use the grey and white matter thatis located right above your temporal bone once in a while. It comes in handy when making stupid mundane comments and not to mention making a complete fool of yourself in a forum.
You white girls need to get smacked down to reality once in a while, going around thinking, your some kind of God's gift? Your nothing but skanks and hoes, dressed to attract pimps... worthelss, not even worth a blow.
So Dina... with the IQ equivalent to chic pea YOU get a life...then how about you get an education, and how about you get rid of that ignorance you like call your thought process.
Ohh yeah Paul Walker huh, he lookes like somone stomped on his face more than a couple of times and if thats what you consider hot, then your clearly deluded.

Ohh to all the other commenter who are white., No offense, Dina pissed me off, and i wanted to get to her.
I like white people and don't take anything i've posted seriously. Its just to show Dina how stupid she is.

ok to what the?...im not a white trashy girl..i go to harvard my gpa is 3.8 and i am not discriminating agaisnt pakis or indians...the girl "hmmm" really pissed me off and that was all towards her...she talked shit about america what the hell y r u livin here and then talkin shit about it..and to all of you stop thinkin so much of yourself each person is beautiful in their own way you dont have to be a specific culture...again my first two comments were towards "hmmm" and sorry if i pissed you off maybe you should teach some of your own people some things about discrimination so she could stop talkin shit about the USA and if u dont like it here then MOVE OUT...im not a racist i know people that are indian and paki and i dont want to judge all of them by saying this but almost all of are snobs, think they are top of the world and dress like lil hoes so instead of calling me a ho or uneducated try to teach your own people a little respect towards America, other cultures and a little bit of thier own culture cause obvoisly they've stepped out the line by discriminating towards the country they live in and why dont you do yourself a favor and GO GET AN EDUCATION!!!

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