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January 03, 2005


hey come on get a life. are you pakistani?? your the one the posted that website on pakistani women?? ps: thanx for that, may brother kareem now wants to marry a pakistani girl. he never knew of their beauty because he has not travelled much.

but anyways..your comments are very very very very very low. that is not how a muslim should be speaking. you know, mohammeed olubius said that pakistanis and arabs are arrogant..well he must be right about you..because what your saying is very very wrong.

now..to me, in total, i find pakistani(along with most people) more attractive than indians. as i find those in kuwait better looking than the saudis. but what has indians got with short, dark, creatures to do with being ugly.

al shukur that pakistan and arab countries are blessed with alot of beauty. but that does not mean you got to be racist and put other countries down like that. saying one is better looking than the other is one thing. but being abusive is jus down right wrong. you should never be so racist. it is pointless.

in india..perhaps 'short and dark' is beautiful..so why would people need to feel sorry for them.

why would anyone in their right mind feel sorry for anyone that is 'short and dark'

northern indians(the beautifuls of india) are infact very very tall indeed.
they are also light skinned, those to the very north west of india, as they are closet to pakistan. they are not the same as pakistanis, but some i am sure, could pass as basic looking pakistani, if their features matched the criteria.

but your comments are not nice. please restrain from such language.

there are dark people in pakistan too, especially in the southern eastern areas. as there are very dark people in arab nations.

lorant..there is little point in answering back that 'dude' he is clearly no older than 15 years old. do not take it offensively.

attacking muslims is common nowadays.

the problem with pakistanis is the fact that they 'run' the taliban and caused those bombings in london.

well..its true..the taliban is run by pakistanis/arabs and afghans.

however..you do know, that two of the suicide bombers..not the jamician and the one called khan, were actually both from IMMIGRANT indian families. they were not of pakistani origin..but of mohiji origin.
jus remember your own country, india, dude, when you decide to insult pakistanis.

and as for us arabs..dude..we are some of the most admired people in the world. our culture, our style, our looks, our wealth.

hookers? so what..pakistani and arab people love them. its part of there heritage. when i visit london, a place called edgeware road..filled with lebanese and arabian retaurants. the management always complain about the 'overcrowding indians and bangladeshis' that come and all they do is smoke shisha..buy little else.
so its us and pakistanis that smoke it only???

please..you talk crap. yeah..my religion is much hated..but it sure is growing by the second.....................................

arabs and pakistani people are some of the nicest people in the world. i have been to many countries within the gulf region and have also visited pakistan. not only have they got lovely personalities..but they are so warm. i have never seen no relgious extremism take place. just because a woman wears a veil, and a man prays..does not make them fanatics.

arabs and pakistanis alone, could hold half the worlds beauty. perhaps people are jealous of this. arabs are even better looking than pakistanis..but pakistanis could do them justice any given day.

you lot are crazy. indians cant stand people that are lighter, or better looking. hence thats why so many of them call arabs and pakistanis 'manly,white,hairy'. well..isnt it indians that aspire for a pakistani/arabian look????
hairy they all are..sure..but have u seen how hot arabs and pakistanis look when they have their eyebrows all plucked etc..they have the most beautiful, thick shaped brows and the most stunning eyes. it pays to be hairy.

though i no not too much on pakistanis, as i have only visited there twice. but i know for sure they a better bunch than the rest of you.

and arabs..when they are just in a league of their own.

this woman is pretty for an indian. very very pretty for an indian.

but she is not pretty compared to other girls in the world.

relax all that dislike her..she is old now..she not going to be aroung for much longer..plus in western media..the craze for bollywood is calming.

roselyn sanchez is FLAMMIN' BEAUTIFUL. as is beau latasha.

um..god..she has had surgery


sorry but that is not the woman we see now


Oh goodness. what vile stuff some people have posted about my arab people and their roots.

im a syrian/lebanese, from london. what you lot have posted about arabs and pakistanis alike is just really lame.

excuse me mr.mohammed olubius..the only arabs racist towards pakistanis are those in the oil rich regions. they are racist towards everyone, including many arabs.

we do not dislike pakistanis because they look like us. i have many upon many pakistani friends, many of whom resemble those from the gulf region. you wouldnt be able to tell me apart from most of them. they are not hated on for that. many arabs can not tell pakistanis apart from themselves, greeks, cypriots and turks. also those in the med. thats nothing new to us. we do not think they 'try to be arab'. what kind of crap is that.

the very rich arabs are very very hostile to pakistanis..but they are also hostile to iraqis and palestinians. the reason they dislike/looked down upon pakistanis is because, yes you are right, they do beg alot on the arabian streets. and the rich dont like this. and seeing how most arabs are rich..most arabs do not like pakistanis. however..its silly pakistanis that have tarnished the rest of the hard working ones. however, arabs dont like to look past that. their looks have nothing to do with it. pakistanis are very very goodlooking people..and many look like us. that is not an insult..more a compliment.

we have very very strong admiration for pakistanis. our most famous airline, Emirates was infact pakistani trained..so without them, we would not have the best pilots in the world.

you have petty stereotypes about muslim people. how ignorant of you..thats all i have to say. how very very ignorant. im not offended. because i as an arab, no what i am, and what my people are. without us, you wouldnt have the oil you lot have. the food you eat in middle eastern restaurants. the beauties in this country, many upon many are arabs, as there are pakistanis.

so..think before you open your mouths.

pakistan, saudi arabia, uae and kuwait are the only countries in the world to recognise taliban government.

what does that say about arabs/pakistanis and afghanis?

you all stem(apart from the dark skinned pakistanis) from the same roots..turkish/persian/jews.

in america..pakistanis/arabs are all the same thing. not beacuse you are all muslim..but because you support the taliban and as arabs cant be placed in a single country like pakistan, pakistanis are taken to the arabs!!!

in the times of native presidents(the light skinned ones) of pakistan..benazeer bhutto and nawaz sharrifi..you lot were ever closer.

now the dark skinned indian migrant has come along..who wants to recognise israel(the only ever country founded on religion)..arabs run a mile and recognize india instead.

to me, any country that has supported the taliban is wrong. thats all you arab/pakistanis.

in america..i am bangladeshi..i am put in the 'far south east..along with india and sri lanka'

would rather be associated with ugly people..than talibans like the middle east and west asia (pakistan/arabs/afghans)

pakistanis and arabs are the leaders in nukes and god knows what else. though many thunk pakistanis are indofied..they are infact much more 'muslimfied'. pakistan sells secrets of nukes to his arab counterparts. half the pakistani population are of 'syed' descent..meaning they are direct descendants of arabs. you know..that typical pakistani look of 'white face,black hair' etc etc... its all the arabian in them.

now proud to be from libya..you think its good to have 'arabian' in someone. the qureshi/syed/khalili/mohammeds/tawfiqs/sultans/farooques/ibrahimis/khans..these are all common tribes in pakistan and afghanistan. they are also the ultimate upholders, of the taliban regime. they are all arabs by descent. is this something to be proud of..to be goodlooking..that they support the taliban??????????

sure..pakistanis are goodlooking..like you arabs. yeah..its true. but you are some of the most corrupt people of the lands. you have ruined the name of islam. no wonder people like dude hate you and all muslims for that matter.

as for those that say we bangladeshis want to be pakistani.

ok..its a very sad fact. many of my brethens, brothers and sisters, lie about their heritage..to be either arab or pakistani. they want to be light skinned. they dont want a language similar to the hindus..but the arabo-persion language..like arabs and pakistanis. its like..when iraqis dont admit where they are from. same with bengalis. i dont know why they still do it..after all the negative press pakistanis and arabs get. its a sad sad fact, that 1 in every 10 bengalis will try to convince people they are either 'half paki/arab' or full paki..but living in bangladesh.

this is a lie straight away. its so sad.
my country is now ruining its sweet bangla language..so its more 'arabised' they are introducing more arabic words and some say the entire bangla language will be written in persian style.

some say its because these bangladeshis want more recognition amongst pakistanis and arabs. others say its to make our language more 'islamic'

i cant believe the impact pakistanis and arabs have had on my people.

it makes me so mad..especially when all they do is laugh in our faces.

to me..my women are the most beautiful. yeah..pakistani and arab women might be a conformist idea of goodlooking..but my bangla women are nicer, more gentle people.

hey..board administrator. your sight attracts alot of attention. and it happens..people bore of the same subject..so they change the course of it. how about you open up a thread on, say, world opinions. dont block this site..its interesting. though i never posted before..i have read it a few times. its good.

pakistanis and arabs have disgraced islam. dude..i agree with you 100%%%%%%%%%%%%. they are horrible people, who have no concept of the meaning of islam. i always wonder why my bangla brothers and sisters want to be like them. looks are superficial. we are the true muslims with the pure hearts.

mahsoom. arabs have not disgraced islam. pakistanis have not disgraced islam. jus some people who are arabs and pakistanis have done some silly things. hand up..terrorists of 9/11 were arabs. the terrorists of 7/7 in london were, as mentioned earlier, immigrant pakistani. they were originally from india or bangladesh..moved to pakistan then to london.

the taliban is a separate matter. ok..pakistanis/arabs are the taliban. but are you telling me that in your country you have no fanatics? its because the taliban is world famous..or you would never even know it was arab/pakistani/afgani run.

pakistan sold nuclear secrets. thats no secret. but what has that got to do with terrorism? iran and pakistan are nuclear businesses. they have the most intelligent chemist/pyscist in the world. like dr qadeer khan of pakistan and abdus salam of pakistan. iran has top proffessors like khaleed mustapha. but big deal. why are you crying like a 3 year old about al qaeda?

i dont know much at all about bangladesh. i dont know why your people would want to be something they are not. thats none of our business. why target us arabs and the pakistanis for that. that is a problem for your people to deal with.

i am sure your country is not free of fanatics. just our fanatics are more exposed. that does not make you any more muslim than me or a pakistani.
arab nations and the former indian pakistan were some of the first muslims in the world. we are a strong bunch. perhaps you find that overpowering.

about looks..man, looks and religion are two seperate matters. your women are nice people, and arabs and others are just pretty faces..but horrid people?????

come on.give it a rest mahssom.

Whatever ur opinion may be, but the fact still remains that the Arabs or their euqally low counterparts u mention are some of the most arrogant people alive. One wonders why, since their religion is full with terrorists, what's to be proud about?
But what's ironic is that those very women hate your people and country, which is the U.S. I doubt anything but white, but ok.

And getalife, if you dont like Aish, how and why the hell do u know so much about her? It's quite obvious you are a low Paki fool.

Oh, and ever heard of Oprah? 60 minutes? Even they used the title" the most beautiful woman"-as described by Jula Roberts. So I guess Oprah needs esl too? Moron. The only one that needs esl here is your terrorist lame butt.

Just goes to show exactly what and how much u will say to add to ur ego: Not even one person I have met thinks Arabs are pretty, and if u check out ppl's posts on the net, not even on there buddy. The only time I have heard their name mentioned is when ppl are ridiculing them. So , before talking about us Indians, go fix ur race first buddy. Your so called beauty does nothing,your attitude is what matters. Is going around killing people a good thing? I think not. Keep ur "beauty" to yourself.

to "this is a joke" Well Julia Roberts said that Rai is unassumingly beautiful...whatz such a big freakin deal .I am sure all beautiful women get compliments like that ...Angelia Jolie is the most beautiful woman acording to some poll/magazine and there have been so many woman who are been called the most beautiful... many of your indian women won beauty titles like Priyanka Chopra "Miss World" shez just plain ugly...reminds me of Micheal Jackson with a big ass nose. Than Lara dutta(Miss universe) another ugly chick...since Lara Dutta had a bigger title does that make her the most beautiful woman....

Priyanka Chopra (Miss World) 2000
Lara Dutta (Miss Universe) 2000

hey u guys..can u stop discussing nukes, terrorists, religion, and personality...the topic is about BEAUTY...anyways...u know how someone mentioned many pakis can pass for indians (according to some people the "ugly" ones) well many indians can pass for (according to some the "beautiful") arabs/afghanis/pakis...oh my god! dont u find this hard to believe? well believe it b/c it truly is POSSIBLE...for example lets take me and my brother (2 very good looking people according to some..i'm modest..i have no comment on my looks) anyways...we both always get paki or spanish...and my brother gets arab and european as well...and people are shocked when we say we're indian (i mean c'mon they make it seem like its the worst thing ever to look indian) it pisses me off so much...i mean i have many friends that are indian that have a similar appearance to mine & they get mistaken a lot too...so people around where i live cant tell the diff between an indian and another race....but i dont get why light skin=beauty b/c theres more to it than that...i have a cousin whos very light skinned but she has no nice features...nose is big...eyes are big and googly...lips are thin...i mean c'mon..features in my opinion are more important than skin color...btw im doing a paper on whether or not beauty and ugliness are diametrically opposed concepts...came across this site and found it interesting lol

Hey getalife, if you dont like the women, dont look at them. For someone who hates us, u sure know about us a lot. U freak. There's no doubt Angelina's gorgeous, I like her more than Aish, but if u diss us, its going to be in ur face. Atleast we have won so many beauty pagents, what about ur country? How many have u won? Oh. NONE. Exactly. Keep ur mouth shut. U obviously just talk for the heck of it.

u shut the f up little monster ur women are ugly compared to other women in beauty pageants..I dunno why they win..and if u Indians kiss Rai's ass that does mean the whole world would too..

Ooh do I sense a little anger? Ah I dont care. As they say, one who cant defend onself reduces to rowdy language.

The fact still remains that our country wins pagents in numbers u can only dream of. So move u little lifeless worm.

Hey Lorant
Still waiting for that very "sharp" comment. Whats the matter, can't handle someone not agreeing with your OPINIONS? Hey i don't really give a crap what you think, because you obviously don't give a crap about what others feel. Your one big, fat, hairy, arab loving HYPOCRITE! I read all your comments, and all you've been doing is demeaning Indians. Anyway, I'm mixed, my mother is Italian, and my father is Puerto Rican...so I'm a mutt. The most beautiful women are in South America. So what are you going do about my opinon Lorant, try and change it by giving me a long comment about the pure blood lineage of ARABs descendents and their ARAB blood makes them hot..? as if that makes your people somehow more likeable in the eyes of others around the world. The only thing you know how to do is to dissrespect Indians for some reason, I think maybe some Indian chick burned you, and you just can't seem to let it go. But I'm here to tell you, ARABS are UGLLLLLLLLLLLY..And I know a good amount of people who feel the same way.So you can bitch and wine all you want LORANT...and try to say otherwise, but the fact of the matter is, the rest of the world absoultely hates and detests ARABS ( middle easterners) and Muslims for that matter. No one in their right mind wants to be assoicated with them, they get talked about by everyone and everywhere. You peopel get dirty looks everywhere you go, because no one but your own coutry wants you in their country. Its funny, how many professionals at my work actually riducle them!!! I laugh hysterically, because I completely agree.

I've meet ARAB girls in college, ooh god, how nasty were they, this one chick was from Lebanon or something, she had the roundest face i had every seen, it resembled a ball, and to top it off, she never tweezed her eyebrows and had a moustache. What the hell, atelast try to look decent. NOt to mention she was fat, and wore the head covering which just made her even more UGLY. I have never seen a Middle Easterner that was somewhat decent. Their arrogance is also something i agree with. My girlfriend works in a school, and there is a pakistani woman that works in the room with her, when shes in the room with her, she kisses her butt and makes conversation, because my girlfriend is techinally her boss, but outside of the room, the woman doesn't even bat an eyelash at her, she goes to hang with her other ugly paki friend and some arab woman, and sticks her nose up at everyone else. I don't why, according to my girlfiend, this woman is very ugly too, again with the overweight and round face too. It must be a Arab lineage thing, the ARab blood in her.

So Lorant, please give me a "sharp" comment, because deep down you know the truth NO ONE LIKES YOU. Everyone hopes you people just get deported back to your Arab/ Muslim country.

You can call me whatever buddy, because at the end of the day, I'm just like you, except I hate you people..and you love your own people.

Well, I think everything that should be said about this post has been said. In fact, more has been said than should be said.

I've changed my mind about closing comments before, but now they're closed again.

I'll repeat some earlier thoughts: my friends, life is too short to spend it angry and hateful. Admire beautiful women. Don't use them as an opportunity to trash other countries and cultures.

i haven seen better women than that thing

that’s right celebrities are fake but not the whole out of them like… ♥☺

SOPHIE COTTINI,AVRIL LAVIGNE,LAIS VILELA in eskinol,CHRISTINA BARTGES and ARIANI COLEEN are not fake;they are simple and pretty


◘NATALIE GLEBOVA -MIss Universe Canada 2005
◘JENNIFER HAWKINS-Miss Universe USA 2004

this girls are more beautiful than aishwarya and angelina jolie

Previewing your Comment
you know we have a different opinion from others O.K…
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
we have different tastes of awoman’s beauty
Could you say aish or angelina are the most beautiful woman on earth?
because Its about taste.
if you dont like her well,i like her
*that’s the way it is*
many of celebrities are fake but not the whole out of them like supermodels.
but as I said so,joining beauty pageant must required no fakes and no plastic surgery
but yes angelina and aish are beautiful but have different characteristics.
But i casnnot say that angelina and aish are the fairest.*IT COULD BE WRONG*
let me say that God made us unique and everyone is beautiful and god made us no difference from each other . he gave us the beauty what appeals to us and everyone notice his or her own appealing beauty .
Even if they say ur ugly,its just because they dont mind what others people think or they dont just use themselves to make them more beautiful or attractively pleasing.GET IT…
Speaking of the *fairest on earth* ehem..ehem…I dont believe it!!!We’re not in mythology right…duh…LOLz haha..We are in reality and through ur eyes we just dont see that there are plenty of beautiful girls around the world who are not famous or popular as celebrity that sometimes beauty envy.
when it comes to a beauty contest.its a different level of position.Lust because you win the contest.Age passes by and every generation comes into our life fade away.There’s always a new generation to see another’s own beauty.We could see that there are many beautiful young ladies joining these beauty contest and much more beautiful than worshipping ur angelina and aish as the most beautiful woman on earth.
It goes on…BTW God doesnt made us perfect.He is the only pefect GOD on earth OK…

im not jealous/insecure of them.Im just sying the truth.duhh....BTW

here i found a pic of BEAU-LATASHA
look at her :
i googled and then search it in the images

She's Well UGLY

I have often seen her in my dreams. i cant express my feeling my emotions. But one thing able to show that she was so much beautifull when she was with me. Because i have seen not only her face but..................may be she as like in reality. Have u seen her?

i found her naked pic for which she has taken 4.73 million rupees.

no offence, but how is this girl most beautiful in the world, i dont even think shes beautiful period, take some of that make up off, and try not to dress so skany lol. angelina is way better.

no offence to indian people, but most are ugly, inside and out.

Pakis are dirty and smell bad, the ones that dont are just covered in makeup.
and for all those who say this girl is hot ( or any indian person ) is probably indian too! sorry pakis, you guys dont make the list.

yes im racist, but so are you.

ok, people, she is ugly and fake ( makeup artist did an amazing job tho)
go search her on yahoo! she got her skin lighten and wears contacts ( she wants to look white, cause pakis are ugly)
got plastic surgery and implants. do your homework people befor u say shes gorgeous, and saying that shes the most beautiful in the world, made me laugh so hard i had to pee.

look people, stop the madness....

indians, pakis, ect ect, ( all the people who give there kids guns to learn to be terrorist ) and have a punch of babies cause they're just dumb or got rape by some perverted ugly dirtly perverted guy in your country) give yourself a break and shut it. u people are the lows of th world, go shower and cook food that doesnt smell like ass. fucking dumb terrorist with your messed up religions

ps- happy new years to everyone else ( whites blacks, and orientals )

yea she is really prettier i don't want to be mean. but shes not the most prettiest person in the world. shes is down right beautiful but i've seen prettier. i love her hair and tan skin. yes shes beatiful but not the prettiest.

To me she does not appear to be the most beautiful women coz i hav seen many beautiful women without all that shes wearing(i.e make up)+she is not even light skinneed but I dont what the hell she has to do to look white.just look at one of the candid photos of her
she may be the most beautiful women in india!coz u dont find many indians to be goodlooking!
And im astonished that many people find Pakistanis to be that pretty!I thought no1 knew them coz u dont find their women in media.But many of them settle in other countries may be thats y.


How wonderful is life! That how someone looks can become such a magnet for discussion.

I thought I would add my two cents. After all like any human I am just as interested. Why did I look at all?

I would not consider anyone else I am aware of to be more beauitiful than Aishwarya Rai. But to suggest she is the most beautiful in the world... Well that has to be a matter of opinion and taste. I know that some of my friends will fall instantly in love with a man because of his looks when I just think he is ok. And visa-versa. And it is just as well, otherwise most of us would be ugly.

cmon yaar, ash looks like dog shit. ugliest piece of shit on the planet. regular lebanese women, european women and iranian women are so easily better looking. how she won miss world is a joke.

celina jaitley is so much sexier. even preity zinta is such a babe.

hala lu ya

hey guys,

i don't really find her beautiful, she is good looking i guess in terms of her features but she isn't the most beautiful women in the world...i know a lot more women who aren't in the limelight that deserve that honour...as a half pakistani/half Canadian and a muslim who believes women shouldn't be degraded by participating in contests like these i think Pakistani women in terms of a general population in the educated class or even on the street are better looking than most women i have seen. I just don't like the comments about pakis being terrorists etc because face it if the us hadn't left afghanistan in shambles and created israel ...muslims would not have retaliated so guess what u pay for your own sins in this world or the next. albeit the manner muslims have taken up is not wise and being a neutral party who is proud to be pakistani and canadian i would suggest an economic war by an unified muslim world against the us...depleting them of their source of living ...fuel and then slowly turning their allies into their enemies recapturing israel and then creating a revolution with the us itself for the people to wake up and go against the imperialistic beaurocracy that is the united states government ....if they had done that then we wud have a really peaceful world.

pakis are hotter than indians.

u can purchase my book when it comes out on amazon.com in the terrorist tab...especially vanessa st.clair but anyway i don't care about ignorant idiots and here is a little tidbit of information although u may thinks pakis are dirty we are not the ones who eat shit eating animals plus we are not a race dominated by morons

love u all

she may be hot for some
not for all
some ppl can be percieved by world as very beautiful nut she's not one of them

You guys have to be serious. There is no denying that Aishwariya is beautiful. But she is NOT the most beautiful woman in the world. Have any of you seen ALL the women in the world? No. Let's be real, we don't know who really is the most beautiful girl in the world. She is beautiful, but not the most beautiful.

I took me almost an hour to read all this.
I believe Aishwariya is pretty but not the most beautiful woman in the world.

I read many comments about Pakistan, Muslims and Pakistanis. I am Pakistani and am proud to be one. But I respect others equally and it pained me to see that ppl here are behaving like uneducated ones. Stop saying bullshit about others. Every country has beauty and every religion must be respected. No one has right to make any insolent comment about anyone or any religion.

People what will are u fighting over.
Its gross.
Please respect eachother,I am a Pakistani and I am proud to be one!
And like you all I cant change my race,ethnicity whatever.If i were born in India I couldnt do anything.so y fight over something out of your control/possession etc.
So please stop bashing eachother and also Pakistanis.

People what will are u fighting over.
sorry my mistake.

can u just throw this thread outta your site

I think that English and American people are the uglest in the world because they have no beauty. Paks and Indians have the realy beauty. Am'ns and Cdns have ugly hair and ugly eyes and if you see Paks and indian they have stunning eyes and hair. I think that Ashwarya Rai is VERY STUNNING. I am a big fan of her because I have seen most of her movies and best of all is DHOOM 2 because she lookes hot hot hot!

Hi. I do Painting, and i think i am a good observer in terms of beauty.. Aishwarya Rai is beautiful..the distance between eyes and eyebrows ,nose and lips. The shape of face, size of lips ,all are in best position, she is beautiful, i wish i would look like her...I have same colors but her distances and shape of her feature are perfect made by genes
but there are so many women more beautifull in my country...she is been favored by chance but they are not ...May she enjoy her life...

Its funny that we people raise a person with our hand and fall her with our hand as well... Its funny that we spend so much time on useless debates.. i never commented on any site...about beauty or who is more beautiful ...its just the matter of interaction between ur neurons, the concept of beauty differs from one to another ...I am not a man, but i can say such a pitty that men are not having any better hobby, than comparing women and nationalities together...its rediculous... we can(even I) save these minutes to do something very much usefull...if she is beautiful , nothing will be given To you, if she is uglier than person X nothing again You will gain... they are living their live on same trait of people.. fighting on others beauty?ain`t it ignorancy?while its just a favor made by random mutations and intercations of genes in a simple egg ...and it happened. now we compare , we judge people by their looks. we tend to be more animal(animals are supposed to have more beautifull males than females...althought !) its stupidity....non of us can change our outlook by debating on her beauty how ever... she is beautiful...good for her...I just admite her beauty...but i don`t see any reason u pull each others hair for ur nationalities, at most u can marry one woman, and if she be pretty then there will be prettier , can u marry all pretty woman? or can u negotiate about all of their beauty... lets be free from our physiology that forces us this much... let us be free and mind more valueable things

I agree with many of the people above that Angelina Jolie is a more beautiful woman, because on the inside she is gorgeous and outward she is a natural beauty and is one of the last women in the media world that inspire girls in a positive way.

Ash is also beautiful,but we don't know much about her inside beauty and how she has helped anyone in this world

There are so many beautiful women in the world that don't have the connections to the world of actors, models and pageants that might as well been in her very same position, but Ash represents many of those women in the world so
in my opinion Ash is "Beautiful" ,but it is overly opinionated and biased to title her "the most beautiful in the world, (forget everyone else)", but to me she is on the same level of gorgeous like other women I have seen. People's worlds are small.


lollllllll this is still going on............

A bit is OK and really yes.

Both this woman and Angelina Jolie are overrated. They are attractive but not beautiful. It seems as if the modern actresses are somehow getting uglier, despite the fact than they are so made up and artificial. The beauties on the screen: Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Sophie Loren...
As for Aishwarya even my Indian friends think she is not that beautiful.

she is not the most beautiful women. she just a good looking girl. Better than many peolple.Because, there are so many Afghan beautiful women. If you see them once, you can,t forget their faces forever. Afghan is most beautiful nation of this world. also Afghan people have very beautiful white glowing skin and good feature.They are beautiful without make-up and without good drss. And indian die for fair skin. Aishwaryia looks good with beautiful dress and make-up. See her without all this stuff. thing is she is an actress and people like herbecause of her position.

She is Bitch Prostitute. She all the time shoe off. there are much more beautiful women in Arabic countries.


I think that pakistan or india or whichever country you go there are many beautiful women as well as the not so good looking ones...but at the end of it good looks is not something earned by us...let all the healthy of us thank god that we were not born deformed or diseased and be humble rather than comparing peoples good looks or bad looks.

Beauty is purely in the eyes of the beholder. By trade I work as a Scientist and science is in search of the most beautiful creation.
Aishwarya Rai Doesn't meet the requirements of the extraordinary beauty we are in search of but I do find interesting that there is such a topic of interest in Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's beauty. Her 60 minutes profile I was not impressed but a little dissapoint because I thought a spectacular woman would be features. Aishwarya is dissapointing to me. She was declared by internet polls to be the most beautiful. Who voted? Her fans? Aishwarya is only average looking nothing extraordinary some of her pics are attractive while others leave you wondering if she is attractive. Her popularity or celebrity and a multitude of adoring fans voted for her. She is no more beautiful then Angelina Jolie- Halle Berry- Jessica Alba- Charlize Theron - Beyonce - Giselle Bunchen - Priyanka Chopra - Lara Dutta - or Sushmita Sen who beat her in 1994 for the Miss India title. Sushmita gorgeous and intelligent went to win the Miss Universe Title.

Aishwarya's character has been up for discussion as well. Think about it for one minute most of you praise her beauty and charater. Do any of you know her personally or is this all speculation what has been said in the press through several articles she was referred to as having jealous motives concerning pretty bollywood actress Katrina Kaif who was declared the sexiest indian by FHM magazine this year. She remarked that Katrina bought the title and was not worthy of such a title. Most will agree that Katrina Kaif is undeniably sexy. All of this got me thinking maybe Aishwarya paid others to vote for her.

HI ,
I think the poll should be over now bcoz its clear that ppl don't find this woman pretty!

she is pretty but not the most beautifull...everybody has a different POV of what beauty is..i dont know how the brits came up with miss rai being the prettiest..and for once being pretty is not the make up but without it..google aishwarya rai without makeup and make ur mind lol..
the big cosmetic corporations in england and america wanna have a profit and an unexplored indian market with over 500million women..is actually quite smart to nominate someone from the 3rd world country and let the other women or people of the country follow..its Eco 101 people

Wow. She's pretty,no gorgeous. I really don't know a thing about her personality. She could be a shallow Prima Donna(I know people usually say pre-madonna but I say prima donna) or a great person. After all she is an actor.
Ah, and who's Beau Latasha? Who?Man I really can't find any info on her. Oh well




http://www.janubaba.com/gallery/viewpic.asp?PicID=44108&Category=9|1058 WITH OR WITHOUT SHE IS BEAUTIFUL...


back again! must have noticed my typo errors! i meant with or without make up on..meaning in the last pic that model has less make up on and she still looks stunning....i guess beauty should be natural too or else everyone can have surgeries and add tones of make up on 2 make them stunning! yeh i was disappointed when i saw ashwariyas younger pictures she does look very different i hope its all make up she does say shes not had any surgeries! bye!

hey I win here I am from Pakistan

I think catherine zeta jones is the most beautiful women alive and I don't see anyone even close to her in terms or beauty ,class and elegance together!

i agree, she is the world's most beautiful woman!

"I think that English and American people are the uglest in the world because they have no beauty. Paks and Indians have the realy beauty. Am'ns and Cdns have ugly hair and ugly eyes and if you see Paks and indian they have stunning eyes and hair. I think that Ashwarya Rai is VERY STUNNING. I am a big fan of her because I have seen most of her movies and best of all is DHOOM 2 because she lookes hot hot hot!"

This comment shows tremendous stupidty. American people are not a race. Americans are of many nationalities, as with Canadians. Idiot.

Hi guys,

Aish is the most beutiful woman on screen, along side jolie. And NOT every one in pakistan is attractive, and they do wear make up, like wise all WOMEN. Because we need it. Very few women are that stunning that they do not require make up.Aish has got special looks, in the sense that her proportions are perfect. Pakistani women are quite fat, and arrogant, but not all. And pretty girls exist in all nations. Some bengali girls are stunning, like wise some western girls are stunning- the KEY word SOME! xox

One more comment!
It's so ironic that some people suspect that Aish has had surgery, her natural beauty is so beutiful that people doubt it. You can not have coloured eye surgery, there is no such thing. My nephew has green/blue eyes, and no one else in our family has except my granma who had green eyes. Some people can not accept that foreing people can steal the lime light once in a while. Where people too, and we are not inferior. All the american actresses wear make up, and if you think they don't then you are not the sharpest tool in the box. Also Jolie does not represent the average Americal women, as many are over weight-sorry but it is true. So lets stop hating. It's SAD. Let us start appreciating and not get jelouse. xox

Hi People,

Aish is stunning watch this... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=1cicJKFnuic
She won miss world competition, and to win that you can not have plastic surgery. You people who say things like this most probably are jelouse or some thing. The irony is that she is naturaly pretty and you can not take it so you lie to yourself and others in disbeleif in this women's true stunning beauty. By the way Jolie is stunning too but also has to wear make up, if you think she doesn't then you probably suffer selective long/short sightedness. Cheerio xox

Pamela with no make up: http://blog.legendarylife.com/images/blog/114-celebswithoutmakeup.jpg

Jolie with no make up:

watch her cameo in bunty aur babli...no makeup! i have seen her in person and MY GOD pictures DEFINATELY do not do her JUSTICE!!!! as for her before and after pictures... those before pictures are from when she was 16..lsat time i checked people look a bit diferent in comparison to how they looked when they were 16(still growing). She has not had a nose job, nor does she wear contacts..nor has she had her skin lightened. i dont get why its hard for people to believe that there are LIGHT skinned indians?? IGNORANCE

hi aishwarya.im ur fans..hope we meet someday...

hi thre all

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder certainly. I think Ash is beautiful even sans makeup and is admired the world over, not just in India. I am happy to say she is from Mangalore which is my hometown as well.
As for makeup, which celeb doesn't wear it?
Even Pakistani women use makeup, not just Indian.

whats your name?

I think aamna haq is pretteir than ashwaria and so is iman ali and I think ashwaria is overrated.

in my point of view,ash is the most&most....
beautiful women in the world.the way she talk,dance,makeup,acting and of course her lovely and toxicating green eye is so attractive.

You mean Paki women don't wear make up? Indian women doesn't just mean women in beauty contests, they also represent women with intellectual achievements like in the IIT(s)& IIM(s), to name a few examples.
And there are also their feats in the field of sports!

i have met ash she is really ugly and has lots of spots and iam not lying

SHES HIDEOUS!!!next time be more considerate.ok? she frikin ugly. even if she had a bag on her head i still wouldnt like her! honestly i think darren romeo is the hottest guy in the world but were not on that rite now. well theres my thought. and y is there a old man at the top?

first off i totally disgree wid angelina. angelaina jolie has the fatest lips EVER!!! and plus in almost all her pictures shes naked! i hate her face to. the way she poses is just so idiotic. i dont know y u should even look at her face. uhhhh. i cant stand her. she looks seriuosly ugly when her hairs in a ponytail to. and i think she had plastic surgery on her boobs

Ais is not the most beautiful woman in the world. She is covered with thick make up. She is fat. And low IQ. She is not flawless, she is only acting cute. She is pretty, sort off , but only like ordinary woman. So please.. Let's get real, no body can be the most beautiful woman in this planet not unless you see all the women in world. And the she is not sexy..

I hope you saw her and her husband's appearance on Oprah last month. Maybe that interview is on Oprah's website or Ash's or on youtube. Thats when I became her fan...so wonderful to see virtue again, beauty inside and out.


ps :: kashmir is OWNED,,RULED,, a very own part of india so stop bringing kashmir into blogs.

Ok you guys are so dum alright. first of all i am american. and saying ya i get you say americans are ugly what the heck!And im a SEXY half iranian half Colombian and i say have you seen Miley Cyrus or Rhianna or even jordan sparks TAYLOR SWIFT! U GUYS HAVE GOT IT SO WRONG HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF SOMONE SAID YOU DROOPY UGLY IM SO HOT BROWN EYES TAN SKIN BROWN HAIR OOH BABY ILL BE THE GIRL YOU Want ill kiss you . dont ever speak bad about my americans!

She is very beautiful.

Well, I was bored and checkin out shit on google and came across this site, I am from Columbia living in Canada. Well, one thing I am sure about is this that the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life is a Pakistnai woman, she is from some area called punjaab(don't know if i spelt it right) and daym is that girl fine, I have met a lot of pakistani gals and boi they are freagin hot! there face features specially eyes are just WOSHHHH and their bodies are like OMG even the chubby ones are pretty!!! some sure can be not as good looking but majority of them are beautiful and once u see a beautiful pakistnai gal than no other race of woman can ever compete with her beauty in my opinion cuz I have seen it and experience it but boi they onli go out with pakistani guys, some pakistnai guys are good but they are not as good as us Latino and white guys so I guess all i gotta say is LUCKY PAKI MEN LOL

Hi everyone,

I think Italian women are absolutely stunning! Love their Mediterranean beauty!

Believe me I'm more beautiful than Aishwaraya WITHOUT MAKEUP... And yes I can really compete her and win VERY EASILY...Aish is fake and I have seen her without makeup.....UGLY...And I'm not jelaous of her..and yes it's true that Pakistanis and arabians are prettier than ugly aishwaraya rai and other fukcing bitches... Have you ever seen paki actressess Humaima abbasi and javeria abbasi with and WITHOUT MAKEUP they are way more beautiful than Aish.. ... I'm a paki but that doesn't means I'm taking that side of my country... That;s a truth you have to accept... India is full of fake and unnatural actressess....

Ppl who say paki woman are not well shaped or smart.... well , see the images of Mahnoor baloch , a 45 yr old pakistani model still looks 18 year old.. younger looking than aishwaraya rai or prianka chopra... 45 yr old still so young and fresh and amazingly beautiful....Helen , USA

See the man and the girl in this video... this is what we call naturl beauty.. not blasted with loads of makeup and surgeories..This is a pakistani song video..I cannot understand the song coz I don't know this language and I'm not a PAKISTANI...Seee the man...Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome and goodlooking and the gal so innocent.....I disagree with those who says Pakis are ugly... and I also disagree with those who say Indians are ugly...Both pakis and indians are pretty...

Aish iz sooooo ugly and horrible looking bitch , shit.......
The most beautiful in the world are:
Miss Israel Universe 2011 Kim Edrie
Pakistani actress javeria abbasi.See her images on google.Type Javeria Abbasi and Anzeela photos.These are the photos of Javeria with her daughter.OMG Extremely beautiful , I can't explain her beauty in words..All the praises are less 4 her..Aish is nothing in front of her..Plz do see her photos..Extremely attractive and smart
Pakistani actress 45 yr old Mahnoor baloch..OMG OMG OMG OMG..45 yr old and so young without any cosmic surgeory..Totally natural look.... Miss World Maria Julia is also very beautiful and of crse I can't forget to mention the angel Madhuri Dixit , Very beautiful... All of these are better than that stupid Aishwaraya Rai.

Hey you John , being crowned missworld doesn't that no one is more beautiful than you...the crown is not everything..you stupid jerk

@ ha ha ha ,,,,,,,,,,,are you fuckin serious??? I have been living in the west for 6 years and all I see is mostly fat people coz they eat alot of junk....... I have seen pakistanis n Indians in West and in their coutnry but few were fat and majority was thinner....Get a life.....U dont know anything about either Indians or Pakis

Well!!m nit stupid like u all..m very selective n beautifyl..if smeone says aish is tqq mqst bfql..i shock abt the stupid ppl..dnt they hve mind..actresses do too much mskeup n care +surgery afterall these if she geys a title of world beauty..whats the big thing in this..beauty wit norml care n makeup..not wit xcess..n angelina n all.no1 is most bful..evn i have very rare grls seen very bful so itz impossible to c perfect..do u kmw the meaning of perfect??nly God is perfect n angel..not these ugly grls without makeup..i must say russian grls are most bful grls in the world

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